Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday, May 18, 1996

Happy Anniversary!

Sat A.M. - Summer is finally here.  Thurs. Barb had a D&C at the Dr. office and they must have a new method as it didn't take long & she walked home.  It was just at the (repeating myself) Dr's office.  He said she'd feel a prick & then cramping.  They were also checking to see if there is cancer.  She sees him again June 5th.

Fri. Barb (she didn't work Thurs or Fri) & I went to Mrs. Grimm's shop where she sells wreaths, floral designs, etc.  Very interesting place & can she talk.  Their son lives in the Philly area & has 2 children - boy & girl.  Then we went to the Mall & I saw Mrs. Sandblade & I asked about Mary.  Her oldest son graduates from Grove City with a teaching degree in Math.  The daughter is a Jr. in nursing at Pitt & the youngest son graduates from high school.

Fri. Barb washed the porch, cleaned & bro't down the porch furniture.  Washed & put up screens.  T his A.M. she trimmed the edges around the lawn.

The hanging baskets are fushea (however you spell it) in a dark pink.  Very pretty.

Dad & I sat on the porch awhile last nite.

This is the first nice Sat & there are loads of garage sales including one next door (new neighbors) by the Welcome club.

Keep forgetting to tell you we got rid of our piano.  It was just a dust collector & no one used it.  Kim's friend Nancy wanted a piano.  She had a man check it out.  He said it was in good condition & he could fix it to be a good piano.  So he came & got it Thurs nite & will fix it up, tuning etc. & she'll have a good piano.  She plays & some of her girls (4) take lessons.

Couldn't find another book by Richard North Patterson.  I really enjoyed reading the one I had.  Will keep looking.

The flowering crab trees are beautiful.  Leaves on oak, maple, etc. are about now & will be as this weather keeps up for awhile.  More humidity.

Guess this is all.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, May 13, 1995

Lunch is over & I'm watching Perry Mason & will write a letter.   I've been lazy today & have done only the necessary, such as make beds, 2 loads wash, etc.

Thanks so much for the pictures - they are so good.  What handsome sons & grandsons.  We'll be glad to see you all but I find it hard to believe Andy & Eddie want to be here 3 weeks as it doesn't seem to be an exciting stay but we try to do some things to make it more exciting - miniature golf, swimming, etc.  So as long as they're happy so am I.  It will be great having them.  I wish I could find an inexpensive 2nd-hand bike.  No Cap store this time but a card store - if it's still there by then.

We also celebrated Lar's birthday yesterday.  They came for a 6 pm dinner & I had Lar's favorite.  Cornish hens.  This time I split them & they came out so good & delicious as well.  A carrot birthday cake.  Got 2 hanging plants - 1 from Dale, 1 from Lar & Kim.  Altho I haven't sen them yet as last nite it was to get down to 29 - ditto tonite so Lar tho't they'd be better off in the greenhouse.  Hopefully I can hang them out soon.  Can't remember the name of the flowers.

Forgot to ask you if you got the pkg. & did the shirts fit Andy.

That was some meal you described.  A lot of work went into it.  You must have been filled when you were thru.

I've been picking dandelions - trying to get them out of the lawn.  At least they are easy to get up because of the damp ground.  Haven't gotten to the side of the house facing west.  Filled a couple of pails already.

Forgot to mention Barb gave me a prettily decorated grape vine wreath.  Want to hang it in the living room.  Remember Mr. Grimm, math teacher, his wife has a place where she sells - wreathes & other decorative items.  They live next to Lynn & that is where Barb got it.  He plans to retire this year & they might sell their home.

I heard about an author new to me - Richard North Patterson - & I got one of his books "The Lasko Tangent".  An old one from 1979.  Not really into it yet but it sounds good.  Also got one by Sidney Sheldon & I like him as an author.

Now it's time for "As the World Turns" so I'll give it my full attention.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, April 28, 1996

I'm all ready for church but still have an hour before I have to leave.  Dad is listening to a Luth. Church Service on Erie T.V.  His head really bothers him but guess there isn't much help for it.

We've had a few nice days but they are few & far between.  Hard to do much outside work.  With our weather it'll be August before they start work on the house.

Barb got an unfinished dresser, put it together herself, finished it with  - can't remember & can't find the can.  Just to seal the wood - no stain.  Looks nice.  So yesterday we moved the3 old dresser into the little room first we housecleaned it.  And the little room looks so much nicer.  Put 1 file drawer or whatever in our room & one in the basement.  So the basement is "junky" & things needed to be gotten rid of.  (I know never end a sentence with a preposition.)

Barb received your birthday gift & I hope she writes her own thank you.

We received a notice from Chrysler Corp. to have the lock changed on the rear door of the van so Dale will do that for us.

Last Mon. our kitchen rug was cleaned so I washed the walls, etc. in the eating area & where the micro. & book cases are.  Gradually I'm getting things cleaned, altho the house doesn't get that dirty.

Finished Charade by Sandra Brown & really enjoyed it - a bit crude at times but a good plot.  Very different from the last one I read by her - it was set in Texas & also very good.  Also enjoy Marion Chesney book on Regency England.  They are short & easily read in an evening. 

I'm sending a pkg. for the boys.  KMart had Goosebump Tshirts on sale &* I got 2 for Andy & a top & shorts for Eddie.  Hope the sizes are O.K.  Suppose to rain Mon & Tues. so maybe the pkg won't get out til Wed.  Just what we need more rain.

Eva Terry has an April birthday & will be 85 so this aft. her son Dick is having cake & ice cream for friends in her circle, birthday club, etc. so I'll be going.  She is in the Central (Ave) Nursing Home.  From 2-3:30.  Will miss some of the Mets vs. Pittsburgh Pirates.  Listened on the radio last nite - Mets won so it was a good game!  Fri. nite it was on T.V. & they lost.  Hope they can win 2 in a row.  Pitching hasn't caught on yet.  Milwaukee is doing O.K.  JoAnna did you get to see the opening game this yeare.  Soon time for church.

It's raining so the letter won't get mailed yet.

In our room I have a small file box & now that we have Dad's file in our bedroom, I cleaned out mine & put things in the big file.  I had a lot of laughs looking at old pictures, school work, report cards & found a note you wrote to us when you wanted permission to go to an all nite drive in with Mardi, Mike & Renee.  You listed all the things you did - made your bed, cleaned up your dishes (you must have been working U& ate later), the stove & sink.  You even put 15.00 in your bank account so you'd have money for college entrant letters.  Do you remember.  Someday you'll fine it & read it & remember "the gold old days".  Did you get to go - I can't recall!  Barb got a kick out of a Mother's day card from 3rd grade she made for me.  So I did keep a few things.

