Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, May 17, 2004

Last Sat. nite the 5 of us went out to dinner at the Fernwood & we had delicious dinners.  Lar & Dale had steak & shrimp shish kabobs, Kim had a stead salad with sweet pot. fries, Barb had a shrimp dish & I had a 5 oz loin steak.  It was excellent & the salads were good.  Then Kim went to Sheffield to be a chaperon from 9 to midnight at the prom.

Barb saw the Dr today -- all the test show that she is healthy & the cancer hasn't spread. They also want to operate on the fibroids & she agrees to that.  But she wants to put off the breast surgery even to all the Dr. involved say she should have it done now.  She has to see her gynecologist tomorrow concerning the fibroids   The medication she took to stop the hemorrhaging can cause cancer.  Deppo vera or something like that.

Don't remember if I wrote this.  I was amazed at the cost of housing in Middleton.  I read the newspaper you sent from cover to cover.  Your house would at least double in cost today, wouldn't it.

Gen called again Sun. nite.  Millie called Sat. nite as Gen had called her & told her about Barb.  They are concerned about Barbara.

Barb wants to go to Jamestown on Fri. & I'm always game to go.

We got flowers last Fri. & Barb planted a pot by the house & the garage.  Pansies and petunias by the house.  Added dwarf dahlias by the garage.  They are such a pretty flower. Did you get all your planting done?

Yesterday's Mets vs. Houston game was so exciting in the 9th inning with 2 outs.  Piazza hit a homerun & tied the score & kept Clemens from his 8th straight victory & Phillips won it with a homerun in the 13th.  You know all this but I's fun re relive the excitement.  What a game!

Tues the 18th

This aft. I got a perm so I have curl again.  I made pecan bars, a new recipe similar to pecan pie & they are good.  I bro't a sample for Sheila & Sue & they liked them.

Next Wed. Barb will have the fibroid tumors removed.  It might mean a hysterectomy but that doesn't bother Barb.  If it is the latter she would be in the hospital for 2 days.

I got home about 2:30 pm & after a cup of coffee I started dinner rolls, got supper & the kitchen cleaned up.  The reason I didn't wait until tomorrow A.M. is I have to wash the kitchen floor & change my sheets.  That is enough to do with the little things that have to get done.  And I don't push myself too hard.

I'm watching baseball again.  Atlanta & Houston  While I watch baseball, I've been going thru my recipe books again looking for ideas.  NO matter now many times I go thru them, I always seem to find something that interests me.  One is a carrot bread that I'll try to Dale's A.M. snack at work.  Also some dinner recipes but many need the oven. I'm looking for hot weather recipes.  Not that we've had a lot of hot weather yet.

Fri the 21st A.M.

I'm all ready for my hair appt.  Th is is Dale's early week so I have an hr. to spare   Barb isn't up yet.

We had a nice dinner last nite & I gave Lar & Kim their anniversary card.  They are always busy over the weekend.  They're having a group over Sat nite at the camp.  Kim left to mow at camp.

We had a big thunderstorm early this A.M.  Lots of noise & rain.  Electricity went out for a bit & that screwed up the clocks.  But when I heard the birds start to sing, I knew it was time to get up.

I hope we can to go Jamestown.  The shirt I got Dale at Sears is exactly like one he has & I ant to return it.  I got a skirt & need a smaller size.  That from Bon Ton.  We'll also go to Walmart.  Barb gets cranberry juice cheaper there .  She likes it for smoothies.  I like to look around.  We find our puzzles there among other things.

Hope you had a nice anniversary.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Thank for the news article on the library open house & the picture of my handsome grandson, Andy.  What a heartbreaker -- I'm sure the girls think he's cool!  Same for Eddie when he is 16.

And thank you for the lovely fushia -- that doesn't look right but I can't find it in the dictionary, but you know what I mean.  It has double flowers.  Very pretty.  Another one hangs on the front porch & it is from Dale.   A yellow flower like a small petunia.  Barb gave me a plant for inside & one I think I can have for awhile as it doesn't take much water so I won't over water. Larry dug up the roses opposite the back door & planted 3 rose bushes that have blooms you can cut & they'll keep awhile in a vase.  We went to camp for supper Sun. nite.  We were on the deck & the weather was perfect.  We'd had storms so the creek was really running.  It was a nice time.  And thanks for the cards.  I'm a lucky mom!

Had my mammogram & the gals said "See you next year."  I don't think so.  Dr. Fino said I should have one, & so did Dr. McNett but I never followed thru.  Dr. Clifford gave me info & I tho't I'd better do it before my May appt.  Just made it.

This is Dale's late Tues.  He worked til 5:30 & then went to take a 3 hr. test to keep his accreditation.  Every few years they must take it.

The School  Board is having problems but ti has awakened a group in Warren to fight this. They don't want a tax hike; or a high school in Tidioute; & they want the new school finished for a grade school & not a middle school.  More fun.

I won't get my hair done this Fri.  Barb has to take 2 tests.

Gen called the other night.  She sounded good.  She wondered about Barb.  Don't think I mentioned this -- but I had a note from Ruth with Mim writing it for her.  Carole's daughter had a 2nd son & Mim & Tom were going to Alaska for 5 days.

Had a nice visit with Viola but her house was so warm I started coughing & my eyes teared.  Didn't stay long so I managed.

We'll celebrate Lar's birthday on Thurs.  Sun. we had steaks so it wasn't time for steaks so soon, & we have a lot of chicken & pork so it was decided to have hamburgers & pot. salad. The menus for birthdays it seems.  I'll make a carrot cake, Lar's favorite.  Sat nite we all are going out to eat at the Fernwood a little past the bridge going toward Clarendon.  On the left.

May 12

Yesterday Warren H. called & said he had a dentist appt. today & did I want to go to lunch. Naturally I said yes.  We ate at the Plaza.  I like it there & the food is good.  They had been in Cancun for a week & enjoyed it.  Another couple went with them.  Lots of good food & drinks.  Warm ocean water.  Sounds nice.  Anna had gained weight & the Dr. wasn't happy.

