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Sunday, October 14, 2001

I'll have to tell you what happened in church this A.M.  As I entered to go to my east, Jack Bjorkquist came over & said it's your birthday tomorrow.  I said yes & he started singing "Happy Birthday" to me & the early comers were in church & clapped when he finished.  I was so surprised & after the service different people said Happy Birthday.  And Carol Andersen had the altar flowers & she always has me take one bouquet home.

Last nite the 5 of us went to dinner at Chiodo's on the West End.  Can't remember the former name -- it had been closed until Chiodo's opened it.  Lou C. & his brother Frank.  Lou is a pharmacist at the State Hosp. & Frank is the chef.  It opened earlier in the year -- Lar & Kim recommended it.  Lou is manager -- cashier, etc. Seems to be doing very well.  Dale, Lar & I had Prime Rib & it was delicious.  Barb had the fish platter & Kim had eggplant parmesan..  She's had it before & it's her favorite.  Our waitress was Sylvia Yosten's granddaughter.  Parents are Ken &. & Bill Weldon.  Tara is tall like Karen & very attractive.  They must make good tips as it is very busy weekends.

We came home for (BiLo) birthday cake & ice cream.  Torey gave me a set of sheets for my bed.  Last summer Kim got them on sale at Blair Outlet & wondered if I'd like them.  I said to save them for my birthday or Christmas.  Barb gave me a pair of earrings I mentioned I liked & she took the hint.  She & Dale gave me a coat sweater, floral design on black background, that will look good with black slacks or a skirt.  It was a nice day.

We've had a very warm fall so far.  It was 67 this A.M. but now (aft) it is raining & heavy winds.

Had a birthday card & letter from Millie.  She had a leak in her oil tank (furnace) so she had to have a new one put in.  She is having a hard time getting rid of the oil smell in the house.  The only good thing -- it didn't happen in the dead of winter.  The tank is in the basement & they had a hard time getting it in (the basement) -- they had to take a door off & a wall down to get the tank down the stairs.  They cut up the old tank to get it out.  So it was a mess for awhile.

Millie said the cast is off Gen's wrist & now she can drive again.  She couldn't drive with the cast one & she is used to getting out every day.  Ed has cataract surgery tomorrow, Mon.  He wasn't looking forward to it but I told Gen it isn't that bad.  No problem at all.

Baseball playoffs aren't happening as I want them to.  Maybe Seattle & Oakland can win today.  I'm an A.L. fan this year.  So far it's been raining in Cleveland but the fans are there & it is suppose to clear up.

Mon's weather is suppose to improve & I'm glad about that.  I plan to get my new left lens.  Barb takes me over & I walk home.  The left eye needed to have a stronger lens.  Right eye OK.

Wed. Ted Benson called & wondered if I knew the group was getting together for lunch at Peek n Peak.  I didn't & had a perm. appt. for 10:30 & that is usually 1 1/2 hours.  They said they would wait & I was home home by noon & they were waiting for me.  A 1 pm lunch date & we were there by 1:05.  Just 5 of us.  Hollertz, Benson's, & me.   We always have a good time.  Eleanor (Youngsville) gets her hair done Fri at 1 pm so they couldn't come & Deckers from Kane weren't there as Carol D. hasn't been feeling well & they can't seem to find the reason.

Guess I'll work on my jigsaw puzzle.  More later.

Mon Oct 15

Got a note from Ruth today & a picture of the group when baby Jack was baptized.  Mim, Tom, baby & parents, Ruth, Carole & Arland.  A nice picture.

Ruth was very upset because of Sept 11th doings.  She found out her hemoglobin was low & she will be seeing a specialist Oct 25th.  She was also upset because Joan & daughter Sharon went to see Joan's ex mother-in-law in Md.  While there, they visited the ocean & on the way home to mother-in-law's, there was an accident.  Sharon was driving & Joan in the back seat & they had to cut off the car's roof to get her out.  She had 2 or 3 broken ribs on her left side.  Later she passed out & they found that her spleen was bleeding & she had 2 transfusions.  They got another car & are home safe & sound.  As a result Ruth had chest pains but it wasn't a heart attack.

Tues the 16th.

Gen called just after you last nite.  Ed had his surgery today & they were apprehensive.  He had to get a report from his Dr. to say his heart was OK to protect the hosp. from the possibility they would sue if something happened.  They thought the eye would bleed but there is no blood.  It's really a very simple thing.  I couldn't feel a thing & it is a very short operation.

Heard them talking about flu shots on the Erie channel.  So I wondered, Paul, now that you're past 50, will you get a shot!!!!  Couldn't resist that "jab".

I'm watching the Braves vs. Arizona.  It will be old news when you read this, but Johnson has a 1 hitter (8th inning) so far & they lead 2-0.   Against Maddux.  Keep up the good work.  Was sorry the Yankees had to win & I hope Seattle will play their best against them.

Been hearing about the Madison school board & the "under God" & using "god in the schools.  They had to change their minds.   Since Sept 11th the flag & God have become most important  Funny how several movies have to postpone their shows because of violence, etc.

Wed A.M.  No school in Sheffield today.  Suspicious substances found in a delivery to Sheffield schools.

Oh yes, Dale goes to Rochester for a one day session.  He and another fellow worker.  They'll leave right after work & eat on the way or in Rochester.  Be home for Thurs dinner.  The other fellow is a Trowbridge & grew up in Warren & works here but lives in Jamestown.  Is divorced.  His brother Rusty graduated with Barb.

When Dale was set to leave this A.M., I heard him say "Oh no".  It was a skunk by the back door.  It wandered up the st.  Hope school kid don't meet it.

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