Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friday, March 3, 2000

I mailed St. Patrick Day cards to the boys today, Mar. 3.  Can't remember when you leave & tho't maybe they'd like an extra 5.00 for the trip, so they are a little early.

It was colder today but I was able to walk to get my hair done.  The scale goes up so I need to walk again.  Suppose to warm up next week.

Next Mon. I see the eye Dr & will have to get new glasses or lens because one is scratched.  I want to get prescription sunglasses.  Save money from my Christmas Club check so I can get them.

Went to the library this week.  Read Homeport by Nora Roberts.  She also has a book Montana so I'll have to read it.  Affair by Amanda Quick.  Enjoyed them so much.  A short book Belle Haven, a gothic novel you can read in a few hours, by Juliet Fitzgerald.  The bad part is once I start a book it is hard to put it down -- I can't wait to see how it ends.

Saw a recipe for a new sweet roll.  Made the first step today & will finish it tomorrow morning.  Sounds good so I hope it will be one we like.

It's 10:15 A.M. Sat. & already the temp. is 50.  We're getting spoiled as the next few days should be in the 60s.  I love it!

The gal in your class who became a district judge -- she was Kaye Gorenflo.  Maybe you noticed that addition in the next day's paper.  I remember the name but not the girl.

Mon nite the 6th Marge Woods & I serve at LCW.  We chose to serve cake -- the easiest.  Coffee, of course & M&M's on the table.  I have a silk daffodil flower centerpiece for the table.  Didn't get candles -- maybe I have some green ones around.  Just plain napkins.  But it will work out OK.  Marge takes care of children during the day so I got the coffee, etc. & we'll split the cost.

Baked the new roll & I like them.  Need to make them a few times to perfect the shape, etc.  Th ere is no sugar in the batter.  But you roll them out using sugar on the board, sprinkle sugar over the dough, fold in 3rds.  Roll out sprinkle sugar, fold 3 more times & form.  It says you should make 4 doz.  I only made 2 doz. so I must have made mine larger.  T hey aren't that large.  Just flour, 1/2 c. cold butter, 1/2 c. shortening, eggs, sour cr. & van.  Very easy to make.  Chill overnite.  Similar to a bakery roll but I can't recall the name.  I think it would be fun to be a pastry cook.  I haven't had much luck making cream puffs.  I love them so maybe I should try again.

Now it's Mon the 6th.  I see the eye Dr at 2:20 & want to mail this then.  Yesterday I returned 3 books to the library & got 3 more.  Finished the P. D. James, A Certain Justice last nite.  You don't skim thru those books.  It was from last weeks visit.  Glad I like to read.

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