Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

This A.M. I walked to Calvary Baptist Church to vote.  There is a race for State representative -- the seat is Jim Lynch's.  I voted for him because I think he has done & gotten a lot for Warren County.  Some are against him because of the Commissioners & the situation that is going on.  I'm sure you've read about it in the paper, Warren, of course!

When I got back, Barb was ready to leave so I hitched a ride & went to CVS for a few items.  Now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee & TV.  I won't do much today as we go for groceries after lunch.

It is still chilly but the sun is warm & I enjoyed the walk.  The plants are in the garage to escape the low temps.  Maybe tomorrow they can be put in their posts & the hanging plants can swing in the sun.

Gen called Sun. nite to tell me Ed had a stroke.  He came into the kitchen sun A.M. & Gen noticed he was drooling.  He went to go outside & he fell.  Gen called John & he called 911 & they came in a hurry.  They got him there early enough to do something that helps only in 3 hours after the stroke.  He'll be in the hosp. 4 days, if they can keep him there.  There were warnings, numb arms but they didn't heed the warnings as most of us don't want to admit we might be sick.  I doubt if Gen can take care of him & I'm sure he'll need help for awhile.  I'll call tonite to see how things are going.

Dale goes to Rochester for schooling.  Leaves on Wed. & home Thurs. Fri. (changed it) nite.  This time he goes alone so I have to have some supper ready early Wed.  I like it when 2 go as they eat out & I have it easy.  You lazy mother!  This is his early week so he can get an early start & drive in daylight.

My puzzle is going together slowly.  But since this is a harder one, it will take longer.  It's a good challenge.

Since Lar & Kim's anniv. falls on Thurs. they chose the menu.  It will be the chicken with mushrooms & muenster cheese, baked pot. & a spinach casserole.  Not sure of dessert.  Seeing Lar & Kim are here we decided on an anniv. gift for them.  A croquet set as the one they had burned in the fire.  They used it a lot so I hope they like the idea.  If not, they can return it & get what they like.  It is hard to think of gifts.

Wed. the 22nd

Called Gen last nite & talked to John.  Called Millie tonite but she didn't know a lot either.  Ed wants food but for some reason he can't have solid food.  He got lime or is it lyme disease & had been to the Dr. for that.  His blood pressure must have been high -- funny the doctor didn't check it.  Millie said they are very hard to get information from -- she has to ask a lot of questions.  And Gen doesn't ask the Dr. any questions.  Even Edith gets disgusted as they are hard to talk to.  Each to his own.

The Liberty St. Cafe gives gift certificates so I'll get one tomorrow.

I think Dale was a little disappointed he won't be home for the anniversary.  They are sending him so often now.

Barb got the potted plants back in their places this afternoon.  Next she will wash off the porch &  bring out the porch furniture.

I got my pictures today -- the one taken at church for the pictorial book.  I didn't order any -- you get one free.  It guess it's not too bad for an old lady.  Barb thought it was O.K.  I don't like my eyes as the result of the thyroid.

I made a carrot cake for dessert Thurs.  When I tried to get it out of the pan, it stuck.  Then part of it came out & part of it didn't.  So it doesn't look so good but tastes so good.  I tasted some of the crumbs & it's too tasty to throw out.  I hope the frosting will cover some of the damage.

Soon it's my bedtime so I'll say good night.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday, May 14, 2002

At 1pm, I had my teeth cleaned & checked.  Have 1 that needs a filling & that will be done June 17th.  Dr. Walters said he's building an ark!  We've had so much rain but the ground has absorbed it, tho there is some flooding.  Today it's beautiful & sunny.  Barb put the plans she planted in pots on the porch as they were getting too much rain.  We put the hanging baskets up & they look so nice.  We waited because of the winds & rain.  The begonia plant is so large & beautiful, esp. the varigated leaves -- yellow & green.  Dale gave me a Fuscia plant.  Thanks for the plant.

Mon's paper always has an article about a local resident & last Mon. it was about Barb Lucia's brother who has returned to Warren.

When I washed on Mon. the spin cycle wouldn't work so I called a repair man.  When he came, he suggested I call Maytag Co. as they are pretty good about the Maytag Neptune.  They talked to him & they said I wouldn't have to pay for parts -- just the service call.  That was Tues. the 14th.  He called Buffalo for parts -- he got them today -- he came over & as of now I have a load of towels washing.  I got it at Seats but didn't call them as you wait forever for them to come, etc.

Barb's pkg. came & I'll let her thank you.  She likes the jewelry box a lot.  Very attractive.

I got 3 puzzles at KMart for 99 cents each.  I did one already & it was so pretty.  Lake Superior Harbor at Bayfield, Wi.  Last nite I started a 2nd one -- Along the Oregon Coast scene & it will be harder with yellow & violet large & small flowers & dark areas.  Barb said she'd help if I have problems finding the right pieces.  Barb is taking advantage of a nice day to ride her bike.

Dale will mow the lawn tonite as more rain is predicted for the rest of the week. Hope they are wrong.

I made a caramel brownie today today & they are delicious.  Melt 18 caramels with butter & milk.  Then add eggs, flour, nuts, etc. & bake & I love them. Easy to make & too easy to eat.  Too tempting.

I've been getting the Icelandic frozen haddock & it is good baked.  Dale likes it -- no bones & we are having fish for dinner.

Our interim pastor love N.W. Pa.  Thinks our valley is so beautiful.  He said if he had realized how beautiful this area is, he would have liked a call in the area.

Last Fri. nite Dale looked so nice when we went out for dinner in his new pants.  I wish he'd meet a nice girl to date.

Thurs.  Dishes are clean or in the dishwasher & I'm watching TV.  We had Kim's favorite creamed chicken on biscuits & I made cheesecake brownies with ice cream for dessert.  Regular brownies & then a creamed cheese mixture spooned over the batter & swirled with a knife.  They liked them, in fact Larry said he wouldn't mind taking some home.  So I fixed a plate.

