Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday, March 25, 1984

Not much to write about but I'm sure I'll manage with a bit of chatter.  Two lovely days in a row and it is so nice.  We got snow the past week and no one cared to see that now.  Hope it keeps up -- sunshine and blue skies.  Didn't take long to melt the snow.

Larry has a "female" roommate.  A friend of Monty's from Fla. came to Warren and stayed with Monty and his live in girlfriend and the girlfriend didn't want competition around so told Monty to find her another place so Larry has her.  She already found a job at Holiday Inn as a cocktail waitress.  She came to dinner last Thurs. and seems very nice.  Barb, Lar, Dad and I and we had a good meal.  Jennifer had to work.  It is a nice eating place.  Before Barb leaves I hope to go to Bucktail Hotel in Marienville.  Maybe on a Sun.  After we stopped & saw Lar's apt.  Tried the water bed - nice.  Kitchen looks nice.  Next project is the living room - but not til next year.

Dale ordered parts for the Olds and some have come.  Yestereday he drove near Pittsburgh, taking his back bumper to be resilvered but I think they use stainless steel.  Can't recall the correct term.  With the nice weather coming he wants to get the car in superb working order!!!  Last year he had the front bumper fixed in Erie but wasn't that pleased with the work and heard about this place.  Won't get it till the first of May.  He said the bumper should gleam like a mirror.  We'll see.  He drove his truck and had no problems with it.  He is helping Dave with his 'Vette - he burned out something or other.  I'm really clear about things aren't I?

Dad goes to Bradford tomorrow aft. to make some shut in calls and then has a Council mtg. in the p.m.  THey have received a name and all that Dad knows is that it is a pastor in Arizona, whose wife is from Pa. and they would like to come East.  Hope it works out as it gets tiresome for Dad.  I don't mind it that much and after all these years of listening to Dad's sermons I can still say he preaches good sermons with something to them.  Our new pastor isn't much of a preacher.  He needs to use some illustrations to add to his sermons.  I know the people in Bradford appreciate Dad's services.  One young couple has been coming and is thinking of joining.  She is Baptist background and he is from Tabor, Kane.  This a.m. another young couple was in church - they are new in town and she plays the organ and both have nice voices.  They are trying to get a choir for Easter.  Things are slowly coming back to life there.

Mr. Powell was at school last Fri. and was talking to us during our break.  He is losing his hearing and is awfully thin but is cheerful.  He asked me if I was retiring and I said I was planning on it but now was siting to see if that insurance (med.) goes thru and then I'd put off retirement til the end of the year.  He changed his date to Sept. 1 and some others who are retiring are doing teh same so maybe they have hopes that it will go thru.  Would be a big help.  Guess I could take a few more months.

I'm getting used to the Microwave and like it.  Barb and Dale both use it.

Ted Benson just called to check to see if we are going out next Fri evening.  Hollertz can't make it but we will still go.  Can't pass up the getting together.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, February 26, 1984

We do enjoy your most interesting letters and what you tell us about your work.  You have an interesting job and it sounds like you will really be busy for some time to come.  Keep up the good work.

Signe and Geo. called on Wed. to tell us Linda had the baby on Tues.  8 lbs. and it was caesarian section.  But we weren't home when they called - Barb took the message - and we have been trying to get them but haven't succeeded.  Guess all is well and being so big all must be well with the baby.  Eric is doing well, too, with his theropy.  (however you spell it)

Were we surprised in church at Bradford today.  The flowers on the altar were in observance of our anniversary (belated) by one of the members.  Then a coffee party afterwards to honor the retiring board members as well as us.  Pretty pink carnations and snapdragons.  A nice gesture.  They have 2 names from synod and tomorrow nite is council mtg. so Dad will find out more.  I hope it won't be too long before they get a pastor.

Fri. nite we didn't get to go to Niles, Ohio as Ted Shaffer called and had a conflict so instead Bensons and us joined Hollertz in Ridgway for dinner-theater at the country club.  A good dinner and a melodrama LOVE RIDES THE RAILS or WILL THE MAIL-TRAIN RUN TONIGHT?  It was so cute and we had such a good time.  You were to hiss and boo the villian and clap for the hero and general audience participation.  In one place the villian was going to dump the bar gal for the heroine and they were talking "How shall we handle Charlotte?"and someone in the audience said "very carefully" and we all laughed.  Then when the train was going to derail if something wasn't done and the red lamp had been taken away everyone was saying take off your red skirt, take off your red skirt which she naturally did.  It was really a riot and enjoyed by all.  We love these monthly get togethers.

After some beautiful spring weather in the 60's we had snow showers yesterday to remind us that winter still reigns.  But it can't last.  We bot a large thermometer and put it on the front porch and it is real easy to read.

Lar is painting his kitchen and ordered wallpaper for it.  We still haven't been over to see his TV or water bed but now we will have to get over there to see the kitchen when it is completed.

Barb thanks you for the W2 form.  We expect to get 200.00 back and that will go for a window over the sink.  We want one like in the eating area that opens out.  And Dad also priced replacement windows for the D.R. so he has a project coming up.

Barb is taking a flower arranging course at Girtens and is enjoying it and we are enjoying the arrangements she brings home.

You know we hope to go to the national church convention in Toronto the end of June as visitors and we have an address to get help for motels.  That should be coming and we can make arrangements and figure expenses.  Bensons plan to go too.

By now you are all moved in and enjoying your new living quarters.

Have a new permanent and my hair is short and have received many compliments.  I like it short but usually after a perm it is too short, but evidentally people don't think so.

Lar just dropped by to read the Buffalo paper.  Things are fine here.

Letter from Paul, Tuesday/Wednesday, February 21/22, 1984

Tuesday, February 21

Meltaways?  What meltaways?  But first....

Library news.

