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Saturday, December 8, 2001

Looking a lot like Christmas in Middleton, too.

We have our tree trimmed and it looks so nice.  Have a few decorations up so it's "beginning to look a lot like Christmas".

I have a folder Dad fixed for you of the King's visit to Hessel Valley.  Programs & 2 pictures.  The picture of Dad & the King leaving the service shows the man following are FBI.  There were also Swedish reporters with the party.  Barb said to tell, people expecting the king to come from Jamestown painted the parts of their house that would be visible to the King & the road was fixed so it wasn't bumpy.  Then the weather didn't cooperate so he came in from Bradford.

Lar got stones to place on the wall by their wood stove so the heat wouldn't harm the walls.  He also got some cement siding to put by the side facing the creek to present the squirrels from gnawing teh siding.  He will cover it all eventually.  It better work.

The Dr ordered a new pill for me to take & this coming week I get another blood test.  Then I see the Dr.

I just have a few odds & ends to get & then I will be ready for Christmas.

I'm not making many cookies as they don't get eaten.  Barb wants Spritz, Dale the Tcake rolled in pow'd. sugar.  I'm making the choc. cooky you ice with Andes Mints.  This time I'm going to use the cherry Andes Mint.  It sounds good to me & should be pretty as well.

We've seen a few snow flakes & it's cooled down.

I took a time out -- couldn't keep my eyes opened so I closed them & napped.

Last year, after Christmas I got tree decorations 1/2 price at KMart.  Found them but need hooks & we don't have any.  Will use ribbon.  Can't find the stocking "holders" but they have to be around.  More looking.

We're having an easy supper -- pizza, ordered form Pizza Hut.  An easy meal after running up & down stairs for tree decorations.

In rereading this letter, I forgot to mention that Lar moved the window close to the front door, closer to the door so he'd have the room he needed for the wall covering by the wood stove.

This year they had both doe & deer hunting at the same time.  Many don't like that & because of the warm weather, butchers have been so busy cutting up the animals, people couldn't get theirs cut up and lost the meat.  Schools still closed Mon for doe hunting, so they have a long weekend.

Sun the 9th.  We were suppose to have snow this weekend but it skipped us.

Dale put a new stainless steel burner in the grill. It should cook the meat better now.

Dale went shopping yesterday & spent $100.00 at Big Lots.  He has a check coming this week, plus vacation money for a week not taken & I'm not sure if they get a bonus this year.

We have a new way to turn on the  Christmas tree lights.  Kim found it at Big Lots and it is for the foot to turn on -- no more bending except to give water & I haven't done that yet today.  On TV I noticed someone watering the tree thru a pipe or hose but I just got the tail end of what was happening but it looked good.

Was watching ice skating & now I'm back to Gr. Bay vs. Chicago & the Packers are ahead.  Some good games to watch today.

I never liked the Advent season because the sermons were always on the "ills" of the season. Being caught up with gift buying, decorations, baking, etc.  This year we are hearing inspiring messages of the season.  That's the way it should be.  The interim pastor was in church today.  To see how the service progresses, etc.  I'm sure the people will like him.

I made a cranberry apple crisp & it was good.

Do you realize the last week of March is Holy Week.  Will that make a difference.

Better bring this to an end so it can get mailed.

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