In my present bedroom the fan isn't noisy so I had it on low during the night.  It is warm for May.

I'm watching baseball in ESPN2 -- Braves at St. Louis & in the 4 inning St. L. leads 3-0. They lost last night.  Am I happy.  YES!!  How is Andy feeling these days when the Braves aren't much better than the Mets!

Today I showed Warren & Anna the info you sent me on the library work. They were impressed.  Warren asked if you got complaints on certain books people don't approve of.  I didn't know & said I'd ask.  Anna's cousin is a librarian in the Boston area & she has received complaints at times.  Against a certain book, etc.  I said you are in a more liberal area -- so close to Madison & the University.

Thurs, May 13

Larry is still mowing the lawn where Mr. Crossest used to live.  A couple from the Phila. area & want to move back to Warren.  He is a Boger, father Dr. Boger, a dentist.  They have to find jobs here so the house is empty & they asked Lar to continue the lawn work & trim.

After Mrs. Morelli died, they sold the house.  The wife tho't it was too small so they added on the empty lot on Redwood.  Lar was asked to submit a bid for yard work.  He starts soon. The bid was $5,000.00 & he got a down payment of $2,000.00 to buy shrubbery, etc.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Just walked to 5th to mail a letter for Dale.  I saw the letter & it gave me a reason to walk a bit.

Barb was to go on the 20th for kemo but when Dr. in Bradford heard that he said "No, she can't wait that long, so it will be 1:30 on Thurs this week.  He must really be concerned about the lump.

Fri. nite Lar & Dale moved furniture.  I'm in Barb's old room & she is in mine.  All her "stuff" fit in, & the lighter wood looks so good in that room.  Yesterday I finally got my personal stuff out of the closets -- still using shelves for blanket, etc. for storage.  She cleared out the closet in the little room so I have that.  My bed was covered & I went thru things & have 2 big bags to add to the pile already to g.  Some things were too big, others too old & should have gone long ago.  Maybe by fall there will be more.  Next will be Dale to clean out his closet. He said he has pants in there from his school days.  He likes to keep things like the rest of us.  Changing rooms has made such a difference for Barb.  The basketball & Barb just don't mix.  It's like red to a bull!!

Bert is a worry wart.  Barb said to me, you never worry.  Some things may concern me, but what's the use of worrying. It just upsets a person & can make them sick.

I'm glad the library Open House was so successful.  It must be even more interesting to work there now.

Barb & I each got Lar a gift certificate from Howe's True Value.  He shops there  lot & can get what he wants for his birthday.  It doesn't seem possible May is here already.  Soon you'll be making plans for you July party.

Guess my rest period is up so more late.

Wed the 5th 4 pm

I really was busy this aft & it feels good to sit.  Before lunch I made pie crust & set dinner rolls.  After lunch I started supper -- beef cubes -- then rolled out a pie crust, formed my roils  Oh yes I also made sugar cookies & put the dough in the fridge. Then I started baking, pie crust for a banana cream pie for Thus; the rolls & cookies.  By 4, all was cleaned up & put away.  So I really accomplished something today.  The reason I made sugar cookies is Viola Seaquist is home from the nursing home  & seeing I'm so close I feel like I should visit her. And I wan t to bring cookies.  If I get ambitious I might even make rolls.  Brian will enjoy them as I'm sure Viola isn't able to do much. I know they enjoyed the cookies & rolls at Christmas.  I'll see her on Fri. the 7th.  Set danish for her.

Thurs.  Barb saw the Dr. today & fist she has to have a battery of tests.  Starting next Wed the 12th  Fri A.M. she has to be there at 7:30 for tests.  They took blood today.  Barb's spirits are good.

More next week.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, April 26, 2004

I would love to sit in the reading room & have a good book in my hands & a fire in the fireplace.  What a dream.  It is a beautiful room.

Barb received your birthday gift.

I think my cold is finally over.  It's been a cough that lingered.

Congratulations to Andy for getting a summer job.  It will be a good experience.  I'm sure we'll see a big difference when we see him next.

That was a surprise about Eric getting married.  Maybe this will settle him down.  It will be an interesting weekend for you.

Last week I made an effort to make menus for the week.  Last Sat. we had a pot roast made in the crock pot.  It was delicious.  I broke it yesterday -- I was lazy & ordered pizza.  No one objected.  Will follow it the rest of the week.  Chicken broc. dish tonite.

Tomorrow we vote -- lot of it is local & statewide.  We vote at Holy Redeemer's Center -- not part of the sanctuary.  Large enough for 3 sections.  I dread the elections for pres. because of all the dads on TV & the phone calls.

My poor Mets, but then the Yankees are nothing to write home about, with their big budget. George must be having fits.  The West Coast N.L. are doing pretty good.  And I like to watch Fla play.  The Braves beat them last nite.

Tues the 27th 6:30 pm

I feel like I could take a nap but I don't want to as then maybe I wouldn't sleep when I go to bed.  Haven't done much today.  wavered between going to Bible Study this A.M. or fixing lunch for Dale on his long day.  Went to Bible Study.  Left froz. spaghetti & meat sauce & garlic bread for Dale to fix.  Also fixed snacks for him. Then Barb took me to vote.  A Todd Nyquist from Youngsville, who is running to take Jim Lynch's place as he isn't running again, got my vote.  Pres. Bush was on the ballot but I didn't push that knob.  Voted for Arlen Spector because he is more liberal than the one running against him.  You can't change an old dog -- I'm still a republican.  After that I just watched my soaps & Perry Mason.  Nothing was accomplished.  Tomorrow I"ll have to make up for it -- the big job will be washing the floor.  It is dirty.

I received an invitation to Eric's wedding.  I wrote her address down so I could send a card & gift but I can't find it.  I thought I wrote it on the back of the invitation but it isn't there.  I might have to call you or I could send it to Eric.

Bob & Lynn bot a four wheeler but it's been at work.  Scott can't wait to ride it.  Now it is at home & Scott hopes to ride it tonite.  He said I'll set the table for my Mom & Barb helped him where to put the glasses, napkins, etc.  Wonder if he got to drive it.