Another benchmark has been reached.  The draft for a telephone citizen survey is now ready for the two committees who will be participating in the long-range planning process.  The staff committee holds its first meeting on Thursday morning; the citizen committee meets the following Tuesday.  The schedule of meetings extends through early September on somewhat of a monthly basis.  As data coordinator, I will have much to do between each set of meetings, most of it related to report writing after digesting survey results, census data, committees input, etc.  With no end to my list of various library duties, 1984 is already sprinting toward the finish line.  I certainly hope that I can maintain my stamina and keep from getting winded before collapsing on New Year's Eve.

At this point, John and I are considering contracting with a professional research survey outfit to conduct the citizen survey from start (review of survey itself, definition of sample size, sample selection) to the crucial middle (training, techniques for surveyors, and survey implementation) to finish (data entry, tabulation, computer analysis).  So far we have received  one estimate, an $8,000 proposal from the Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory, affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Extension.  The availability of alternatives is extremely limited.  A professional survey organization with a national scope such as Gallup or Roper or Neilsenh would probably cost the library a small fortune.  Using the assistance of UW-Oshkosh's testing research staff may not offer us a needed level of expertise.  What will help us decide on whom to pick is how much the library board is willing to commit to the project.  We may end up having to use volunteers, such as the Friends of the Library.

The new circulation librarian started on Monday.  Pat Losinski is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison library school and worked part-time for awhile at the Janesville Public Library.  This marks the first time in nearly four years that the library has added a professional librarian to its staff.

Yesterday being Presidents' Day, we had more than our usual share of schoolage children in the library.  Around 3 o'clock, I was sitting in my office when the fire alarm started to sound, an unmistakable aural intrusion.  Nobody panicked; in fact, everyone, both staff and patrons alike, quickly exited the building - on what was, fortunately, a dry, relatively mild day - and patiently awaited either smoke or an explanation.  A fire engine arrived promptly, and four or five fireman searched the building.  One of them discovered that an alarm on the mezzanine had been tampered with.  Some prankster tyke, no doubt.  The entire episode lasted between 5 and 10 minutes and added some excitement to an otherwise routine day.

Weather report.

Nearly all of our snow cover has disappeared due to February's unseasonably mild temperatures.  The past weekend was a rainy one, a torrential downpour late Saturday afternoon causing some minor flooding in sections of town.  The clammy weather kept my off my bicycle.  My weekend exercise, therefore, was limited to carting boxes of kitchen stuff and other personal belongings to the new apartment.  A week from today, I'll be completely moved in.  How nice it will be to have that temporary disorientation regarded as history.

As a result of the library's changing over to a new phone system, one corner of the basement is piled high with used telephones.  I need my own unit for the apartment since I won't be taking the yellow wall-phone model with me.  Each Indian Trail apartment is designed with an attractive little nook for a phone, a perfect interior flourish for such a building, which is meant to house a desk-top model.  Eric checked to make sure the phone, originally used as part of the library's intercom system, is compatible with the Wisconsin Bell System.  It is.  One less added expense of moving to pay.

Wednesday, February 22.

I took the morning off today to move some household furnishings: two end tables, a dresser, a desk, a bookcase, three plants.  Later on I need to clear the clutter that covers the kitchen table and my bedroom floor.  Viewing such a mess makes it seem like I have so much to do yet.

If I hadn't been scheduled to work this afternoon, I would have done some more moving, but if I hadn't been tied to that obligation, I would have certainly taken a long ride on my bicycle.  Spring has made an early arrival, at the expense of all the fools who believe in old wives' tales.  A couple week ago, Wisconsin was blanketed with a thick fog for a full day. According to this particular tale, ten days later we were to be hit with a crippling snowstorm.  We did receive some precipitation - Saturday's rain - but since then the weather has steadily improved to the point where it seems like April in February.  It must not have been foggy enough.  Or maybe Minnesota hogged all of the snow we were supposed to get.

Softball practice may start early this year if current weather conditions persist.  Season #6.  Six summers in Oshkosh.  I might as well enjoy it since it's the best time to be here.  Summer in Wisconsin always lets me take a fresh approach to life.  Even though the schedule of activity - bicycling, swimming, camping, softball, acting like a hyperactive preschooler - may be the same or similar, the spirit of the season is always one of extension rather than repetition.

Good weather certainly soften the hard edges of my behavior.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday, January 29, 1984

It is always a joy to receive your most interesting letters.  Wonder if you are c. c. skiing today.  We're had a melt but now it is snowing.  Last Mon. would have been a good day for skiing but Dad had a mtg.  But they still hope to get out.

I'll be glad to get that list of books I like to read, when it's all compiled.  I've often wondered why lists like that aren't available.  I sometimes stumble onto new authors by just looking & also in the 2 week selections.  I'm' sure glad reading is one of my hobbies as it is so enjoyable.

Back to Bradford this AM & my 3rd annual mtg.  All went well.  It will be some time before they get a pastor as they can't come up to the starting salary schedule.  Dad will continue to be busy but we enjoy the ride, people, etc.

Today we saw a lot of 4 wheel drives & snowmobiles for some sort of get together.  And many ice fishermen at the Dam.  We live in a pretty part of the state.

Talked to Gen this past week & John had the same operation you did in Calif.  Guess it is an inherited thing so it must come from the Luthgrens but I've never heard of it before.

The "herring" article is so interesting.  Fri nite we were to Mel & Levina's for dinner & they enjoyed reading it, too.  Will show it to Warren Hollertz - he loves herring.  Interesting to note Volvo owns the Abba Herring Co.

We got an extra day off last Tues. as it was so icy it would have been dangerous for school buses.  Tues nite we saw a comedy at Players Club.  It was so good & full of laughs.

We need new doors upstairs so this week Dad plans to look into it.  That is a good winter job.  We want some folding doors - little room closet as well as Barb's and Dale's. 

My washing machine sprung a leak but Dale found the trouble & we are awaiting the replacement.  Should be in on Wed.  Had to go to the laundromat yesterday & did 4 loads.  Glad Dale can fix it as I'm not ready to replace it yet.  We get 6.50 for each sick day we don't use & I've accumulated 140 days & I plan to see that money for a washer & dryer replacement.  My washer is 13 yrs old & had given excellent service.

Nothing unusual happening here.

