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Sunday, January 13, 2002

Thanks for the pictures of Eddie.  Been wondering when they would come.  Nice family pictures of the Richards.  Are Andy's shoulders as broad as they look in the pictures.  I like the looks of your "Swedish" bathroom.  It really looks nice...and bright.

It looks like Green Bay will win the game.  I know you are all rooting for them to win.  It's been a good game.  They got a touchdown so it's a win!

We've had a couple of inches of snow today.

Thurs. I made dinner rolls but they didn't turn out that good so I made another batch yesterday.  Also I made veg. beef soup & an apple pie.  It came out good.  I was glad as I never am sure if it will be good when I make apple pie.  Will have to get the same apples every time.  Used Ida-red apples.

The first Fri. in Feb. we were to go out & eat at Wolf's Den as it is a little closer for the Schaffers who are in Ohio.  But Ted Benson called & said they can't make it so they wondered about the Liberty St. Cafe in Warren.  But I said I'd like them to come here for lunch as a think you for thinking of me & picking me up.  Benson's, Hollertz's, & Ray & Eleanor have all picked me up.  So they'll come here & I already have planned the menu.

It will be chicken as they all like that & pork or ham doesn't agree with Anna H.  A jello salad, cardamum rolls & dessert but I haven't settled between a couple of dessert recipes.  It's between a chicken-rice casserole that comes out good or a cheesy chicken casserole that it tasty with mushrooms & munster cheese.  But then I'd need potatoes & would use a frozen potato casserole that is good.

Fri. we went to Jamestown & I found a puzzle I liked & started it Fri. nite while watching skating on TV.  Michelle Kwan came out on top.  U.S. has some excellent up & coming skaters, both male & female.  The puzzle is waiting for me & I have a little time before meal preparations.  We're using the new G. Foreman grill with thicker steaks from Schwann's.

There is something I want to write but it wen as fast as it came to mind.

They're already advertising NASCAR on Fox.  Dale is ready for it.

Mon. after supper Jan 14

I read your library newsletter from page to page & it is always interesting.  Hard to find books at our library as they are working in the area where the book shelves are.  I think they are removing the aspestos (can't find how to spell it in the dictionary).  I hope it's soon done as I'm ready to read again. There are a few books in the entry as well as the check out desk.

Got the Penney's spring & summer catalogue last Fri.  Fun to look thru but not much took my fancy.

Tonite I watch TLC channel & Trauma: Life in the ER & then Maternity Ward.  From 8-10 pm.

In the Sun. paper there was an interesting article on Jerry Orbach.  It said Law & Order was renewed for another 5 years! Jo. Orbach has been on a few "Murder, She Wrote" programs & I always like him.

I like my pan & pot holder over the stove but it gets dusty & doesn't look good.  With company coming I cleaned it today.  Scrubbed it as it was oily dirt & dust.  Looks better.  Also brushed the walls, corners, etc. to take away any cobwebs.  Couldn't see any but that doens't mean they aren't there.

Barb is counting calories -- wants to lose 5 lbs.  She still had a piece of apple pie.

Here it is Tues & this letter is not in the mail.

I'll mail it tomorrow -- walking to 5th Av. to mail it.

Been looking over dessert recipes.  I want to serve something light & easy to fix.  Maybe an angel food dessert.  Or a frozen pie I can make ahead of time.  I have the Mud Duck pie recipe.  And peanut butter pie.  Both could be made earlier in the week.

Finished my puzzle.  2 pieces are missing & I can't find them.  I check the floor on my hands & knees but they blend in too well with the rug.

Barb saw a sale catalog from Nordstrom's at Lynn's & saw a couple of things she liked & sent for them. They came today. A pretty blue velvet shirt-like top that is so pretty.  A dressy sleeveless top in blue.  Don't know where she'll wear it.  And an oversized shirt in coral.  Very pretty.

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