Dale is finishing his supper.  Waffles, scrambled eggs & sausages.  Another departure from my planned menu.  I was going to try a new recipe, a rice & shrimp dish, but I couldn't find any shrimp in the freezer.  I'll move it to next week.  I also had a waffle & scrambled eggs earlier.  I've been watching The FBI on the Discovery Channel .  How can people be so bad & so evil?

Wed the 28.  Someone in your class died.  Jeannie Smith.  54 years.  Look for Wed Apr. 28 paper for obit.

Thurs. 29 Apr.

The Dr. called during dinner time & Barb has cancer & it will mean removing the breast.  She is taking it very hard.  We don't have any details yet.  But she will have to have kemo first. Lar & Kim were here & that helped.

I'll call when we know what will happen.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Yesterday at 1 pm Barb had an appointment for a mammogram.  She got home just before 3 pm.  No one can believe the mass isn't cancerous.  The Dr. asked Barb to let him know the outcome of the biopsy that will be taken on Thurs. the 22nd.

Called Millie today to wish her a Happy Birthday.  She is 89.  She said Gen called a couple of days ago to wish her a happy Bday & then Millie talked to John.  Gen wanted to visit Millie this weekend but John has a Christmas tree farm behind the grandparents house where John lives.  He had more trees being delivered today so they couldn't go.  They'll go in the near future.

It's 1 pm & the Mets are on NY TV.  Last nite I watched Mets. vs. Pirates.  It looked good for the Mets until they took Glavine out.  Then the pitchers gave up 7 runs & Glavine's excellent game (1 hit) went for naught.  I can watch games on TBS, Braves, & FSN gives the Pirates games.

Barbara went to Erie today shopping.  She spent $200.00 on 2 blouses, & about a dozen cotton toips, so she had a nice shopping trip.  Bert had told her she didn't need any new clothes but Barb didn't agree.

Dale is thinking it is soon time for him to get his "summer" car out.  He's driving it now.

The Pirates beat the Mets again.  Tonite I'll watch the Marlins at the Braves.  It should be a good game.

One Thurs. Kim mentioned one of the boys in her class had his gym clothes stolen & wondered if Dale had any old clothes.  It just so happened Dale had a large bag of Tshirts, a couple of sweat shirts, socks & a pr of jeans.  Kim took the bag.  She let this boy pick out what he wanted & 3 other boys came & said I hear you have some clothes.  One boys saw the NASCAR socks & said I want them.  Kim said the bag emptied so far she couldn't believe it.  The only thing left was the jeans.  Legs too long.  I guess there are a lot of kids that don't have much.  Lar took 4 pr socks -- they were too tight for Dale.  Barb plans to get rid of some tops now that she has new ones.  I'm sure Dale could clean out his closet & find more to give to Goodwill.

Mon. the 19th

This A.M. at 11 I watched Boston vs. Yankees & it was a great game.  Boston overcame a Yankee lead & won the game.  Gary Thorne was the announcer & tonite he is announcing the Boston-Montreal 7th game & in the 3rd quarter it is 0-0.  It is a game for the win to go further in hockey playoff.  So if it continues to be a tie there will be overtime.  It is Patriots Day in Mass.  A holiday & that's why they had a day game, The Boston Marathon & ending with hockey.

Tues the 20th

The 3 of us are going out to dinner tonite.  I thought we should do something special on Barb's 50th birthday.  We aren't asking Lar & Kim as Lar has started his extra work & it's a rush for Kim.  We will go out on a Fri. nite as that is better for all of us.  I also ordered a special birthday cake from BiLo.  Thurs. Barb goes to Bradford for a biopsy & I will go with her.  The appt. is at 11:30 A.M. so it will be mid aft. before we get back & that means it has to be an easy menu.  Barb said we could have hamburgers so I'll make pot. salad Wed. nite & I have fruit for salad plus toppings for burgers.  I guess it will work out.  That is why I wanted something special tonite.

We had a nice dinner.  Barb had a fish platter with salmon, scallops & lobster.  Dale had surf & turf (lobster) & both enjoyed their dinners.  We enjoyed going out.

Thurs the 22nd.

I went with Barb to Bradford while she had ha Dr. appt.  He just checked her & the mammogram.  She will have a biopsy next Mon. the 26th at 3 pm.  The Dr. said she could lose her breast & should have an operation as if it's not cancerous now it could be in the future.  Next Mon. will tell.  He also said she could drive O.K. so I won't go with her next Mon.

Dale will be home right after 4 pm & take me to BiLo to pick up the birthday cake.  Nestles ice cr. cones are on sale this week & I will look & hope some are still left.  They are so good & 2/4.00 this week.

More next week.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The start of the letter will be about Dale.  Last Sat. he spent his birthday washing the upstairs bathroom floor -- with a brush no less.  Also the edging (whatever you call it) so when I cleaned on Mon. I didn't have to do the floor.  On Sun. he decided to dress up seeing we were celebrating his birthday   He looked so nice in brown pants & a small size plaid shirt that went with the pants.  He looked so nice.  The steaks were good & the potato salad was excellent.  A nice change.  Between the main meal & dessert we had a time out so we could watch teh last 2 holes of golf to see Michelson win a big one.  When he made the putt, Kim & Barb started a noisy celebration & Torey didn't know what was going on & started barking. It was quite noisy.  I'd say they were very happy Phil finally won a big one.

Yesterday the phone rang -- it was Bert's alarm system calling -- a problem at the house & they needed to get in the house.  Bert had gone out to lunch & left a pan of eggs boiling on the stove; they boiled dry & it must have set off the alarm system.  When Barb got there, fire truck & policemen were there ready to break in the door.  Barb had a key so saved the door.  No harm done but a terrible smell in the house.  The firemen went down to the basement and found a mess -- a pipe had broken so  she had to call the plumber.  So there was some good when they found the broken pipe.  Barb goes into the basement hardly at all. It's dark & not very clean.  Bert has become very dependent on Barb.  It's good she has someone who cares.

