Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Today I've switched between golf & the Olympics on TV.  We've enjoyed the Olympics.  Tomorrow U.S. plays Canada in hockey for the Gold medal.  Should be good to watch.

Had a letter from Darla today.  Gerald got a snowmobile so he & Chance have been riding. Darla hasn't tired it yet.  They were expecting Curt & Denise for a weekend visit.  Either this week or next.  Chance likes school & has a couple of friends to play with.  They are pretty much settled, except for Gerald's office.   Still have 9 more boxes to unpack.  They like it & winter hasn't been too bad this year.

What a nice picture of Eddie in his Scout uniform.  Good for Andy to make cookies.  a little competition is good.  (His friend making cookies.)  The rug looks nice under the kitchen table.

Lila's birthday is Mar. 7th in case you want to send her a card.  She will be 90.

Lar & Kim pay their Discover credit card thru the computer.  When they got the bill there were charges on it they didn't charge.  Somehow someone got their credit card numbers & used their  card.  They've looked into it but it's not settled yet.  They asked for a new card & cut up the old one.

I changed my long distance telephone from AT&T to Verizon so I'll just have 1 bill rather than two.

Tues. 11 A.M. there is a Bible Study at church & I plan to attend.  It is followed by a pot luck lunch.  So I'll change my schedule this week.  I will clean upstairs on Mon. & will have Tues free.   Plan to take a scalped potato-ham casserole.  About 30 attend.  I attended the Lenten midweek last Wed & will continue to attend.  The last couple of years, I haven't attended -- I figure we need all the "bodies" we can get.  It was an interesting session.

I'm still working on my puzzle.  Hardly touched it this past week.  Filled in a few pieces today.

Sun the 24th

In the Sun. paper, the book section, has a review of one of your favorite authors, Carl Hiaasen, "Stripped of his schtick, Hiaasen still sizzles."  The review sounded interesting.  Do you think I'd like this book (to read).  Others didn't appeal.

And I'll enclose some stamp news.  Scenes saying "Wish You Were Here".  Greetings from teh states that sound very interesting.

Just wrote a note to Gen.

While waiting for the hocked game -- U.S. vs. Canada -- I got interested in a Jean Arthur-Ray Milland comedy.   Missed the opening.  It was so funny.  For awhile I was switching back & forth.  The hockey is exciting.  My favorite, Gary Thorne, is the announcer for the games.  He is so good.

Tues a.m.

The Olympics are not very & they were good.  Now it's time for me to turn my thoughts to baseball & "The Mets".

It's started to rain & I go to the Bible Study this a.m.  Must get started but I want to finish this & hope it gets mailed today or tomorrow.

Finished my puzzle and started a new one.


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