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Saturday, September 2, 2000

School started & hot, humid weather decided to return.  I've used the A.C. several times to keep the house cooler.  Things have started OK for Kim.  At least she doesn't have lunch room duty this year.

Received an invitation to Anna & Warren's 50th Wedding anniv. the end of Sept.  No one is going from this area so I won't be able to attend.  It will be at the Country Club but I'll send a card & look for a gift.

I did laugh when I read that paragraph about "now he knows what it's like to have children".  In fact I just read it again & laughed again.  You know they say laughter is good for a person.  No one said it was easy but it's the most wonderful experience ever.

Penn State "stinks" this year.  Barb is watching the game but I'm watching "Murder She Wrote" on A&E.  Barb thinks they should bench R. Casey & use the red shirt freshman who was in on a couple of plays in the first game & was good.

Read about the "shoe situation" of U. of Wisc.  But Wisc. still won minus the players who had to sit out.  Hope they'll continue to do OK.

Dale went to the care junkyard this aft.  The heat doesn't bother him.  He also loves to go to Don Gage & look over the variety of merchandise.

He got a pair of shoe stretchers made of cedar wood & they have a nice aroma to them.  Keeps his shoes smelling good.  The ones he wears a few times a year when he dresses up.  Shoes he inherited from Dad.

In St. Louis temp is suppose to reach 100 & the Mets play S.L. in an aft. game.  More fun.  It's not on TV.  They couldn't make it 1/2 ahead of the Braves when both teams lost.  It is exciting.

We finally had a thunder shower.  The grass has turned brown in spots & rain was needed.

I'm reading another author new to me -- Guilty as Sin by Tami Hoag.  Setting in Minn.  Another one by Patricia Cornwell, Point of Origin.  Noticed she has another one coming out soon.

Dale just came home -- he didn't get wet but it did rain there.  He was able to get what he was looking for.  A manifold for read end of car & in good condition.

It's funny how you forget your "problems" with your children growing up.  I know you 4 were no angels but I also know, in spite of everything, you are good, upstanding sons & daughter.  You have made me very happy as a mother & I know teenage years are hard -- learning to grow up, etc., but this, too, shall pass & become a distant, cloudy memory.  It's just a stage both parents & children have to go thru, & it's hard for both sides.  That's my sermon for this time!!!

It's Sun Sept 3rd & it's Mets time on TV.  I'm almost finished reading Pat. Cornwell's book & it's so good.

It's beautiful this aft. 2 pm.  Less humid.  It was still warm in church this A.M.

This summer Mr. Bonace has done a lot of walking but he started in walking the bike path all the way twice a day.  He ended up with leg splints.  He was really crippled for awhile & had to go to the Dr.   He started walking too far.  So we haven't seen him walking for awhile.

That was a nice compliment the mayor gave you, Paul.  Of course, I agree with him.

I have Andy's birthday gift & will soon get it on its way -- to the library.

Soon I'll start thinking of Christmas & suggestions for gifts.  So get your thinking cap on!  You know I like to start early.

Labor Day.

Larry came over this A.M. with his jack hammer & took out the "bump" in the entry to the driveway on 3rd.  (Hard to explain.)  Then Dale cleaned it up & put on black top patch & tamped it down. Easier to drive in & back out now.  The first step in the driveway changeover.  Now Dale is cleaning out the eaves by the front porch.  When it rains, it overflows so Dale is trying to fix it.  Also needed to cut a branch off the tree.

Kim stopped over, for a short visit, with Torey.

Mets are losing for the 4th time in a row.  But then the Braves are losing games as well.  Not many games left.

Green Bay comes to Buffalo.  Buff. played a great game last nite winning the game.  Full house -- 75,000 people.  Fun to watch.

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