Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saturday, October 7, 2000

Thanks for your gift suggestions, JoAnna.  I like to know early as then I can watch the sales & the money goes further.

See by the TV that upper Michigan is getting snow & flurries are predicted for us.  Also Ill. is at Wisconsin & that should be a good game.  But I'll be watching the Mets & San Fran in NYC.  Need a divided screen but I'll do some switching around to keep up on the scores.  When I wrote this I forgot the St. L. & Atlanta came first.

We've had a rainy week & no work has been done on the driveway.  I'm not counting Mon. when Lar came over & got a start on the bricks.  It is going to look nice.  Hope it's done before Paul & Eddie get here.  It messed up the side lawn -- from Lar's tractor wheels & now the bricks are there.  They made the foundation really firm & the rain didn't harm it & drained right off.  Barb is able to park in the neighbor's driveway & Dale parks the Blazer on the st.

Next week is Dale's early week so he gets Sat. off so we can sleep in a little later.  But I still seem to wake up at the regular hour.  I won't get up tho.

Barb & I don't discuss politics as we are on opposite sides.  If she starts in I just listen -- religion & politics shouldn't be debated as neither side will give in willingly.

 We have an interesting situation here in county politics.  He was manager of Youngsville & to save money he let sludge into the Brokenstraw Creek (now &. got a big fine -- who saved money?) U& polluted water downstream.  There was a trial (he was a state senator) & he was convicted & spent 30 days in jail & is on home arrest.  He had to resign from the State Senate -- a Rep. -- & he let his name stay on the ballot & doesn't think he's done anything wrong.  A Rep. turned Independent is running against him & our Gov. is supporting this man. I'll vote for him.  But the "felon" still has supporters, including the local Rep. bigwigs but not the State Rep.  I don't think he'll get it.  I hope not.  He shows no remorse.  Maybe Paul has noticed the story in the Wrrn. papers.

Got the Bon Ton sale issue for next Thurs. & Fri. & they have some good sales.  Eddie, unless he has changed, isn't that interested in shopping, but maybe if I  bribe him to let him buy something, he will come.

I'm making veg. beef soup for supper & a bread pudding for me as the others don't like it.  I love it.  And I'm making (chilling now) sugar cookies as Torey had the last cooky last week.  He won't like me if I don't have his cookies on hand.  (What a spoiled dog -- we all spoil him.)

Interesting what is happening in Yugoslavia.  Hope other won't be bloodshed in the change of leadership.

It looks like the Braves are getting beat.  3 more outs & it's over.  I'm happy but Andy is sad.  Now I'm beginning to think St. Louis could beat the Giants.  I don't think the Mets can beat the Giants.  I don't think the Mets can beat the Giants.  I hope Seattle represents the A.L. in the World Series.

This is Warren Hi Homecoming weekend & Kim's cousin from Atlanta is here and a bunch of them are staying at the Holiday Inn.  It is also Sheffield's homecoming & Kim had to be there.  So between her weekend duties she is busy.  Kim suggested they meet for a late breakfast so they can see each other.

She walked Torey over here for a little exercise & a cup of coffee.  She was able to read Paul's letter.  She is always interested in what you folks are doing.

We saw Sandy Koufax, former L.A. pitcher, at the Mets game as well as Seinfeld who is a Met fan.

Sun the 8th.

The Mets beat the Giants & I'm really surprised.  The 2 games at Shea Stadium were so good, esp. Bobby Jones' 1 hitter on Sun. & a shut out as well.

Mon the 9th.

We woke up this morning to snow flurries, but they didn't last, but it's still cold.  Should be nice by the end of the week.

Better get this ready for mailing.

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