Mon the 22nd Jim & Alice Greenland were in an accident - Alice driving.  Sat. Jim died as a result of it - he also had a bad heart.  Funeral is tomorrow Tues at 11 A.M. at church.  I'll go.  Dad left real bad when he heard the news.  Jim was 722 @ we lot a good member of the church.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday, April 14, 1996

Thanks for the nice long letter.  Eddie will enjoy Kindergarten & being in school all day just like his big brother.

Dale had a nice birthday & thanks you for the book on NASCAR racing.  We gave him a Monte Carlo model of Dale Earnhardt's #3 car.  Barb gave him a cup with a picture of an older model Plymouth on it.  Kim & Lar gave him a gift certificate.  We know what he like best -- anything with cars.

Scott has been sick with the flu & today Barb doesn't feel so well so is taking it easy.

At church this A.M. the choir anthem material was given by a dear member "in honor of Pastor & Mrs. Carl Nelson".  Hymn of Promise & it was very lovely.  Lar & Kim came to church with me as Carol Anderson (she gave the money for the pieces) called Lar & Kim &^ asked them to come.  Her cousin lives at Crary Home & she has met Lar & Kim.

Think I mentioned the beauty shop moved to the old Betty Lee basement.  Now they have a lot of space & it is fixed up so nice.  A big improvement.  Dad gets his hair cut there once a month.

Joyce O'Connor had a heart attack - was at Hamot in Erie & at Great Lakes Rehab.  She is home now - Barb and I saw her Fri. aft. as we went to the Mall.  She was walking on Verbeck.  She is 70.

We got a bid for vinyl for the house & it is a good bid.  Now we are thinking of vinyl shakes instead of painting the old ones.  Troy will come tomorrow with samples.  Lar thinks we need a new fuse panel that has circuit breakers instead of fuses so we'll see about that.  The reason we're adding things to the bid.

Gen called last week & told about Edna's will.  I was willed about 4000.00 & also the 3 sisters will divide an insurance policy.  Gen tho't my share might be about 13,000.00 all together.   So we'll have extra money to spend.  Gen sent me a form to sign for the ins. policy & then Gen & Millie will take it to Holyoke to have it processed.  She was to be executrix of the will but didn't want the job so Wally's daughter was 2nd in line to do the job.  It takes 6 weeks to get that done & Gen seems to think the bequests should be given soon.  I wondered if it would take a year.

Edna also left a 1000.00 policy with Barbara as the donee.  That is nice as the Dr. thinks she needs a D&C.  It would cost 1500.00 in the Dr. office so it would go toward that.  She sees the Dr. on the 19th.  If she does too much she starts bleeding.  Tought when you don't have med. insurance.

I also bought the video Babe & Dad & I watched it & enjoyed it.

We have caught 3 mice in the basement.  We've never had mice before & I don't like it.  I got some different traps at KMart.  Glue to make them stick - like the ones Lar bro't over only these are enclosed or covered.  Put them down Fri nite & Sat there were 2 mice in 1 trap.  Didn't catch any in the attic.  They must climb up & down.  I have bird seed in the basement & they found that. 

Guess I've covered all the news from here.  We've had some spring rains so the grass is greener.  Now if only the warm breezes would come.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thursday, March 28, 1996

Have all my chores completed & want to write 2 letters.

Gen said the church was almost full for Edna's funeral & it was a comforting service.  The 3 of us had a blanket of flowers for the coffin that said Sister & Gen said it was very nice.  After the cemetery service a lunch was served by the ladies of the church.  It was Hillcrest Cemetery where my parents, grandparents, & Jerry are buried with places for Millie & Gen & Ed.   They tho't Gen may be named executor of the estate.  That will be a job.

This is the weekend Barb stays with Scott while the family goes to Toronto.  She isn't looking forward to is as he won't be happy being left behind.  But she has the car to take him places.  Fri-Sun aft. 

When I have my hair done in Apr. it will be at the new location -- the basement of where Betty Lee was.  They have been working hard getting it ready.  Will be moving things Fri nite & Sat.  Hard to believe next Mon is Apr 1.  Now if only warmer weather would arrive.

Found a new idea for oatmeal cookies - use choc. covered raisins.  Good, Good, Good!  You know me & sweets. 

Last Sat. Barb & I went to Jamestown but I saw nothing I liked.

Last Sat. nite I went to the Sheffield Hi musical Bye, Bye Birdie & it was excellent.  Kim helped with the dance steps, etc.   Lar didn't want to sit alone & afterwards I was glad I went.  Had wanted to stay home & watched the Worlds Ice Skating.  It was on 3 hrs. so I saw Michelle Kwan skate & win.  She has improved so much.  But Lar does a lot to help us so I couldn't see myself saying no.  Barb didn't want to go.  It was nice to dress up & go -- better slack outfit.

Am also looking forward to baseball on the various channels.  Of course METS are first choice & they will be interesting to watch this year.  Go Mets!!  No comments, Paul!

Must write to Gen & have my morning coffee.

Things are the same as usual here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, March 18, 1996

Larry took Dad to see the eye Dr.  He finds it hard to accept that his illness affects his eyes & he finds it hard to read.  In this connection, he isn't able to reach American Heritage magazine so I would recommend against renewing it for him.

I just finished reading "The Golden Straw" by Catherine Cookson & it was so good.

Haven't heard anymore from Gen.  We also called Stella.  When the weather warms up she hopes to get out.

Then Signe called us.  She wants to come & visit us & she wants Lila to go with her.  That would mean Genevieve & maybe Charles & Dad couldn't take that, even for a short time.  So we try to discourage her.  After all she is 85 & Lila 84 & neither are that well.  Carolyn's son Paul graduates from high school & has been accepted by both Augustana in Rock Island & St. Olaf in Northfield, Mn.  He prefers the latter but Augie has offered a 2,000.00 scholarship in music.  He's hoping one comes thru from St. Olaf.  The bassoon is what he plays & he'd like his own.  Cost 2,000 & up.  Carolyn gets 40% disc. where she works & they are looking into a 2nd hand one.  They are very proud of him.

Our furnace works well & keeps us warm.  It keeps me too warm when working so today I got out some of my presummer tops.  Time for a change anyway.

