Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saturday, June 10, 1995

We received your nice letter & pictures of the boys.  They are growing so fast.  Nice report card for Eddie.  We look forward to seeing all of you.

Wrote a long letter to Gen for her birthday.

School is out & the kids are free to play etc.  St. Paul & First Luth. combing. for Vacation Bible School at 1st.

A week ago Lar & men of the church landscaped the front of the church & edged & weeded the plots on the parking lot side of the church.  It looks very nice.  Last Sun was Pentecost & members bro't red geraniums to decorate the altar area & they were planted outside on Mon. & they add color.  Lar made the plans, ordered shrubbery & directed the planting.  That job was really needed.

They laid the cement & blocks for Lar & Kim's house.  This week they should start the structure.  They are glad it has finally been started.

When Lar works at Careys & edges the grass by the sidewalk, he takes the time to do ours & Barb & Dale clean it up.  It is such an improvement to our property.  In Dec. the car will be paid for & we're hoping that next summer we could have the house sided.  Painting doesn't last & something is needed.  We might get away with just painting the shingles as they hold up much better.   Time will tell.

Our pastor & wife had to take a trip to Houston as Margaret's mother took a fall & laid for some time before she was found.  She uses a walker & isn't that well.  Lives alone & doesn't want to give up her home.  Their son graduated last nite from high school & it must have been hard for Mary to be away at this time as she teaches school.  Roger Thelin preached last Sun. & Jim Greenlund took the liturgy.  They did get home for graduation.

Wrrn. is busy celebrating 200 years.  It all ends with the 4th of July doings.  They'll have a special edition of the paper on 200 yrs & we'll save it for you.

I finally read some of M. M. Kaye's books & enjoyed them.  Murder in Kenya, Zanzibar, etc.   Her name has been familiar for a long time but I never bothered to check her out.  Am glad I finally did.  Light, enjoyable reading.

Barb is working outside.  Vacuumed the car but didn't wash it.  And now she's weeding, etc. in the garden.

Just about lunchtime.  More later.

Stella called last Sun.  She is still weak & can't get out.  Dan & family are back - 11 living in Stella's house - now Dan's.  The oldest son Danny got married in Fla. to a gal who already had a son (now 18 mo.)  Sounds like she wasn't married & the father could care less about them.  With Danny she had a miscarriage.  He isn't working.  So it's Dan & Barb, Danny, wife, her child, plus their 6 other kids.  Don't know if Dan is working & didn't ask.

I saw a petunia at Hatch Patch that is different.  A light maroon pink & the center is maroon & looks like a star.  So Barb & I went up there & I got a white geranium & planted 4 of the pet. around it.  It should be pretty in full bloom.

We tried out the air cond. & it's great.  It's suppose to get more humid so it will go on again this weekend. Interrupted myself.

After Hatch Patch Barb & I went to Lar's place & the cement & block work looks good.  Lar has built a stone step way down to the stream & over a bit an easy path down to the water.  Did the boys get shoes for the water - to protect their feet.  KMart has them on sale but I don't know sizes.

Time to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee.  Oh yes I got our 1st local strawberries at Hatch Patch.

Also got the New Penneys catalog & have been dreaming & making lists.  See several things I like.

We love all of you & send you all a big hug.

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