Easter Sun. showed an increased in attendance at church.  It was a nice service.

This is Dale's late nite & he should be home.  I have potatoes in the oven so I hope he'll soon come.

Millie wrote they have a large library at the retirement center & she is reading one of Elliot Roosevelt's mysteries.  Also on Fri they have a wine & cheese party.  They were suspended during Lent but will start again.

Wed the 14th

Tomorrow is the 15th.  Is your tax form ready.  You sometimes write you've been working on it.

Barb was telling about a boy in Scott's 5th grade class.  Lynn said the father was very wild in his youth, so now he keeps a tight rein on his son.  He is a trouble maker, then starts to cry & blame the other person.  Scott's friend had a fight with this kid & the parents did call the police.  He (friend) lost it again & his parents took away his TV privileges.  Barb mentioned he got a girl in trouble -- it's hard for kids to keep their temper or tongue -- then the kid cries, etc.  He won't have many friends.  His dad picks him up after school.  He doesn't wait in the car but meets him at Beaty.  If he gets in trouble the parents will wonder why & they are the cause!

Lar & Kim have gone, the kitchen is in order & I'm watching the Mets vs. Braves.  It was lucky the teams had Tues. off as it rained all day.  It cleared so they could play last nite, but it wasn't on TBS.

I got Sara Paretksy's Ghost Country but I couldn't get interested in it, so I gave it up.

Not much happening around here, so I'll bring this to a close.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 3, 2004

What a disgusting situation -- my cold has gotten me down & I'm lazy, but I want to make an apple bread & a batch of cookies.  Maybe after lunch.  It's the cough that is the worst part.  I don't think I can go to church tomorrow.  On top of that, we could get a snowstorm.  I was so pleased with myself for not getting a cold all winter; spring arrives & so does a cold.

The library looks so nice.  You have much to be proud of, Paul.

It turns out I have read Robt. B. Parker in the past but never like his books, but this one is more interesting reading & it takes place in the Boston area.  If I remember I think his books are about that area, so I should like him.

Bert wants to take Barb out for her 50th birthday.   For lunch.  She also said she'd help Barb if she had to have an operation.  Bert wants to go to Jamestown so they might eat lunch there.

Remember Vincent, whose parents bot the Johnson house, he is a senior & such a nice fellow.  He plays soccer & baseball.  He came over a few times when Andy & Eddie visited here.

Later.  About 11 AM I got up off my chair & made the apple bread, & choc. surprise cookies. The surprise is a marshmallow under the icing.  Was hungry for them.  Made some for Dale minus the marshmallow.  Fixed lunch for Dale, cleaned up  & will read more of my book.

This A.M., after I got up I browned a pot roast & put it in the crock pot.  Mashed pots. & veggie & I'm all set.  It makes such good gravy.

Later yet.  Our dinner was good.  Barb made an apple raisin bra using oatmeal, whole wheat flour, etc.  She didn't use a recipe & it came out very good.  I had a piece for dessert & it was tasty.  Wonder what it will be like next time.  I prefer a recipe to follow.

I'm enjoying the Parker book -- I like the short chapters.

Sun. Apr 4

Just as I suspected, I didn't get to church.  The cold has a strangle hold on me, but I have to go to the bank for Apr. expenses, I need stamps & a med refill plus groceries.

Mon. Apr. 5

Today Bert & Barb went to Jamestown & had lunch at the Red Lobster.  They went shopping at the Mall & found 2 tops she liked.  Bert's birthday gift to Barb.  Barb got home about 2 p.m. & in the meantime Lynn had called & said Scott was home from school.  Didn't feel good.  He's following Marisa's ways when it comes to school absences.  So seeing she didn't have to pick Scott up she asked if I wanted to get groceries.  I said let's try going to the post office, bank, & CVS first.  I felt OK, so we also went grocery shopping.  I was glad as my day won't be broken up tomorrow.  Today I did my usual work, except for tying up old newspapers & cleaning the basement bathroom.  Maybe tomorrow & I must wash the kitchen floor.  Today I got Easy Off Oven Cleaner so I have a big hob ahead of me.  I'm coughing a lot & during the nite so it upsets my sleep.  And they say it drags on for 2-3 weeks.  More fun!

Watched some baseball today.  Dale was pleased the Pirates beat the Phillies.  And San Diego beat LA & Detroit beat Toronto.  They haven't won a home opener for awhile.  It's so good to have baseball again.  The Mets play tomorrow nite.

Wonder what kind of a summer we'll have.  Hope it's not as cruel as our winter was.  Today it's still winter -- cold & windy.

I was lazy so we ordered pizza tonite.  When I ordered it, of course I had to cough & the fellow at the other end said "I hope you feel better".

When I got my meds today, I expected to pay $37.00 for it -- the most expensive.  But it only cost $16.00.  I have $250.00 deductable & I must have spent it, so that was a nice surprise. I wonder about the new Medicare -- if it will work for me with medical insurance.  It is suppose to help with medication . I haven't read much about it.

Tues A.M., the 6th

I start coughing around bedtime & Barb wanted to go get cough medicine.  She called Kim & their Dr. friend recommended Delsym, the best without a prescription.  I didn't want Barb to go out -- she was in her pj's.  She finally did -- said she wouldn't sleep if I kept coughing.  I took 2 tsp. at 10 p.m. & again this A.M. at 10.  It really helps.  And I slept much better & didn't hear Dale get up to shower.  When Dale left I sat in my chair for 1/2 hr. &U dozed. Took a shower, etc. & felt better.  When Barb left I washed the kitchen floor.  Wrapped newspapers but still need to do the basement toilet.  The Schwan man comes today so I dont' want to miss him so came upstairs.  He just came so I guess I'll go downstairs.  Have to push myself as it's so easy to be lazy.

April 7.  Wed.

Today Warren H. called.  He had an appointment at Warren Dental Arts & they wondered if I could go out to lunch with them afterwards.  I still cough a lot & said it was best if I didn't.  I hated to refuse but it was for the best.