Careys aren't home yet - maybe next weekend.  Mary Ann had back surgery in Fla. & both will be flying home & someone else will drive the car home.

Lar's birthday party was nice according to Lar & Kim.  Nancy & Jay gave Lar a special birthday gift.  Both couples are soccer fans so Aug 14 they are going to a pro soccer game in Columbus, Ohio.  All arrangements have been made by Nancy -- tickets, hotel, etc.  They just have to decide who will drive.  Lar is thrilled.

Cherrios offers small Star Wars cars with proof of purchase & money to cover cost of mailing.  There are 3 of them & I ordered the set of 3 & it will go out in the mail tomorrow.

I always enjoy reading your letters.  It's nice to know one of my children has his own sons & will experience the ups & downs of teenagers.

Soon bedtime so I'll sign off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

We got the necessary items for Lar's birthday dinner today.  Yesterday we got flowers & this aft. Barb is planting pots.  We chose pansies, petunias & dahlias plus allysum or however it is spelled .  They are looking nice.

This A.M. I made pie crust & banana bread.  Then my usual Tues. duties.  We're having an easy supper -- pizza & salad.  We are trying frozen Freschetta on Kim' recommendation.  They had a pizza party & tried different froz. pizzas.

I wrote what we are getting for Lar's birthday:  cherry beer but you can only get it in Erie & Kim's friend Nancy is going to Erie & will pick it up.  I did find a Snow Baby soccer figure so he has a little gift to open with his special "50 year" birthday card.

Fri. nite we are going out to celebrate Mother's Day.  I never like to go out on Mother's Day as it is usually so crowded.  So I prefer Fri. & we will go to Fernwood -- just out of Warren toward Sheffield.

The children's part of the library looks so nice.  Looking in you see a small arc of computers.  I never go into that room so I just get a glimpse of it.

Scott was telling Barb he is making bombs.  She cautioned him about talking about it in school as he could get in trouble.  She doesn't think it is true as he talks a lot about his ideas.  Lynn had a call from the school about his swearing on the school bus.  Poor Lynn & she wants everything so perfect.

Sat. Kim is planning a party for Lar.  Some of the couples they are with a lot.

I pressed Dale's birthday shirt & tan Dockers in case he wants to wear them Fri. nite.  He usually wears good jeans when we go out.  Now he has another pair he can wear.

I wonder -- I didn't find out what Lar wanted for his birthday dinner as I think he didn't tell me til Thurs. & by then your letter was set to mail on Fri.  I'll report:  turkey breast, sweet potatoes & apple pie.  I wrote to Gen & usually my letters are similar --i.e. news -- so sometimes I don't know what I write to whom.  I also wrote to Darla.  I'm glad you aren't an English prof & grading my letters.  At times they sound mixed up when I reread them.

Did I write I got another Country Cook Book & it has some good recipes.  With all the cook books I have, menu planning should be easy but it isn't.

Next Tues. is the Bible Study at church & I bring rolls for coffee.  Wed. at 1 pm I have a dentist applt & cleaning.  My usual schedule will be upset & somethings won't get done.

What room will JoAnna want to paint next.  Your bedroom color sounds nice.  A good way to get a room housecleaned or spring cleaning done.

Your writing about your library work never is boring for me.  I like to hear what is going on in your lives -- meaning the entire family.

Barb decided she needs more plants  so we'll go for more.

Things are happening in Warren.  Maybe it will wake up people to see that we need to move out of the rut the city is in & that improvements & jobs are needed.  The commissioners are in the hot seat, esp. Hunter.

Mary Ann Carey had surgery on her back in Fla.  They should be home any time now.

Larry & Mike were up in Buffalo a couple of weeks ago for Paula's husband's 40th birthday.  Kim was invited but she didn't go.  Mike & John (husband) became good friends as they were neighbors when they lived in Warren.  John would spend time with Mike.  I think sometimes Mary Ann & Jack come on too strong for John & he needed an escape.

The pizza was pretty good but rather spicy for my taste buds.  Good crust.

Barb gave me a rose plant for Mother's Day.  It will go in with the roses Lar planted years ago.  They are pretty but don't last to pick for a vase.  This one is a regular ever-blooming plant by Martha Stewart so it had better be good.  I might buy a 2nd one myself.  I like roses in a bud vase.  Barb's next job is to hose off the porch & get the porch furniture down from the attic.  Soon we should be able to sit out there & watch the cars go by.

I have to send my health insurance payment in each month by the 25th.  I completely forgot Apr. so it was late.  Now I put the envelopes I have addressed for each month by my church offering envelopes so I won't forget.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I'm getting my hair done on Thurs. this week as later in the aft. I get my picture taken for a pictorial book for church.  So I'd better get to writing a letter.

The furnace is still running & it feels good to have the heat.

In my casserole cookbook there is a recipe using tortellini in a cheese sauce.  I tried it tonite but the more I thought about it the more I doubted the cheese sauce.  I used a spag. sauce & added cheese.  Barb really liked it & so did I.  This is Dale's late Tues so I'll find out later what he likes.  Very easy to fix!

I finally wrote to Darla & I got a letter from her on Fri. last week.  She said write soon so I'll try.  They had visited in Okla. & Texas on Chance's spring break.  Darla's boys & Jerry (Darla & Gerald's) will be visiting them this summer.  She said something about building a retaining wall so they can park the car better next winter.

I got the Mets cap for Eddie & will mail it when I mail the letters.  Found one at Penney's last Fri.

When taking the picture, they recommend wearing long sleeves.  I didn't want to wear a winter outfit so I found a navy jacket & slacks.  Not a fitted jacket, light weight materials with sleeves that fold up.  I'm sure JoAnna knows what I'm talking about.  Will be nice with other outfits it it's cool.  They are very popular & in many colors.  It feels good on me.

