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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

We're going grocery shopping when Barb gets home.  She had to take care of Scott as he was sick.  She should be home at 4:30.  It's been a lazy day -- no work got done as it was Bible Study at church at 11 AM followed by a pot luck lunch.  I never know what to bring & since I love bread pudding I made that & it went over great.  Only a spoonful left & I finished it at home.  They like it, I love it!  No one else does at home.

Now supper is over & dishes put away.

I heard our library had money given to them & it had to be used for the building so that is why it was changed.  Now they have 8 computers all installed.  It is a nice looking entry.  Wonder if they could put A.C. in -- if they did.

Don't know if you remember Albert Johnson.  He left money to the church.  They'll get interest twice a year but there is a catch.  It can only be used for hymnals, books, choir robes (which are new) & the like.  It's too bad they limit how it can be spent.  He didn't have any heirs.  I know he told Dad he intended to leave money to the church.  Also Kane Luth . Home & the Salvation Army got some money.

Called  Rose yesterday.  She still doesn't know why Karen & Rick divorced.  I would never reveal to hear what we've heard.

Dale goes to Rochester Wed. nite for Thurs school.  2 go together & I like that as then they leave as soon as possibly & eat on the way.  I'll probably just have a frozen dinner.

Fri. Barb & I plan to go to Jamestown.  We'll look for a Met cap for Eddie.  When I called last Sun. Eddie said he'd still like one & he didn't get anything here in Warren.

Wed the 24th

This AM's paper announced the closing of D&K over town.  I liked to stop in there but with the Dollar Store across from BiLo & Big Lots at the Mall I guess they lost their business.

I got all my jobs done for today's schedule but I plan to start dinner rolls so I don't have to make them tomorrow.  With Dale on the way to Rochester I'll have time to get them finished.  Tomorrow A.M. I plan to make a pecan pie but prefer to have the rolls in the freezer.  We're having oven baked fish tomorrow when Lar, Kim & Torey come over.

K.C. is playing Detroit for ESPN Wed. baseball.  Not very interesting to watch.  It was more interesting when George Brett was in the booth talking with the announcers.

I just set my rolls.  In an hour or so they will be set to form & then bake.  Fresh rolls for supper.

The Lutheran came today & I usually read it cover to cover & I have a good start on the articles.

I have Buffalo channel 2 on telling about Drew Bledsoe's visit as the new QB.  It was quite a celebration & I'm sure D. B. feels good about it.  Also the day was gorgeous weatherwise.  Nothing could have been better.

Thurs A.M.

I planned to sleep til 7 A.M. but Dale forgot to turn off his alarm at 5:30.  I did go back to sleep until 6:50 A.M.  Worked til 9 A.M. & now I'm taking it easy & watching Murder She Wrote.  My pecan pie smells so good.

Was sorry to hear about Lila's death even tho I know it is for the best.  When Gen died I sent a memorial gift of money to Our Savior's Church.  I'm not sure if Lila stayed with their original church or if she went with Gen so I'll send a memorial to Charles.

Every Thurs. the Warren paper has a page of jokes & they had several good ones today & I enjoyed several hearty laughs all by myself.  Is the Spotlite section included in your edition when it arrives.

I agree you need a new drier.  When we used it last summer it took forever for a load to dry.

Pretty nice, even if it takes more of your time, to be appointed to the Task  Force on Pub. Lib. Funding & Legislation.  Nice to be able to add to your resume.

Scott has been sick this week with the flu, diarrhea, etc. so Barb has more hours working for Lynn.  Means more money.  Has  to help him with his homework.  They had their big sale last Sat. & it went very well.  Scott was sad tho, saying he'd never be able to ride in one of their semi-trucks again.

A bird is building a nest in the fir trees Lar planted in the back yard.  I can see them darting in & out.

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