Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, March 18, 1996

Larry took Dad to see the eye Dr.  He finds it hard to accept that his illness affects his eyes & he finds it hard to read.  In this connection, he isn't able to reach American Heritage magazine so I would recommend against renewing it for him.

I just finished reading "The Golden Straw" by Catherine Cookson & it was so good.

Haven't heard anymore from Gen.  We also called Stella.  When the weather warms up she hopes to get out.

Then Signe called us.  She wants to come & visit us & she wants Lila to go with her.  That would mean Genevieve & maybe Charles & Dad couldn't take that, even for a short time.  So we try to discourage her.  After all she is 85 & Lila 84 & neither are that well.  Carolyn's son Paul graduates from high school & has been accepted by both Augustana in Rock Island & St. Olaf in Northfield, Mn.  He prefers the latter but Augie has offered a 2,000.00 scholarship in music.  He's hoping one comes thru from St. Olaf.  The bassoon is what he plays & he'd like his own.  Cost 2,000 & up.  Carolyn gets 40% disc. where she works & they are looking into a 2nd hand one.  They are very proud of him.

Our furnace works well & keeps us warm.  It keeps me too warm when working so today I got out some of my presummer tops.  Time for a change anyway.

When I spoke to Gen yesterday she said they'd seen their first robin.  That is what I'm waiting for.  Am also waiting for the mailman & USA paper so I can do my daily crossword puzzle.  He's late today.  Have to keep my mind alert!!!

When Lar & Kim come on Thurs, we'll have to tell them about Eddie's suggestion to try & capture the chipmunk, squirrel or whatever is in the attic with nuts.  Altho we haven't heard as much movement lately. 

Barb drove Bob's new Ford Bronco Fri. home work work & this A.M. to work.  Her car needed some work done so Bob worked on it over the weekend.  The last weekend of the month Bob, Lynn& Marissa are going to Toronto for a break & Barb gets to have Scott all weekend.  She is afraid he won't be very happy when the folks are gone & he's left with Barb.  Scott gets & needs more attention so Marissa feels left out so they wanted to do something special with her.

Tomorrow is Circle & I'm leader so I need to review & the mail should be here.

Things are as usual here.

P.S.  Dad just came home & the reason he has a hard time reading is the start of a cataract but they won't do anything yet.  He can see T.V. etc. so they'll wait.  He has a Sept. appt.  He feels better now.

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