While I write this I'm enjoying a cup of coffee & your favorite "store bot" cookies.  Frosted oatmeal.  I like to have coffee and ..... after the kitchen is cleaned up.

I watched Montreal's hockey team beat the Boston Bruins last nite to take the series.  Score 2-1.  It was an exciting finish & I was rooting for Montreal.

I've also enjoyed watching the Braves get beat (poor grammar) & lay like they did in the 80s.

At work, they threw away an old TV.  Dale spotted it & rescued it.  Fiddled around with it & got it to work.  I guess that one semester at school taught him a lot.  He seems to be able to fix almost anything.

He's doing another transmission job for someone at work. Only it wasn't worth fixing.  Last Sat he went to Seaman's to look for parts.

Dale found some Oatmeal Graham Crackers at Big Lots.  We still have an opened pkg. of regular ones, so I haven't tasted them yet.

Last Thurs. Kim said "29 more days until school is over."  Teachers count the days as well as students.

We were discussing what to get Lar for his 50th birthday.  Kim said he loves the cherry beer served at Liberty St. Cafe & available at one of the places in Warren.  The catch -- it is expensive & comes only by the case @ $100.00  So we decided to go together & get him a case as he would like that & yet wouldn't expect it.  Lar also had it at a friend's home -- the one who bot the Dr's home on 4th Ave - whose name I can never remember.

Wed.  A lovely day so I walked over to the bank & cashed a check.  Also sent the pkg. for Ed. to the library.

Dale said he'd mow the lawn tonite -- more showers are forecast for tomorrow.  But Sat. is suppose to be a lovely day.  Returned library books today, but didn't get any new ones.  Maybe on Sat. I'll take a walk.  The Dam is at summer pool level measure so we've had a lot of rain & that will help.

Noticed today that Northwest Savings is putting a new front on the old Levinson's facing Liberty St.  Like an overhang -- curved & a copper color.  Hard to explain but maybe there will be a picture in the paper once it is complete.  They are trying to get owners to update their buildings.

Bert will be home next Mon. so Barb is finishing up painting & getting the kitchen in order.  She'll also get groceries so Bert will have food on hand.  Barb bro't home one of the drawers to work on here.  Must be as old as the house.  Metal & it is rusted.  At least it will be cleaner with new paint & new contact paper in the drawer bottom.

May is here today.  Hard to believe it.  The Phillies are playing at San Fran this aft.  It's on ESPN.

Soon time to think of dinner plans.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

We're going grocery shopping when Barb gets home.  She had to take care of Scott as he was sick.  She should be home at 4:30.  It's been a lazy day -- no work got done as it was Bible Study at church at 11 AM followed by a pot luck lunch.  I never know what to bring & since I love bread pudding I made that & it went over great.  Only a spoonful left & I finished it at home.  They like it, I love it!  No one else does at home.

Now supper is over & dishes put away.

I heard our library had money given to them & it had to be used for the building so that is why it was changed.  Now they have 8 computers all installed.  It is a nice looking entry.  Wonder if they could put A.C. in -- if they did.

Don't know if you remember Albert Johnson.  He left money to the church.  They'll get interest twice a year but there is a catch.  It can only be used for hymnals, books, choir robes (which are new) & the like.  It's too bad they limit how it can be spent.  He didn't have any heirs.  I know he told Dad he intended to leave money to the church.  Also Kane Luth . Home & the Salvation Army got some money.

Called  Rose yesterday.  She still doesn't know why Karen & Rick divorced.  I would never reveal to hear what we've heard.

Dale goes to Rochester Wed. nite for Thurs school.  2 go together & I like that as then they leave as soon as possibly & eat on the way.  I'll probably just have a frozen dinner.

Fri. Barb & I plan to go to Jamestown.  We'll look for a Met cap for Eddie.  When I called last Sun. Eddie said he'd still like one & he didn't get anything here in Warren.

Wed the 24th

This AM's paper announced the closing of D&K over town.  I liked to stop in there but with the Dollar Store across from BiLo & Big Lots at the Mall I guess they lost their business.

I got all my jobs done for today's schedule but I plan to start dinner rolls so I don't have to make them tomorrow.  With Dale on the way to Rochester I'll have time to get them finished.  Tomorrow A.M. I plan to make a pecan pie but prefer to have the rolls in the freezer.  We're having oven baked fish tomorrow when Lar, Kim & Torey come over.

K.C. is playing Detroit for ESPN Wed. baseball.  Not very interesting to watch.  It was more interesting when George Brett was in the booth talking with the announcers.

I just set my rolls.  In an hour or so they will be set to form & then bake.  Fresh rolls for supper.

The Lutheran came today & I usually read it cover to cover & I have a good start on the articles.

I have Buffalo channel 2 on telling about Drew Bledsoe's visit as the new QB.  It was quite a celebration & I'm sure D. B. feels good about it.  Also the day was gorgeous weatherwise.  Nothing could have been better.

Thurs A.M.

I planned to sleep til 7 A.M. but Dale forgot to turn off his alarm at 5:30.  I did go back to sleep until 6:50 A.M.  Worked til 9 A.M. & now I'm taking it easy & watching Murder She Wrote.  My pecan pie smells so good.

Was sorry to hear about Lila's death even tho I know it is for the best.  When Gen died I sent a memorial gift of money to Our Savior's Church.  I'm not sure if Lila stayed with their original church or if she went with Gen so I'll send a memorial to Charles.

Every Thurs. the Warren paper has a page of jokes & they had several good ones today & I enjoyed several hearty laughs all by myself.  Is the Spotlite section included in your edition when it arrives.

I agree you need a new drier.  When we used it last summer it took forever for a load to dry.

Pretty nice, even if it takes more of your time, to be appointed to the Task  Force on Pub. Lib. Funding & Legislation.  Nice to be able to add to your resume.