Last nite I watched the Mets beat the Braves 7-2.  It was a good feeling.  Detroit beat Toronto & Milwaukee took 2 from St. Louis.  And Tampa Bay beat the Yankees.  What's going on. Is this the year of the underdog.  I can dream, can't I.

Jerry Howgard didn't last long as a Schwan Man.  He's now working in N. Warren at Casey's Salon.  Lauri Hause, Janet & Dick's daughter, started it.  She married Joe Casey (Betty & Joe Senior), but they got a divorce & she married again, as Joe also did. I'm not sure if she still owns it.  It will be different for Jerry -- he's not the boss anymore. Sheila inherited some of his customers but they plan to stay with Sheila.

Our Easter weather forecast isn't a happy one.  Cold & a possibility of snow showers.  But they do say our weather should improve in another week!  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Dale got a heavy weight pkg. today.  He ordered a cement cutter for bricks, etc.  He said he'll let Lar keep it & use it.  And if Dale wants to use it, he'll get it from Lar.  It was such a good bargain (200.00), he couldn't pass it up.  They rent for $50.00 A DAY.

The weather channel shows tornados in Miss.  So I guess I shouldn't graumble too much!

In our paper I noticed Sheffield Hi principal finally called the State Police. A girl was in his office kicking furniture & cursing the principal.  Other schools call the police & Kim thinks their principal should try it.  He really must have been ticked off this time. Tomorrow nite we'll hear more about it from K.

Good Fri. the only day the teachers & students got off for vacation due to snow days & bomb scares.

I'm still coughing but much better.  I think I'll live!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Yesterday Barb & I went to the library & I got 5 books.  Read Strangers by Rosie Thomas. She is a new author to me & she is British.  T he last time it was taken out was '02 -- it was different but enjoyable.  Was looking for Thomason but could not find any of her books.  Got her name from the Buff. paper.  Others are Back Story by Robt. B. Parker; Violets Are Blue by James Patterson (Kim's friends read his books); Follow the Stars Home by Luanna Rice; & another new author to me; Heather Graham -- A Season of Miracles.  So I'll be reading.

The car sounds really nice, but you didn't mention the color.  You're going to be on the hot seat!!

It has been nice to be able to wear short sleeves again & I hope it continues.  I know it can still be cold but I can dream.

This aft. Dale washed & waxed his "winter car".  He thinks he can get 2 more years out of it & then sell it in New York where it could be good for 10 more years.  You see a lot of old cars in Jamestown as well as news ones.

We went to Jamestown last Fri. & I got a couple of tops & 2 pr. slacks so I'm set for spring. I'm keeping at my present weight.  I needed a smaller size.  It's easier to get my panty hose on now.

On Easter Sun. the Sun. School will have an Easter egg hunt.   They asked for plastic eggs & candy.  I bot candy but forgot to bring it today.  They'll fill them next Sun. after church so I'll have to remember next Sun -- or maybe during the week.  Pastor Beth is surprised at the response of the people.  We are a good bunch!!!

The Mets start the season against the Braves in Atlanta.  I hope they improve on their errors  Less errors, more outs.  Who do you predict to win in each league.  I know it won't be the Mets & I hope it won't be the Yankees.

Mon. Mar. 29

This aft. we got groceries & then to CVS for 2 refills of my meds.  At CVS I saw Mrs. Peterson, Terry's mom & he was Lar's friend at Beaty, & we talked a bit.  I asked about Terry & she said he is an alcoholic, was divorced & lost a son who died & is in bad shape.  We agreed we both love our children no matter what.  She asked if I'd like to see Terry as he was in the car.  I talked awhile -- he didn't recognize me at first.   He looks terrible, long hair pulled back in a pony tail, skin & bones.  He was clean but his condition really hit me.  It's too bad what people do to themselves -- Mike as well.  I almost wish I hadn't seen him.  Mike has gotten fat & needs oxygen.  I asked if Terry was living with her.  He has his own house that Mrs. Peterson & her younger son built for him.

I'm watching Anaheim vs. Chicago.  When I get up Tues A.M.  I could watch the Yankees vs. Tampa Bay in Japan.  They come on at 5 A.M., so I could see the game after a few innings.

Today Barb had a Dr. appt. to examine her breast.  The Dr. thinks the lump is getting larger. She will have to have a mammogram & then will have to have a biopsy.  She'll go to Bradford for that . The Dr. thinks she will need an operation.  It's something you can't put off.

Last Sun. A.M. when I came downstairs  the phone was beeping.  I answered.  It rang Sun. 2:30 A.M. U& none of us heard it.  The ring upstairs is very quiet.  It was a wrong number. Usually they are.  Was glad it didn't wake me.

Dale will be home soon -- his late nite.  He likes to sit awhile before he eats.  It is ready for him to put in the microwave.

Thurs, Apr. 1

Lar, Kim & Torey have left; all is cleaned up & I'm walking Weekend Warriors on A&E.  Jobs around the house done by the owners.

Was suppose to go out for lunch tomorrow but I have a chest cold & cough so I called Ted Benson & told him I couldn't go.  They are going to "Five Forks" out of Marienville & I like going there.  Buffet style & they have a lot of nice dessert.  All good food.

Excuse the light pen -- couldn't find the other one.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Started another 1000 pc. puzzle.  Barb helped me finish the last one.

When you wrote about sports, you mentioned darts & softball.  You forgot one -- lifting the mug to your mouth!  Ha!Ha!  Those were your bachelor days.  You mended your ways after you met JoAnna.  Right?

It must be fun to live in an area where there are so many places to shop & to have a meal.

Wed & Thurs next week, the 24th and 25th, I think, Dale goes to Rochester for school.  Will leave Wed. A.M. at 5:30, stay overnite & be home Thurs. nite.  Next Wed. is the last time for Kim & Lar to come on Wed.  Soccer will be over.  Torey will be surprised & puzzled when Dale is gone.  Dale always feeds him "Beggin' Strips".

Sun. Mar 21.

