Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2001

We had a few snow flurries this A.M. but now the sun is out.  But I got my gloves out & wore them walking to church.

We had ha pretty good group in church.  A retired pastor had the service.  In the announcements he said he had a story to tell.  He is in Fla. during the winter & last spring he decided not to bring his vestments.  He asked a pastor friend if he had a robe he could borrow.  He didn't but he did have one from a retired pastor.  It belonged to Carl Nelson.  The congregation liked that & clapped their hands.  Retired pastors are lined up for Oct.  A vice pastor has to be chosen.  A new council to be chosen & someone from the Bishop's office will come for a meeting following the Oct. 28th service.  Today the sermon was like an essay.  He read a lot of it, but it had good points & was interesting.

I had the urge to go to the library & got 3 books.  Belva Plain's Fortune's Hand; Promised to Keep by Jocelyn Stirling.  And Death on a Vineyard Beach, one of a series taking place on Martha's Vineyard by Philip Craig.  Very enjoyable reading.  Quote from Mystery News.  "Craig has a pleasant writing style, almost a gentleness that contrasts well with all the cruelty, viciousness, & raw sex that other authors revel in."    I'll get more of his books.

I got the books Fri. A.M. & finished reading the 3rd book last nite about midnight.  Once I start, it's hard to stop reading until it's over.  You can see I didn't do much on Fri & Sat. besides reading.  2 were shorter stories almost 300 pages.

Mon A.M. Oct 8

My duties (main ones) are completed & I took summer clothes to the attic & bro't fall & winter clothes down.  So I'm ready to sit with a cup of coffee & add more to the letter.

Adelaide Welsh is in an Erie hospital -- she had a heart attack.

Do you remember Louis Vizza.  I'm familiar with the name but not the face.  I've heard Lar & Kim speak of him.  The story comes via Sheila & one of "her ladies".  L.V. has some job when the Bills play at home -- maybe a linesman.  Anyway he was on his way to one of the games (he has dark skin & has grown a black beard) & had to go thru a search -- car, him, etc.  He was very upset being born in Warren & spending his life here.  With the dark Italian skin & a beard, they thought he could be an Arab.  If we were going to Canada we'd need our birth certificates or some proof.  The Senior Citizens go to Canada to gamble & they need proof to cross the border.  Life won't be as free from now on.  Maybe that will be good in some ways.

I didn't realize that library work could be so frightening -- i.e., the lady who lifted her blouse and said, "Don't mess with the devil, most of my family is burning in hell."  Did you find out if she has a mental problem?

I was going to make a pumpkin pie on Sat, only I didn't have Libby's pumpkin.  Barb got a can when she shopped at BiLo so I made it Sun. A.M. before I went to church.  It is one of my favorite pies.

Your "How to Host a Murder Party" sounded like a lot of fun. What amused me was about the boys, who enjoyed playing with the gun & holster.

It's 10:15 A.M. & usually Murder She Wrote is on TV.  But it's Columbo.  They must have started a new schedule.  Maybe it's because of the holiday as Columbo is on all day. That's right -- tomorrow is the regular schedule.

Tues. starts the baseball playoffs & you know what I'll be doing.  Watching Houston beat the Braves, I hope.  And rooting for Seattle overall.  The N.L. Eastern Division has been very weak this year.

Tues. the 9th

A beautiful day & I'll bring this to an end & put it in the mail when I mail a card to Katherine Peterson.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2001

Your letter was so interesting & I love to hear about all you do -- your legislative duties & all.

Eddie's project was so interesting to read.  Especially #12 & Mike P.  I say he has good taste!  But I remember ESPN's Joe M. & John talking about Mike saying he is always willing to give an interview & his time.  He is a nice person.

Now for the news.  The pastor had the service this A.M.  His family was in church.  After the final hymn, he went to the pulpit & read a letter of resignation as of that moment.  After a few words of still blaming a few "tormentors" he & his family walked out.  All council members, except 2, resigned.  When Gary first came some weren't happy with him so he formed a committee to deal with it.  When he found out about the opposition now, he couldn't take it.  He'd talk to certain members about how sick he was & his family, etc.  I think he should have taken the criticism & do something about changing things.  All he did was feel sorry for himself & quit.  The main criticism was we never know what was going on.  At the annual mtg. they couldn't give a financial report because the computer was down.  It would come when the computer was fixed.  We have yet to receive the report.

I didn't know how our choir director, John Check, would react.  After the pastor left, he got up & spoke.  He was one of a group who went to the Bishops Elect to tell him of St. Paul's problems.  Everyone was glad he spoke as that started the healing process.  It will all work out.  John mentioned the letter we got last summer saying we'd have to close our church & join another church.  We aren't ready to give up yet.  That's my sad tale but we will survive.  Just glad it's over.

Saw Dr. McNett last Fri.  My blood pressure was a little higher than usual.  He wants me back in a month so the nurse can check it.  If it's still high he will change my medication.

Last nite we had a beef roast cooked in the crockpot and it was so good.  I even made an apple pie for dessert.  Today I have a chicken to roast so 2 good meals in a row.

Last Thurs. Dale was in Rochester for school -- on motors.  He said it was a good session.

This coming Mon. he leaves for mroe school.  Tues. & Wed. coming home Wed. nite.

The kitchen is cleaned up for the nite.  Always a good feeling.

Katherine Peterson is visiting her brother in New Jersey.  She is in the hospital -- they gave her a pacemaker.  Since her last illness Katherine has lost weight & doesn't look that good.

Barb is now a San Diego football fan following Doug Flutie, who is doing OK.  She is not a QB Johnson fan of Buffalo, who lost again.

Back to church.  Gary didn't give the congregation a chance to say goodby so I guess he is made at almost everyone.