Scott has been sick this week with the flu, diarrhea, etc. so Barb has more hours working for Lynn.  Means more money.  Has  to help him with his homework.  They had their big sale last Sat. & it went very well.  Scott was sad tho, saying he'd never be able to ride in one of their semi-trucks again.

A bird is building a nest in the fir trees Lar planted in the back yard.  I can see them darting in & out.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tuesday, April 16,2002

The pictures you sent of the flowers in Pittsburgh are so beautiful.  It must be a wonderful place to visit.  Your bathroom paint job looks very nice.  Nice to have an ambitious wife & husband duo.

Summer is here for a few days.  Walking over to get a perm this aft. I met a man on the bridge who said "This is more like it.  A couple of weeks ago, I felt like I'd been exiled to Siberia."    It is nice to have curl in my hair again.

I strayed from my schedule this A.M.  Put off cleaning the bathroom til tomorrow but did change my sheets.  After Dale left I made potato salad for tonite along with hamburgers.  Took a shower & didn't do much more.  this aft. we got groceries & I am just taking it easy.

Barb went for a bike ride on her new bike.  The tires needed more air & she had to get a new pump.

She decided she wanted the Cheesy Italian Chicken for her birthday dinner & German choc. cake.  Both are easy to fix.  We'll celebrate on Thurs. when Lar & Kim are here.

Sheffield had its 6th bomb alarm & that day it was raining & they were outside for over an hour.  It took the Sheriff awhile to get there due to another emergency.  Now they are offering a $500.00 reward for information.  Kim said they can't just disregard them because of a law the building must be searched.  The notes are always found in the bathrooms.  The principal said if it doesn't stop, they'll have to make up the time in June.

If this weather keeps up Dale will be getting his "summer car" ready to drive.  He's talked about it.

Bob & Lynn got a car for Marisa to drive & Bob will also drive it.  She is 16 this month but now Bob & Lynn decided she can't drive until she is 17.  She is very sassy, using vulgar language & only get 2's in school.  Barb said she has never seen Marisa study or even read a book.  So sad with all the opportunities she can have.

Last nite Braves at Mets were on ESPN Mon. nite baseball.  Naturally I was watching.  In the 1st inning it was Braves 3-0.  A few innings later it was 5-1.  So I switched & watched Trauma - Emergency Room as it was a new issue.  But I would switch back & forth & miracle or miracles the Mets caught up so it was 6-6.  I stayed up thru the 11th inning & missed the Mets winning run in the 12th.  I was thrilled the A.M. to read that the Mets won.

Seeing I got 34 waist for Dale's new pants, I thought a 34 belt would work but it didn't.  Had to exchange it for a 36 waist.

Now it's Thurs. the 18th & I'd better get it finished so I can mail it on Fri.

Called Millie for her birthday.  Yesterday Gen & Edith took her out for a birthday luncheon & then they went to Edith's for dessert.  Gen still drives but Millie doesn't feel safe with her.  Ed & Gen eat out a lot because Gen can't seem to get a meal together.  She hasn't talked to her Dr. about her condition.  I'm sure there is some medication that could help.

Sat. nite Millie's children are taking her out for dinner.  Millie was surprised as she thinks this is more for a 90th birthday.  Jokingly she told Linda "Maybe you don't' think I'll reach my 90th."  She is 87.

John will be visiting Ed's relatives in Sweden this summer.  They visited in E. Long. & urged him to visit Sweden.

I got some summer tops from the attic & got them washed & ironed.  Summer came early but it won't last for which I'm thankful.  Prefer a bit of spring first.

This A.M. I baked a German choc. cake from a box & the icing is also in a can.  Who is lazy?  Barb said it was OK to use a box cake.  They come out better than one made from scratch.

I can hear the kids out at Jefferson.  I'm sure the buildings get stuffy in this unusual heat.

The paper said 1 in 4 in our county get Soc. Sec. retirement & the young people don't come back after college.  Nothing for them here.  I'm sure that is true of many small communities.

Saw in the state news in USA Today that the Rep. gov. lost 3 of his campaigners -- top men. That doesn't sound good for him.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Here it is Wed. the 10th & I'm just starting a letter & no excuses. Just lazy.

Tues A.M. I got the bathroom cleaned & clean sheets for my bed before I went to an 11 AM study at church.  We're meeting twice a month now.

We'll celebrate Dale's birthday tomorrow when Lar & Kim come.  But I wanted something different tonite so ordered pizza & Pzone.  Got a classic Pzone & we all sampled it.  I liked it.

After lunch today I walked over town to get some birthday wrapping paper.  I sent to Penneys for Dockers pants & a belt for Dale.  Khaki in 34-36 & a brown belt.  Barb go him a shirt.  Dale checked the pants in the catalog & okayed them.  He chose shrimp fettuccine for his birthday dinner & apple pie for dessert.

Stopped at the library & got 2 books.  Another one by Sandra Brown, The Witness & The Upstart by Catherine Cookson.  It was a beautiful day for a walk.

Watched the Mets defeat Chicago this aft. on ESPN.  Successive homeruns by Alomar & Pizzata Piazza, whose name I should know how to spell!

With all the mistakes it doesn't take long to forget how to write.

As I said on the phone, Sheila loved the leather coat & it fit her so well.  I know she appreciates it so I was glad to give it to her.

Dale saw that the grass in the back yard is ready to be cut.  We had a nice rain yesterday.  Dale is sharpening the blades of the lawn mower so it will be ready to cut the lawn.

This week we'll be watching the Masters this weekend.  It's a beautiful golf course & we'll see if Tiger Woods will play a good game.  The USA Today shows a picture of his new Swedish girlfriend.  A cutie.  Was a nanny for Jasper Parnevik.

