Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunday, September 10, 2000

Thanks for the pictures.  Andy's picture is so good & he smiled.  His teeth are looking so good -- he must be taking care of them.  Family pictures are great.  I find it hard to believe Eddie is changing so much -- no more little boy.

I sent Andy's birthday gift last Sat. so it should be there on time.  A teenager now & an interest in girls.  Sounds like he has good taste.

When it cooled off, I wanted to do some baking & ran out of flour.  Unusually I have extra on hand but I slipped up.  Now I have flour but it has warmed up & is more humid.  But it won't last & I can start baking.

Didn't get any more book.  In fact, I didn't finish Tami Hoag's book.  Found it hard to get into & I've been reading a lot so decided to give it a rest.  So I'm putting puzzles together.  Finished one last night.  Maybe I'll start another one while I watch my slipping Mets this aft.  Very discouraging.

Your shed looks very nice with the new paint.  It takes a lot of work to keep one's property.  Both Dale & Barb say driving into the driveway now is much better -- no bump to go over.  Last  Thurs. Beaty had a football game & cares were parked on Third when Lar came with his truck.  He agreed, it was much easier turning into the driveway.

Tues. the 12th.

We're having showers today & I hope it will wash away our humidity.

Barb ordered a bed from Penneys.  The present one squeaks & when she moves it wakens her up.  Should be here the end of the week.

Gen called on Sun.  John got a new car, a Japanese make & I can't remember how to spell it.  Starts with N.  He is also taking flying lessons again, much to their dismay.  It worries them.  He's a grown man who knows what he wants to do.  He's still a boy to them.  Too bad!

Barb is working extra hours this week & next preparing for a rummage sale.  Bob's father died some time ago & they finally put the house up for sale & it sold for their price.  Two families wanted it & one was willing to pay Bob's price.  So there is stuff from there to look over, etc.  Barb is pricing items, etc.

Last Sun. Rose was in church for the first time after her operation.  She's doing OK.

Barb was very happy when the Bills beat Green Bay.  Sure it was the opposite in your house.  But the Bill look good this year, at least so far.  We hope they continue.

Soon time to think of supper.

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