Ruth & Russ Thelin were in church today with former members who are visiting Ruth & Russ.  The Becerks & they weren't in Warren too long having been transferred to Texas.  The wanted to attend St. Paul to see old friends.  There was also a new couple in church today & it wasn't a good day for visitors.

Monday, Oct 1.

This A.M. I saw Dr. Keverline (eyes) & found out I needed a stronger lens for my left eye.  I'm seeing good but will see better.  Walking home, I met Mardi's mother & we visited for awhile.  Mardi & her husband bought a home -- she said St. Mary, but I can't find it on the map, so maybe she meant Marysville.  Maybe you've heard from her.  The twins visited them & got back in NYC Sept 10.  

Barb L. wasn't in the Dr's office but Mrs. P said she was away fro the weekend in Maryland & maybe didn't get back.  Maybe she had Mon. off.

Dale left around 6 pm for Rochester so Barb & I are alone for 2 days.  Dale will be home around 7 or so on Wed.

I'm watching the Pirates at the Mets & Fox TV.   The Mets had a very slim chance to win if the Braves & Phillies help by losing.  Slim chance!

Forgot to mention Dr. K wants to see me in 6 months.  I was hoping tit would be a year.  Oh well, eyesight is important.

Barb said Lynn told her Bob was complaining he wasn't getting any good meals.  Lynn wanted the recipe for Hamburg Gravy from Beaty.  I don't make it but make a similar meal using beef cubes.  I wrote how I make it (no recipe) & also gave her old issues of Taste of Home and Quick Cooking.  Maybe she can find some help there.

Tues. Oct 2.

It's a lovely day so after lunch I'll walk to the post office & mail letters & maybe stop into D&K & see what they have that is interesting I might like.  At least you don't spend a lot of money there.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2001

Yesterday aft. on our way to the Mall, I noticed a new batch of corn on the cob coming in.  On our way home we stopped to pick up a baker's dozen.  It was so good. Will have more today with steaks.

Don't think I mentioned this (sometimes in my mind I think of what to write you) but I didn't know what to make for supper on nite.  Settled on a casserole using ground beef, veggies, kidney beans & noodles. It was good.  The next day for lunch I added bouillon to it & made it soup & it also was tasty.  Think I'll use it for soup by adding more bouillon.  I've heard of hamburger soup but never made it.  Dale liked it.

Did you happen to watch the Mets/Braves game in NYC.  The opening was inspirational.  Good rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.  During the 7th inning stretch & Liza Minnelli sang New York, New York with 5 firemen or policemen behind her.  She was so good & the men were doing a little side step.  Almost a full stadium & Mike Piazza won the game with a home run.  The Major was there & a lot of police & fire people were at the game as guests.  And the Mets gave up a day's pay to go to the Police & Firemen's fund.  It was really a great thing, not only for Met fans but for all people.

Wonder what the Yankees will do to top this, when they play again in NYC.

I got Andy's thank you note.  It sounds like he had a good day.

Which brings to mind Christmas.  And that means suggestions.  Money or ideas for gifts.  Please think about it as Barb & I like to get going early on this.  Pretty Please!

About 6 years ago -- longer than that, an older woman asked Kim to be her power of attorney.  Kim agreed to help.  Last week this person called Kim & wanted help.  She has an apt. at the Towers.  When Kim saw her she understood.  The woman has a bad heart & needs oxygen handy.  The she got worse, was in the hosp. & then Central Nursing Home.  She doesn't have much money so had to go on assistance but first there are many questions to be answered & Kim was called.  When she works she can't make day appointments to see people.  Kim didn't even have a key to get the necessary papers, etc.  But the social worker for Beverly, Inc. is a great help & will take care of the questionnaire, etc.  But Kim was upset so I guess it isn't always easy to be nice & help people.  The woman has a daughter in Fla & she could care less. They don't' get along.

Sun the 23rd.

The pastor wasn't in church this A.M. & we wonder why.  A retired pastor from Jamestown had the service.  He's a former Augustana Synod, & those pastors know how to preach so we receive something.

It's a lovely day & Barb is riding her bike.  A rainy, cooler week is predicted.

I'm including a cartoon that fits me to a "T".  So hard to give up those coffee breaks, plus.

Buffalo just got an interception & got a TD, thanks to Peyton Manning.  I'm sure they don't have a chance for a win.  Like Penn State yesterday.  And Coach Paterno wants his 100th win.  You were happy Wisc. won.

And what about those Mets, amazing, aren't they?

Much to my dismay, the Mets aren't on TV today.  It's been a great series with all that has happned in NYC.  "You gotta believe".

Remember Sandy Casey, your age.  Her son, in his early 20s, lost one testicle & the cancer spread to spots on his lung.  Now the other testicle has to be removed & then chemo or is it Kemo.  Right now his blood count is too low for an operation.  He has a baby around a year or so.  Not married & it sounds like the gal left & he has the child.  Betty Casey is the grandmother & we sit together in church.

Tues. A.M. the 25th.

Next letter will have an Oct. date.  Hard to believe.

Fri. Dale has to go to school for the day.  Next week he goes for 2 days.

Better get this ready for mailing.  All is well here.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I'll start my letter early.  Dale is still working on the shower.  It looks great so far.  He hasn't gotten to the floor yet.

He decided to paint the outside of the front door.  It is in the garage resting on 2 "horses".  He's not satisfied but I think it looks great.  He used spray paint & he thinks it would have been better to brush it on.  At least it will look 100% better.  It was getting rust on it.

Yesterday was a day of infamy & one we'll never forget.  It was something to watch on TV.  We never thought anything like this would happen to our country.  I was at the eye Dr. & it was on the radio there & all were listening.  The Dr. said aren't you glad we line in a small town & I surely am.