It's 10:30 AM Thurs. & I have to brag a bit -- after all I'm 81 years old.  I made the apple pie first this A.M. & I hope it tastes as good as it looks.  Then I showered, got dressed, made my bed, put out the garbage.  Started dinner rolls, then had my coffee & a roll.  Finished my rolls & remembered I meant to make choc. chip PB cookies so I got them made & now I'm sampling one with coffee.  Just 1 pan to wash & then I'm thru.  So I think I have a right to brag!!  Also did a load of wash.

Last nite I stayed up past my bedtime to see the Phillies beat the Braves.  In teh 11th inning with a home run.  Phillies tied it up in the 9th with a home run off Smoltz.  You can be sure I was happy!  And Toronto best the Yankees.  Former Met Venture struck out.

Think I'll mail my letters on Fri. instead of by Wed.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday, March 9, 2002

I'll start a letter as I have ideas (for a letter).   Yesterday after getting my hair done, I picked up stamps at the P.O.  Barb had mentioned how nice the library is, so I decided to look for myself.  The adult area is just about finished & it looks so nice.  A new return & check out area.  You'll have to stop in & get a look for yourselves.  The children's area is now being fixed up.  I didn't hear of any fund raisers so maybe some people left the library funds for the project.  I have to get used to the new area & books.  I usually knew where to look.  Of course they are in alphabetical order but it's still new.  I got 1 book & I knew what would happen -- constant reading.  Started in at home, when we drove to Jamestown, when we got home & I couldn't read anymore -- bedtime.  Finished it this A.M.  The Switch by Sandra Brown.  It was fun to be reading again.  I put the puzzle away unfinished.  Got tired of looking at it & getting nowhere.  I'll save it for next fall.  Book was great.

It was a nice drive because the weather was so nice -- in the 60s.  We went to Davidson's for fish & it was just as good as I remembered.

When Kim was at BiLo's she met a friend & they talked.  The friend talked about her son & his friend Evan & their love of the computer.  Kim asked if she meant Evan Setili & that started the mother talking.  What Evan told her son about Karen.  The guy Karen is with is into drugs & beats Karen up.  She told this to Rick when she was here to sign divorce papers.  Karen wants Evan with her but Rick told him the situation & doesn't want him with Karen.  Like I said Evan is into computers & Rick bot him a new one.  Probably to bribe him & keep him here.  He & Karen are very close.  I can't understand what has gotten into Karen. Rick is a great guy.

Enjoyed your letter.  That was something concerning the Sun Prairie Library situation.  Bet the gov's face was red when he made that "gaff".  Enjoyed "The Bookworm".

Saw a robin this A.M.

Sun the 10th

Today the pastor was the chaplain at the Luth. Home in Kane.  He is very good.  It is nice to hear different approaches in sermons.  I always read the lessons at home & wonder how they'll use the Gospel in their sermons.

When I see articles on libraries I think of you.  Buff. paper has one today I'll enclose for you to read.  When walking to church, I was glad I didn't have to cross the bridge.  It was & is a cold, blowing day.

Too bad you aren't eating lunch.  I thought we might go over town for lunch -- can't remember the name but it's on 2nd Ave.  They say their pies are the best!  Barb thinks it's too smoky as there is no division & not that large.  There is also a new coffee shop in the same area.  Kim likes it.  Patty Welsh Phillips' son Chipper & his wife started it.

Mon A.M.  I'll bring this to a close & maybe get ambition & mail it at 5th Av. mail box.  Barb & Kim don't agree with your thoughts about "M.J."  Love to all & see you soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunday, March 3, 2002

I heard that Milwaukee has about 8" of snow so I wonder if you have any for the boys to shovel.  Just rain for us but flurries are in the forecast as well as colder weather.

Our midweeks are so interesting.  The video shows different churches & comments from members.  The study has been on baptism & what is means to us today as adults.  Some have a font in the entryway.  We have the old font & we think it should be put in our entry.  It is too nice to be in storage & it could mean more to remind us as we come into church.  Most pastors make the sigh of the cross now & that came up in our group last Wed.  We break into small groups to discuss what we saw & heard.  Marge Ristau said she finally got up courage to make the sign of the cross after communion.  R. Thelin wasn't sure if he was ready.  Mike Wacter (Sandy Sampson's husband) would & I said I would.  Today I wasn't sure but I watched Roger during communion & he did and so did I.  Are you surprised.  Mike is a cop & had to work today.

I told you there was a pot luck after our last Tues study.  Janice Carlson brought a green pepper soup. I didn't taste it but it smelled so good & those who did said it was delicious.  Green peppers, onions, hamburg, diced tomatoes, rice, etc.  I found the recipe in one of my cookbooks.

Sheila (hairdresser) got braces for her teeth.  She had just gotten them on Wed. & on Fri. her mouth was still sore & she was on soft foods.  Braces on for 2 years at $4,000.00.

Last nite Barb & I played 2 games of Scrabble but I can't beat her but I was closer.

Not much has been done on my puzzle.  Mostly I sit & stare.  I'll have it done by the time you get here.

I'm watching golf.  Yesterday Ernie Els was far ahead of the field.  When it came on today, Tiger is catching up & only 3 behind.  It is more interesting this way.

We have a family at church whose son plays basketball for Eisenhower.  Maybe you've noticed they went without a loss during the season but lost both playoff games by only 1 point.  So disappointing.  Linda Lyle Ekey's son played & he is a senior.  The other boys is a Jr.  Forgot 2 from church played for Eisenhower.

When Big Lots opened at the Mall, Barb wasn't too impressed.  This past week we shopped there & there is more merchandise & she was more impressed.  More baskets & interesting things for the garden & plants.

Dale cleaned the dust from behind the stove & fridge.  Getting ready for your visit.  I won't guarantee the house will be dustless! -- on my part.

I have a pork loin for supper.  Easy & tasty.

Do you think NYC can really decide on one book to read.  I hadn't heard about that before y our letter.  Warren has the group discussion on a book like your library does.

