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Monday, March 13, 2012

Called Carolyn M. last nite to tell her they won't make a copy of a photographer's picture because of the copyright.  So she'll contact Ruth to see if she can find out about a copy -- if the studio is still there, etc.  Carolyn mentioned she invited you folks for Easter dinner.  She also mentioned Signe had a spell of pain but is OK now.  She just hopes Signe won't suffer a lot of pain.  She just hopes Signe won't suffer a lot of pain.  It's soon 6 months so she's done OK.

Dale went to the junk yard last Sat to look for a wheel rim & found one.  His current rim has a little dent U& of course that can't be.  He put it on after work & it fits so now he has to paint it.  The tire was still on so he threw it away at work & as he did that he noticed a wet vac thrown away & he claimed it.  The 3rd one he's found.  A guy at work would like one -- Dale just repaired the cord on the 2nd one so he'll give it to him.  The 3rd one was still wet -- probably not taken care of & Dale loves to tinker & repair things.  He also found 2 estension cords with a light.  He gave one away & kept one.  What a guy.

The census questionnaire came today.  I don't' own the house anymore -- you kids do -- so I guess I'll put Dale's name as owner.

Barb bot veggie & flower seeds & planted them.  She put them in her room by the window so they'll get the sun.  She planted lettuce for Bert & already they are coming thru.  Bert is pleased Barb did that for her.  Barb did that for her.  She was in advertising & knows Iacocca from Ford & then Gen. Motors, I think.  Before that she was in fashions.  Quite a lady.

Tues. evening.

I'm watching Trauma -- Life in the E.R.  I close my eyes when they start cutting.  It's about accidents, shootings, drugs, etc.

Wed aft.

A beautiful day.  Barb took me to get my blood test & I walked home.  Stopped at CVS & didn't see any sympathy cards I liked so I walked back to Cady's & got some.  Wanted to send one to Tom & Diane Scarcella on the death of his mother.  I made sugar cookies today -- mainly for Torey.  He gets 2 each time he visits us.  Spoiled dog!

I couldn't find my keys last Thurs.  I used them to unlock the car & didn't see them.  I looked in my purse & finally found them.  The purse has 2 zipper pockets & I didn't realize that.  One under the other & I must have absentmindedly put it in the 2nd pocket under the 1st pocket.  I've had the purse several months & never noticed it.

Had a letter from Millie today.  She told me about the funeral of Aunt Esther.  The pastor couldn't go to Gen's for lunch as he had another funeral.  She's looking forward to spring like everyone else.

Thurs p.m.
Cleaned up dishes after dinner.  Lar & Kim's night to come over & we sit around the table & talk.  They said Careys are seriously thinking of selling their house & moving closer to Susan.  She is still having problems -- drinking & they'd like to be closer & Susan would like it.  Last Sat. Lar helped them (Paula & John) move stuff to Carey's garage.  They have a house in Buffalo but it takes time to get it all settled -- loans etc.  Then they'll need help to put it back in the U Haul truck.  They took Lar & Kim out to dinner last Sat. nite to thank Lar for his help.  John found a job up there & likes it much better than the job he had in Warren.

Filled out the census & will mail it tomorrow.  Wasn't sure how to answer who the owner of the house is so I put Dale's name there as he lives here & has a job.  He was saying his paycheck is never the same as they get paid by the job -- how hard it is, etc.  How much times it takes.  If they go over the allotted time to get it finished that's their loss & if they finish in less time that's to their advantage.  He's had some raises so he does all right.

Fri. St. Patrick's Day

This aft. Barb & I went to the Mall & I did some shopping at K Mart.  Stopped at Arby's for supper for Dale & me.

Got your letter today.  Wasn't too surprised about Joan & Alan.  Glad she had the gumption to leave him.  Can't remember who told me but one summer I hard that Mim told Joan that any time she wanted to leave Alan she could come to them in Beloit.  And Alan demanded the money she earned & then Joan had to ask him for money.  Joan is 52 -- maybe there will be some happiness for her now.  The son is 30 & the daughter 29.  There is some time between the youngest but she must be around 20 or so.  I'm sure Ruthie must have left something to the girls & that might have helped Joan to decide to leave.  She'd need money for a divorce & apt.  They were married in Aug. & the son was born the following Aug.  I remember hearing  Alan could never please his father or get any attention or love from him.  Joan had a self image problem so maybe it was a hopeless situation.  Maybe they should have had help to change themselves for a better marriage.  Wonder if Ruth will ever tell me about the divorce.

It was COLD this AM when I walked to get my hair done.  26 &  blowing.  It still felt good to be able to walk.

Guess I've covered the news here.

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