Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday, December 28, 1990

Thanks for the pictures of Eddie.  Did you get a card from Bertha C. Nelson - she called for your address after the announcement in the paper.  Eddie looks so nice -- give him a hug & kiss from us - give Andy hugs & kisses, too.

Lar & Kim came for 10 A.M. breakfast on Christmas.  Then we opened gifts.  Thanks so much for the game & everything.  In the evening, we played Scattergories - all 6 of us & had a great time.  Dale enjoyed it, too.  Everyone was pleased with all their gifts.  I'll make an apple pie tomorrow & use the new pie plate.  During the winter I'm planning on homemade soup & pie for dinner.  This Sat - chili & apple pie - Barb's wishes.  In the aft Kim & Lar left for awhile so she could call her Gram, her sister, & her bro.  She got thru to all three O.K.  Did Kim surprise you asking for Eddie!

This year Marie Mathis made stockings for Barb & Dale & I ordered one for Eddie for next year.  And I never got around to getting an ornament for baby's first Christmas.  Maybe I can still find one.

Wed. was my day to have my hair done - Barb went with us & looked around & got a pair of slacks on sale.  Dad got some red bows for the tree & I looked around but didn't have that much time.  Don't need anything & don't care to start next yrs shopping as some do.  Had to return jeans I gave Dale - couldn't fine his favorite Lee's but Carnahans can get them from the Jtown store so I ordered them & took a credit slip.  So then I got some ribbon & name cards - 50% off.  Our tree is pretty - the red bows add so much to it.

We aren't doing anything special New Year's Eve - there is a football game so we'll be watching that.  Sat. Sun. Mon - football on TV.

We had a few inches of snow overnite - Dad & I shoveled this A.M. before breakfast.  It was nice out.

Barb is babysitting a lot - she will sit New Year's Eve.

Dad got a ticket for Barb for Jan 14th.  You'll have to pick her up in Milwaukee.  Leaves from Jtown in early aft goes to Pittsburgh & then to Milwaukee.  You'll probably have all details before you read this as we'll probably call this weekend.

Kim & Lar will come for dinner on New Year's Day.  Tonite Kim is having 12 for dinner.  Decided she wanted to use her good dishes so tonite is the nite.  Has only used her good dishes once.  Bet it will be crowded with 6 couples.  She isn't working this week.

Neither am I - have dusted a bit & done the necessary duties but decided to be on "on vacation".  Will clean better when we take down the tree.

All is well here & we all send our thanks.


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