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Monday, August 21, 2000

Got your letter today.  Interesting newspaper article & a nice picture of JoAnna.

I didn't watch either political convention & always mute any commercials.

I sent that article to get your thoughts about the article & porn.  In this letter I'm enclosing an article from the Buff. Sun. paper concerning how hard it is to collect fines & books that are way overdue.  Do you have these problems.

\This A.M. I started to make dinner rolls.  Then I finally called for an appt. to have my teeth cleaned & checked.  Nothing until March but she said she'd check cancellations.  I could have had an A.M. appt. but that wouldn't work -- rolls would be ready for forming &  baking.  Had 2 aft. appts. & I took the 3:30 pm.  Got in right away & didn't have to wait long for Dr. Walters to check my teeth so I was home in an hr.  This time I made an appt. for May.  I don't get a lot of tartar on my teeth & other problems are usually a lost filling.  So that's out of the way now.

I also picked a qt. of blueberries from the 2 bushes in the yard.  They are really producing this year.

Called Gen last week.  They are fine.  Not much of a garden th is summer -- too much rain & deer & wild turkey are helping themselves.  They planted blueberries but they don't have many berries at all.  Gen said John would like to have a girlfriend but he doesn't know how to treat  girl.  He is too stingy with his money.  Should be more like Ed -- generous & interested in someone else instead of centering on himself.  I'm glad I had 4 children so you could learn give & take.

Kim was surprised to read how much it cost to register Andy in school.  Barb said it's a preview of college expenses.  They don't pay for anything here but Kim thinks it won't be long before they will have to charge for sports.

Carol Stedman (now married) is living in the old Parish House on Water St.  A couple of times I've walked home on 2nd Ave & seen her & she always speaks -- I don't know her personally -- but Lar & Barb do.  Lar & Kim were out to eat & Carol saw them & came over & gave Lar a big kiss & then talked for quite a while & didn't include Kim.  Kim wasn't very happy & wondered why Lar didn't introduce her.  I think Lar was too surprised to.  So Carol doesn't rate very high on her list.  Kim played golf last Sat & Lar didn't do any extra work because of a sore back.  Kim told him it's better to take a couple of days off rather than not work for 2 weeks.  So Sat. nite Lar & Torey walked over (Kim got home at 7 pm) to see "Grandma".  As soon as Tor was here, he looked all over for Kim.  They weren't here too long as they were going out to eat once Kim got home.  She was home before Lar & she figured they were over here.

I decided to quit reading for awhile & I'm putting a 1000 pc. puzzle together.

I'm watching Paramedics, one of my favorite programs.  It's from Phoenix tonite.

Heard on TV that Washington State is trying to interest children in reading by varying the library cards -- maybe more colorful, or a picture, etc.  Do you think that would help.  I can remember my Dad sitting in his chair reading the newspapers with Nifty (dog) on his lap.  My mother never had much spare time to read but I've always loved to read & still do.

Catherine Coulter's books are so good.  I must have her mixed up with another author as I thought her books were about Scotland, but they take place in San. Fran. or other Calif. areas.

We had hamburgers & corn on the cob for supper.  An easy meal in case my time at the dentist took longer.  The corn has been so good.  They surely planted a lot knowing people will pay 3.99 for 13 ears.  They've always been good for us.

Also got some peaches. I'd like to try to make a peach cobbler.

Have a couple of bills to mail tomorrow so will bring this to an end & have it ready to mail.

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