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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Before I forget, I want to tell you about the dwarf dahlia Bar planted in pots.  They have been so beautiful all summer & are still in full bloom.  You might want to try some when getting plants next spring.

When you write about Andy's doings, I always check the names on the football team & find them in the picture.

I've got the jigsaw puzzles out again & am putting one together.

I'm watching Fox TV & they have the Braves-Phillies game on -- wish they had the Pittsburgh-Cubs game on Phillies are out of it.  Barb is watching Pa. State vs. Minn.  Dale went to Jamestown.

Sun the 28th

Roger T. preached today as no pastor was available.  He always does a good job.  I gave him Dad's cross after the service & he was so appreciative.  It took awhile to find silver polish to clean it.

Guess what Dale is doing -- he is putting new foam filling on the long bench in the eating area.  And what a difference it will make.  The old foam had lost its comfort zone!  Still can use the present covering.

I have a pot roast in the crockpot for an easy meal.

The old bridge is completely down but not all junk from the river.  When you get a paper, you'll see the picture plan of the new bridge to come.  The 5th Ave bridge is closed for repairs & that makes more traffic for 3rd Ave. bridge, esp. when school is in session.

Dale finished his project -- he reversed the covering so the pattern is upside down, but that doesn't matter.  Comfort matters.  It will be more comfortable when I sit there doing the USA Today puzzle.

Pittsburgh & Buffalo aren't doing so well today.  Pitts. has scored but are behind & Philly is 13-0 against Buff.  Neither Buff. or Pitts. won, but Nascar racing had an exciting finish. Chevies won.  Michael Waltrip was first & Dale E. Jr. was a lap down.  We watched the ending as I was putting the finishing touches on our meal.  The meat was so good -- Dale enjoyed it & so did I.  Barb didn't eat with us -- she didn't want beef , so she makes her own meal.

We didn't have communion in church because Roger isn't ordained.  I didn't think I'd miss it, but I did.  It seemed like something was missing.  Some members don't like it every Sun.

Tues. Sept 30

Yesterday I went to the bank to cash a check, then to CVS to pick up a medication, then to the Mall & finally to Quality for groceries.  Of course, Barb drove me around.

Enjoyed watching the Twins beat the Yankees this aft.  At 4 pm the Giants & Marlins came on & I wasn't surprised when S. F. won.  At 8 pm I'll watch the Braves & Cubs.  But it will most likely be a late game so I'll miss the ending.

Barb rode her bike after lunch.  She's getting close to the 1000 mi mark she set in the spring.  If she hadn't taken that fall, she would have reached it by now.

I had to turn the furnace on the past days.  And the elec. blanket as well.  The heat feels good.

Wed. Oct 1st (already)

Finished my jigsaw puzzle today -- 4 pieces are missing.  I'll start another one , maybe on Fri.  Watching baseball again.  Giants & Marlins this aft. & now Cubs at the Braves. Exciting game.

Thurs the 2nd

Kim won't be coming tonite as they have open house at school.  Last year it was on Thurs -- they changed the day this year.

It's been a funny day -- dark &^ cloudy at times, bright & sunny other times.  And in the 40s. Maybe snow flurries tonite.  Notice Wisc. & Mich  got snow.  Too early.  I hope nicer weather comes in Oct -- milder.  (Where was I when I wrote this paragraph.)

Lar mentioned Paula Carey expects a baby next Jan.  She quit her job to take it easier since she's had 2 miscarriages.  Remember they adopted a Russian boy last Dec.

Not much going on here.

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