Last nite I called Gen & they were upset over what happened.  Gen had another accident -- there was a bug higher up on the wall -- she stood on a chair to get it, fell & ended up with a broken left wrist.  Has a cast for 6 weeks.  Many, including me, told her she should not stand on a chair.

In my bedroom the ceiling light burned out.  I took the step stool & got the shade off & washed it -- got a new bulb & Barb finished the job for me as I know I shouldn't do that.

I finally called Rose.  She is doing OK but strength is slow in coming back.  For 12 weeks, 3 times a week she goes to the hospital for therapy.  The local bus system picks up these people needing to go for therapy & brings them home.  Rose is happy this this.  Just have to let them know the dates ahead of time.

Barb doesn't like Fox news but I like it as it is in NYC.  She can't understand why I like it.  She doesn't like their approach but all that is set aside in this emergency. 

When Barb came home I was watching Fox News.  Her reaction -- Paul would never watch Fox News!  But I'm finding I really like watching Brit Hume (not sure of spelling).  He has a nice delivery & I just like his looks & ways.

Sat. the 15th -- Andy's 14th birthday.  Where has the time gone.

Today & Fri. aft Dale worked on teh El Camino.  This aft he went to his favorite stor e-- Big Lots & spent some of his tax rebate.  He bought a factory reconditioned Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner.  He said it looks brand new -- cost $99.99.  He also got a "sealer" that seals food for the freezer.  Keeps air out better so it can be frozen longer.  All his household duties are completed.

Larry got another thermostat for me.  The one we have doesn't work the way I like.  If I'm working & want the thermostat at 68, it won't stay there but goes back to 70.  At nite I like it warmer.

I'm glad Andy is only 14.  I hope this terrible thing that happened in NYC & DC will be over by the time the boys are older.

Kim's sister called her Wed. nite the 12th.  She works in a large WalMart-like store in Florida.  She told Kim 2 of the hijackers came thru her cash register & she recognized them by the pictures on TV.  She never dreamed she was talking to enemies.  They usually paid with $100.00 bills & they had plenty of cash on them.  2 of them & they shopped in the store often.

It got cold last nite.  Felt like turning the furrnace on but I didn't.  The sun came out & warmed things up & I made some bar cookies so the oven warmed things up.  It is a new recipe from the Oct. issue of Family Circle.  Called Hermits but they call for molasses so it's like gingerbread with nuts & raisins.  I like them.  Barb or Dale haven't tasted them. In fact I cut a large square & put Cool Whip on it & enjoyed it for dessert.

I can't believe it -- even in this terrible tragic situation, they have to worry about crime -- people trying to steal from the workers or any store they try to get in.

I have our flag out.  So do Carey's & many others.

Sun. the 16th

I must teel you the latest on Susan Carey.  You remember her husband died as a result of a heart attack.  Then his parents tried to get custody of their (Susan's) daughter.  Susan & daughter, about 3 now, were home for a few days lately.

Lar's friend Mike keeps in contact with Paula's husband John, as they were neighbors.  John told Mike who told Lar that Susan lost custody of the child.  Susan has always had a problem with alcohol.  After the baby was born she was drinking Listerine & was very sick.  Guess she is back to that & so they have the child.  The insurance was a million dollars -- wonder if they get part of that for the child's use.  How could a mother give up her child -- can't understand that.

What does this horrendous event mean for Albert. If he knows, I'm sure it would be a secret.

I've been thinking about JoAnna's Mom & Dad.  Is he in Middleton for therapy, etc.?  I hope it's smooth sailing from now on.

I turned the furnace on this A.M. to take the chill off the house.

The paint job on the shower is so nice & clean.  I prefer it to the bathroom & tub for taking a shower.  More space.

I watched the Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral & it was such an impressive & inspiring service.  I'm sure it was something all New Yorkers appreciated & got comfort from. 

Mon.  Some of my questions were answered when I called last nite.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2001

We're having summer weather for a couple of days so I'm on the porch & will start a letter.

I've started my Christmas shopping at a Bon Ton sale plus 10% coupon off.  I noticed  Dale could use a new satchel carrier or bag & got one for him.  It is very nice & I'm sure he will like it.

Also I ordered new blinds from Penneys for the eating area.  They are top down or bottom up shades.  I like the idea of having the top down to let light in & the bottom down to protect form sun & privacy.  Altho the trees have grown together & give privacy from the school yard.

This next week Dale will be on vacation & I hope he will get them up for me.

On Tues. I have a 10 A.M. eye Dr. appointment & he will take me over & I'll walk home.

Barb has been looking for a med. blue denim shirt.  She looked in Madison, Erie & Jamestown.  Yesterday she found just what she wanted at Bon Ton.  She didn't expect to find one here so that was a nice surprise.

When Eddie plays football, do they wear all the equipment that Andy's age does.  We were wondering about that as he is still in grade school.  We should have sent you Eddie's picture but Barb wants to wait & finish the film.

Had a letter from Ruth.  It must be this weekend that Rachel's baby Jack Franklin Morressey will be baptized by Arland in Beloit.  David's parents will be coming form England.

She had to have a plumber come as she had plugged drain pipes.  A new connection so they could use the Roto rooter.  That's always a budget buster.

I go to the bank once a month & I list my needs & then figure out how much money I'll need by 20's, 10's, 5's, etc.  It usually takes a little while to make it come out even, but I manage to figure it out.  Then I have envelopes for flood, hair, spending, church, etc.  It works for me so I don't overspend.

Your letter came today with the pictures of Andy.  It is such a good picture with a nice smile.  My handsome grandson!  He got a nice hair cut.  How many extra pictures did he have to exchange or don't they do that.  I'm sure a lot of girls would want his picture.   Thanks so much.