When I spoke to Gen yesterday she said they'd seen their first robin.  That is what I'm waiting for.  Am also waiting for the mailman & USA paper so I can do my daily crossword puzzle.  He's late today.  Have to keep my mind alert!!!

When Lar & Kim come on Thurs, we'll have to tell them about Eddie's suggestion to try & capture the chipmunk, squirrel or whatever is in the attic with nuts.  Altho we haven't heard as much movement lately. 

Barb drove Bob's new Ford Bronco Fri. home work work & this A.M. to work.  Her car needed some work done so Bob worked on it over the weekend.  The last weekend of the month Bob, Lynn& Marissa are going to Toronto for a break & Barb gets to have Scott all weekend.  She is afraid he won't be very happy when the folks are gone & he's left with Barb.  Scott gets & needs more attention so Marissa feels left out so they wanted to do something special with her.

Tomorrow is Circle & I'm leader so I need to review & the mail should be here.

Things are as usual here.

P.S.  Dad just came home & the reason he has a hard time reading is the start of a cataract but they won't do anything yet.  He can see T.V. etc. so they'll wait.  He has a Sept. appt.  He feels better now.

Friday, March 1, 1996

It was cold walking to get my hair done this A.M. but warmer on the way home as it was sunny.

Book Report time:  Read "Fortune is a Woman" by Eliz. Adler & it was great so I'll have to get more of her books.  Got one of Robin Cook's books but haven't gotten into it yet.  Other things to do.

Got your long letter & enjoyed reading all your news.  So Andy likes to be first - he'll have to learn "the first shall be last, & the last shall be first" - from the Bible in case you've forgotten!!!  It's great how he is reading - something that can never be taken from him.  We enjoy Eddie's artwork.

No school next Mon. so Kim, Barb & I hope to go to Erie if the weather is OK.  It's nice today, but snow forecast for Sat.

If the Rep. keep going the way they are, I might be voting Dem. next Fall.

Kim & Lar plan to visit her sister in Fla. next summer so they wonder what part of Aug. you plan to visit.  This is the last day to order bricks for the walk in front of the theater so it should be finished so you can see it in Aug.

We had to do something about the exterior of the house.  The upper shingles are good so they could be painted.  But the bottom part peels, etc.  We're thinking of siding but Lar says if the wood can't breathe it could rot if damp.  He tho't maybe we could skip the insulation & just put siding over the wood.  We'll have to start calling & will start with the man who put Lar's shell up.  Maybe it will be completed by Aug.

Gen called last weekend & they are remodeling their kitchen.  Ed put in new tile on the floor so Gen doesn't have to look& clean the old linoleum.  Will put new doors on the cupboards & will paint them white.  New wallpaper & new dishwasher.  They've been married 42 years so that kitchen needed a renewal.  Lucky Ed can do all the work.

Notice in the paper that the Republicans Convention will be in San Diego during the time - Aug. - the Mets are to play San Diego so the 3 games will be played in Monterrey, Mexico, a city of 4.5 million people.  "The industrial and baseball capital of Mexico" & it is celebrating its 400th anniversary this summer.  It is all okayed by officials & union so I hope all games will be on T.V.  Should be interesting.  Barb noticed the Mets will be on WOR this Sat, the 2nd & we'll be watching.  Things sound more hopeful for this new season.

Barb has had another period & it was normal.  The pills help & she is drinking raspberry tea & that is suppose to help the flow.

It's hard to believe Eddie will start kindergarten next fall.  Will be fun to hear of his experiences.

When I mentioned about Alex moving & when spring comes you tho't Andy could ride his bike over there - Barb wondered if that was wise in today's world of "nuts".  But they have to trust nothing bad will happen to today's kids.  Things have changed so much since you kids were little.

Am enclosing a clipping.  Will have to walk over there & see how it looks.  Rose wants to sell her house - she can't keep up the repairs, lawn, etc & would like to get a rental in the Buchanan apt. just around the corner from her.

This is all for this time.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday, February 19, 1996

I've been lazy today & didn't push myself.  Just awoke from an hour's nap in my chair.  Supper is left overs - we had turkey yesterday.

It's been a nice day - not too cold - so I should have walked to the library but never did - too lazy.  Read "The Glass Lake" by Maeve Binchy & loved it.

Last week was a busy week cleaning & getting ready for Wed. when we were 8 for lunch.  Had an easy casserole that you make the nite before.  Spread stuffing on the bottom of pan - turkey, more stuff.   Then a mixture of milk & eggs poured over.  Covered & overnite in refrig.  Before you bake it pour a can of cr. mushroom soup over it.  Larger recipe, went over big & tasted good.  Salad, rolls & brownies & ice cr. for dessert.  We had a good time together.  Next time Pat & Ted want us all to go & see their new home.  Hope dad will be up to it.

Tomorrow is Circle & Rose is leader this month.  Then church on Ash Wed.

Been a little more faithful on the exerciser - walking the basement.

Boy am I glad I have the mute button on the kitchen T.V. & it is & will be used a lot during this electron year.  Something should be done about the way we pick those who want to be president.  Soon more will be dropping out of the Rep. race.  The way they are going, you Dem have no worries!  Think I could go for Lamar Alexander.

An interesting thing on CNN - In N.H. a reporter showed pictures of all the candidates & only 2 could identify all of them.  One time he included his own picture & the person said he looked familiar from T.V. but didn't say "it is you".   Of course maybe they didn't expect to be interviewed on T.V. but interesting none the less.

No mail today due to the holiday so no USA Today & no puzzle to do or paper to read.  We miss it.

Kim was telling us her niece called & asked what Kim tho't about her dyeing her hair black.  Kim's sister said she is determined to have black hair & her parents naturally are against it.  Can't imagine a 9 yr. old wanting to dye her hair.  She loves people with black hair - hers is the color of Kim's so it is dark but not enough, I guess.  Don't think you'll have that worry with Andy or Eddie.

Barb said Bob Johanson remembers me from Beaty & wonders if he supplied the peaches, would I make him a peach crisp.  Lynn doesn't bake & neither does his mother.  Several times I've sent pieces of dessert - like a couple of brownies from last Wed. & he enjoys them so much.

Barb is working later tonite as Bob & Lynn have a mtg. at 6 pm.  So we'll go for groceries & the Mall Tues nite.  Want to go to KMart. 

Think I forgot to mention I saw Dave Blair & he asked about you & sends greetings.

The next author I want to read is Robin Cook.  Just read about him recently & I like medical themes so I'll check him out.