Mon the 4th 1:30 pm

We went to the Mall & I foundally (2 words together!) finally found my spice jelly beans.

Barb is cleaning out the fridge for me.  Just glad I can get out of doing it.

It's really a cold day.  The wind is cold so I'm glad to be inside.

Tues A.M.

My upstairs work is done.  It was 11 this A.M.  I still showered in the basement.  The little heater helps a lot.

All is well with us.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Today I've switched between golf & the Olympics on TV.  We've enjoyed the Olympics.  Tomorrow U.S. plays Canada in hockey for the Gold medal.  Should be good to watch.

Had a letter from Darla today.  Gerald got a snowmobile so he & Chance have been riding. Darla hasn't tired it yet.  They were expecting Curt & Denise for a weekend visit.  Either this week or next.  Chance likes school & has a couple of friends to play with.  They are pretty much settled, except for Gerald's office.   Still have 9 more boxes to unpack.  They like it & winter hasn't been too bad this year.

What a nice picture of Eddie in his Scout uniform.  Good for Andy to make cookies.  a little competition is good.  (His friend making cookies.)  The rug looks nice under the kitchen table.

Lila's birthday is Mar. 7th in case you want to send her a card.  She will be 90.

Lar & Kim pay their Discover credit card thru the computer.  When they got the bill there were charges on it they didn't charge.  Somehow someone got their credit card numbers & used their  card.  They've looked into it but it's not settled yet.  They asked for a new card & cut up the old one.

I changed my long distance telephone from AT&T to Verizon so I'll just have 1 bill rather than two.

Tues. 11 A.M. there is a Bible Study at church & I plan to attend.  It is followed by a pot luck lunch.  So I'll change my schedule this week.  I will clean upstairs on Mon. & will have Tues free.   Plan to take a scalped potato-ham casserole.  About 30 attend.  I attended the Lenten midweek last Wed & will continue to attend.  The last couple of years, I haven't attended -- I figure we need all the "bodies" we can get.  It was an interesting session.

I'm still working on my puzzle.  Hardly touched it this past week.  Filled in a few pieces today.

Sun the 24th

In the Sun. paper, the book section, has a review of one of your favorite authors, Carl Hiaasen, "Stripped of his schtick, Hiaasen still sizzles."  The review sounded interesting.  Do you think I'd like this book (to read).  Others didn't appeal.

And I'll enclose some stamp news.  Scenes saying "Wish You Were Here".  Greetings from teh states that sound very interesting.

Just wrote a note to Gen.

While waiting for the hocked game -- U.S. vs. Canada -- I got interested in a Jean Arthur-Ray Milland comedy.   Missed the opening.  It was so funny.  For awhile I was switching back & forth.  The hockey is exciting.  My favorite, Gary Thorne, is the announcer for the games.  He is so good.

Tues a.m.

The Olympics are not very & they were good.  Now it's time for me to turn my thoughts to baseball & "The Mets".

It's started to rain & I go to the Bible Study this a.m.  Must get started but I want to finish this & hope it gets mailed today or tomorrow.

Finished my puzzle and started a new one.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturday, February 16, 2002

In today's paper there is an obit of Daniel T. Goldthwaite, a former prof. U of Wi, Oshkosh and he was on the Oshkosh public library board.  He was born in Sheffield.  I wonder if you know him.  He was in the Physics & Astronomy Dept so Barb didn't know him.

Dale was in Rochester yesterday for a day of instruction.  They have to keep up their knowledge to stay a 5 Star group.  Lately 2 have been going so there is company driving.

In my life, I lived in Springfield thru high school.  Then 2 years in Minneapolis, back to Spfld. for 3 years.  Back to Mpls. for a few months, next Rockford, then Auburn, Gt. Falls & finally settled in Warren.  Everyone else in my family spent all their lives in Spfld.

Bert has ha friend visiting from Hawaii, Laura.  She married a Reese who had money.  Chuck Reese's uncle.  He was older than Laura & when he died she had his wealth.  She visits Warren -- would like to buy a home here.  She stays at the old Dr. Valone home on Market St. that is now a Bed & Breakfast.  Barb took Bert & Laura to Jamestown to lunch -- she drove, Bert paid.  Now Laura wants to go again & she'll buy Barb's lunch this time.  So they will go on Tues.  They go to 210 Pine, a private club.  Bert can't drive because her eyes aren't good enough & Laura doesn't drive, never has.

The Ash Wed. Service was very nice.  The pastor announced if anyone preferred not to get the ashes, they didn't have to come forward.  Everyone did.

I'm wondering what you both will do when Andy goes past his time limit, say 11 pm.  Especially when he has the car!  An interesting time of life - something to look forward to!! I got thru it so will you.  Dad was the worrier so I had to keep cool.

Racing is back so Dale is happy.  There has been a lot going on this week.  Right now I came upon U.SA. female hocked against Finland.  U.S. 4-0.  I've never seen women play ice hockey & it's fun to watch.

Mon. Feb 18.

We were all watching the Nascar race yesterday.  Dale was at Sam B.  Barb upstairs, me at the kitchen table.  Crashes made it exciting & a Dodge won .  Blood thirsty?

This AM I called Verizon & changed so all charges will be on one bill.  Switched from AT&T to Verizon for long distance calling.  Lar & Kim did & said it would be easier to have one bill.  We'll see how I like it.

It was cold this A.M. - 12 but it is sunny & will warm up.

Axel Nasman died.  His son Wayne was your age.  Only 1 daughter of the large family is left.  Viola & she lives in Sheffield -- her daughter is a member at St. Paul so Viola visits St. Paul.  We know each other -- she worked in the Sheffield cafeteria.  5 Nasman sons & 3 daughters.

Yesterday Lar & Kim went to a Home Show in Cleveland.  Torey spent the day with friend Nancy who owns Torey's siter Ginger.  We'll hear about it on Thurs.