Linda is in the hosp.  Its 7 mo so they could take the baby.  Signe will keep us informed.  Too bad that someone who really wants a child has such a hard time.

Letter from Paul, January 22/23/24, 1984

(January 22.)  With meetings on Wednesday in Madison (workshop on grant-writing sponsored by the Division for Library Services) and on Friday in Milwaukee (Personnel & Professional Concerns committee), the schedule for the past week was busier than usual.  Because of the two full days away from my office, I'll have a lot of loose ends to tend to, along with the usual forward progress, come Monday morning.  I considered a Saturday afternoon visit to the library to give myself a head start but felt too much like a vegetable to tackle anything work-related.  Instead I stayed home and read the newspapers while watching an old Mae West movie on television.  Every Day's a Holiday.  One of her few films that I had not previously seen.

Technically, I didn't stay home on Saturday.  I returned home after the Friends of the Library's annual meeting, a buffet brunch at the Grey Fox restaurant.  Nearly 50 people attended, 40 being considered the threshold of success.  After the business meeting and various remarks, Barbara Vroman, the program speaker, described a series of personal sketches on the ups and downs of being an author.  So far, she has had two of her books published:  Tomorrow is a River, a story based on Wisconsin folklore, and Sons of Thunder, a generational saga that focuses on an Irish family.  I have not read either of them, but each one has been popular locally.  I'm unaware if she has gained a regional or national reputation yet.  She resides in a small community just 40 miles west of here, so for Oshkosh she can be considered a "local author".

Last Sunday was special, my first day on cross-country skis in over two years.  The trails at Kusel Lake, a county park located near Barbara Vroman territory, were in excellent condition considering the infrequent snowfall during the past few weeks.  The extreme cold has given the snow, the packed snow especially, a styrofoam-like quality that creates outstanding cruise-control qualities.  It becomes possible to ease into a mechanical rhythm and glide through the forest.  I felt so blissfully relaxed after last week's outing.  Might as well try it again.  In another hour, I'll be on the road for a return engagement at Kusel.

(January 23.)  No difference from Sunday to Sunday as far as ski trail conditions are concerned.  I would have enjoyed skiing a second loop before returning to Oshkosh but had made plans with Dave and Lynn to watch the Superbowl, which resulted in a 6-hour marathon of 3-handed sheepshead.  When plans for the get-together were being made earlier in the day, I promised Dave, a native Pennsylvanian, "something special to drink".  Neither Dave nor Lynn were surprised to find a drinkably cold case of Rolling Rock in the refrigerator.  We drank heartily until it was Miller time, which was only a few beers before the house become dry.

Clean Gene, my former upstairs neighbor, has been gone for at least two months now.  The apartment is still  empty, though it has been rented, as I learned Saturday afternoon.  The new tenant is a zaftig, young grandmother type.  Her excessive use of make-up gives her the appearance of a secretary just out of business school, though I would gather she's actually in her early 40s.  She gave out small nuggets of information about herself -- current job, former residence and housemate, moving-in schedule -- but neglected to mention if she was divorced or widowed.  She appears to be a very outgoing type of person, which I hope will translate into another phantom as upstairs neighbor.  Now that I have a very full and clear stereo sound, I'd hate to be deprived regularly of the opportunity to hear it at its most effective volume level, which cannot be called especially neighborly.  Who knows?  Maybe she's into aerobics, but that could cause some structural damage.

(January 24.)  For two of out three Mondays, I have been able to use the same bowling ball.  The familiar feel of a 16-pound round object with three holes drilled into it has not yet translated into consistent success with knocking down the pins.  My average over the first three weeks is in the 136, 137 range, but I haven't bowled on a regular basis since college.  I can see an improvement in ball control and a corresponding increase in confidence already.  Having my own ball would probably add ten points to my average in a hurry.  So far, though, bowling equipment has a low priority on my list of purchases.

By the time you're retired, Mom, I should have an annotated bibliography of the type of fiction you like to read.  I'll be using the list in conjunction with a special display of these books this fall.  The listed recently appeared in a monthly library publication, The U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*D Librarian, and I am presently revising and expanding it.  At this time, my work draft is somewhat difficult to decipher, so even a photocopy would be of little use.

After a second major dose of subzero weather, everyone is enjoying a brief thaw.  While walking to work this morning -- 8 a.m. temperature; 32F -- I could almost feel a light touch of spring.  Not that I'm overanxious for its arrival.  Last year at this time, I was able to enjoy an occasional extended bike ride, but this year the weather has been much too uncooperative and the streets -- for the most part -- too much like snow-covered washboards to enjoy such an activity.  But last year I couldn't ski, and since the first time out for the season two Sundays ago, I've been living from weekend to weekend to experience the exhilaration of gliding on top of groomed snow.

Wall Street Journal on pickled herring.

All for now.

Monday, January 16, 1984

This is our long weekend - no school Fri. or Mon.

It's been cold here - below 0.  It's sunny & warmer today.  After my washing is completed I'll walk over town, return library books & "window shop".  I'm in the mood to buy, but then when aren't I!

Fri. nite the 4 couples met at Bucktail Hotel, Marienville & we had a great time.  Next time Ted Shaffer wants us to come to Niles, Oh. where he is now - go out to dinner, sleep over & have a grand time.  Planned for the last Fri. in Feb.

Beaty Group had a pancake breakfast, chili lunch, & flea mkt last Sat.  I shared a table & sold 100 rolls & made about 17.50 after expenses.  2.50 table & about 5.00 for ingredients.  Could have sold more.  As it was I was up at 5:15 AM to bake 2 double batches & 1 batch was made earlier & frozen so I'd have 100 to sell.  It was fun.  But the kitchen will be a mess for work tomorrow.  They said we probably wouldn't be able to find utensils.

Dad didn't have to go to Brad. Sun. so we worshipped at St. Paul followed by the annual mtg.  All went well.

Howard Ford retired from Sylvania last Fri.

Barb received the check & says thank you.

Barb & Dad really enjoyed skiing last Mon & it was a lovely day.  They are anxious to go again.  Nice trails at Chapman Dam.