Tues A.M.

The upstairs is cleaned & sheets in the dryer.

It's raining so I hope it's goodby to the snow til next winter.  Could we be so lucky.

Time for a shower & I look forward to Circle this aft.  It's a good group.  Oh Edith Berkman died this past week.  She was 90 & not well for a long time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday, February 10, 1996

Received the letter & pictures on Fri.   Those boys are so adorable.  Wish we were closer to help baby sit.  (Need a new expression - maybe just plain sit.)

I'm set to go to Joyce's birthday party, but it's too early so to fill the time I'll write letters.  I got her "Chicken Soup for the Soul" #2.  I really enjoy my copies.  Got #2 in case she already had #1.

Nascar racing starts the 18th so we'll be watching the #3 car of Dale Earnhardt.  Then spring training & soon we'll be watching our favorite teams play.  Wonder who will rise to the top.

Barb went to Jamestown - I planned to go & then Dad had a hair cut at 11 A.M. so that meant a later start & I didn't feel like rushing around when I'm going out.

Next Wed - Valentines - Hollertzs, Bensons if they aren't away & we can reach them & Ray Forstrom's from Youngsville* so we'll be 8.  Plan a chicken casserole (corn & broc.) & a jello salad with a pretzel crumb crust.  Not sure if I'll make a dessert or just have ice cr. & cookies.  *Forgot to finish my thought - they'll come for lunch.  I look forward to having them.  Warren thinks they should chip in to help pay expenses but I don't feel that is necessary.  For me it's good to have something to look forward to & make plans -- menu, etc.

 Tookk me awhile to get going on Sidney Sheldon's book, but once I started & I couldn't stop.  It was good.  I'll have to look for April Smith's book - sounds good.

Barb had the ultra sound on Wed. & next Mon. she sees the Dr. again for results.  She got the results of the pap smear & that showed no cancer.

Sounds like you had a great weekend even if you couldn't ski.  Linda took us to a Swedish restaurant when we were at Door County.  Remember that grass was growing on the roof.

Ash Wed. is the 21st so there will be Wed. nite services during Lent.

This A.M. before 6, Carey's alarm went off & it is noisy.  Went to call Lar & got the wrong number the 1st time.  We have the key so I was waiting for him - a police car was there also.  It was the upstairs alarm & that has given trouble before so he turned it off.  Imagine nit woke the neighborhood up as it took awhile for Lar to get here.  I went back to bed & got up at 7 A.M.

Imagine they'll have snacks & cake at Joyce's it's from 4-6 - but I won't feel like fixing a meal so we'll have pizza & I'll fix a roast for Sun.  Fri nites & Sun. are meals that are hard for me to make.  Usually we'd eat out at least twice a week & now we don't but I'm not motivated to meal getting.  Think I miss eating out the most.

Scott lost his other front tooth.  Lynn was giving him a bath & he didn't want to cooperate & somehow slipped & his tooth hit the tub & was hanging out.  She took him to the dentist thinking they could put it back in.  They said it would only turn black so it came out.  Lynn didn't go to work that day - she had a headache.  He is really something else.

The temp. is 47 but only for 1 day.  Suppose to get colder again & snow flurries.  But we hope the worst is over for this winter.  No part of the country has been spared.

Time to sign off.

P.S.  Joyce's party was so nice & she was so pleased.  Bev & Jeff Sweet look real good.  Jeff was promoted to Captain so he has done very well in the Navy & he worked hard to get ahead.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday, February 2, 1996

It's coffee time - have to warm up from walking to get my hair done.  The coldest spot is walking over the bridge - my face got cold but all other areas were covered & I enjoyed the walk.  Hope this will be the last cold spell.

When we were watching the Super Bowl, the telephone rang & it was Donald Carlson, calling to tell us they were watching the game, tho't of us & called to say they were rooting for the Steelers.  I was really surprised to hear Don.  It was a good game & I tho't that Steelers made a good showing & they should have won.

Barb & I both got new winter boots on sale.  Barb has worn hers but my old ones are comfortable for walking so I wear them.

The annual mts. at church was last Sun.  Everything went smoothly.  But a lot of the older people are dying & it is the older people who are the best givers so that means budget problems.

Barb is really enjoying the Christmas gift you gave her.  She ordered 2 more cartridges - one on foods & she checks her fats, etc. of what she eats.

I'm enclosing newspaper articles of interest.

Got more library books.  Enjoyed "Treasures" by Belva Plain & am reading Sidney Sheldon's "Nothing Lasts Forever".  Haven't really gotten into it yet.

Received an invitation to Joyce O'Connor's 70th birthday party.  Bev sent the invitation.  Her birthday is the 7th but the party will be Sat. the 10th.  Bev's oldest son is in college.   2nd son still in high school.  Husband high up in the Navy - should soon be ready to retire.

I've been "dreaming" with the new Penney's catalog.  But haven't made any orders yet.

Our new furnace keeps the house nice & warm.  Of course it is set at 72 but Dad still has to wear a sweater & when I work I roast.  Am hot now becuase the long johns worn for walking.

Things are as usual around here.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturday, January 27, 1996

See by the weather channel you have 13" of snow.  We had rain & wind thru the nite & now we have sleet.  During the nite I was awakened with a noise & I wondered what happened.  Had to move the porch glider.  It also took the outside cover of the safety light we have on the garage.  I didn't hear that but Dad did & he wanted to get it but couldn't get his coat on.  A good think as he could have slipped & fallen & I wouldn't hear it.  I retrieve it this A.M.

Thanks so much for the Anniv. cards, letter & pictures & flowers.  They are so pretty in a white basket.  After 51 years it is just another day.

Last Mon. I finallly got to walk to the library & found 3 books right away.  Read them all by Thurs.

"The Maltese Angel" by C. Cookson.
"Trust Me" by Jayne Ann Krentz.
"A Tangled Web" by Judith Michael.

All so good.  I couldn't put them down.

Lar & Kim will come over to watch the Super Bowl.  I'll fix a quichie, a new recipe I found, veggies & dip, etc.

In less than a week it will be Feb & that brings us closer to spring.

I'm enclosing a couple of clipping from the paper.  Rick Setili, Karen Seeley's husband & a great guy.  She is lucky to have him.  They have 3 children, a girl & a boy.  Kirstin is in 8th grade & Evan in 2nd.

The former Good Morning Farm was owned by Alan Blair's 2nd wife.

Kim said the former Savoy Restaurant was finally sold & will be made into a Sports Bar with sandwiches, beer, etc.  It's been vacant for some time now.

