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Sunday, May 21, 2000

Today it's Reed (Mets) & R. Johnson (Ariz.) & the 1st 3 Mets had doubles.  Exciting when Johnson is pitching.  Maybe the Mets can beat R.J.  Yesterday's game was scary.  Mets led 8-0 & finally it ended up 8-7.  At least Hampton is coming around.  Now Reed is getting hit 7 score tied.  I can see it will be an exciting afternoon for me.

I told you Paula Carey moved to Buffalo.  In Wrrn. their back yard edged Mike's (Lar's friend) back yard & Mike & John became friends.  Mike's has a pool table & John would play pool with Mike.  John didn't like his in laws very much.  He's more laid back & isn't a bit snobbish.  Every Sat A.M. at 8 o'clock Mary Ann C. arrived at the front door & John went out the back door to Mike's.  At least now they aren't as close.  Altho the first week end home , they were in Buffalo.  Naturally they would want to see their home, etc.  John got season tickets to the Bills & has invited Mike to go to a game with him.  Paula might not like that. I know I'd never drop in on Lar & Kim -- most likely no one would be home, anyway.  Same if I were closer to Middleton!

Tomorrow it's lunch at Holiday Inn with Hollertz's, Bensons & others.  The Reader's Digest has had some cute jokes I'll share.  I was alone reading the jokes & had some good laughs.

Louise Borg fell & broke her hip & had it operated on.  They said she is very depressed.

Rose had her operation in Erie & came back to Wrrn. Hosp. for rehabilitation & came home Sat the 20th.  She is doing fine.

This year the schools get both Fri. & Mon. off over Memorial Day weekend.  Last nite both Sheffield & Eisenhower had their proms.  The girl across the st. (Johnson's house) went to one of them.  I saw her in a pretty pink long dress.  Kim was a chaperon in Sheffield.  They have a "lock in" party in the school gym after the prom, ending at 6 A.M.  Kim didn't stay for the lock in.

Summer weather has disappeared & the furnace kicks on & the heat feels good.  The only good thing you can bake & heat of the oven feels good.

Wed the 26th - I thought something was wrong.

It's the 24th, your anniversary.

This is Dale's early week so most of my Wed. chores are completed, the big job is washing the floor.  I only do it every other week now as you know I'm up in years!!!!  I'm just glad I can do as much as I do.  I must remember to water my hanging baskets.  Barb took pictures & she isn't quite familiar with her new camera so the baskets came out too dark.  She will try again.

More about Dale our "trash collector".  A window A.C. for one of the bosses didn't work so they trashed it.  Dale recovered it, toyed around with it & got it to work.  He gave it to Sam B. for his trailer home.  We live in a throw away world  It's to Dale's advantage.

He bo't a sander & has been sanding his woodwork so maybe he'll get the painting done during the long weekend.  He is anxious to get the rug down so maybe by Mon. he could do it.  No way!  Car comes first.

We aren't planning anything "special" for the weekend.  I have steaks -- our new grill is very nice.  This aft I'll start rolls & finish them tomorrow A.M. & plan to make a pecan pie.  We'll celebrate Lar & Kim's anniversary Thurs -- give them their card.  Big celebration!  Let them buy their own gift -- maybe something they want for camp.

Later -- Kim stopped by for a cup of coffee as she had to deliver something to Marilyn Patterson.  On their anniv. they ate at the Liberty St. Cafe -- Warren's posh restaurant.  They have a "real" chef -- trained Y& used to be in Fla. but wanted to come back here.  Kim said it was "out of this world".  Special attention to serving, etc.  More expensive but worth it.  We'll have to try it sometime.  They had wine 10.00 a bottle.  Everything is a la carte.  Salad 6.00 a plate, etc.  Guess they do OK.  Barb says Bert likes to go there & goes quite often for lunch & dinner.

Fri.  Mr. Carey told Lar last nite that they will be moving as soon as they sell their house.  They found a house closer to Susan -- around the York, Pa. area, I think.  Wonder how long it will take & who will buy it.

As usual when it's Fri. nite, I never know what to fix for supper.  Barb said "how about pizza" so I called in for our favorite & my problem was solved.

After I get my hair done, I'm usually lazy & Fri. iks a do nothing day.  But today when I got home I washed towels right away & then started to make cookies.  2 new recipes -- a banana bar, which is excellent & an oatmeal-raisin cooky & finally found one I like a lot.  It's a lot like cookies I made at Beaty.

I can't remember any of your phone conversations with Mary S.  Andy is reaching an interesting age.  He'll have the girls calling him being a popular all around guy.

When I watch "Cops" on Court TV & see how many people lead their lives, I feel I've lived a sheltered life. Drugs, abuse, financial problems, drunkenness -- never a part of my life.

Interesting article in USA Today on manners or the lack of manners.  I see that when I walk & it's not just kids from Beaty but older people.  When 2 or more are coming toward me alone, they don't want to move over a bit.  When it's 2 or 3 to 1, I won't budge so they have to give a little.  The article says manners are learned so it's up to parents.  They also said they have people who teach table manners as adults don't know how to eat & have to be taught or they won't get a job.  They think it started when the do your own thing became popular.  But they have hopes the pendulum will swing back toward the center.

Baseball tonite.  Mets vs. St. Louis.  Should be interested & it's on TV.

Next Wed, May 31, Dale has to be in Rochester for school.  Just 1 day.  But later in the middle of June he goes for 3 days.  Think I mentioned another fellow & Dale got a ring with places for 8 diamonds.  Had to send the ring & he has the 1st diamond in it.  One a year til it's finished.

Mr. Marvin Gustafson -- up the st. -- walks every A.M. starting around 6 A.M.  He looks good.

Our pansies this year are so pretty & big.  One of my favorites.  Looks like our 2 blueberry bushes will yield berries this year..  Maybe enough for Bberries on cereal.  Dale's favorite.

What did you do for your anniversary.  Did you get my card.  Did Eddie get the video -- was it what he wanted.

Now it's Sat nite & I'm watching the Mets & St. Louis.  As of 9:15 Mets are leading the last of the 3rd.  Tied now.

This A.M. I returned library books & got 4 more.  Post Mortem by Patricia Cornwell; O is for Outlaw by Grafton; Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts & my favorite Scotch Police Constable Hamish Macbeth:  A Highland Christmas by M. C. Beaton.   The latter is a small book, 129 pages & I read it this aft & enjoyed it so much.

The "For Sale" sign went up on Carey property today.  So the neighbors know about it now.

Mon.  Can you believe the Mets swept St. Louis.  More home runs as well.  Time to end this. Excuse the crossouts.

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