Until next time.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, February 10, 2002

It's a cloudy aft. dark & trying to rain.  A good time for a nap but I want to start your letter.

Wed. is Ash Wed. & many Lutheran churches use ashes.  Our interim pastor plans to, so that will be a new experience for us.  First & St. Paul have had Wed Lenten midweek services together alternating churches.  Not this year.  First's pastor had to have a knee replacement & guess who is helping for 6 weeks.  St. Paul's former pastor, Gary Risher & he wouldn't want to come to St. Paul.  Heard he had a chance to go to a church in Pittsburgh but because of being at First for 6 weeks, he didn't take it.  Sounds funny to me.  Seems like he'd want a salary & benefits.  Margaret doesn't want to give up her teaching job so she'll have to support him. He still has a couple of years before Social Security.

A couple of thoughts have been on my mind.

Aunt Ida & Aunt Helen gave my folks 6 sets of sterling silverware for their 25th wedding anniversary.  Eventually I got it.  (Gen has her own.)  I always thought I'd give it to Barb, the only daughter.  But Barb is apt to sell things if she is short of money (yard sales she had in Oshkosh).  And I wouldn't like that.  So I'm wondering about the boys getting it.  Dividing it -- 4 each.  I added a serving fork, gravy ladle & other pieces so there is service for 8.  Then there is Grandpa Nelson's watch Ford gave Dad.  Who gets that?  It is something to think about.  I'd like that settled now.

For me, half the fun of having company or your visits is the planning.  I have meals planned, grocery lists & things to do before you come.  A couple are to clean the storage spaces below the sinks.  Things get shoved in back & I don't know what's what.  I'll try to get them in order.  Need to check my closets.  Will have more for the Salvation Army.

Carey's left for Fla. last Sat. via Buffalo.  May Ann has a bad back so she will stay with Paula in Buff. & Jack will drive to Fla. with the dog.  When he arrives, Mary Ann will fly down & he will pick her up at the airport.  He brought the garage door opener over for Dale so he can use their garage.  They'll be back in May.  Larry stops in  to water plans & check on things.  They had 2 dogs but one had to be put to sleep.

Barb is sewing her sweater together.  Has ends to weave in & the neck to finish.  She hopes to finish it next week.  It came out so nice.

John Hornstrom was in church this A.M.  He brought Arlene home for 4 days.  He's on vacation.  She was living with him but she didn't want him to go to work & he can't do that.  So she is with Julie & her family.  They'll make Arlene get up, get dressed & make her take her medications.

Mon A.M.

This is Dale's early week so I got an early start on my work & I'm ready for a break.  I got the cupboards under the kitchen & laundry room sinks cleaned & in order.  They look nice for awhile.  Now I'm getting 2 loads of wash done & then I'll make Dale's bed.  I only have 1 set of flannel sheets for his bed.  Am suppose to hove another set but where I stored them is a secret!  I can't find them.

We awoke to a layer of snow but not enough to shovel.  The sun is out now (10 am) so things are pretty.  I'm at the kitchen table & looking at the fir trees & they are snow tipped & make a pretty picture.  It is also time for "Murder, She Wrote".

I noticed your favorite author C. Hiaasen had a new book out.  Also another book "The Corrections" by Jonathan Franzen that sounds interesting to me.

Betty Casey has 14 grandchildren & 6 great grandchildren.  Just welcomed a new g.c.

Tues A.M. the 12th

I'm on a "coffee break" having finished my chores for today.  After lunch we get groceries.  You can see I don't push myself.  I figure if you keep your house picked up, it always looks O.K.  The pastor who preached last Sun. is from Jamestown & they live in the Lutheran Home Apts.  Their apt. was just repainted & things had hto be gone over & she found many things she didn't use anymore & was getting rid of things.  Her spring housecleaning was done for her.  At home Spfld. spring housecleaning meant airing mattresses, beating rugs hung over the clothes line.  Curtains dried on curtain stretchers.  Glad that is in the past.  Ah memories.  We all helped.

Today's paper had the obit of Scott Daelhausen.  51 yrs.  Graduated with you.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Saturday, February 2, 2002

Our get together yesterday was very nice.  Forstrums couldn't come as they both had colds.  Ray didn't sound too good when he called.  We were 6 & enjoyed being together.  The meal was good even if I do say so myself.  Since there were 2 pieces of chicken left plus potatoes & veggies Barb & Dale had leftovers.  It was an easy menu, as much could be done the day before.  The last minute I decided to make bread pudding as both Ted & Warren like it & so do I.  Have some left over & I warm it up & enjoy it.

Warren & Anna like your "Swedish" powder room.  I showed them the pictures you sent.

I really like the rug under the D.R. table.  It is so attractive.  Also like the dishes & place mats.  I love dishes & your new ones are so pretty.

Nice picture of Andy -- a really nice smile.  His teeth look so nice.

Barb helped me with the hard, floral puzzle & we finished it.  Now I'm working on another one.  The puzzle Eddie got, looks like a hard one with all the flowers & greens.  I keep puzzles to do again & put all the outside pieces in a sandwich bag so I don't have to hunt for them again.

I never thought much about Martin Luther King day but after reading your thoughts, & thinking about it, I do have to agree with your way of thinking.  It's just a lot of lip service.  Sharpton was on Fox -- he did a lot of talking (noise) but didn't say much.  Couldn't back up his arguments.  Mostly they say what they think people want to hear.  He was talking about Enron.

Talked to Rose this past week & Karen was home to sign divorce papers & will return to Canada.  If it's a guy, he must be pretty special to take her away from her mom.  Rick had a chance for a good move out of Warren, but at that time Karen't couldn't leave Rose.  Now she's getting over 2 operations in a short time (back & bypass) & she can leave her when Rose really would like her here.

