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Saturday, December 1, 2001

Thanks for the pictures.  They Thanksgiving table as beautiful.  If I were 11 or 14 I would be very interested in your handsome sons.  I envy the girls!  They look so good.

Yesterday I went out to lunch.  9 of us.  Ted & Sue Schaffer were able to join us.  They are in E. Ohio.  Ted Bensons picked me up & I rode home with Hollertzs in their new Buick.  Very nice.  Reason I didn't ride home with Benson's -- they were taking a clock to Sugar Grove to be repaired & they could get there by taking another road.

Dale took your pkg. to work as UPS picks up there but they do not weight it -- they'll do it at UPS Kane & put it on Shults acct. & then Dale will get charged.  Anyway, it is on the way & I hope it arrives in time for JoAnna's birthday.

This A.M. I bro't 2 pies (pumpkin & peanut butter) to church for the soup & pie luncheon & Cooky Walk.  It looked so nice.  Red table covering & decorations.  They had 135 doz. cookies to sell.  I've always made pies but next year I might make 3 doz.  That' what they ask for.

Torey's tail is much better & he doesn't pick at it as much.  To keep him from picking at his tail, they had him sleep with them.  But he slept on Kim's side and he took all the room, so Kim either didn't sleep or went to the other bedroom. But since his tail is better, he doesn't have to sleep with them.

I'm just about finished with my Christmas shopping.  Just a couple of little things needed.  Just wrapped 1 gift -- Barb's -- & that was to keep her from peeking.  She knows what it is, but not the coloring, etc.  An angel she liked--  she liked several.

I never got to get my blood pressure checked as it rained a lot.  I plan to go on Mon. as it will be OK for walking home.

Don't know if you got the Warren paper telling of Sherman Burdick's death.  I'm sure he was an acquaintance of yours.  He was 50 -- Oct 27.  Cancer.  Had worked in Portland, Ore.  Buried in Warren.  He went to Eisenhower but I know the name is familiar to me.

I recognize the pictures by the plate.  I have always like that picture so much.  Take before we left Auburn, I think.

I had planned to write 5 notes a day this past week for my Christmas cards.  I wrote 2.  I'll have to get busy as I hope to mail my distant cards on Fri the 7th.  I had a letter greeting from Gene Hasselquist in Minn, formerly Mt.  His wife Gladys is in a nursing home -- sometimes she know them, most times she doesn't.  How sad.  And how lucky I am to be in good health & keep up in baking, house, etc.  This A.M. I made a pie (pumpkin) for us & cookies, choc. chips, for us & Dale's snacks.

I have Penn State vs Virginia on TV.  What a turn around for Penn St.  They might even get a minor bowl invitation.  They are ahead 14-13 so they need to get going.

I think I mentioned I took a name from the Salvation Army for Christmas gifts.  I got elastic waist jeans & a blue striped knit shirt, PJs, underpants & T shirt underwear.  They are so cute & so small.  2T.  At Big Lot I found a stuffed animal in his favorite color, blue, & it was only 3.99.  Then at KMart we saw a soft, plush, blue teddy bear & Barb bo't it as it is so soft & cuddly.  9.99.  Then I weakened & got a farm truck.  Not the one suggested but it looked good for a little boy.  It's fun to do but it dos add up.  One way to bring happiness to a little boy.

Sun A.M.  I'm ready for church with time to spare.

Scott loves the sweet rolls I make & Barb usually takes 3 when I make them. One for Scott, one for Marisa, one for Bob.  Scott thinks he should have all 3.  Then Barb told him they can be frozen.  So he wants 300 for Christmas so he can freeze them & have one when he ants to.  No way will that happen.

We have several large bags of clothes to take to the Salvation Army.  One from Dale plus the suit he had for high school graduation.  A good jacket of Dad's or 3/4 length coat.  Lar took his jacket he wore when he cross-county skiied -- how do you spell it?  One i, too lazy to look it up at the moment.

The church's social hall looked so festive yesterday when I brought my pies over.  Mon. nite is LCW meeting -- a dinner and Eleanor Ristau & Marge Ristau are providing the meal, Janice Carlson will pick me up.  Maybe the husbands were cousins.  Marge's daughter Molly is Dale's age.

Now it's later in the day --= Sun -- & you'll have to be my "sounding board".  Joyce Rohlin sat by me in church today & we visited a bit & we share the same feelings concerning things at church.  She compared the letter we got in July (on a very small basis) to what happened 9-11-01.  NYC work the nation up & the letter woke many of our members up.  They remember planning, raising money & building our new church & the energy that took.  Then to talk about closing the church -- that was the last straw.  She has the same feeling I have -- more energy in the church, members coming back and we know things will work out.  Some of the council met with the interim pastor & were favorably impressed.  He has been divorced & they adopted 2 younger children.  But I don't know his age.  Since Dec. is taken care of, he won't start til Jan 1.

Dale got the outside lights put up but he was upset as if 1 light goes out they all do.  But he must have found the bad light.

I'd better get to my cards.  Wonder if Gerald & Darla are in their home by now.  I never can read her writing but they always send a card.

Later-- cards are close to completion.

I'm enclosing a check so you & JoAnna can buy what pleases you.

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