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Monday, April 17, 2000

Mailed a letter today & remembered I forgot to tell of Barb's experience of cleaning Whilton's kitchen.  She has cancer & tires easily so he makes the meals, cleans, washes & is a control person.  He told Barb how to clean, etc.  They asked her to make new kitchen curtains, using the old ones as a pattern.  He didn't get enough materials & tried to tell how to cut it & having to piece parts of it.  Barb said that wouldn't work so he had to get more materials.  He couldn't control that situation.  They came out very nice & Mrs. Whilton was pleased.  Bert was at the dinner party & said the curtains looked nice.

This aft. I started cleaning the D.R.  Cleaned the one corner with the smaller buffet.  I'm going in sections.  This aft. I took the glasses, dishes, etc. out of the other buffet so Dale & Barb can lift the top off so I can move the bottom section to clean behind it.  T hat is tomorrow's project.  Then it's just the window section left.  We're not washing the walls this year.  I just brush it with an extended brush I have, so there are no cobwebs, etc.

Forgot to tell the most important part concerning the curtains.  The valence part had holes the size of a saucer in them.  Kim couldn't believe it when she saw it.  Several holes in them.

Wed. A.M. the 19th.

Finished the D.R. today & it shines!  Dusted the L.R. and will vacuum later this aft.  Soon it's lunch time & I'm sitting & catching my breath.  The L.R. is next but it will wait til next week.

Tomorrow I'll bake Barb's birthday cake.  She chose shrimp scampi as her choice for dinner.  No school tomorrow -- a long weekend Thurs thru Mon.  Lynn called & asked Barb to care for Scott tomorrow.  S he didn't want to but said yes.  Fri. Bob is home & Mon. Lynn will stay home with him.

Bert left yesterday for a month in New York City.  Suppose to live there 6 mo. of the year as she is a N.Y. resident.  Barb will still work doing some painting, etc.  Bert also will give her a paid weeks vacation.  Barb didn't go to work today or tomorrow (care for Scott) but she can make it up next week on a painting project.

Now it's Fri. the 23rd.

Sheila is on her honeymoon so I will get my hair done at 10 A.M. with Ursula.

Did I say we needed new tires for the van so Dale got them last Fri. & put them on himself.

Barb had a nice birthday.  I gave her a skirt she wanted.  Lar & Kim a sweater & Dale even bought her a gift himself.   Candle holders with 2 vanilla candles.

Kim said the schools have zero tolerance now.

Kim has lunch duty & she knew certain boys were "dealing" in the lunch room.  One kid who gives her a hard time hit double trouble.  There was a beer bust in Sheffield & this kid & a 19 yr. old stole 2 cars.  Wrecked one & they were arrested.  The younger one "lost it" & they took him to Wrrn. Hosp.  They realized he was "high" & sent him for help to Ridgway for 28 days.  The mother is in denial & blames everyone else for the problems.  Her darling is the leader in a lot of this.  Be interesting to see what happens after drugs, stealing cars, etc.

We're getting more than we need of rain.  Showers almost every day & it rained hard this A.M.  Hope it holds off while I'm walking to get my hair done.  I'll carry my umbrella.

Easter Sun. I'll have turkey breast, etc.  Called Millie & all except Linda will be home.  Linda is in Texas on a trip.  So Millie will have 8.  She plans on ham.  Allan's wife will bring a birthday cake & they'll celebrate Millie's birthday.

Yesterday Pat Benson called -- they were coming to the mall & would I like to go to lunch with them.  Of course I said y es.  We went to Penn Laurel.  I had a fish sandwich.  A large piece of fish & it was so good. Served with fries.  We had a nice visit.  I like those little surprises.

Fri nite.  Kim was over & I remembered to invite them to Easter dinner.  They'll be here.

This A.M. I returned library books & after I got my hair done, I returned for more books.  Found two by S. Paretsky I haven't read, & Chance by Robert B. Parker.  I've read a couple of his.  Started Tunnel Vision by Paretsky & it's good to be reading a book of hers again.

Barb wanted to go to the mall this aft. & I wanted a couple of items from K Mart.  She suggested we go into Bon Ton.  She started to collect angels & wondered if Bon Ton had any.  They didn't.  But as we passed the dress dept. I saw a dress I liked.  It is a light blue print shirtwaist dress with a plain medium short blue jacket.  Just my style.  A Leslie Fay make.  It looks & feels so good. When the clerk saw it, she said it will look beautiful on you -- meaning the blue goes nice with white hair.  It was $99.00 and 25% off plus a 15% coupon so it cost $63.00 + some cents.  Never even thought of getting a new dress but when I saw my favorite style I couldn't resist.  I has a pleated skirt.  First time in ages I've seen something for an "older woman!"  Time to read my book.

Sat.  The Mets have a doubleheader with Chicago due to Fri. nite rainout.  2 exciting games with the Mets winning both games.

Glad that Andy made the Bambino team.

Waiting for the phone call brought to mind when Sylvia Yosten & oldest daughter awaited the call to say she made the cheerleading squad.  She did.

Dale has 2 good Dale E. sweatshirts & an old one but he likes them so that's no problem to him.

Mon.  Nice Easter service & our dinner was good.  This is Dale's early week & my work is almost done.  It's going to be a nice day so I might go to the bank & cash a check for May expenses.

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