Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturday, February 16, 2002

In today's paper there is an obit of Daniel T. Goldthwaite, a former prof. U of Wi, Oshkosh and he was on the Oshkosh public library board.  He was born in Sheffield.  I wonder if you know him.  He was in the Physics & Astronomy Dept so Barb didn't know him.

Dale was in Rochester yesterday for a day of instruction.  They have to keep up their knowledge to stay a 5 Star group.  Lately 2 have been going so there is company driving.

In my life, I lived in Springfield thru high school.  Then 2 years in Minneapolis, back to Spfld. for 3 years.  Back to Mpls. for a few months, next Rockford, then Auburn, Gt. Falls & finally settled in Warren.  Everyone else in my family spent all their lives in Spfld.

Bert has ha friend visiting from Hawaii, Laura.  She married a Reese who had money.  Chuck Reese's uncle.  He was older than Laura & when he died she had his wealth.  She visits Warren -- would like to buy a home here.  She stays at the old Dr. Valone home on Market St. that is now a Bed & Breakfast.  Barb took Bert & Laura to Jamestown to lunch -- she drove, Bert paid.  Now Laura wants to go again & she'll buy Barb's lunch this time.  So they will go on Tues.  They go to 210 Pine, a private club.  Bert can't drive because her eyes aren't good enough & Laura doesn't drive, never has.

The Ash Wed. Service was very nice.  The pastor announced if anyone preferred not to get the ashes, they didn't have to come forward.  Everyone did.

I'm wondering what you both will do when Andy goes past his time limit, say 11 pm.  Especially when he has the car!  An interesting time of life - something to look forward to!! I got thru it so will you.  Dad was the worrier so I had to keep cool.

Racing is back so Dale is happy.  There has been a lot going on this week.  Right now I came upon U.SA. female hocked against Finland.  U.S. 4-0.  I've never seen women play ice hockey & it's fun to watch.

Mon. Feb 18.

We were all watching the Nascar race yesterday.  Dale was at Sam B.  Barb upstairs, me at the kitchen table.  Crashes made it exciting & a Dodge won .  Blood thirsty?

This AM I called Verizon & changed so all charges will be on one bill.  Switched from AT&T to Verizon for long distance calling.  Lar & Kim did & said it would be easier to have one bill.  We'll see how I like it.

It was cold this A.M. - 12 but it is sunny & will warm up.

Axel Nasman died.  His son Wayne was your age.  Only 1 daughter of the large family is left.  Viola & she lives in Sheffield -- her daughter is a member at St. Paul so Viola visits St. Paul.  We know each other -- she worked in the Sheffield cafeteria.  5 Nasman sons & 3 daughters.

Yesterday Lar & Kim went to a Home Show in Cleveland.  Torey spent the day with friend Nancy who owns Torey's siter Ginger.  We'll hear about it on Thurs.

Until next time.


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