Wm. Clinger will not run for Congress this year.  He's been there a long time & he never had any opposition.  Now many will run to try & get the seat he held.

Think I've run out of news & the washer is soon off.

Monday, January 15, 1996

Are you over the disappointment yet. We were all rooting for G. Bay but it didn't help. It was good experience for next year.  Pitts. game was "scary" as they didn't play their best but the outcome was good.  Hope they can do better in the Super Bowl.

It's warming up & the huge icicles on most homes are melting.  This yr. the front porch ceiling formed icicles from dripping.  An article in the paper said they were due to too warm an attic & open up vents, etc.  I opening up a window.  Don't need any roof or eaves damage.

The furnace started making a noise so I finally called & a man came & found the gasket wasn't in right.  It's fixed & no noise anymore.  He said it was good I called as eventually it would have stopped working.

Wrote a note to Signe as her birthday is the 19th.  Talked to Gen Sat. U& they have plenty of snow to shovel.  All is well there.

We have some new TV channels.  ESPN2, AMC, Encore, & Learning Channel.  Have seen some good movies on AMC.  Last nite we watched "Pride & Prejudice" on A&E & really enjoyed it.  On for 3 nites in a row - tonite U& Tues from 9-11 pm.

Tomorrow is Circle & I'm leader.  We're looking into other religions.  I got one study from the Bible Book Store & put it in a "safe place" & I can't find that safe place.  Noticed among Dad's books one on 7th Day Adventists - a book sent to clergy to explain their views so I'm using that.  Have never known much about them but they believe in the Triune God, Virgin birth, Jesus as Saviour, etc. but they dwell in the O.T. a lot & naturally their Sabbath is Sat. & they spend a lot of time trying to decide when Christ will come, the end of the world, prophecy, etc.  I have really enjoyed learning about them.

Sat. Barb & I went to see Lar & Kim's house.  He's finishing up on the insulating.  Has put in the wood stove so he had a little warmth.  The partitions make it easier to visualize the rooms, etc.  Blair's home looks great.  Outside not completed yet.  They've started the siding.  It would be fun to see that house when they're settled.  Maybe Lar & Kim will get a chance & they can tell us.

Tori & "his sister" were at camp playing in the snow.  If we pay attention to Ginger, Tori gets so jealous.  Sometimes Kim walks him around & later one nite they were across the st. & Tori sat down & wouldn't move.  She pulled & he went a bit & sat down again.  If he comes in he gets a snack & remembers that.  But not that nite.

LaVerne Mathis & Leo Rossey died last week.  La V has been ill for a long period of time, but Mr. Rossey was in church regularly.  He was in the hosp. 18 days & was coming along fine.  But he had a stroke & died.

Don't remember if you remember Debby Schorman - Barb's age.  Her husband, Ron California, was killed in a freak accident at work.  42 years.  Leave 4 children.  They were married in '73 so maybe the children aren't that little.  Lived in Meadville.  He was C. E. O. of a wood products co. & only been there 1 year.

Marissa has been sick with strep throat & viral infection.

Things are as usual here . I'm able to walk every Fri. A.M. to get my hair done.  On cold days I wear long underwear.  Around Mar. I won't have to walk as far - they're moving to the basement of the old Betty Lee Bldg.  We'll give them more space & the Elks Club would like to buy the house they're in now.  So if the owner should sell they won't be in a bind.  Am written out!

We send love & hugs to all of you.  We are lucky to have you 4.

[Photos from a Christmas visit to Colorado Springs.]

Back home

Monday, August 15, 2011

Friday, December 29, 1995

I've had my hair done; came home & had a cup of coffee so I'll write a letter.  It's a lazy day for me.

I'm sure you had a great Christmas & we did as well.

Started reading my Kuralt book - New Orleans is the 1st chapter & he talks a lot about the good food down there.  I know I'll enjoy it & thanks so much.  Haven't tried the popper yet & think I might save the puzzle for Super Bowl Sun.  Barb said it was good it was your turn to be with the Richard Family since Gr. Bay played Pitts & it wouldn't have meant unity here -- Barb rooted for G. B. but Buff. is really her team.  Pitt is Dale's.  .

Dad likes the radio & cassettes (is it 2 s's) you know what I mean (as I said I'm lazy).  Likes the feel on his ears.  We got the usual gifts - flannel nightie, "Chicken Soup for the Soul II, & Chicken Soup recipe book.  I like the inspirational readings.  Bot Chicken Soup I myself.  Barb gave me an electronic memo mate.  Talk into it instead of making a list.  She tho't it would be good for things I want to remember for letters.  All in all it was a very nice Christmas as well as a white one.  It just keeps snowing - we must have a foot but temp. have been OK.  Barb wants new cross country skis (old ones stick) so she'll use Christmas money for that.  She got 200.00 from Lynn  & Bob & they sent us a beautiful white poinsettia.

The Thurs. before Christmas Hollertz's from  Ridgway came for lunch & we had a nice visit with them.  They wanted to meet us for lunch but since Dad doesn't like to go out, I said some here instead.  I fixed chicken, etc. & we had a nice meal.   Had the same when Lar & Kim came for supper that nite.

Warren suggested we should get together again so we set a date for Feb (they're in Fla in Jan) & they'll see about getting Bensons to come also.  They are now retired & living in the area.  I like to entertain so don't mind planning a lunch.

Kim & Lar liked the dishes a lot.  We all tho't they are so pretty.   Lar has the wood stove working now & has started insulating.  Next will be putting up the walls so it's moving along.  They've gone cross co. skiing several times & it's been good.  They climb the hill opp. them, via a logging road, They ski at the Country Club.  Hope Barb finds ski equipment so she can go before the snow melts.

Barb & I went to Blaris & I saw a pair of stirrups I tho't would be OK for me.  Got them & like them a lot.  Not tight ones.  Wanted them as they fit into snow boots so much better.  It's a nice clean looking store.

They had another ad in the paper for the centennial brick walk & named new people for whom bricks had been purchased, including Rev. Carl E. Nelson & Andy & Eddie Nelson.  Am enclosing a card received for people honored.

It's a dull day here - sun is suppose to come out.

Got a card from Anita with a picture of Anita & her 9 grandchildren.  Michelle's oldest is 10 in Jan.  Also heard from Tom & Mim & that was a nice surprise.  And a note from Dick & I'll copy it so you can hear.