Dad is in Kane this AM for a district mtg.  Svea sent us oranges & they are so good.

Do you have new tenants upstairs?

Called Svea to wish Signe a Happy Birthday & they stayed only 2 weeks as Linda has to stay in bed so she won't lose the baby & they thot they should return & help out.

Called Roland's but Signe & Geo. had gone to Rkfd. for the weekend so I just wrote a letter.

Svea told us Roger paid off the mortgage - she was really happy as it makes things easier.  She said she'd send us oranges & we'll pay the freight cost.  That is nice of her.  Her trees didn't get hit with frost.

She doesn't plan to sell.  Maybe next winter we can visit her.  I'd love that.

Roland said they hope the baby will hold off for 3 more weeks as that would be 33 weeks.  Hope it will.  Linda doesn't care to go thru this again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday, December 31, 1983

This is a rest period - I've been busy today.  We're having homemade veg. beef soup & pecan pie for supper.  I'm also making my special rolls & will make 2 more double recipes next week.  You see, Sat the 21st Beaty kids are sponsoring a flea mkt, pancake breakfast, etc. & another gal & I plan to have a table.  The first question I heard "Is Marion going to have her rolls?"  I'm shooting for 100 rolls for 25 cents each.  Have a few other things - a few paperbacks, old jewelry, etc.  Should prove interesting.  No school next Fri - end of 1st semester so I'll have more time for baking.

Mon nite we had a lot of snow - about 10".  Barb helped shovel Carey's & Conaway's walks & Lar paid her.  A big job.  We haven't seen this much snow in a couple of years.  Dad & Barb might go C. C. skiing at Chapman Dam Park.  They have skating, too.  A couple of A.M's it was really cold but it was 30 this A.M. at 7.

Last nite Barb went out with Lar & Mike to Holiday Inn.  Enjoyed herself.

Dale is still working on his truck - was late each nite this past week.  Today he's working on his car - removed the tires.  Hopes to get new ones.  And plans to do something to make it ride better.  He tells me but I forget the words.

Tomorrow we go to Chandlers Valley for church & annual mtg.  Potluck dinner.  We don't have to go to Brad. the following Sun. as they have a pulpit exchange.  Dad will enjoy a Sun. off.

This Fri. nite we meet with Hollertz, Bensons & Schaffers for dinner at Marionville.  That means an enjoyable evening.

No school Mon. the 23rd either.  A long weekend.  I think Barb has given up on Paul in Madison.  Wonder if Tom heard because he called Barb last Tues. nite but they are just friends, so Barb says.  She isn't sure of her future - when she'll return, etc.

I went to the dentist & have trouble with a back tooth.  Barb also went for a checkup & cleaning & has to have an old filling fixed.  It's been 7 years since a check up.

Do you think you'll invest in bowling equipment if you continue to bowl.  Your own ball is a help.  Sounds like you are a busy guy but you enjoy it, too.  You have an interesting job.

Barb made chili crackers for the soup tonite - I'll stick to saltines as she uses a lot of seasoning - to spicy for me.

All is well here.

Thursday, December 29, 1983

After you left & I went upstairs, I found a piece of the puzzle so am sending it on.  It must have been in some article of clothing & dropped as your came downstairs.

The sun is shining - I've had my hair done - am doing a wash - Dad is cleaning.  Lar called about going to Erie. Since it doesn't look too bad we might give it a try.

This was really a nice Christmas week - enjoyed it so much.  The 6 of us together is great - glad we get along so well & enjoy each other's company.

Soon it's back to the regular schedule again but that is good, too.

Just a note to send the puzzle piece to you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, November 27, 1983

This has been a nice Thanksgiving weekend for us.  A good dinner with 20 lb. turkey so there were leftovers.  Fri a.m. I went over town and started shopping for myself.  Got a Pendleton, dark red blazer at Levinsons.  Didn't like the matching skirt and the plaid skirt wasn't in my size.  At Carnahans I saw a Pendleton jumper I really liked but didn't think I should get it as they as expensive clothes.  But I went back and got it.  Same red color as the blazer.  In the aft. I said I'd like to go to Tionesta where they have a Pendleton store to see if I could find a skirt and I did find a plaid one I liked and it is my gift from Dad for Christmas.  Then we went out to eat, went up to our Mall and when we got home I suggested to Barb we walk over town and she agreed as she wanted to get some cards and I needed one as a thank you for Mrs. Crary for the Chrysanthemum plant she gave us for Thanksgiving.  A pretty bronze one.  After we got our cards I suggested to Barb we go to Betty Lee where earlier I had seen a coat I liked and wanted her to see it.  Ended up buying it so I was really good to myself, wouldn't you say.  But at B. L. and Lev. they have a system that what you buy in Nov. can be spread over Jan, Feb. Mar. with no interest on the 3 payments.  So that makes it easier for me.  I figure I might as well get what I want when I'm working and I do that all right.  Fun, fun fun.

Sat. was a beautiful day so in the aft. we went to Jamestown for a couple of things I wanted to get.  Also some groceries.

Today was church in Bradford and the one service.  There were close to 100 in church - it was so nice and such an inspiration.  Just so they keep coming and we hope that those who dropped out temporarily will come back and will be welcomed by those who stuck it out.  It is a lovely church and nice people.  We had our dinner in Bradford.  Lots of hunters in the area due to the first day of hunting tomorrow.  That means no school tomorrow so we will go to Erie as there are things we want to get there and we have to go to Erie at least once during the Christmas season.  A lot of our shopping is completed and we should start wrapping.

No school Dec. 12- first day of doe season - so I hope to have Mel and Levina for dinner.  Will have our tree up by then.

Thurs. nite we go out to eat at the Limberlost with Hollertz, Benson and Schaffer's.  I love to eat there.  Fri. nite is the Christmas dinner for the girls at work and we will have it at The Jefferson Tearoom.  So this is a busy week.

Barb's knitting is beautiful.  Has finished a sweater, a vest and is working on a 2nd sweater.