Dale was in Rochester Thurs for schooling.  The ice was really bad there, but they got home safe & sound.  Think I mentioned they left Wed. & would eat dinner there.  It turned out they went to Wendy's.  Maybe the other fellow didn't want to spend a lot of money for a meal.

Buffalo really had it bad again on Fri.  Heavy winds toppling trees, wires down, basements flooded & the stores running out of sump pumps & generators to run them, if the electricity was out.  Waves really pounding against the shores.  I watch the NBC Buff. channel.  I like their people best.

If Beloit is in sad shape, Charles can't expect to get much for selling the house.  It will run down more by the time they get to cleaning it out.  Maybe some black family will buy it.  Think Ruth said a lot of blacks were moving into that area.  I know Swanson's sold to a black family in Chicago.

Don't know if you've received the paper telling of the death of Mrs. Reinhard (husband a Dr. at State Hosp.)  Think JoAnna met one of their sons.  I'm sure I remember talking about that.

I envy you when you talk about going to Pier 1, Target, etc.  In contract, Warren has so little & Jamestown isn't much better.

We had a touch of snow on the ground this A.M.  The sun goes in & out & it continues to be colder than the warm temps of the past week.  But it is Feb & we really haven't had much winter.  We have had close to 2" of rain & it soaks in when the ground isn't frozen  1/8" of rain!  Not close.

Mon. Feb 4 - We awoke to 2 snow covered cars sitting in the driveway.  After getting the Sun. apper, Barb neglected to put it away.  Th is is the 2nd time.  I thought after the last time, when it was colder & she had to brush it off, she wouldn't do it again.  Sun. aft I tho't to remind her but that was in the midst of the Super Bowl game.  And what a game.  I was watching Murder She Wrote on A&E but I changed to Fox in the 3rd period & was happy to see N.E. was ahead.  So I watched to the last second field goal & was very happy N.E. won.  What a rookie QB.

I read the news article quoting Paul Nelson on the effects of the budget cuts on libraries.  My son makes me proud!  A thinker like his father.

At 6:30 A.M. the temp was 27 but it will fall during the day so I'll make soup (veg. beef) & apple pie for supper.

Guess a lot of people got Geo. Foreman grills for Christmas.  Both Bensons & Hollertzs did.  Anna H. said one of their daughters was on their 2nd one.

Knock on wood, but none of us have been sick or had a cold so far & I hope the "bugs" stay away.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Saturday, January 27, 2002

Got your latest letter today -- the one about the winter outing of the Scouts.  A nice father-son affair.  A lot happened in a short time-- at least it seemed that way.  You made it sound very interesting.

I just made a batch of chili & it is simmering now.

This a.m. (it's a lovely day) about 9:15 AM, I walked to CVS to get my medications refilled.  We have a new co. to order from & I'm not sure about it.  You have to spend $200.00 before you get any reductions.  The 2 I got today aren't that expensive so I wouldn't save that much.  I can get them thru different drug stores & I need to get Dale to check on the computer to see if CVS is one of them.  I also went to the library to get tax papers so one of these Thurs. Lar can help me fill out my state tax & see if I need to pay any income tax.  I don't think so, but need to check it out.

Yesterday Barb & I went to Jamestown.  When Dale got home he asked me hat I bought.  Not much, a panty girdle at Penney's & compactor bags at Sears.

The Farm Store on the hill as you enter Jamestown is going out of business.  Dale has bought some things & was going there this aft. to see if the prices were any lower.  He's starting his gift shopping already.

I also made 2 loaves of banana bread & brownies today.  I also took a nap this aft.

I didn't finish my thought on Dale asking me what I bought.  I remember when I used to ask him where he was going, etc., he says, "why, are you writing a book?"  No more of that.  He has grown up & is willing to share things now.

I'm watching golf & it's interesting even if Tiger isn't there.  It's on CBS & I like their announcers -- they have some humor.

Noticed in the food ads Emeril's pasta sauce & marinades are available.  Have you tried any.  Are you enjoying his pots & pans.  Anything special about them.

Dale goes to school Thurs. this week.  Another fellow also goes so they eat on the way or in Rochester.  I like that I don't need to make supper on Wed.  They leave after work & this is his early week.  I like that this week as Fri. Feb 1st, my company comes & I need to make sure things are spick & span -- at least sort of .  Getting up earlier gives me a head start.

Congratulations to Eddie on his cartoon.  Very clever.  Bet Andy really looked handsome all dressed up.  Did it give you the feeling your son is growing up, fast!  When we're at the Mall & see a children's clothing store, it doesn't seem that long ago we were buying little boy's clothes & that is way in the past.

Also enjoyed Spoofing Dr. Laura.  Will show it to the gang on Fri.

The Stroll on State Street was interesting.  I could visualize it in my mind.  A little bit anyway.

When Barb makes a smoothie, either for breakfast or lunch, she adds some soy powder for added nutrients.  Gets it at GNC.  She is able to wear some jeans now that were too tight around the waist.

Today Bert took her out to lunch.  They were to go to the Liberty St. Cafe but it was closed due to putting in a new furnace.  So they went to Holiday Inn.  Bert said she still wants to take her to Liberty St. Cafe.

Now it's Sun. Jan 27 and I just wrote to Gen & Millie.  Told them about the Scouting trip, Eddie's cartoon, and Andy's shoe size!

It's 7-3 against the Steelers but it's only the first half.  Hope they can pull it out.   It looks like some fans are in their shirt sleeves.  It is suppose to be in the 50's  Very unusual.

Barb should have been a librarian.  I was looking for a certain recipe & griped when I couldn't find it. Barb said you should be more organized & then you'd find it.  I heard that quite often if I can't find something.  I try to keep my most favored recipes together -- ones that I use the most.

We are all fine here.  Did I mention Torey's tail is completely healed...for about 2 weeks now.

Buff. paper today said they're putting out a "Happy Birthday" stamp on Feb. 9.