Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, March 1, 1996

It was cold walking to get my hair done this A.M. but warmer on the way home as it was sunny.

Book Report time:  Read "Fortune is a Woman" by Eliz. Adler & it was great so I'll have to get more of her books.  Got one of Robin Cook's books but haven't gotten into it yet.  Other things to do.

Got your long letter & enjoyed reading all your news.  So Andy likes to be first - he'll have to learn "the first shall be last, & the last shall be first" - from the Bible in case you've forgotten!!!  It's great how he is reading - something that can never be taken from him.  We enjoy Eddie's artwork.

No school next Mon. so Kim, Barb & I hope to go to Erie if the weather is OK.  It's nice today, but snow forecast for Sat.

If the Rep. keep going the way they are, I might be voting Dem. next Fall.

Kim & Lar plan to visit her sister in Fla. next summer so they wonder what part of Aug. you plan to visit.  This is the last day to order bricks for the walk in front of the theater so it should be finished so you can see it in Aug.

We had to do something about the exterior of the house.  The upper shingles are good so they could be painted.  But the bottom part peels, etc.  We're thinking of siding but Lar says if the wood can't breathe it could rot if damp.  He tho't maybe we could skip the insulation & just put siding over the wood.  We'll have to start calling & will start with the man who put Lar's shell up.  Maybe it will be completed by Aug.

Gen called last weekend & they are remodeling their kitchen.  Ed put in new tile on the floor so Gen doesn't have to look& clean the old linoleum.  Will put new doors on the cupboards & will paint them white.  New wallpaper & new dishwasher.  They've been married 42 years so that kitchen needed a renewal.  Lucky Ed can do all the work.

Notice in the paper that the Republicans Convention will be in San Diego during the time - Aug. - the Mets are to play San Diego so the 3 games will be played in Monterrey, Mexico, a city of 4.5 million people.  "The industrial and baseball capital of Mexico" & it is celebrating its 400th anniversary this summer.  It is all okayed by officials & union so I hope all games will be on T.V.  Should be interesting.  Barb noticed the Mets will be on WOR this Sat, the 2nd & we'll be watching.  Things sound more hopeful for this new season.

Barb has had another period & it was normal.  The pills help & she is drinking raspberry tea & that is suppose to help the flow.

It's hard to believe Eddie will start kindergarten next fall.  Will be fun to hear of his experiences.

When I mentioned about Alex moving & when spring comes you tho't Andy could ride his bike over there - Barb wondered if that was wise in today's world of "nuts".  But they have to trust nothing bad will happen to today's kids.  Things have changed so much since you kids were little.

Am enclosing a clipping.  Will have to walk over there & see how it looks.  Rose wants to sell her house - she can't keep up the repairs, lawn, etc & would like to get a rental in the Buchanan apt. just around the corner from her.

This is all for this time.


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