Renee called on Thanksgiving hoping you'd be home.  She won't be here for the Christmas holidays.  She sends you her greetings.  Said she hasn't heard from you for a year.  Her mother died this past summer and I didn't realize that.  She expects to be home next summer with her husband coming for the weekends.  Better get to your letter writing!!!

How was your Thanksgiving?  We wondered if Carole and family got there because of the bad snowstorm.  We got the round robin and Ford's kids were home for T. as it was Ford and June's 45th anniversary.

Things are fine here.  I even got a start on Christmas cards.

We have a turkey & lamb roast in the freezer for Christmas meals when you're home.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday, November 6, 1983

We were up at 5:30 a.m. to go to Bradford for an 8:15 and 10:30 service.  Dad will be preaching there quite often, earning vacation money!  We hope it won't be too long before they can get a new pastor.  There have been problems and they will continue for awhile.  Only about 15 in the Church School, less than Hessel Valley, and both services are poorly attended.  Dad was hoping they'd just have one service but they want to continue this way.  It isn't that bad getting up early and we hope it won't be too bad a winter.  With this extra money we will be able to eat out next summer at the lake and that is what I love!

Last Sun. we were at Thiel for a special Luther Sunday and we enjoyed that.  Dad, along with other former board members, were honored for his services to Thiel.  We were at a special dinner and that was interesting as well as delicious.  The cream of the crop was there!!!!

Next Sun. we will be at Bradford all day as there is a special evening service commemorating Luther's birth and it wouldn't be worth it to come home.  We will probably go to Olean and eat there at The Castle.  Dad, as one of the former district pres., will be assisting at the Communion Service.  Your father has been a capable leader.

Barb is doing fine and it is nice to have her home.  Only I am corrupting her!! She is watching some soaps on TV as well as other programs and she is trying to win a million in the lottery.  Isn't that shameful.  She put in an application to work at Betty Lee during the Christmas season and she hopes she will get a job.  She could also invest in some clothes with her earnings.  We have done some shopping and I've bot her Christmas gift - a blazer.  She found one she liked.  Also some jeans.  She is surprised at the nice things B. L. has.  Also surprised that Warren is so nice!  She might even stay longer and go to the lake with us in Aug.  Time will tell.  It is working out fine.

I have started the ball rolling concerning my retirement I'll get from working.  Filled in a retirement form and it sounds like I could get about 130.00 mo. which would more than cover Blue Cross that I can get thru the school and nit is cheaper than what Dad could get thru the church.  I would also take the amt. I contributed and take retirement on the state and school district contribution.  With S.S. I will have some spending money.

Dad built a bookcase for the little room for his books that have been in the attic.

Lar went to a turkey party last nite and won a 10LB turkey.  Not big enough for Thanksgiving so we might have it sooner.  I'm hungry for turkey, stuffing, etc.

I'm taking Tues. off and we plan to go to Buffalo as Barb would like to see Niagara Falls again and we will go to some Malls, at least one.

Things are fine with us.

October 25, 1983 (Letter from Barb)

All is well in Warren.  I have enjoyed being back at this time of year.  It is so cozy here.  I like how Mom and Dad have fixed up the house.

Fall has been nice.  I have enjoyed taking walks through Warren and sort of going back in time.  I've wandered off to the spots I played as a child.  The colors have been going through their peak.

I will be working on sewing projects besides the knitting I intend to do.  Mom, Dad, Larry and I went to the Millcreek Mall in Erie last Friday.  I looked for material.  I couldn't find much but ended up with a few nice pieces for some vests.

I've been playing some of my old lesson books on the piano.  The songs aren't that difficult but I must start from a level that suits me.  I am writing some folksy type songs for the guitar.  I have a desire to do my own songs on the guitar.  I do it for fun now.

The balance I had in Milwaukee was interesting.  Dan told me I was carrying a lot of tension in my back, nest, and chest.  When Paul did therapeutic touch on me, this is the area that he found where the energy flow was blocked.  He (Don) picked up the ages of 12 and 13 and told me that I was a very sensitive person.  When I had a psychic reading with Merly, she told me that I carried a lot of tension in my neck.  It was as if I was carrying a back pack is how she described it to me.  Don told me that I released a lot of pain when I went through a process of forgiving myself for resisting in the flow of my life.   Don said this process should aid in my being able to be more spontaneous and intimate in my relationships.  It should also help in my creativity process. I now have set aside a time period every night where I go through a process of inner relaxation and releasing of tension.  I try to be more aware of how I would be holding or suppressing emotions in a negative way.

Mom, Dad, Larry and I went to see "Fanny" at the Library Theater last Thursday night.  It was near to a full house.  They did a wonderful job in fixing the old theater.

Have a happy birthday.

Sunday, October 16, 1983

Dad & I thank you for the World Atlas.  We like it - fun to look thru & good help for me in some cross word puzzles.  We both had good birthdays.

Dad left at noon last Mom. (TV is interferring) for a pastor's convocation at Butler, & coming home Wed. Aft.  He enjoyed it.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast at Perkins - it was very busy - first day of small game hunting.  Larry took us all out to lunch at the Jefferson Room (old & bldg.) house on Corner of Mkt & 2nd & the food is excellent.  Even Dale went with us!  Then last nite the opening of the refurbished Library Theater.  It is lovely - the color scheme is so pleasing.  It was fun to be there - some in formal dress - good program.  We didn't stay for birthday cake as it was 11 pm by the time the program ended & Dad had the service at the Valley today when 5 were confirmed.

Thurs nite Mel & Levina took us out to dinner at the Bucktail Hotel, Marienville.  Good food & such a nice atmosphere.  We will go there when you are here for Christmas.  You are coming, I hope.

I received many nice cards & letters from friends & relatives.  Even got a 2nd Soc. Security check on my birthday but not the large one the man said I'd be getting - the back money due me because they went back to  my 62nd birthday.  Gen plans to quit work & take S. S. at 62 next June.