I'm watching Wis. vs. F.S. & it's the start of the 2nd half & I'm sure you weren't' happy with the F. S. TD.  It was some run.

I've also been watching the tennis U.S. Open & they have been very interesting.  Tonite the Williams sisters play for the title.  Should be interesting.  Barb & Kim were hoping Jennifer Capriati would beat Serena Williams so they were disappointed.  Barb was rooting for Agassi & he lost.

Sun the 9th

Last nite I watched the Mets vs. Marlins.  It was a seesaw game but the Mets prevailed.  I'm sure you've noticed it's too little too late but I'll be glad to see them hit the 500%.

Dale plans to put up my new shade in the eating area & he will paint the basement shower.  he also got a new shower head.  So his vacation won't be spent only working on cars.

Yesterday Barb went back to Bon Ton to get a 2nd denim shirt but they were all gone.  She was disappointed.

It's still warm so I turned the AC on.  And Dale was soaking up the sun in the back yard.

I'm watching football -- switching from Fox & CBS.  Enjoying Indianapolis beat the Jets.  Buff. isn't doing too good, neither is Pittsburgh.  I see Green Bay is winning.

Mon A.M. the 10th

Dale got the new shade up but he said he'd never put up another one.  He doesn't think much of it but I thin kit will be O.K.  Kim likes the ones they have in their bedroom.

This A.M. he has been scraping the loose paint from the basement shower.  He is so particular.  Next it's to wash it down good.  Dry out & then painting.

We had rain during the night & this aft it is turning out nice.  By the end of the week it will be jacket weather.

We're getting lots of nice tomatoes from the garden.  Green peppers are good, too.

I watched a lot of football on TV yesterday.  There were some good games & I enjoyed them.

Want to get this mailed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2001

We slept in a bit but we all are "laboring" some.  I made a coffee cake & banana bread as I had ripening bananas.  Just had a slice of banana bread with mid A.M. coffee.  Also did my usual Mon. load of clothes & changed Dale's bed.

Dale, the 2nd one up, went out to the garage to work on one of the cars.  The El Camino isn't turning out to his satisfaction so more changes are planned.

After Barb ate breakfast she went to work in the garden.

It has cooled off so yesterday I wore my new necklace, which I don't wear in hot weather.  It is so delicate & dainty.  I like it so much & when I wear it I think of all of you -- and in between, of course.

Was sorry to hear of Larry's setback but I hope this time the recovery will go faster.  It has been a merry-go-round for the relatives.

Last Fri. Barb & I went to the Bradford Mall, thinking there was a Penney's store there.  There wasn't but a salesperson suggested we go to Olean & we did.  Barb didn't find the pants she wanted so she ordered them from the catalogue.  She did find 2 tops on sale.  There was also a Bon Ton in Olean.  What surprised me the most was after 10 or so years I was able to remember the way.  We found both Malls without any trouble.  Not too bad d for an old lady!

The youngest Patterson daughter (undertaker) got married last Sat. & Kim & Lar were invited.  4 pm wedding & reception.  So Torey was over here with us.  Lar picked him up about 9:30 pm.

Last nite the lights went out for about a minute & came back on.  It was on long enough for Carey's alarm to come on.  We know Lar & Kim were at camp so we called & Lar told Dale how to turn it off.    We have the key & that saved Lar a trip.  The paper said there was electrical pole fire on the 300 block of Conewango.   8:20-9:15 it was fixed & it didn't affect our lights.  I was watching a series of "Murder She Wrote " on A&E.  Today they feature "Law & Order".

School started & Kim vows not to let the kids or things bother her.  The other Phy Ed teacher, after a couple of days, doesn't know if he's cut out for this.  You know how kids are trying the patience of a new teacher.

Last Sat. Dale went to Jamestown & said he might stop at Sam's Club so I asked him to pick up pecans for me.  Kim was here & she wanted pecans.  We got our pecans -- 2 lbs. for 9.00 -- & Dale also bought walnuts but he paid for them.  Also got himself a pr. of shorts on sale.

In Bradford they have a Big Lot store & the salesperson told us Warren is getting one & Barb noticed lights in the old Penney's store so maybe that is where they'll be.  Both Dale & Kim love to go there & find bargains.

Don't think I wrote this.  Ruth called me one afternoon.  Naturally, I thought it was bad news.  It wasn't.  She was working on the family history & wondered if we have one.  I know we have some of it so she sent me the completed history she has worked on.  It is very interesting.  More than what we've had, more detailed of the Nelson family.  So I wrote to thank her, answered Millie's letter & wrote to Gen.  So I did my good deed.  Plan to write to Darla but haven't had the inspiration yet!

I'm working on another 1000 pc. puzzle.  I've done it before but it's still a harder one.  If I don't have something to do I get bored, like Eddie says.  Then I want to snack -- if I'm busy I'll still snack but not as much or as often!

Tues. A.M.

My regular chores are done & I've showered & dressed.

Adam, next door, got or passed his driver's exam & has his license.  He had the car Sat. nite for a date.  Twelve o'clock came around & no Adam.  They -- Sally & Dan, went looking for him as today 16 yr. olds have to stop driving at midnite.  T hey knew the girlfriend's house & there were to be there.  He said he didn't know about the midnight deadline.  Now he has to be home by 11 pm.  Something you'll be experiencing a few years.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Got your letter today.  I'm out  on the porch starting a letter with my coffee cup close at hand & some sweets.  Sweets I shouldn't eat but not enough will power.

