Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday, May 14, 2002

At 1pm, I had my teeth cleaned & checked.  Have 1 that needs a filling & that will be done June 17th.  Dr. Walters said he's building an ark!  We've had so much rain but the ground has absorbed it, tho there is some flooding.  Today it's beautiful & sunny.  Barb put the plans she planted in pots on the porch as they were getting too much rain.  We put the hanging baskets up & they look so nice.  We waited because of the winds & rain.  The begonia plant is so large & beautiful, esp. the varigated leaves -- yellow & green.  Dale gave me a Fuscia plant.  Thanks for the plant.

Mon's paper always has an article about a local resident & last Mon. it was about Barb Lucia's brother who has returned to Warren.

When I washed on Mon. the spin cycle wouldn't work so I called a repair man.  When he came, he suggested I call Maytag Co. as they are pretty good about the Maytag Neptune.  They talked to him & they said I wouldn't have to pay for parts -- just the service call.  That was Tues. the 14th.  He called Buffalo for parts -- he got them today -- he came over & as of now I have a load of towels washing.  I got it at Seats but didn't call them as you wait forever for them to come, etc.

Barb's pkg. came & I'll let her thank you.  She likes the jewelry box a lot.  Very attractive.

I got 3 puzzles at KMart for 99 cents each.  I did one already & it was so pretty.  Lake Superior Harbor at Bayfield, Wi.  Last nite I started a 2nd one -- Along the Oregon Coast scene & it will be harder with yellow & violet large & small flowers & dark areas.  Barb said she'd help if I have problems finding the right pieces.  Barb is taking advantage of a nice day to ride her bike.

Dale will mow the lawn tonite as more rain is predicted for the rest of the week. Hope they are wrong.

I made a caramel brownie today today & they are delicious.  Melt 18 caramels with butter & milk.  Then add eggs, flour, nuts, etc. & bake & I love them. Easy to make & too easy to eat.  Too tempting.

I've been getting the Icelandic frozen haddock & it is good baked.  Dale likes it -- no bones & we are having fish for dinner.

Our interim pastor love N.W. Pa.  Thinks our valley is so beautiful.  He said if he had realized how beautiful this area is, he would have liked a call in the area.

Last Fri. nite Dale looked so nice when we went out for dinner in his new pants.  I wish he'd meet a nice girl to date.

Thurs.  Dishes are clean or in the dishwasher & I'm watching TV.  We had Kim's favorite creamed chicken on biscuits & I made cheesecake brownies with ice cream for dessert.  Regular brownies & then a creamed cheese mixture spooned over the batter & swirled with a knife.  They liked them, in fact Larry said he wouldn't mind taking some home.  So I fixed a plate.

Careys aren't home yet - maybe next weekend.  Mary Ann had back surgery in Fla. & both will be flying home & someone else will drive the car home.

Lar's birthday party was nice according to Lar & Kim.  Nancy & Jay gave Lar a special birthday gift.  Both couples are soccer fans so Aug 14 they are going to a pro soccer game in Columbus, Ohio.  All arrangements have been made by Nancy -- tickets, hotel, etc.  They just have to decide who will drive.  Lar is thrilled.

Cherrios offers small Star Wars cars with proof of purchase & money to cover cost of mailing.  There are 3 of them & I ordered the set of 3 & it will go out in the mail tomorrow.

I always enjoy reading your letters.  It's nice to know one of my children has his own sons & will experience the ups & downs of teenagers.

Soon bedtime so I'll sign off.

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