Barb has been home a week.  I felt sorry for Tom as that is such a long trip in 2 1/2 days.  We didn't know when to expect Barb & they drove in about 9:30 Sat. AM.  I had just gotten dressed & was glad of that.  We were invited to Braders that Sat. nite so I couldn't make dinner for them & Tom left at 4:15 A.M. Sun.  It is nice to have Barb home - she is knitting, exercising, etc.  She has changed a lot & I like them.  Last night Barb, Lar & Pam B. [friend of Barb's from high school] went out - Holiday Inn & one other place.  Glad she will go out.

No school next Fri. in service day for teachers.  Next Thurs nite the Players Club puts on Fanny & it will be at the Library Theater in connection with the anniv.  Lar & Barb will go with us.

Wed. Nite Dale goes to a concernt in Buffalo again to see the Moody Blues.

I'm rooting for the Orioles & hope they clinch the title today.  Games have been good.

Today we went to the Brookwood in Jamestown for dinner & had delicious lamb.  It was a special for 5.95 & you don't see that too often.

Larry landscaped the side of the house & it is so attractive.  This past week he brot over 3 large rocks & placed them among the shrubbery.  He hopes to get 2 more. He brot in dirt to build it up like a rock garden.  Very nice.

Mr. Conaway died a week ago.  Mrs. C. will stay in her home.

Guess I've covered all the news for this letter.  We are all fine.  Have a good birthday & don't celebrate too much!!!!

Forgot to mention - Curt & Denise [a cousin of mine and his wife] are expecting a baby next April.  June [Curt's mom] said they didn't waste any time!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saturday, July 2, 1983

Dad has been using my typewriter preparing devotions for the Home Altar.  He's just about thru so that's a relief.  So I'll use the pen.

Its hot here.  No company for the 4th as the parade starts at Memorial Field this yr. due to the new bridge being built so we can't sit on the porch & view it.  The bridge is coming along fine - going to be nice.  And new sidewalks on W. 3rd beyond the bridge & that will be nice for walking.  It will open in the Fall, but the end of Aug. for pedestrians.

We called Signe & Geo. & found out that Carolyn & Roland & families will be at the Lake so that will make it nice.  Our family will be together again & we like that.  Lila suggested we come early - by Aug. 3rd - to be in on Ruth's 70th birthday.  It will be at Signe's so we could leave on Tues, stay over near Gary, Ind. & be at Signe's the next noon.  Then we'd go to Beloit.  We'd be gone 3 weeks & I'm not sure I want to be gone that long.  We will be able to see Stella's apt. & Benander's home.  Svea will be there for the 3rd.

Stella is still in I.M. [Iron Mountain] due to some mix up in signing papers.  She'll be glad to be settled again.

Mr. Conaway [longtime neighbor of Mom and Dad] is showing his age - late 80s.  Since his stroke a couple of years ago, he has gone down.  Has lot weight & is getting senile.  Hard on Mrs. C. & she has been ill but is doing better.  Good their daughter is in Wrrn. to watch them.

Tomorrow & for 3 Sun. Dad preaches for Jim S. at Smethport & Port Allegheny.  I told Dad that next yr. he shouldn't commit himself to the same place for 3 Sun.  Too far & 2 churches.  But they do have a nice eating place for dinner.  He had to refuse 1st Luth, Wrrn, & the Sugar Grove Covenant Church.

The next time Lar goes to Jamestown, he'll pick up a window for the L.R. & Dad will have another job.  Still have plans for the D. R. windows, too.  He'll have to make the area smaller for the window.  It is an Andersen bow window & smaller windows on each side that open.  It will be nice.  I have the "honor" of paying for it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday, June 5, 1983

Thanks for your letter.  We wondered if you were at the ballgame yesterday.  We saw it on TV and it was a great day weatherwise out there.  We were disappointed M. lost. They will be playing the Yankees soon so we should be able to see some of those games.  Right now there are playing Seattle and losing...losing the series, in fact.

Dad preached at the service today and it was good to see him in the pulpit of St. Paul.  Many agreed to that.  It was a nice service, followed by a coffee hour.  Roger T. was MC and he called on me for a few words, then Dad and then Pastor Risher for closing prayer.  It was short but appreciated by us.  Instead of a gift for Dad we suggested some planting at church and I asked Lar if he would do it.  He suggested 3 rhododendron (learned how to spell it) plants on the Division side of the church.  Some old rho. plants were planted there and they don't look so good.  We would like to add more to the area and get rid of the old ones.  Eventually we will.  Even the weather cooperated today as it is beautiful.  After church we went to the Chautauqua Public Inn at Bemus Point and had a delicious dinner.  French cuisine now and I had scallops in a crust and a Hazelnut torte for dessert.  We were really filled up but it was a special occasion.  Oh yes a spinach salad.  You would like their menu.  Dad had fresh salmon.  It was covered with puried spinach and a sauced.  He liked it.

Irma Thelin asked me if we were thot of travelling to the Holy Land.  They would like to go in a couple of years but would like to go with someone they know.  It sounds good to us and it would be so much more fun to go with another couple.   I will have to save my money.

3 days and school is out.  2 for serving meals and the last day for cleaning.  It doesn't seem possible.  Thurs. we go to Thiel for synod and then next week I need to start cleaning my closet and it really needs it.  Before Thurs. I have to make cookies for Lar and Dale and check my wardrobe to see when I'll take and make sure it is clean.

Barb wants me to find out the hours of birth of you "children" but I can't find the baby books I kept and Dad says there are bats in the attic again and I don't care to look up there.  Eventually I will come across them.  But I did find the scrap book I made when Barb was in the hospital and it is fun to look at the cards and see who they are from.  Some have died, Carl and Edna Lundahl, others have moved away, Nancy Kiser, etc.

Dad will play his second game of golf tomorrow with Warren H.  If the weather stays nice he will be able to play with more regularity.  Dad got the siding on the back of the house and the prime coast of paint.  Next will be to finish the back with the regular color.  He also has the front porch to paint.  He put the wall paper back in the eating area - he had to take some of it off - but he needs more but it is on order and we aren't sure when it will be in.