Wed nite Viola Seaquist came over & we had a nice visit.  I asked about the meeting at church they had when we were gone.  I guess I shouldn't have.  The congregation is divided.  At the beginning Passingers were very close with Gary & family & now they're against him.  Son Tim P. even went to the Synod office -- they want him gone now!  The big thing everything is so secretive & he doesn't do visitation.  And if he visits the nursing homes, etc. he doesn't offer to pray.  Bernie Bloom is in a nursing home & Irene was there when the pastor visited.  Irene wanted to ask him to pray but she chickened out.  A sick or shut in member shouldn't have to ask a pastor to offer a prayer.  That is part of his calling.  We have about 600 members on the roll must be some deadwood) & not even 1/4 attend church & the Sun. School is pitiful. It upsets me but all we can do is to pray for our church.

Kim is still upset.  The gym is her space so when she teaches Health it is in various class rooms.  This year due to a change in the health class curr currucillum cure curriculum (looked it up & still can't remember the correct spelling but I hope you can figure it out they are uniting the 9th & 10th grade classes (it's for 9th grade) so Kim will have 44 students & no classroom will hold that many kids.  The job has been posted & a teacher at Abraxas has applied for it.  A big guy who was in sports.   Kim says hire him as maybe his size will help keep the kids in order.  A few have applied for Wrrn Hi job.  Kim hopes one fellow who teaches grade school phy ed will retire next year & she would apply for the job.  She has some seniority & it might be enough.  That's her dream.

The new Readers Digest has some interesting articles esp. one on back pain & one on road rage.

It was interesting to read the letters in response to the article on foods for men & women.  Barb fixes herself a tofu meal.  Now she has gotten a food powder with tofu she adds to her smoothies.  She has them for lunch.

Barb got her pictures & there are 2 of Eddie that are so good.  One in Middleton where was Andy when Barb was taking pictures) & one at the lake.  We're getting some reprints.  A cute one of Boxer also.

Fri. we went to Jamestown -- Lakewood Mall.  Then to Bemus Point & the Italian Fisherman.  We sat on the porch & viewed Lake Chautauqua.  It's in the vicinity of The Surf Club & Barb is familiar with that!   I had a fish sandwich & Barb a salad.

We stopped at WalMart & I got a crochet hook like Joyce had so maybe I'll get started on something.  It has a hook on both ends & you use double yarn.

We've had a little rain but not enough so they're asking people to conserve & save water -- don't keep the water running when brushing teeth -- shorter showers, full loads of dishes & clothes.  That's not hard.  It's the people with wells who suffer the most.

Walked over town this A.M. to the farmer's mkt & got 2 qts blueberries.  Maybe I'll make a blueberry pie.  I made a peanut butter pie after lunch.  It's so easy & you freeze it.  Dale likes them.

I'm ready for fall & to wear clothes with collars & not feel too hot.  Or clothes made of little heavier material.  Haven't bo't any thing new for fall -- haven't seen anything I really like in my price range.  They say plaids are coming back & I have 2 plaid skirts, several years old, & I'd like new tops for them.  Feels like nap time.  More later.

KMart changed their shelves -- different aisles & some of them are not full.  I needed bags for the compactor & they didn't have any so Dale went to Sears & got a pkg. for me.  I'm lost without it.

I'm watching the Mets vs. San. Fran. & they have a big crowd for the game.  It will be on ESPN Sun nite & again it's on TV on Mon. NY channel WB 11.

On the Penn State channel we watched the Auction, no, not the auction, the Antique Roadshow & it was from Madison.  Lots of goodies that would bring dollars.  At the beginning of the show they showed the State Capitol & surrounding areas & Dale said "I've seen that."

Don Glendenning is in the booth with Seaver & Thorne & they're talking "old times" & it's fun to hear them. They were talking about the Pirates & their great teams -- winning teams.  He was on the '69 Mets team that won the series.

Today Barb wanted to go to the bank at the Mall & I went along & went into the shoe store.  Got a pair of Dexter shoes on sale.  In brown (only color) & haven't had a pr. of brown shoes for years.  Thicker soles -- good walking shoe & they are so comfortable.  And they were only $29.98.  Couldn't pass them up & I'm glad I got them.  Slip ons.

Sun the 26th

I think today we heard a rebuttal at church.  Gary didn't preach on the gospel lesson but form Jeremiah, when he was upset by his followers.  It was like he was comparing his situation to Jeremiah -- the frustrations, the people, etc.  But I'm sure it didn't help, only flamed the fire.  It sounded like he means we have to take him until he decides to retire.  Also 3 council members resigned:  Patty Phillips, Lisa Passinger (Tim's wife) & Patty Morelli.  All are faithful members.  I never dreamed it was this bad -- you two are my sounding board -- the others aren't that interested.  If you're tired of it, you can skip over it!

Each one of us is watching golf on 3 different TVs.  What an exciting time -- Tiger & Jim Furyk are on their 7th hole to break a tie.,  Finally it's over & Tiger wins.

Mon A.M. the 27th

I have to mail some letters so I'll bring this to a close.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Last Wed. I heard the ambulances go up Conewango Ave -- an accident & a sad one for St. Paul.  Gerald "Mac" Young, working on patching a road, was hit by a car.  died on the operating table in Erie.  69 years old. Sons are Craig, Roberts -- Larry's age group.   Mike Brindis, Larry's friend, grew up as Craig's friend.  So Lar & Mike anted to go to the funeral home & I went with them. We went right at 2 pm & already a large group.  Funeral this A.M. at church.  He will be missed at church as he was one you could depend on.  Craig has 5 children & lives in Homestead, Fla.  Robert married Molly Ristau (Dale's age) & they have 2 children & live in Hudson, Ohio.  Mary, naturally, is in shock & it will be difficult for her to have to lose her husband in such a way, never expecting it to happen so fast.

Had a letter from Millie & she had a good summer.  visited Linda at the Cape for a week.  they saw a play.  Went to tea at an English Garden & had cucumber sandwiches, scones, strawberries, & individual chocolate cheese cakes.  Sounds good.

