Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday, December 31, 1983

This is a rest period - I've been busy today.  We're having homemade veg. beef soup & pecan pie for supper.  I'm also making my special rolls & will make 2 more double recipes next week.  You see, Sat the 21st Beaty kids are sponsoring a flea mkt, pancake breakfast, etc. & another gal & I plan to have a table.  The first question I heard "Is Marion going to have her rolls?"  I'm shooting for 100 rolls for 25 cents each.  Have a few other things - a few paperbacks, old jewelry, etc.  Should prove interesting.  No school next Fri - end of 1st semester so I'll have more time for baking.

Mon nite we had a lot of snow - about 10".  Barb helped shovel Carey's & Conaway's walks & Lar paid her.  A big job.  We haven't seen this much snow in a couple of years.  Dad & Barb might go C. C. skiing at Chapman Dam Park.  They have skating, too.  A couple of A.M's it was really cold but it was 30 this A.M. at 7.

Last nite Barb went out with Lar & Mike to Holiday Inn.  Enjoyed herself.

Dale is still working on his truck - was late each nite this past week.  Today he's working on his car - removed the tires.  Hopes to get new ones.  And plans to do something to make it ride better.  He tells me but I forget the words.

Tomorrow we go to Chandlers Valley for church & annual mtg.  Potluck dinner.  We don't have to go to Brad. the following Sun. as they have a pulpit exchange.  Dad will enjoy a Sun. off.

This Fri. nite we meet with Hollertz, Bensons & Schaffers for dinner at Marionville.  That means an enjoyable evening.

No school Mon. the 23rd either.  A long weekend.  I think Barb has given up on Paul in Madison.  Wonder if Tom heard because he called Barb last Tues. nite but they are just friends, so Barb says.  She isn't sure of her future - when she'll return, etc.

I went to the dentist & have trouble with a back tooth.  Barb also went for a checkup & cleaning & has to have an old filling fixed.  It's been 7 years since a check up.

Do you think you'll invest in bowling equipment if you continue to bowl.  Your own ball is a help.  Sounds like you are a busy guy but you enjoy it, too.  You have an interesting job.

Barb made chili crackers for the soup tonite - I'll stick to saltines as she uses a lot of seasoning - to spicy for me.

All is well here.

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