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Saturday, July 8, 2000

The Mets-Yankees aft. game isn't on TV available to us.  But tonite's game will be on ESPN2 so I'll get to watch it.  It wasn't  Hope the Mets win a game, preferably 2.

Hatch Patch has home grown corn on sale & it's on our menu tonite & strawberry shortcake.

Larry found some homes for sale up to $50,000.00 on the Internet.  One was interesting.  11 acres & a house that isn't very good for $26,000.  Off Jackson Run. Lar & Kim tried to find it as well as Dale but couldn't.  Probably away from the road.  But when Kim &, Dale also, called -- the answer?  Sold.  At least it gives Dale something to think about & a good way to invest.  And Lar is willing to help...remodeling.

Found 2 new authors:  Iris Johansen & Barbarar Delinsky & I like their books.  Fun to find new authors.

We've had a week of perfect weather but more humidity is predicted.  Have hardly used the A.C. this summer.

This is your busy week getting ready for your party.

Sounds like Eddie is doing great in baseball. Nice to be on a winning team.  And Andy is quite the pitcher.  Sounds like the teams have a lot of parent support & that is good.

We didn't get out for lunch this past week as Barb had to work every afternoon.  Next Fri aft she doesn't work so we're going to Jamestown.  I want to stop at Don Gage.  Dale stopped there & found a nice shower curtain.  More like material -- not plastic.  For the basement shower & it's really nice.  I'd like to find one for the bathroom.  And I'd like to stop at Brand Names for some glasses.  Hard to explain but they have a solution between glass sections that can be frozen & then will keep your dink cold.  It melts & can be refrozen.  A $1.00 store had them in plastic but the plastic cracked when you filled them & then leaked.  They were 1.00 ea.  Brand Names are more & come 4 to a pkg.

Mon the 10th.

It wasn't a good weekend for the Mets & their fans, but at lesat they won the last game & it was a shut out.  Full house for the Mets.

Still the showers come.  I'm hoping that next Sat. will be clear for your party.

Finished a Barb. Delinsky book this A.M. & the ending was so sad.  I couldn't help shedding a few tears.  Three Wishes.  Takes place in a small Vermont town.

Yesterday Dale went to Jamestown to look for an entertainment center for his TV & accessories.  He didn't find anything he liked so he plans to go to Erie & Oak Furniture Place.  Kim & Lar got their stools for camp there.  Dale has to wait until a free Sat. the 22nd.  They have a lot of wonderful furniture there from the ads, etc.  Kim & Lar recommend it.

Wed Kim plays in a Cancer Golf outing at the Country Club.  Friends belong & she usually plays with one of them.  She is also on a committee that sponsors a bike ride around the Dam.  Bikers come from surrounding states & they like to come because of the beauty of the area.

So your cat is a female.  At least the name is OK in today's world.  Women are now boxers!

All-star baseball game on Tues. but many of the stars are out with injuries.  Cal Ripkin will lose his attendance record.  Orel H. retired when L.A. decided they couldn't use him.  I suppose it's the ego that bro't them this far & it's hard to give up the glory.  So an injury does it.

Not much happening around here so I'll bring this to a close with love to all.

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