Also they went on a house & garden tour.  Beautiful homes, lawns & gardens overlooking the ocean.

Allan had a family pool party & Millie enjoyed that.

She also had Gen & Edith over for lunch one afternoon.  So she keeps busy & takes good care of herself.

We went to the Mall but Barb forgot her checkbook.  She isn't feeling that good -- upset stomach. I got my pictures from KMart & a few other things.  Now I can see myself as others see me & I know I'm getting old!  Pictures are for the young.  The Starks were missing from the family scenes.  The family pictures are good.  I only got 1 set as you were taking pictures.

It was a big funeral.  Parking lot filled & the one side of Division as well.

The Braves started winning after losing a few.  But not the Mets.  They beat Milwaukee & I guess that knocked them out as they haven't won since.  A lost cause.  Boston fired their manager, but not the Mets.

This weekend is Kim's high school reunion.  Last nite they had a get together at the K of C.  This A.M. golf & Kim & a friend would play.  Tonite dinner, dance at the Club by the library whose name I can't recall.  It came!  The Conewango Club.

Now it's Sun. the 19th.

As I was going to church this A.M. Lar came by walking Torey.  I had to give him some attention & I walked away leaving Torey wondering what was going on.  Usually, when he see Grandma, he gets something to eat.

Yesterday I made banana bread using a new recipe; one that called for orange juice.  It is good.

Vi Seaquist always said she was coming over for a cup of coffee.  At church we often talked about it & today I set a time.  She will come over Wed nite.  We'll have juice & cookies as I think she prefers not to have coffee at nite.  I'll have to decide what cookies to make.  My "Taste of Home" magazines have recipes on peaches & I want to try making peach cobbler & plan to make it for Thurs nite when Lar & Kim come for dinner.  There is also a recipe for peach bread that sounds good -- similar to banana bread.

Monday the 20th.

Got your letter today & was glad to hear that Larry is home in Two Rivers.  Things will move along now he is back in familiar territory.  No place like home. It will be hard to hold him down but he'll know his strengths.

Beaty football team practices in the mornings.  If the doors are opened I can hear the whistle blowing.  I think of Andy, then.

We've had a few drops of rain but are waiting for a real downpour -- it's very dry & the grass is brown.

Dale had his eye exam & there wasn't much change so he only needed 1 contact as the one he has is still OK.   He's getting regular glasses as well.

Kim just left -- she spent 3 hours at school today & is a little upset.  The other Phy Ed teacher resigned to take a year's job teaching at Edinboro.  He's working on his Doctorate & hopes to teach at the college level & couldn't pass up this chance even tho it's just for a year.  It makes it hard for Kim-- this will be the third time for her to "break in" a teacher.  And they're changing her schedule so she'll be teaching all the Health classes & only 2 gym classes & that doesn't make her happy.  They haven't posted the job yet & it is open for 2 weeks, then the interviews so it will be awhile before they hire a teacher, so it will be a substitute if they can find one.  So I guess Kim isn't looking forward to school next week.  She said as soon as there is an opening in Warren, she'll apply for it.

Larry & Kim are going to Erie tomorrow just to get away.  There are still some things she wants to get for school.

Andy's birthday is coming up -- I'll need suggestions for his birthday.

Now it's Wed A.M. 6& I'd better bring this to a close & get it on its way.

All is well with us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Before I forget Barb found the camera in the car & I took it to be developed.

The weather finally broke & it is cooler but so far no rain for us & we really need it.
It was good to be back in church today & also be back on a schedule.

Last Thurs mid morning I got a call from Warren Hollertz asking if I wanted to go to Jamestown with them. I surprised them & said "yes". Usually on Thurs. Lar & Kim come for dinner, but that nite we were invited to camp for dinner.

Back to Hollertz -- we went to the Italian Fisherman in Lake Chautauqua, a place I've heard about but never ate there.  It was so nice & a good meal.  The we went to Tops grocery store for Swedish cheese "Bon Ost" because it is cheaper there.  Then we went to Ecloff's Swedish Bakery & they bot breads, coffee bread, & cookies.  I got a almond tart which I love & enjoyed it with coffee when I got home.  It was a nice outing. 

We met Kim's sister Debbie, Woody, Jessica & Eric & enjoying visiting with them.  During the summer this year, Jessica & Eric stayed home while the parents worked.  They stayed inside, as it get so hot & they're not allowed in their pool when parents aren't around.  So they don't get a lot of exercise & are quite chubby.  The kids would like to move north.  They really like to be with Lar (favorite uncle) & Kim.  Jay & Nancy (Dr. friends) & their 4 daughters & Nancy's Mom (you met her Barbara one Thanksgiving) were along.  The girls are growing up & are attractive.  Oldest girl starts college soon.  It was a nice evening -- good food, good conversation.

Fri. I went to the library after getting my hair done.  Got 4 books (not long books, i.e. many pages) & I've read 3 of them & started the 4th.  Ones I enjoy.  Went to the post office for stamps & to CVS for peanuts as they were 2/4.00.  Made choc. chip peanut butter & peanut cookies.  But it made a heavy bag to carry but I made it home.

It's nice to have it cooler so I made a coffee cake as well as the cookies.

Ray Forstrum preached today & he had an interesting point.  "If you feel apart from Christ, who moved/"  Or you could say the church.

Mim asked me what books I'd been reading.  She recommended a British author -- Fifield, but I couldn't find any books by that name.  Maybe I spelled it wrong.  Will have to look the name up.  I did fine a new author Patricia Hall -- the book "The Dead of Winter", a Yorkshire mystery.  It's starting out as one I'll like & will want to read more of her books.  Another one I love is M. C. Beaton & "Death of a Macho Man".  It was good.

Now it's Mon the 13th.  We went to KMart for some items I needed -- kleenex, dish soap, etc.