"We are now grandparents.  Rob (youngest) & Lisa were proud parents in Sept..  Hannah Dee Nyquist.  She joins Benjamin Allen who will be 2 in Jan.  They were here to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Kay, Jean & her husband Jim were also here.  Rob & his family6 live in Rockford, Mi. & he is a vet in Grand Rapids.   Jim & jean live in Denver.  Jean is an engineer for AT&T & manager of her dept.  Kay works for Texaco in Denver & lives in Arvada.  She is an accountant.  We visited Col. in Oct. for 10 days & saw Richard, who lives in Boulder & works for Ball Aerospace.  He is the principle scientist on the Hubble Space Telescope project.  He enjoys skiing & rock climbing in the Rockies.  I can't believe he will be 40 in July.  Neither Rich or Kay seem interested in getting married.

I retired from Dow Dec 31, 1994 after 41 1/2 years.  However, I still have an office there.  They let me keep it to finish a book I was working on.

The book is now being published by Academic Press in Boston, Ma.

I had an opportunity to obtain a PhD from Univ. Utrecht, Netherlands based on research I had published over the years.  I had to write a thesis & defend it at the U. in front of 7 people & the open public.  Irene, Jean, Jim & my Dutch friends from Terneuzen, Neth.  Prof. John Van de Maas was my Promotor.  Was happy to have passed the exam with high honors.  This took place Sept-Oct 1994.  We also visited Dow sites in Europe & traveled 2 weeks in Germany.

Irene is still working in the Patent Dept. at Dow.  Both of us are feeling OK."

Wouldn't Svea have been proud of her son.

Pictures from our visit to Warren for Thanksgiving
What a sweetie our Andy is!

Grandma Nelson always took full advantage of spoiling the boys during their infrequent visits.  Due to Dad's increasing illness (Parkinson's), their last visit to Wisconsin occurred during the spring of 1990.

Not sure what the boys are studying here.

Eddie was quite the dress-up performer during his pre-school years.  He would make us laugh until our stomachs ached.

Note the gloves.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday, October 27, 1995

Thanks for your letter.  I have a good start on Christmas - Bon Ton has had some great sales.  Really need ideas for Paul & JoAnna..

To celebrate the Bicentennial they will put an engraved brick walk in front of the theater.  Engraved names in blocks for 75.00 a brick.  Plan to get one for Dad & am thinking of getting one with Andy & Eddie Nelson on it.

I bought a paperback finally.   K is for Killer by Sue Grafton.

Also got a book by Sara Paretsky at the library, "Guardian Angel" & now I found I've already read it.  Also got "Texas Rich" by Fern Michaels & "The Nightingale Legacy" by Catherine Coulter, a newer book at the library.  If I couldn't read, life would be drab.

Went to the dentist for a cleaning & check & had 1 cavity & got it filled last Mon.  Next Mon. I get my yearly physical, which was postponed from a Sept date.

We are enjoying the World Series.  I stayed up to the end of the 11 inning game.  12:45 AM, our time.

Don't care for the TV set up - for the play offs & the 2 channels having to share.  Prefer A.B.C. but they talk too much to suit me.  I put together 2 puzzles while watching the games.  Prefer to be doing something as I watch.

When Barb first started bringing Scott here for a cooky, he was shy.  Now he comes in with a big "hi" & leaves with "goodby".  He is talking much more.

Barb wants to take Fri. Nov. 3rd off & she & will go to the Erie Mall to shop.

Stella is home from the hospital.  Did OK after the operation.  But the Dr said she'd either have to go to a nursing home or to Dan's for awhile, so she is with Dan & family.  Naturally she hopes to get to her own apt as soon as possible.

Signe is at Lila's this weekend as Carolyn will be at her college reunion.  Ruth called to let us know about Stella & told us about Signe.

Now it's Sat A.M., Nov. 4th & I'll finish this.

When talking about books, forgot to mention I bot "Chicken Soup for the Soul"  and have enjoyed reading the different stories by various people.  They are inspirational.

I had my yearly physical & all is well.  Visited the dentist, had 1 cavity & got it taken care of.  Got my eyes examined & just had 1 little change in my right eye.  He said my eyes are in fine shape, couldn't believe I was 75 & that whatever I was doing to keep it up.

Yesterday Barb & I went to Erie.  She drove & we had no problems - she is a good driver.  We went to a new dept store Kohl's & it is nice.  Ate at The Olive Garden & really enjoyed it.  T hen to Barnes & Noble Book Store.  Fun to look there.  Next Stop Toys R Us & we had fun there & just about finished the boys' shopping there.  (If only it were that easy to shop for their parents!!)   We weren't in the Mall for long as it was nearing 3 pm & we wanted to be on our way home.  Time went just too fast, but so much fun.

I was in bed by 10 pm & up at 6:30 A.M. as I couldn't sleep any longer.   Dad gets a hair cut this A.M. & then Barb & I will go to our Mall for a couple of things and get groceries.

We're having our first snowflakes this A.M.  Yesterday we were lucky, we had sunshine but you could feel it getting colder.

Finally met our new neighbors.  Halloween I made double batch of Danish & bro't over 8 & introduced myself.  The next day I got a nice note from her.  Al & Pat Herrera, Kyle & Alyssa.  We just talked at the door a few minutes.  In the card she said when she is "more settled we'd love to have you over".

Bob & Lynn bro't Marissa & Scott here for trick 'n' treat & I had 8 rolls for them.  And Lar stopped in after raking at Carey's & he got some rolls.  I'm known for something - my rolls!  Better than nothing!

Kim will be glad when 5 pm comes as then she will have completed more credits toward her master's degree.  Thurs nite after they left here, she had to complete a paper for this.  A new Sam's (WalMart) opened in Lakewood so they'll go out to eat & then shop there, etc.

Dale got a V.C.R. for his room & also bot & installed a garbage disposer for our sink.  Old one wore out.  All is well here.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday, October 20, 1995

Before I forget, Paul you can expect a pkg next week.  Mailed it Thurs from the Post Office.

Our weather is changing - think summer is finally coming to an end.  Rain is suppose to come later today.

I'm rooting for Cleveland in the World Series.  Usually I'm an N.L. rooter but not this time.  The Mets ended their series of games on a high & Met fans, of which I am one, are looking forward to next spring & we should see a big improvement. 

Stella had her operation - Ruth called but there was no news then, except she'd come thru it OK & was sleeping.  Dad will call this weekend to hear more. 

Neither of us heard from Signe on our birthdays.  Dad tried calling but no one was home.

