Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday, March 9, 2002

I'll start a letter as I have ideas (for a letter).   Yesterday after getting my hair done, I picked up stamps at the P.O.  Barb had mentioned how nice the library is, so I decided to look for myself.  The adult area is just about finished & it looks so nice.  A new return & check out area.  You'll have to stop in & get a look for yourselves.  The children's area is now being fixed up.  I didn't hear of any fund raisers so maybe some people left the library funds for the project.  I have to get used to the new area & books.  I usually knew where to look.  Of course they are in alphabetical order but it's still new.  I got 1 book & I knew what would happen -- constant reading.  Started in at home, when we drove to Jamestown, when we got home & I couldn't read anymore -- bedtime.  Finished it this A.M.  The Switch by Sandra Brown.  It was fun to be reading again.  I put the puzzle away unfinished.  Got tired of looking at it & getting nowhere.  I'll save it for next fall.  Book was great.

It was a nice drive because the weather was so nice -- in the 60s.  We went to Davidson's for fish & it was just as good as I remembered.

When Kim was at BiLo's she met a friend & they talked.  The friend talked about her son & his friend Evan & their love of the computer.  Kim asked if she meant Evan Setili & that started the mother talking.  What Evan told her son about Karen.  The guy Karen is with is into drugs & beats Karen up.  She told this to Rick when she was here to sign divorce papers.  Karen wants Evan with her but Rick told him the situation & doesn't want him with Karen.  Like I said Evan is into computers & Rick bot him a new one.  Probably to bribe him & keep him here.  He & Karen are very close.  I can't understand what has gotten into Karen. Rick is a great guy.

Enjoyed your letter.  That was something concerning the Sun Prairie Library situation.  Bet the gov's face was red when he made that "gaff".  Enjoyed "The Bookworm".

Saw a robin this A.M.

Sun the 10th

Today the pastor was the chaplain at the Luth. Home in Kane.  He is very good.  It is nice to hear different approaches in sermons.  I always read the lessons at home & wonder how they'll use the Gospel in their sermons.

When I see articles on libraries I think of you.  Buff. paper has one today I'll enclose for you to read.  When walking to church, I was glad I didn't have to cross the bridge.  It was & is a cold, blowing day.

Too bad you aren't eating lunch.  I thought we might go over town for lunch -- can't remember the name but it's on 2nd Ave.  They say their pies are the best!  Barb thinks it's too smoky as there is no division & not that large.  There is also a new coffee shop in the same area.  Kim likes it.  Patty Welsh Phillips' son Chipper & his wife started it.

Mon A.M.  I'll bring this to a close & maybe get ambition & mail it at 5th Av. mail box.  Barb & Kim don't agree with your thoughts about "M.J."  Love to all & see you soon.

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