Got your letter & thanks for the pictures of Andy's team.  I remember some names & checked them out.  Dale didn't call for an eye appt. until today & couldn't get an early appt. for after 4 pm.  He got one for Fri 9:30 A.M. so he'll leave work & make up the time.  He plans to get glasses as well as contacts -- for emergency.  He will go to Jim Spangler -- get in there faster than the M.D.  Lar & Kim went to him & were satisfied.

Kim stopped by -- it was raining at their place but not over here.  The rain cloud must have been a small one.

I really enjoyed Patricia Hall's book & will look for more.  She is a newer author & I just happened to see it & picked it up.

Dale is washing his car.  He had a muffler put into his El Camino but it's still too loud so he ordered something over the Internet & they had it.  A place he's ordered from before & they send catalogues.

When we were leaving the Mall, Barb said is that money on the Mall road.  I looked & it was 1.00 so I got out & picked it up.  Gave to Barb as she saw it.

Our flowers are so nice -- People walking by comment on how pretty they are.

Not much more happening here.

Is Larry out of the hospital now?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Thanks for a good time in Middleton.  Dale had a great trip & looks forward to the next reunion.  He hasn't traveled like the rest of you.  Paul hitchhiked to Calif; Lar traveled across the country with Bruce; Barb joined the Navy.  Dale went 1 semester to a school in Columbus, Ohio & wouldn't stay there.  He enjoyed Devil's Lake, the trip to Milwaukee & being at the lake.  He didn't look forward to work   Today is his long day -- 12 hours.

It was a long trip home.  After we crossed the bridge & toward Flint, Detroit, etc.  We ran into a lot of traffic, the stop & go type.  Barb was driving.  After Flint, going toward Port Huron, it slowed down & was easier driving.  It was a long drive between stops.  We had a good breakfast at the motel & a rest stop before the bridge.  At 1:15 we stopped at a Subway for subs.  Rest stop at 4:30 near Port Huron.  Got into Canada at 5:15 & left at 8:15.  Easier driving but more traffic as we got to Hamilton.  Finally stopped on N.Y. Thruway for a rest stop & something to drink.  No dinner meal.  Home at 11 pm  Unpacked the car -- looked at the weather channel, in bed at midnite.

Mon. I did 3 loads of wash.  We went for groceries as the fridge was bare.  Then I made a good meal for supper.  In bed at 9:30 pm.

Today I cleaned my bedroom & the bathroom.  Then I ironed clothes that needed to be pressed & now its aft. & I'm taking it easy.  Tomorrow I go to the bank to get cash for Aug. expenses.

Barb had a headache on Mon. & didn't work.  Went back to bed til aft.

Lar was at Careys last nite & he was fine.  Took the aft. off & played golf with his brother-in-law & the 2 children.  Kim's sister & family arrived on Sun.  We won't see Kim till the end of the week.

Were you aware that Lila can't control her bowels.  Joyce cleaned up a mess -- Gen can't do it & they say Lila won't wear adult Pampers (correct word won't come) so they say.  I bet Charles doesn't want to spend money on disposals.  Joyce had to wash Lila & then washed disposable pants.  I think it's too bad that Lila can't have decent care in a home.  They always say Lila won't do it, but I feel that Lila doesn't know what is going on & that is cruelty to a human.  I know Ruth is upset over the situation.

Looked thru the mail & found the taxes for the house had come & the household insurance bill.  The good thing I have the money to pay the bills.

At first I was wondering how I'd take the trip but it went very well for me.  And I thoroly enjoyed myself.  I'll have to take good care of myself so I can make the trip in '03.

Ruth had a listing of all the addresses of the relations.  We didn't get one.  Carolyn thought Lar got one, but he didn't. If you have one, would you make a copy for me & enclose it in a letter.

I'm already making a list of things I'll want for the next trip.  Things I discovered it would be nice to have had for this trip.  Either forgot or didn't think about.  Another thought, it would be nice to have the Fri. nite dinner at another place.  And it would be nice to order from the menu.  What are your thoughts.  We are having very warm weather but by the end of the week it should cool off.

The Johnson's house across the st. is being painted using new colors.  Now owned by Keeney's.  A pretty beige color.  A real improvement.

Mon A.M. paper told of a fire at the Liberty St. Cafe. It was destroyed & lots of smoke damage.  But they plan to rebuild but it will be closed for some time.  Extension cord was the blame -- accidental.

Will mail this tomorow.

P.S.  The white envelope containing money I thought I had with me was at home in my "safe".  A used large popcorn tin where I keep my monthly expense money.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Just mailed a letter today & here I'm starting a letter.

But Barb called from Lynn's to say the van had a flat tire -- a 1 1/2-2" screw in it.  Barb was upset.  Kim came over & both of us had similar thoughts.  Scott is allowed to use power tools & we wondered if he did it.  The screw was in below the surface of the tire, like you do when you screw into wood & then you fill it with filler.  At first Barb wouldn't believe it but she came around.  We think the screw would have to be upright to go all the way into the tire.  And Scott is the type to do something like that.  Dale fixed the tire with  a plug.  It just makes one wonder.  Scott was the one who discovered it.  I think he is too young to use power tools.  They should be locked up.  Dale agrees with us.

I'm watching the Golf Channel with a preview of the British Open that starts tomorrow.  I'll have to remember to turn TV on at 8 A.M.  It's been very interesting to see the golf course, some of the activities & the area.

We had a nice time at the luncheon today.  Food & fellowship was good.  7 of us.

Back to golf.  They took a vote on which open the viewers preferred:  U.S. Open or British Open.  British open won 65% to 35%.   I like the Brit Open because there are more long grasses and other hazards to keep the golfers on their toes.

Fri the 20th.

