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Saturday, July 15, 2000

It's your big party day & looking at the Weather Channel it looks like you have a nice day.  Not with us -- it's raining but it isn't in Boston & I hope the rain stays away until the game is over as it's moving eastward.

Dave Blair was walking his dog & we were on the porch.  He looks like an old man with stooped shoulders & the start of a pot belly.  His step children are a throw back of the hippy.

Last week I was watching a TV program "How's That Made".  It showed how the frying pan was made at the factory at Onconomoc (I tho't I learned how to spell it) Oconomowoc.  Home & Garden TV & it was so interesting.  Then in the USA Today there was an article on the Roto Zip tool for installing drywall made in Cross Plains.  I think you mentioned C.P. in your letters -- maybe Andy played ball there.  How they had a fire but started over & are doing well.  Another interesting article.

And Barb got a book at the library "History Matters" by Gerda Lerner, prof. of History Emerita at U of W. Madison and Barb wondered if either you or JoAnna knew her.  Think she is very interested in women's rights - think that's what Barb said.  She had the Robinson-Edwards chair of whatever you call it.

This week Lynn & family are at Chautauqua as her sister & family from Fla. are here.  So Barb has the afternoons free this week.  We didn't go to Jamestown last Fri. as thunder showers were predicted.  We're planning to go next Wed.

Tomorrow Sun. nite, we're going to Nickel Inn for a 6:30 dinner.  We like to go there once during the summer to have a nice meal & to watch the hummingbirds -- they have feeders at each window.

Fri nite's game Mets vs. Boston was so exciting & tense at times but it turned out right as the Mets won.  It was 1 hr. late in starting due to a power outage & I stayed up to the end 11:30.  It's on Fox right now & on the N.Y. channel Sun. so we get to see 3 of the 4 games.  I'm sure Gen & Ed were rooting for Boston -- their team.  The Mets are -- I don't now what!  Not winning.

Mon the 17th.

Think I made a mistake in my city -- not Oconomowoc but Manitowoc where the frying pans are manufactured.

We had a nice dinner at Nickel Inn -- I had fish stuffed cod & it was good.  Even had dessert -- lemon meringue pie.   Dale had a fudge sundae & Lar had strawberry shortcake.  Barb & Kim resisted dessert.

The wedding Kim & Lar attended had the reception at the Conewango Club & the food wasn't good.  Some kind of a pasta dish that must have been overcooked.  Most of it was returned to the kitchen.  The wedding cake was a carrot cake -- unusual but most likely their favorite.

I made fudge today (just what my waistline needs) and it came out so good.  I like it on a coffee break.

Baseball isn't as interesting as it could be, esp. with the Mets losing so many games.  I bet Bobby won't be the manager next year.  I hope not.  I'm hoping for different teams to be in the World Series but I don't have much hope.

I found a recipe for Banana Zucchini Bread that I plan to try.  It's suppose to be cooler tomorrow so I might bake (tomorrow).

We had ants coming in the house.  Dale thought they were coming in by the back door & replaced some dead wood, cleaned it out good & then cemented.  Haven't seen any more ants.  He is currently replacing the glass in the garage windows.  They look nice.

Kim won't be going to Fla. to visit her sister.  Debbie is doing OK & goes back to work on Sat.  She has used her sick & vacation days & Kim doesn't want to visit when Debbie has to work.  Her sister understands.  They'll go next year.  Kim hopes she & Lar can have a couple of long weekends before school starts again.

Tuesday the 18th.

I never have any luck using zucchini in a recipe.  I made the Ban.-Zuc bread.  It doesn't look very good but the taste is OK.

We got groceries after lunch.  Was able to go earlier as Barb is free aft. this week.

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