Fran Decker hasn't been in church for several Sun.  I thought maybe she was in Fla.  I found out that she fell shoveling snow & broke her hip.  Nothing was in the bulletin or newsletter.  I was surprised & I've missed the Tues. A.M. Bible studies where I would have found out.  I have a card ready to mail & also one for Viola S. who is at Warren Manor.

Spring has arrived but you wouldn't know it.  Snow flurries & cold temps.  I'm ready for lighter clothing & being able to wear short sleeves.

Wisc. is playing Pitts -- just 1st period Pitts. is ahead but it is close.  I'll keep checking (now tied.  Go Wisc!)

I ordered pizza for supper & it should be here any minute.

Tues. March 23

Last nite I called Millie & she loves her move.  There is something going every evening.  She needed a Dr. & Linda went on the internet & found a Dr. in the area who would take new patients.  Millie got an appt for early June.  She found a shop to get her hair done each Fri. On Thurs. a company comes & they can order groceries, etc. to be delivered.  I'm glad she is happy.

Dale doesn't go to school until Thurs & Fri. so he will be home so Torey will be happy.  We sit around the table & talk & I know Dale enjoys that.

I finally got to go to the Tues A.M. Bible Study.  I didn't know what to bring so I made a rice pudding & 2 others had the same idea.  I like it so it will get eaten.  It doesn't interest Barb & Dale.  We still had a good variety of food, but no coffee.  There was no coffee in the cupboard so we just had water.  No one missed the coffee.

When I got home I made dinner rolls & cleaned up.  Then started supper & now I'm sitting in my chair, enjoying TV.  Tues. nite V has good detective stories on the Learning Channel & Court TV.  Forensic Files, etc.

Do you remember Bud Carlson, Harriet Carlson Johnson's twin brother.  He died in Fla. They've lived there for many years.  He fell & broke several bones in his back & the trauma was too great.  Doug is your age & Tom is Lar's age.  Doug is in Fla. & Tom is in the area. Before Dad retired, he married Tom & his wife.

Don't think I mentioned St. Paul has new green & blue paraments.  The green will be used, I think, for Pentecost season & the blue for Advent & Christmas.  I like the blue color.  I should know my church calendar!  I know we're in the Lenten Season & Palm Sun. & Easter are soon here.  8 days & it will be April.

Thurs. nite

Lar & Kim were 15 min. late tonite.  Kim's brother Paul is in jail for 6 mo.  He got in trouble with the law trying to protect his cousin who drinks & uses dope.  Paul is no angel & Kim thinks this might help him.  He called at 6 pm & can talk for 15 min. after reversing the charges.  It's sad for Kim but she will get thru it.  She feels the responsibility for her brother. He has been married twice & divorced both times.  He has another girl friend & Kim has spoken to her on the phone.  We'll see if she (girlfriend) will see him thru this experience. Some need to learn the hard way & we stand by them, whatever.

We had pork loin tonite & I made a chocolate cake for dessert.  Wanted something different. Also set danish today -- don't like to let them get too low as I enjoy one with coffee & I use them for shacks one week for Dale.

Thurs. 3/25

Dale was up at 4:30 A.M. & left at 5:35 for Rochester for 2 days of school.  I was up at 5 A.M.  After he left I made my rolls & got them iced.  Had my shower, got dressed & stripped my bed & started a load of wash.  9 A.M. I had my hair done, 1 day early as Sheila, her husband & 2 other couples are going to Atlantic City for the weekend.  When I got home, I put the sheets in the dryer, started another load.  Made my bed up clean & looked over the paper again.  After lunch I did a little ironing.  Then it was free time for me.  Had a brief nap & now I'm watching golf on ESPN.   Player's Tour & both Tiger & Davis Love are off to a bad start.  I like to watch this course, it has some interesting greens.

Dale was suppose to go on Wed & Thurs  but it was changed to Thurs & Fri.  He went alone so I didn't have to prepare a lunch.  He has more money to spend seeing he isn't married.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Jamestown.  First Barb will work at Bert's -- we'll leave at 11 A.M. & have to be back by 3 pm as Barb picks Scott up after school & helps him with his homework.

Barb took her bike in for a checkup -- she hopes to start riding again.

When you get the Warren paper, you'll see Warren has a lot of plans for the future.  I hope they all come true.  Something needs to happen.

Time for a cup of coffee.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saturday, March 13, 2004

I slept in til 6:30 A.M. -- you know "early to bed, early to rise....."  But I can't sleep in -- my body's schedule is bed at 10 pm, up at 5 A.M.  Dale's late week I get up & doze in my chair. I get restless if I stay in bed. I'm the odd one.

The paper doesn't come on Sat til later.  Around 8:30 this A.M.  I made apple bread for Dale's snack & since I had left over pie crust & it was enough for a pie, even if the edge wasn't that pretty, I made an apple pie.  I had my first piece at lunch -- it is delicious!

Barb is taking care of Scott from 11-3 pm.  Lynn & Marisa went to Erie & Bob had a funeral to go to.

Barb didn't go to Jamestown as it snowed.  She had hoped to go today but plans to go tomorrow.

It snowed overnite but it is nice this aft.  Lots of sunshine.  The furnace still runs in this March weather.

This A.M. Dale said he had a scratchy throat.  At lunch he said he wouldn't be going to Jamestown as he doesn't feel that good.  He'll stretch out on his bed & watch TV, taking it easy.

I got a cookbook in the mail - - Light & Tasty from the place in Greendale, Wi.  I get the Quick Cooking magazine & another one & then they started putting out a cookbook of a collection of recipes from their magazines.  I sat down &^ looked thru it right away.  That will happen many times.

This A.M. I put a beef roast in the crock pot, and it smells good.  Mashed potatoes & boiled cabbage for me.  And actually a dessert just for us.  Guess I was ambitious for once.  That doesn't happen very often.

Sun. aft Mar 14

Just finished watching the Mets beat Minn. with a 9th inning run, in a spring practice game. Good to see "our" guys in a game.  Finally they have a good centerfielder -- Mike Cameron from a Seattle trade.  He has a good personality & leadership ability.  Good to hear the familiar voices of the announcers   Dave O'Brien & Tom Seaver.