Lar has planted the garden but we need warm weather to make it grow.  He planted marigolds by the back door but the grubs have eaten about 5 of them.

Edna and Wally leave the 9th for Sweden.  They should have a wonderful time.  Wally has been back several times but it will be nice for Edna.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, May 22, 1983

Another rainy Sun.  Mel and Levina asked us to go to dinner with them at Jackson Hts. and we had an enjoyable meal with them.  Full house up there.

We called Lila [Dad's sister] yesterday and told her we would be coming to Rkfd. for the 100th anniversary service at Zion and would be happy to stay with them.  We'll get there on Fri and stay til Thurs. the 11 of Aug.  Then we would like to come to Oshkosh that Thurs. and stay til Sat. when we go to the Lake.  But we would like to stay in a motel and would like you to get us a reservation at the one Signe and family stayed at last summer.  It is in the area of the K Mart and I think it has a number for a title.  Either Thurs. or Fri. nite we would like to eat at the place we ate last summer.  We hope this meets with your approval.  With all the extra preaching Dad has done, we'll have the extra money for vacation.

Stella [Dad's sister] went to Rkfd. and this weekend she is with David [her son] and family as their youngest is being confirmed.  She sold her house so by the end of June she should be out of it.  She will be back in Rkfd. this week and stay over the holiday weekend and will be looking for a place.  I'm glad she his thru with this.  She had to come down a little on the price but at least it is sold.

We went to Erie Fri. after work.  Dad put the new window in the eating area and it is so nice but it tore up the wallpaper and he hopes to match what we have and they were out of it in Erie but will contact us when it comes in.  It is a smaller window, a casement, and will make it warmer in the winter.  I also got a matching skirt and blouse.  We're keeping the economy going.

Fri. was Freshman Day at Beaty and the kids looked so nice dressed up.  I had to make brownies for 400  for the dance and they came out good.  It was a tiring day.

Talked to Gen [Mom's younger sister] last week.  Bob, Allan's son, [Allan is my oldest cousin on the Luthgren side of the family] is out of the service with a medical discharge as he was blacking out.  He has a job and shares an apt. with another fellow.  Gen said he looks good.  Ricky [Allan's other son] is in the army and like it - in Germany.  John [Gen's son] was going to take the test to get his pilot's license this past week.  It took him only a year to do this.  I'm surprised they let him do it.  He had to fly solo on 3 different trips and all went well so I'm sure he passed all right.

Dale decided to go back to Conewango Motors.  After the 1st day he decided.  Ward doesn't have the equipment and there is no challenge to the job.  Just menial jobs.  C. M. is glad to have him back.  Now I don't have to wash uniforms or make lunches for him.

Joyce O'Connor called me and asked me to go to the mother-daughter affair at First Meth this coming Thurs. Barb [Joyce's younger daughter] has a boyfriend from Pittsburgh and will be married in Sept. and will live there.  Bob [Joyce's son], who has been out of work, got a job in DuBois so Joyce is both sad and happy.  Happy for her kids but sad to think they will be away from her.  But it will be good as she has been so busy baby sitting that she hasn't been able to do anything with her friends.  Also Bev [Joyce's older daughter] and her husband will be transferred to a Navy base in the East and now I can't remember where.

Mon. nite is the pastors and wives dinner at First Meth.  Tues nite Lar comes over; Wed is our nite to go to Jamestown; Thurs. I'm out and Fri. is our nite out.  Not many meals to make.

June 5th the church will have a coffee hour after church to help Dad celebrate his 40th anniversary of ordination.  A letter would be appreciated by him, I'm sure.  Most of my responsibilities are over so I'm back to reading library books, and they are calling.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, May 11, 1983

My bouquet of flowers is still pretty and I just love it and thank you again for it.  Beautiful dark red roses -- buds when they came - and now they are out and so lovely.  Dad gave me Estee Lauder WHITE LINEN parfum and it has such a delicious aroma.  When we were in Toronto someone was giving out sample squirts and I liked it so much so told Dad that was what I wanted and I got it!!  Along with a sample packet they give with lipstick, an atomizer, etc.

Dale surprised us by saying this is his last week at Conewango Motors.  Next Mon. he starts work at Mont. Wards.  Sam Baughman was mechanic there and the service manager left so he was made service mgr. and asked Dale to work and Dale accepted.  I hope it will mean some benefits - hospitalization, etc.  He will get a discount on what he buys.  9 - 5:30 with a half hour for lunch so he will have to carry.  And I was just getting used to not having to wash his work clothes.  Now I'll get the job back.  Guess I can handle that again.

Last Fri. nite we went out to dinner, like I wrote and we have such a good time.  It is a lovely place, everything so nice you can't help but enjoy yourself and the food is delicious.  We plan to get together the end of June and this time we will go to The Castle in Olean.  Fun to have these times to look forward to.  The next time you are home we will plan to go to Marienville and I know you will enjoy the food there.  I wish I knew about it when Edna and Wally were visiting.  We are enjoying our "old age".

Last nite was union mtg. and I was afraid it was going to be a difficult one but the problems didn't come up, or those bringing them up didn't show.  We had election of officers and I'm soon thru.  Just go thru June and I hope it will be a peaceful month.  They are cutting more hours from some school cafeterias but not Beaty.  Our count is up and it helps when we have to prepare meals for Jefferson, Market, and McClintock.  [Elementary schools.]

We celebrated Lar's birthday with a good dinner tonite.  Cornish Rock hens and they came out good and German Choc. cake, complete with candles.  Those were Lar's choices and the cake even had frosting on it and that surprised me but you don't have a birthday every day.  Nice to have 2 close enough so we can help celebrate.  We gave him a battery operated drill.  Some time ago he mentioned he would like one and we got it at a store like Century.

Next Tues. I'm circle leader and then on Thurs we go to see COLE at the Warren Theater - it is suppose to be a good musical.  Bob O'Connor [classmate of mine; he never showed any interest in theater in high school] is in it and he is a good actor.

