Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday, June 5, 1983

Thanks for your letter.  We wondered if you were at the ballgame yesterday.  We saw it on TV and it was a great day weatherwise out there.  We were disappointed M. lost. They will be playing the Yankees soon so we should be able to see some of those games.  Right now there are playing Seattle and losing...losing the series, in fact.

Dad preached at the service today and it was good to see him in the pulpit of St. Paul.  Many agreed to that.  It was a nice service, followed by a coffee hour.  Roger T. was MC and he called on me for a few words, then Dad and then Pastor Risher for closing prayer.  It was short but appreciated by us.  Instead of a gift for Dad we suggested some planting at church and I asked Lar if he would do it.  He suggested 3 rhododendron (learned how to spell it) plants on the Division side of the church.  Some old rho. plants were planted there and they don't look so good.  We would like to add more to the area and get rid of the old ones.  Eventually we will.  Even the weather cooperated today as it is beautiful.  After church we went to the Chautauqua Public Inn at Bemus Point and had a delicious dinner.  French cuisine now and I had scallops in a crust and a Hazelnut torte for dessert.  We were really filled up but it was a special occasion.  Oh yes a spinach salad.  You would like their menu.  Dad had fresh salmon.  It was covered with puried spinach and a sauced.  He liked it.

Irma Thelin asked me if we were thot of travelling to the Holy Land.  They would like to go in a couple of years but would like to go with someone they know.  It sounds good to us and it would be so much more fun to go with another couple.   I will have to save my money.

3 days and school is out.  2 for serving meals and the last day for cleaning.  It doesn't seem possible.  Thurs. we go to Thiel for synod and then next week I need to start cleaning my closet and it really needs it.  Before Thurs. I have to make cookies for Lar and Dale and check my wardrobe to see when I'll take and make sure it is clean.

Barb wants me to find out the hours of birth of you "children" but I can't find the baby books I kept and Dad says there are bats in the attic again and I don't care to look up there.  Eventually I will come across them.  But I did find the scrap book I made when Barb was in the hospital and it is fun to look at the cards and see who they are from.  Some have died, Carl and Edna Lundahl, others have moved away, Nancy Kiser, etc.

Dad will play his second game of golf tomorrow with Warren H.  If the weather stays nice he will be able to play with more regularity.  Dad got the siding on the back of the house and the prime coast of paint.  Next will be to finish the back with the regular color.  He also has the front porch to paint.  He put the wall paper back in the eating area - he had to take some of it off - but he needs more but it is on order and we aren't sure when it will be in.

Lar has planted the garden but we need warm weather to make it grow.  He planted marigolds by the back door but the grubs have eaten about 5 of them.

Edna and Wally leave the 9th for Sweden.  They should have a wonderful time.  Wally has been back several times but it will be nice for Edna.

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