Dale still isn't feeling that good.  If he doesn't feel better tomorrow, he'll stay home from work.

Millie is in her new apt. now -- as of yesterday.  I'll let her get settled before I call.

Now I'm watching golf -- also in Fla. where it has warm temperatures.

I switched between golf & college basketball & saw Wisc. beat Ill. in an easy game for Wisc. Bet you all were happy to see a win.

UB lost to Cleveland but they said the entire team will be back next y ear so they are hopeful for next year.

The beef roast was delicious yesterday.  We had chicken & spaghetti tonite.  Dale hasn't lost his appetite.  He said he feels better tonite.

Mon the 15th

Dale went to work today even if he didn't feel 100%.  He chose the right time to take it easy & not miss work.  Sat & Sun.

We've also been wondering when you might visit.  But we know it isn't easy to plan when Andy & Ed are involved in sports.  But we still hope for a visit, whenever you can make it.

We got groceries today because we are suppose to get a snow storm Tues. with several inches predicted.

I hope it won't be too long before we see some warmer weather that stays awhile.

What a disappointment for Albert & Cyndi to think they'd be getting a baby & it didn't work out.  Hope it won't be too long before they have good news.  By the way Paula Carey had another son -- the first was was adopted from Russia.

Wed. nite Larry will just come for dessert.  The Rotary club has a pancake supper & Kim got tickets from her friend.  Lar will take Mike B. & Kim will come here.

Gen just called.  She broke her arm.  Just one more bad thing for her.  They went to the emergency room -- it happened last Thurs -- but they didn't put it in a cast.  She sees the Dr. tomorrow.  Millie called her last nite & said Linda was helping her get settled.

Wed.  I'm waiting for Barb to get going so I can wash the kitchen floor.  Meant to do it yesterday but the weather was so awful (9" of snow & now school) I lost my desire to work. Today is brighter -- have everything all set to wash the floor.  Yesterday Barb shoveled twice at our house & at Bert's.  It seems the big storms are on the Tues. Dale works til 8 pm.  He did shovel when he came home & before he ate his dinner.  

Just took a pumpkin pie from the oven - I love the spicy smell.

They have to add 3 days to the school calendar due to all the snow days & they had to change graduation day.

Yesterday our mail didn't come til around 3 pm.  It wasn't the regular postman -- he's usually here about 10:30 or so.  We kept looking  as we get USA Today delivered by mail.  In fact I just got the bill for another year.

Thurs AM

Last nite Dale told me the drain the basement was clogged.  We couldn't flush the toilets. At 7 AM I called Roto Rooter & he is here now working on it.  I still hope to wash 2 loads of clothes & towels today.  Without water there isn't much you can do but wait.  Dale still took a shower but it was a quick one.  This happened once before, years ago.  The tree roots get in the way.

Last nite Kim had a pain in her back.  Last Sat. she just picked up the clothes basket & felt a twitch.  Did you feel any ill effects, Paul, from all your lifting.

We can flush again!  And I have my first load in the washer.  It cost me 117.00 with senior citizen discount.  That wasn't bad.  A nice young man.  H e said don't be afraid to flush twice as more water keeps the pipes clear.  And if trees are cut down the roots can live as long as 10 years.  All is well with us now.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday, March 8, 2004

I got a perm this aft at 1 pm so I want to get my work done.  One load is soon finished & 2 to go.  And the bathroom but Barb must get up first.  Tied up papers, cleaned the basement toilet & put out glass jars to be taken.  Now I'll sit & start a letter.

We had a trace of snow overnite.  We were so lucky that the snow melted slowly so no floods.  Buffalo was afraid of floods due to the ice breaking up.  The TV showed a lot of ice jams.

I'm so glad I had the flu shot.  No even a cold so far, knock on wood!  Lar said he'll get one next fall as he always seems to get sick for a few days each winter   Am I repeating myself...did I write that already.  Barb should soon be up as she has to get a shot at 9 A.M. About her fibroids so she won't bleed so much.  Change of life should be stetting int.  Kim said she is getting hot spells, esp. during the nite.  I don't know why I was so lucky -- childbirth was a snap & change of life never affected me.  Just good Swede genes I guess! Too bad it doesn't work for getting up during the nite.  I cut my coffee drinking at nite.   no coffee after 4 pm.  I have to have it for breakfast to start the day.


I'm home now & I like my perm a lot.  I'm watching spring baseball -- Seattle vs. Anaheim & I think Anaheim has possibilities to win.

Had a letter from Carolyn -- she was surprised to hear from me on her birthday.  She is busy with music for Easter.  Several churches choral festival together.  Said Paul was teaching music, grade 1-5 in Blaine, Mn & likes it.  He has a girlfriend -- a senior at Hamline U. with major in Flue & political science.  She was glad to hear from me & would like me to write again.  Darla said that as well & after a couple of letters gave up writing.  Maybe I'll write & if Carolyn answers I'll write as it is nicer to hear from her.  When they were practicing the music Carolyn stated to direct & the chorus responded with "Happy Birthday to You".  She said my card came before Roland's & son Paul's.

After supper the Buff. news said U.B. students are excited over their U.B. basketball team making the playoff.  They play N. Ill. in Buff tonite.  UB's teams aren't that good, but even theier footall team won a few games last fall.

Tues. nite.  Barb's perm looks nice.

The news tonite said U.B. beat N. Ill. & on Thurs they play in Cleveland.  They are really excited.

Dale had a dental appt. today at 4 pm.  He usually goes for a check up at 8 AM.  I told him he might have to wait at this hour.  He didn't.  Was home by 5 pm.  He lost part of a filling.  I always have to wait when I see Dr. Walters.

The elevator is a work of art.  It is beautiful.  I'm anxious to hear how people like it.  Thanks for the pictures -- everything looks so nice. Are you more relaxed now that it is finished.

