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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

This A.M. I walked to Calvary Baptist Church to vote.  There is a race for State representative -- the seat is Jim Lynch's.  I voted for him because I think he has done & gotten a lot for Warren County.  Some are against him because of the Commissioners & the situation that is going on.  I'm sure you've read about it in the paper, Warren, of course!

When I got back, Barb was ready to leave so I hitched a ride & went to CVS for a few items.  Now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee & TV.  I won't do much today as we go for groceries after lunch.

It is still chilly but the sun is warm & I enjoyed the walk.  The plants are in the garage to escape the low temps.  Maybe tomorrow they can be put in their posts & the hanging plants can swing in the sun.

Gen called Sun. nite to tell me Ed had a stroke.  He came into the kitchen sun A.M. & Gen noticed he was drooling.  He went to go outside & he fell.  Gen called John & he called 911 & they came in a hurry.  They got him there early enough to do something that helps only in 3 hours after the stroke.  He'll be in the hosp. 4 days, if they can keep him there.  There were warnings, numb arms but they didn't heed the warnings as most of us don't want to admit we might be sick.  I doubt if Gen can take care of him & I'm sure he'll need help for awhile.  I'll call tonite to see how things are going.

Dale goes to Rochester for schooling.  Leaves on Wed. & home Thurs. Fri. (changed it) nite.  This time he goes alone so I have to have some supper ready early Wed.  I like it when 2 go as they eat out & I have it easy.  You lazy mother!  This is his early week so he can get an early start & drive in daylight.

My puzzle is going together slowly.  But since this is a harder one, it will take longer.  It's a good challenge.

Since Lar & Kim's anniv. falls on Thurs. they chose the menu.  It will be the chicken with mushrooms & muenster cheese, baked pot. & a spinach casserole.  Not sure of dessert.  Seeing Lar & Kim are here we decided on an anniv. gift for them.  A croquet set as the one they had burned in the fire.  They used it a lot so I hope they like the idea.  If not, they can return it & get what they like.  It is hard to think of gifts.

Wed. the 22nd

Called Gen last nite & talked to John.  Called Millie tonite but she didn't know a lot either.  Ed wants food but for some reason he can't have solid food.  He got lime or is it lyme disease & had been to the Dr. for that.  His blood pressure must have been high -- funny the doctor didn't check it.  Millie said they are very hard to get information from -- she has to ask a lot of questions.  And Gen doesn't ask the Dr. any questions.  Even Edith gets disgusted as they are hard to talk to.  Each to his own.

The Liberty St. Cafe gives gift certificates so I'll get one tomorrow.

I think Dale was a little disappointed he won't be home for the anniversary.  They are sending him so often now.

Barb got the potted plants back in their places this afternoon.  Next she will wash off the porch &  bring out the porch furniture.

I got my pictures today -- the one taken at church for the pictorial book.  I didn't order any -- you get one free.  It guess it's not too bad for an old lady.  Barb thought it was O.K.  I don't like my eyes as the result of the thyroid.

I made a carrot cake for dessert Thurs.  When I tried to get it out of the pan, it stuck.  Then part of it came out & part of it didn't.  So it doesn't look so good but tastes so good.  I tasted some of the crumbs & it's too tasty to throw out.  I hope the frosting will cover some of the damage.

Soon it's my bedtime so I'll say good night.

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