Did we mention that Eleanor Johnson, Gt. Falls, called & invited us to First English for their anniversary Nov. 1.  Naturally we had to decline but it was a disappointment.  She asked for a letter but Dad is having a hard time getting anything written.  We'll have to work it over together.

I've gotten a start on Christmas shopping.   Lots of sales going on & I love to shop!

Made my first veg. soup this past week & it was good.  Always make a large pot so there is leftovers for lunch.

We love the picture of Andy.  It is so good.  Gave 1 print to Lar & Kim & Barb has one.  Barb gave us a Toaster Oven.  Ours went on the blink so I bro't back an older one but Barb didn't like how it toasted.  We like the new one.  Lar & Kim gave us those outside lights & he'll install them by the front & side of the house facing Conewango Ave.  It should look nice.  The neighbor s across the st. have them on either side of the grape arbor & it looks so nice at nite.

In just about a month we'll be expecting you & we look forward to your visit.  We plan an early birthday party for JoAnna & Eddie.  So it will be either Fri. or  Sat. at dinnertime.  So if you want to visit any firends save 1 of those nites for us.  We get first dibs!

Last Tues. was Circle mtg. at church & Rose & I always walk home together & she gave me some news I never tho't I'd hear.  A widower called & asked her out to dinner & she went.  Many times I've said go if someone asks.  "Never," she replied.  But she did.  It is Mr. Highhouse - his wife died some time ago - she was a home ec. teacher at Beaty.  He has tickets for the concert sweries.  His one daughter isn't too happy but Rose doesn't want to get married - just enjoys the friendship.  I'm glad for her.  I'd do it if I were in her shoes. 

Careys are in Fla. for the month of Oct.  They bot a condo down there & Lar said teh rainy weather shouldn't bother them as they are probably busy cleaning, painting, etc.  The girls would like them to be closer to Phila. so I wonder if they'd leave Warren.

We still haven't met the new neighbors - they have a son, maybe a little older than Andy & a daughter in kindergarten, and a dog.  Maybe Andy will meet them before we do.

Dad's program is over so we're going to work on a letter & see if we can get that deal done & off his mind.

P.S.  I wrote the letter to Great Falls.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday, September 29, 1995

Finally a letter before I touch another book.  I ready Family Blessing by LaVyrle Spencer & it was so good.  Yesterday I got 5 books at the lib. & finished one short, favorite style.  Finished my 2nd today. 

Have been giving your N. Eng. vacation much thought.  Naturally I'd love to see my sisters & get away for awhile but I'm having my doubts.  Haven't mentioned anything to Dad yet - haven't written to Gen - but I don't think Dad would like it or that I could be gone for any length of time.  Once Barb went to Jamestown alone as Dad didn't feel good & didn't want to be alone.  He was having daily headaches then - not as bad now but he still has them some A.M.'s.  I just wouldn't feel right being away.  So I tho't I'd better let you know my feelings & doubts.  I'll write to Gen one of these days about a visit.

Ruth Ekey (Mrs. Leonard) died this past week.  Heart.  A couple of years younger than I am.

The pictures of Colo. are so great & so was your letter telling of all the events.  The boys are handsome in their "tails".  What a memory.  Beautiful bride, handsome groom.

Barb bot an unfinished armoire & finished it herself.  Now she'd like to get a bookcase to finish.

We've had some rain but not as much as we need.  Also we've had some beautiful warm days.  Trees are starting to change.  Oct is soon here & colder days, I'm sure.

Larry just did landscaping for a family on the corner of Verbeck & Redwood.  Corner house in the same block as Blairs.  Looks very nice.  His next fall project is for John Smiths on Quaker, next to Johanson's.

With a car Barb is able to take Scott to various playgrounds & he loves the slides.  And she picks up Marissa after school.

Have some newspaper articles for you to look thru.  One Gen sent in a letter.

I'm expecting an order from Penneys Christmas catalog today.  Stuff for the boys, a top Kim liked & a skirt I wanted.  Oh yes one of those puzzles to create a building.  Chose the White House for Barb.  Now if I can keep it hidden from her.  She's so good at ferreting out her gifts.  Correst usage?  Things are as usual here.  Time to get back to my books.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saturday, August 19, 1995

Colorado Springs for Albert and Cyndi's wedding

This A.M. it was cool enough to bake so I made an angel food cake to go with fresh peaches.

Just put the A.C. on.  We got the elec. bill & compared to last yr. the bill is 20.00 higher.  Well worth to have it comfortable.  You should consider it.

Got your letter Fri & I can just see Eddie "doing his thing".  Did you get it on video.

Beaty property has been sold to a local Dr.  In this A.M.'s paper there is a notice of an auction for the 26th.  One interesting point - parking available at St. Paul Luth.  It made me think back to when we were building & how they gave us some problems.

Barb has an Audi 4000 - '87 to drive now.  Has a sun roof & was painted & cleaned up inside.  Looks very nice.  It is owned by Lynn & Bob but it's for Barb to use to pick up Marisa from school, to pick up Scott from his classes, etc.  Bob's father did this but he is now 70 & didn't care to do all this running.  She took care of Scott Fri overnite & Sat til 1:30 pm.  He has gotten to be a mama's boy but he was good & barb was able to take him to Beaty to play in the sand box, to feed the ducks, to throw rocks into the stream at Lar & Kim's.  So now we have another car to park in the driveway.

Ruth called again to keep us up on Signe.  They (Ruth, Lila, Mim) wanted to go in to see her but Carolyn said to wait a week.  Lila didn't like it at all but I can understand that it is hard to have a lot of company when Signe is recovering from a stroke.  Maybe this week they can see her.  Signe is mixed up as she said she was waiting for Rudy to visit & would look out the window to try & find their car.

I traced your route in the map so was glad to have you write about it.  Sounds like it will be a busy but great week.

Last nite's Met-Dodger game was full of surprises.  #1 - Brett Butler is a Dodger.  Again #2 - Mets winning the game with a suicide squeeze.  It happened so fast I couldn't believe it.  Mets Win!!  Th ere's hope for the future with the young ones coming up.

It was nice getting that phone call from Andy.  My baseball pal!

Now it's Sun. Aug 27th.  Edna's birthday.  Called her & we talked awhile.  Gen, Millie, & Edna went out to lunch for Edna's treat.  Before going back to Gen's for cake, she took them around E. L. to see all the big homes that are being built.   Edna wondered where the money was coming from.  They are building a new road parallel to Ed & Gen's back property.  Wonder if they'll want to sell off any of it.  Johnny will be in for a nice inheritance.  They have enjoyed their pool with this summer's heat.  T hey keep the filter going so their elec. bill was close to 150.00 for a month.