Even tho you & JoAnna are busy people, you always manage to do things for your sons. Going to games & making jambalaya for Eddie's class.  That is great.  The parents must be pretty interested in their child's activities with the parties they have after a game & the parents helping out at the refreshment stand.  I'm sure it means a lot to the son or daughter.

The salesperson who waited on you when you were buying furniture -- asking all the questions to find out what you needed. Furniture sounds interesting.

Your new neighbors are interesting.  They've Americanized their names.  I'm sure the wife will learn more English seeing the son is in school.  What is his job & is that why they moved to Middleton.

Warren Hi had another bomb scare & they caught 2 girls who did it.  Kim said the 2 girls who were responsible for a bomb scare in Sheffield were back in school  -- don't recall how many days they had to be out -- & Kim &^ others didn't think they should be allowed back.  They have to follow thru on punishment so they know they mean business.

Wed.  Tonite Barb asked Larry how come he didn't grow a beard this winter.  He answered "Because there were too many gray hairs!"

We've been watching on Wed. nites Psychic Detectives on Court TV.  Very interesting.  A new program.

Thurs.  Barb wants to go to Jamestown tomorrow but I'm not sure if I want to go.  Barb plans to go regardless.

All is well here.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturday, February 28, 2004

I did my usual Sat. A.M. baking.  Coffee cake, & rolls for the freezer.  I like to have Danish on hand & they were getting low.  Lunch is over & I'm watching gold on TV. It is very interesting to watch.

We got a misses woman's catalog from Penney's & both Barb & I were surprised to see dresses, etc. that we wouldn't mind wearing.  Finally, as so many past pages were not very interesting.  Maybe the sales were down.

Barb isn't feeling good today -- headache.  It started yesterday.

If you watch the Weather Channel, you know we are under a "high" & the weather is so nice & much warmer.  We're enjoying it while we can.

Yesterday I took some of my slacks to store in the attic & took down spring things.  Not that I'll be wearing them yet, but you know the bats like our attic & I don't' care to go up there then.

By the time you read this, the library should be back to normal & I'm sure you have a big sigh of relief. It sounds wonderful.

Are you going to see "The Passion of the Christ"?  It holds no interest for me -- I prefer to read the Passion Story in the Bible.  I know it was a "gory" story but it is the meaning that is important.  Christ died to forgive us our sins.

Dale is cleaning out his closet today & getting things ready to give to the Goodwill, who have facilities at the Mall now.  Barb & I have accumulated a few bags to bring there.  If I can maintain my present weight, I'll have slacks for them next Fall.

Sun the 29th.

Still watching golf -- no NASCAR today.  It's Tiger vs. Love.  It's match play & fun to watch.

Think I mentioned Alice Nasman sits with us in church.  She was saying she doesn't know if she should sell her house & get an apt.  She said, "I really would like to be up there" -- looking up towards heaven.  It's 2 years since her husband died.  Not me, I hope to see more of Andy & Ed's lives unfold if I'm lucky enough to live to my 90s.

This A.M. after Dale ate his breakfast, he cleaned around the sink &  behind jars  etc.  He told me he cleaned there & found crumbs.  And we must be careful as ants are attracted to crumbs.  Last year we had trouble with ants, after an absence of several years.

The pastor announced a group asked about seeing "The Passion of the Christ" & those interested could come.  It will be the 1st Sat. in March & then they'll come back to church for coffee & discussion.   I'm still not interested.

Mon. Mar. 1

Tonite I fixed a meal I like.  Meat loaf & scalloped potatoes.  Fixed the pot. I wrote about, for Dale as he likes them better.  Dale said he likes meat loaf if it's made right!  I used a recipe from one of my magazines...eggs, oatmeal, ketchup, Worcestershire & seasoning.  It tasted good to me & it was firm & didn't fall apart.

We got groceries today as it might shower tomorrow.  Besides, I want to make dinner rolls & pie crust tomorrow.  Have to make a good lunch for Dale as it's the Tues. he works til 8 pm.  The weeks go by so fast.

Can't remember if I told you this but Dale said they'll be going to school more often because of the new cars & how they work.

Barb found a mistake in the afghan for Marisa so she thinks she'll have to reknit it.  So now when she knits, she does a few inches & then checks her work.  The mistake is in the first part of the knitting.

Wed the 3rd.

Lar & Kim come tonite so I made a pecan pie this A.M. & started a fresh fruit salad.  Started with grapes & oranges & will add apple & bananas.  We're having chicken.  It seems it's either chicken or pork & steak as a change & it's soon time for steaks.

The snow is melting away.  It's about gone on the opposite side of the st. -- they get the aft. sun.  Our side is dirty & soon gone.  It's the piled up snow from shoveling that takes the longest to melt.

The mail just came & Barb got something from the U. of Wisc. alumni assn.  She left earlier today.  Went to Bert's to check up & then the dentist.  Then to BiLo's for supplies for Bert who will finally be home this week Thurs.

Wed. aft.  Guess what I'm doing -- watching spring training baseball -- Mets vs. L.A.  I know it doesn't count, but the Mets are ahead 3-0.  All 3 runs came in the 1st inning so maybe there will be more.   Fun to see baseball again.  I'll even skip my "soap" but will check in during commercials.  The Mets have a few new players & I'll soon know their names.  It has to be better than last year -- couldn't be much worse.

Thurs. the 4th.

Last nite Lar figured out my state tax so that is out of the way.

This A.M. I took it easy.  Just had 2 loads of laundry.  I'm working on the puzzle Barb bot.  We're having hamburgers & macaroni & cheese for supper.  An easy one.

The Mets started out good in t he 1st inning & then died.  Good it was just a practice game.  The Mets used pitchers to see if they are ready for the big time.  At least baseball will soon start in April.

I get a perm next Mon & I need it.  Barb said she wouldn't have another perm.  Then she went & made an appointment for next Tues. at 5 pm.

Fri.  Just got home from my hair appt.

Bert got home about 7 pm yesterday.  She was a little put out no one was there to greet her.  The one who sleeps overnite didn't get there til 9:30 pm