Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thursday, March 28, 1996

Have all my chores completed & want to write 2 letters.

Gen said the church was almost full for Edna's funeral & it was a comforting service.  The 3 of us had a blanket of flowers for the coffin that said Sister & Gen said it was very nice.  After the cemetery service a lunch was served by the ladies of the church.  It was Hillcrest Cemetery where my parents, grandparents, & Jerry are buried with places for Millie & Gen & Ed.   They tho't Gen may be named executor of the estate.  That will be a job.

This is the weekend Barb stays with Scott while the family goes to Toronto.  She isn't looking forward to is as he won't be happy being left behind.  But she has the car to take him places.  Fri-Sun aft. 

When I have my hair done in Apr. it will be at the new location -- the basement of where Betty Lee was.  They have been working hard getting it ready.  Will be moving things Fri nite & Sat.  Hard to believe next Mon is Apr 1.  Now if only warmer weather would arrive.

Found a new idea for oatmeal cookies - use choc. covered raisins.  Good, Good, Good!  You know me & sweets. 

Last Sat. Barb & I went to Jamestown but I saw nothing I liked.

Last Sat. nite I went to the Sheffield Hi musical Bye, Bye Birdie & it was excellent.  Kim helped with the dance steps, etc.   Lar didn't want to sit alone & afterwards I was glad I went.  Had wanted to stay home & watched the Worlds Ice Skating.  It was on 3 hrs. so I saw Michelle Kwan skate & win.  She has improved so much.  But Lar does a lot to help us so I couldn't see myself saying no.  Barb didn't want to go.  It was nice to dress up & go -- better slack outfit.

Am also looking forward to baseball on the various channels.  Of course METS are first choice & they will be interesting to watch this year.  Go Mets!!  No comments, Paul!

Must write to Gen & have my morning coffee.

Things are the same as usual here.

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