Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday, December 12, 1990

WE hope by the time you read this letter, the blank will be either Edmund or Lee!  [The blank in the salutation.]

Lar bro't over some pictures of their "purchase", I'll enclose them.  It should be theirs by the middle of Jan.

We're listening to the Carol disc you gave Dad last Christmas & it's a nice one.  Robert Shaw Chorale.  Our tree looks so pretty.

I got 2 books by Linda Barnes & I'm on the 2nd one.  Also got one by Louis L'Amour - I like his books.

I had Marie Mathis knit stockings for Barb & Dale so we have 4 stockings hanging up.  Lar & Kim's, also.  And I put in an order for the new baby for next year so yours will all be alike.

As soon as the cottage is theirs, Lar plans to start insulating.  The owners own a good piece of property out there & plan to offer lots for homes.  It had to go thru zoning & they met today so now things can go forward.  Just a formality to go thru.  They are getting anxious but won't have the money til Jan.

Barb got a 'body perm" yesterday & it looks nice.  I got a perm today.

Got up to 50 today but cooling down tomorrow as a front goes thru.  Great weather & we take advantage & walk.

We love our van & Dad is getting used to it.  It has 3.3 liter motor, stronger than he is used to; so it took awhile getting used to it.  Barb will drive it tomorrow as we want to go to the Mall.  Lots of sales but I mostly look now.

Cut pictures out of the catalogue to show you my purchases.  I got reckless!

Cards are all mailed but still plan to make more cookies & fudge.

All is well here.

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