Mrs. Crary [Lar's employer] took Lar out to lunch today at the Holiday Inn so she is feeling much better.  Now she wants a new car as the T-bird is rusting - the frame is.  It will either be a Buick or a Cadillac.  Lar does the leg work but she makes the final decision, naturally.  Lar opts for the Cadillac as he would like to drive it.

It's Yankee baseball time so I'll close and watch the game more closely.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunday, May 1, 1983

It was so nice to come home and hear that there was a letter from Paul.

I haven't seen anything in the paper concerning your 15th reunion.  I've been looking so I could tell you.  All I know is that they called for your address so I'm sure something will be coming.  Unless they didn't have a good response from those locally but I doubt that as reunions are good here.

Yesterday Sara Lyle and I went on the bus trip to Toronto and we really enjoyed ourselves.  From what we saw of it, T-- is a lovely city.  The Eaton Centre is really large but prices are very high.  We really looked over Simpson's and ate our lunch on the 8th floor in the dining room and that was elegant.  Had to spend our money somehow!  And I hate the down esculators so would always look for the elevators but we couldn't find the way to get to them so I overcame my fear and went down the esculators.  I'm really proud of myself.  Now we will have to go to the Erie Mall so I can prove it to Dad.  Any good excuse to get to go there.

We got the car last Mon. or did I write that but we really like the car, the riding quality, etc.  We have 200 mi. on it already.  Haven't gone far enough to check the gas mileage but it should be good.  Lots of leg room in the front.

I'm sure you are keeping your eye on library director openings and when the right one comes along you will send your resume.  Until then, enjoy yourself but don't forget you have a job to do.  Just a little motherly advice.  Just can't help myself!!  How was the first softball game?

We had a few nice days but it is back to the rainy season.  Things are nice and green but the trees aren't out yet - but the buds are swelling so it won't be too long.  Dad mowed the lawn once and it won't be long before he will have to do it again.  Lar has planted his garden and he is busy with his extra work already.  I love the color of his truck - it is really nice.

Have you seen Barb lately or talked to her.  She is writing with more regularly and we like that, too.

This was Dad's last Sun. preaching in Ludlow and Sheffield and the members really appreciated his services.  They hope to be able to use him again in the future...vacation, etc.  They have some nice people in both churches so a pastor should do well there.

Next Fri. we meet the Benson's from Mt. Jewett and will go out to dinner in Marionville, if that is how you spell it.  We haven't seen them for a few months so we look forward to being together.

Tomorrow nite is Mother-Daughter dessert at church and they expect 175 so it will be a full fellowship hall.  Lauri, the girl who does my hair is going with me.  She is Meth. but her husband is Luth. and the baby is baptized Luth. so she is interested and I hope to keep it going.  She went to church last Sun. and I don't know if she was that impressed.  She isn't used to the liturgy and she didn't think the attendance was that good.  We haven't been to church for some time but when we have been there the attendance wasn't that bad.  Tomorrow nite she should be able to meet more of the people.

Time to give my full attention to the Yankees-Rangers game.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bonus Round: Letter to Mom and Dad, April 26, 1983

Though it is already a month late, spring is still trying to make its presence felt. Yesterday was its best effort yet: blue sky, bright sun, a high temperature of 75. But yesterday was a Monday, which means that we workaday grinds had no opportunity to take advantage of s much longed-for improvement in the weather. To ease my anxiety, I will take comfort in the fact that Sunday was almost as nice as yesterday, the only difference being a less balmy high temperature.

Sunday provided our first decent conditions of the year for a softball practice, our usual two hours of batting and fielding. We will be playing in a more competitive league this year, no doubt the result of being champs for the past three years and putting together a 27-game winning streak. Last summer we had our sights set on a perfect (14-0) season since that was the only way we could improve our former record. This summer, suffering no delusions, we will be satisfied with a .500 record. Most of the teams in our new league have extensive tournament experience. A schedule of 50 or games during the course of the summer is probably average for of lot of these guys.  My across-the-street neighbor (the recently constructed blue split level) corroborated this fact the other day during a conversation at the library.  He plays on what Dave and Dennis and I consider to be the most-feared team in the league we are entering.  He did mention that family responsibilities (he has a wife and two young daughters) will probably cut into his participation this season.  His team members seem to be following the same family planning schedule as mine.  Each summer we have an increasing number of young fans in the stands.  Future talent to keep the team populated when the eternal adolescents finally decide to hang up the gloves.

Speaking of baseball, I have already attended my first Brewers game of the young season.  Two weekends ago, Dave, Bob, Dirk, and I traveled to Mundelein, Illinois, to participate in the Northern Illinois Open Dart Tournament.  Due to the impressive caliber of the competition, we did not fare too well.  Rather than throw money away for Sunday's entry fees, we agreed on a complete change of scene:  from a Holiday Inn to County Stadium.  Temperature at game time was barely above freezing, but the bottle of blackberry brandy we smuggled into the ballpark helped to ward off the chill.  Of course, the Brewers' early command of the game and their eventual 6-3 victory over the Kansas City Royals also helped us to maintain a warm circulation flow.

Tonight marks the end of the winter dart league.  Since we clinched first place last week, the only excitement this evening will be the scramble for second place.  Next Tuesday the softball season begins, which means that the string of crazy Tuesdays will remain unbroken at least through August.

I have heard nothing about my 15th-year high school reunion.  If I had written Mardi the January letter I promised her at Christmas, I might be more informed on this matter.  By now, most of the key planning matters (place, time, band, etc.) must be complete.  I still plan to go and would like to take some extra time off so the trip doesn't turn out to be a mad dash to  Warren and back.  I could use a few leisurely spent summer days in Warren.

John, the new director, is doing an excellent job.  Even with the improved change in the working atmosphere of the library, I still find myself unable to get excited about much of anything.  There is still a sour taste in my mouth from the last five months of the Dick Miller Show.  An even more important consideration is the fact that I will have been here for five years this August.  Resume time update?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  The problem is that I still like it here too much to think about leaving.  I need to decide what is more valuable:  my professional or social development.

A letter!  A letter!  He actually wrote us a letter!  That puts my average at one every two months.  I plan to show further improvement.