How was the ball game - your team won, Paul.  The Mets have been doing very well with the young players but they lost this aft.  The Yankees lost 8 in a row but are ahead as of 7 pm  today.

Last Fri. Barb & I went to Jamestown as she had the week off.  We had lunch at Red Lobstser & then shopped.  Went to the new KMart & it is a large one.  We found our favorite cake at Wegman's, a poppy seed almond cake.  Delish!  Also got 2 coffee cakes at our favorite Swedish Bakery.

Larry & Kim took Mon & Tues off the preceding week.  Went to the State Park in N.Y. whose name I never can remember.   Picnic lunch - hiked, etc.  Tori was able to go with them.  Tues. they went to Erie shopping - for themselves & the new house.  Spent about $900.00.  Then they went to Presque Isle & had a nice day.  Tori was with us most of the day.  Nancy, her friend, had him for awhile.  Kim doesn't like to leave him alone & we like having him.  This past week Dad got a haircut from Jerry Howgard - you can have an appt. so he didn't have to wait around.  Lar would give him a trim & I'd try but professional is best.

The new neighbors haven't moved in yet - sometime this week.  It must be all settled as there is a sold sign on the sign.

School starts tomorrow, the 28th.

We heard Johnsons (Walter) asked 82,000 for the house but have come down.  Even 75,000 is a lot, I think, as there haven't been any improvements for years.  Paul J. told us that.  I'm sure a new kitchen & bath are needed.

Ruth called last Sun. to keep us up to date on Signe.  They weren't sure but maybe she is home by now.

Next summer Bonaces plan to get their house painted & he told us he has 2 bids & both around 2700.00 & he plans to do around the windows himself.  We need to have our house painted or vinyl sided.

Once when we were at Lar's & the men were working on the house, I talked to the one in charge about siding.  He gave me his card & said to call him for an estimate so maybe we will this fall when things are slower.

Better close - with love to all.

P.S.  Soon Sept. 15 so be on the lookout for a birthday pkg.  Not for awhile yet.  Just an alert!

[Other enclosures]

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, August 7, 1995

Received your most interesting letter today.  We look forward to pictures of Andy & Eddie in tuxedos.  This A.M. I sent pictures off that Barb took when the boys are here.  Also took a longer walk & went by the Bed & Breakfast run by Mr. Scott - former Beaty teacher, now retired.

It cooled off some & we've had rain so this A.M. I made a batch of cookies & are in the fridge & also 2 batches of Danish.  I'll either bake tonite or early  Tues A.M.   Good to be baking again.

Yesterday we watched the Nascar race at Indy on E.S.P.N tape.  I just watched the last few minutes to see Earnhardt get the win.

We also went out to see what Lar has accomplished in the house.  He has most of the partitions up so you get an idea of room size.  Next in line is the wiring.  It looks nice even now.  In the kitchen the 2 windows facing East eventually will come out for sliding doors to get to the deck.  But that's in the distant future but it's nice to have what's necessary for the doors.

Did Barb's note tell you that Lynn & Bob bot a 2nd hand car so his dad, who is 70, won't have to do so much driving & picking up of Marissa, Barb, etc.  Barb will get to work in time to take Marissa to school & do other things.  She'll have the car Mon-Fri.

Also returned books to the library this A.M. & got 2 more.  One a new author.  W. J. Burley.   Wycliffe & the Dunes Mystery.  British setting & it's a good story.  Also another book by Robert B. Parker - setting in Boston.  But he uses such vulgar language - don't know why that has to be.  Guess that's why I prefer my British authors & their detective themes.

We've had delicious corn from Hatch Patch.

In Good Housekeeping mag. there is a page on the 5 best farmer's Mkt. & Madison's is one of them.  I remember the day we went there.

One Thurs nite when Kim came with Taury, Taury heard a noise from the school & ran to the back yard.   Kim said he tho't the boys could be there but they weren't.  Tell the boys Taury misses them.

I'm trying a new recipe for supper.  Brown pork chops, add sliced onion & chopped cabbage.   Pour over 1 c. tom. juice & seasonings.  Sounds good so I hope it tastes good.  Meal planning gets to be a big chore!

Tues A.M.  9:45.

I was up at 5:15 AM & baked 2 batches of Danish & a batch of cookies.  Washed towels & have another load in the washer.

Just finished a cup of coffee & a roll while sitting on the porch to dry my hair.  Started reading Double Deuce by Rbt. Parker & it's going to be another good one.  Finished the other mystery last nite.  

It's a BEAUTIFUL day - no humidity, lots of blue sky & a nice breeze.  But more heat by the end of the week.

Now it's Wed & another beautiful day.

Don't think I mentioned Lar put in a new hot water heater for us.  The pilot lite kept going off & he said it was rusting out so it's good he said he'd do the job for us.

Fri A.M.  I'll mail this on the way to get my hair done.  At least it lets you know all is well here.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday, July 23, 1995

I have a little time before church so I'll start a letter.  Thanks for the post cards.  Glad you had a good trip home.

The house has seemed so empty - we really miss Andy & Eddie & have pleasant memories of their visit here.  We hope it can happen again.

This past week Dad has awakened with headaches - they gradually disappear.  We'll have to contact the Dr & see if he can help him.

Tell the boys that Scott fell & has a fracture in his wrist.  They didn't put a cast on it but something else & he doesn't like it & tries to remove it.  They didn't realize it at first & it wasn't until the next day that Lynn took him to the Dr.

Barb doesn't have to work on Wed so we're going to Jamestown.  She'll look for yarn & we'll have lunch at Red Lobster.

One A.M. it was cool enough to bake & I made the boys' (one of the favorites) favorite cookies & they aren't here to share them.

This aft. we might to go see Kim's & Lar's house as he has started to partition off the rooms so you can get an idea of how it will be.  He took a couple of vacation days this past week.  One aft. Kim weeded by the side of the house & got that looking nice.

Am enclosing a clipping of 2 old houses.  The one on the left, Sheila said, her sister had hoped to buy, restore & use it as a bed & breakfast.  She & her husband (Sheila's sister) restored an old Victorian house but he doesn't want strangers sleeping in it or she would use that for a B&B.

Soon time to leave & not much news.

We loved having you all home, even for a short visit.