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Sunday, December 30, 2001

I'm sure you've heard a lot about Buffalo's 7 ft. of snow & Erie has had at least a foot.  Hard to believe we only have an inch or two.  We are away from the lakes.  It has been cold & the furnace is running a lot more than it did in Nov.

Last nite we went to Liberty St. Cafe & it is so nice after the fire they had.  Nicer tables & chairs.  Never liked the booths they had.  A "real" chef owns it & they serve excellent food.  Maybe a little more expensive but worth the ambiance.

Afterwards we went to Kim & Lar's for dessert.  We were to go there for dinner but they wanted us to experience the Liberty St. Cafe.  They have been there before.  Lar & Kim's apt. is really "Christmasy".  Big tree, little trees, lots of candles & Christmas lights.  We got to see all her Santas & she must have 100 Santas & likes every one she gets.  Lar gave her a patriotic Santa with a flag.  So many varied Santas.  They also have a small "soccer tree" -- a soccer Santa by it & a few soccer ornaments which Kim says are hard to find.

New Year's Day they won't be here but with Lois & Dave, who live across from Lar & Kim, along with another couple they are with.  New Year's Eve they will be at Betsy (Moran) & husband's home.

I'm ready for a slower pace U& I need to get back to a schedule & that means weekly cleaning chores, etc.  Taking teh tree down will get me started.  It has been a nice Christmas and we all were well remembered with many packages under the tree.

I'm seeing a new style on TV.  The hostess has mid-calf slacks on & over it a matching coat dress with trim matching the slacks.  Different but it looks nice on her.  Dress was knee length, just below the knee.

Our library is doing some remodeling -- haven't been there over the holidays but I'm ready to do some reading again.  And once the tree is down, I have a new puzzle to put together.

Bert (Barb's boss) was home a few days from N.Y.C. & then she went to Atlanta to visit her niece & family.  She really didn't want to & now she can't fly into Buff. so it will be the end of the week before she gets back.

I notice that it will be cold again when the Packers play Chicago today.  Soon football season will be over, & I'll be looking forward to hearing about spring training in Fla.  The Mets have been making a lot of changes & I hope they are all good ones.  T hey have to be better than last season.

We're watching Cincy vs. Steelers.  Do you think the Steelers might make it to the Super Bowl.  We are hoping!  Be like the old days when the Steelers were good.

I bo't a small ham & planned to have it today but Barb fixed herself a good lunch so she asked if we could have it tomorrow.  I don't' mind.  We'll have an easier meal -- chicken & spaghetti which both Dale & I like.

I didn't hear from Ruth this Christmas or Roland & Linda and Carolyn & Jim.  Second year for Carolyn.  Or a friend in Gt. Falls.  I could still hear form her as she is often late in sending cards.

Mon. the last day of the year.  I'm ending it right with ambition.  It's 7:30 A.M., Dale's early week.  I'm dressed & have a load of wash going.  Barb is still sleeping so I'll be quiet for awhile. Plan to clean the bathroom after she showers.

I'm rereading your letter, I thought -- too bad the Krispy Kreme donuts weren't in last summer.  I've read about them & would love to taste one.  Have you gone there yet?

We watched a Rosalind Russell-Gary Cooper movie last week but I don't remember the title.  It was a comedy & fun to watch.  MacDonald Carey was in it & he later became one of the "soap opera" characters.

I'm remember stopping at Schreiner's, with Dad, to our stay in Iron Mt.  We always enjoyed it & it was always crowded.

When I read the part about Andy calling you during the nite, it reminded me of Lar, Kim & Torey.  Torey came in the bedroom & started making noises.  Larry said "Kim, Torey wants you."   What he wanted was to sleep on their bed & he takes up Kim's space.  So she got up, got Torey on the bed & she went to finish her sleep in the back bedroom.   Torey is 10 years old.

Barb is up so I'll finish this & get on with my chores.

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