Barb got Scott to admit he put the screw in the tire.  Bob was pretty upset & he called later in the evening & said that we should buy a new tire & Scott will have to pay for it out of his birthday money.  He tried to blame it on a friend saying he gave him the idea.  He doesn't need any help to get into mischief.  Lynn is always so ware of what people will think. When Dale had his problems I'm sure there was gossip but I held my head high & let Dale know we loved him no matter what.  I'm sure it wasn't easy on Dad.

The other nite our toaster oven started to smoke.  Dale had one in the attic he got from points at Shults.  He's had it several years, but it didn't work - the magnet holding the toasting lever down wasn't strong enough to keep it down.  Dale looked at KMart but they didn't have the make we wanted./  This aft. we went to the mall & Bon Ton had a Black & Decker toaster oven on sale so we got one.  It has become a necessity.  Can't make sandwiches without it.  It works fine.

Sat. aft.

Been watching the British Open most of the time.  Did get rolls baked before 9 A.M. when it came on TV.

Barb brought suitcases from the attic so I'm starting to think of what clothes I'll want.  See what needs to be washed, ironed, etc.  I have a list made so I can check things off.

Ruth will be 88, I think, on Fri. Aug 3rd so we can help her celebrate.

I hope JoAnna's mother is doing better by now.  You proved you could do all the work by yourselves but it's better when the folks are there to hep.  Bet you were tired out, but happy, when the day was over.

Finally called Rose S. & she said Jamie M. told her 5 years ago he had aids & wouldn't live a long life.

Rose had a 4 bypass heart operation.  It's slow for her to get her strength back & she's always been a little negative but I tried to cheer her up.  I can when I haven't gone thru it & hope I never have to.  Karen's daughter love Toronto & has a Chinese boyfriend & Rose wonders about that.  Jim's oldest daughter is in grad school at U. of Indiana, in Indiana.  The youngest girl finished her first year at Pitt.  And Evan (Karen)( start at Warren Hi in the fall.  He wants to go to Penn State.

Sun. the 22nd.  Next Sun get ready for the Nelson invasion!

Roger preached today.  And Fran was back as organist for today.  Several of us went to the organ to thank her & give her a hug.  Wish she could come back.  We'll see you all before long.  I am looking forward to the visit.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2001

Dale just left for work, the paper boy is late delivering papers so I'll start a letter & drink my coffee.

Kim came over on Sat. to show us their new lease car.  Light gold color.  Very similar to their last car -- black leather sweats.  Kim likes to keep them covered when Torey rides with them but they don't stay in place so Kim will have to figure out something new.  She expects her sister & family from Fla. to visit the week of the 22nd.

We received another letter from church -- the week we're gone they will have 3 separate meetings (& hope the members will attend) to talk things out & have a question period.   During the question & answer period the pastor won't be present.  That should tell him something.

Sounds like Eddie is really keeping busy this summer & enjoying it.  He'll have a lot to tell if the teachers still ask about summer vacations.

We have ants coming in the back door so Dale takes his little vacuum cleaner to get rid of them & puts ant powder down. It was working for awhile but this A.M. he was vacuuming them out again.

On the front steps Barb has 6 pots of dahlias on each side & they are starting to bloom & are so pretty.  Different colors.

Last nite I watched the Seattle Mariners vs. Arizona.  Went to bed before the finish but the Mariners were ahead so I'm sure they won.  I'm still rooting for them to win it all.  Edgar Martinez is my favorite.  He's so cute.  He's the D.H.  Lou Pinella has settled down -- doesn't kick the bases around -- he's mellowed.  I like him U& would like to see him as the winning manager.

The Mets pitching is coming around & if the offense could start hitting maybe they could reach the 500 mark.

Guess I'll get dressed & start my Mon. chores.

Now it's 8 pm & I've been sitting on the porch & reading USA Today.  This aft. I walked over to Patterson Funeral Home.  Don't know if you remember Jamie Moore but he died suddenly & was only 39 years old.  I felt I should go as Alice & Jim Rapp are members of St. Paul & friends.  One sister Melody is Dale's age. It is so sad when death comes at an early age.  Jamie was married but divorced.  A teenage son & daughter.  His wife (former) was there & I spoke to her -- she remembered me.

When Kim was her today she said her sister & family won't be able to come next week as planned.  She's worked for years in a large (WalMart) store & is front end manager & they will be taking inventory so she must be there.  I think Kim has doubts if they'll even come.  School starts Aug 13 or 14th for them in Fla.

We go out to lunch this Wed -- the retired pastor's group.  This time we're going to the former Pittsfield Inn out of Youngsville.  Pat & Ted Benson will pick me up.  Pat says we3 should get together monthly.

I should write to Gen but when she doesn't write back I lose interest.  I bo't 21 cent stamps for postcards so I'll send cards to her & Millie.  Does the library have a picture of it on post cards.  That would be a nice one to send them. Or I can find a picture card of the State Capitol where JoAnna works.

I notice the lawns are drying out a bit so we could use some rain which is predicted for tomorrow.

Wed A.M.

Better get this finished & mailed.  Made a potato salad this A.M. for supper.  When I go out for lunch I never like to fix a meal so we'll have hamburgers, pot. salad, & fruit.

Time is going fast & soon we'll be on our way & you'll have a houseful for a few days.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2001

I'm on the porch with a cup of coffee & a freshly made roll & PB oatmeal c.c. cooky.  Have to sample my baking.  I'm awake early so I was up at 6 A.M., baked my rolls & cookies & made banana bread.  Then Barb & I went to the Mall, after I was showered & dressed & I returned a blouse at Bon Ton (didn't like how it looked ) & did a little shopping at KMart.  Now I'm taking the rest of the day off.  We are going to Nickel Inn tonite for Kim's birthday dinner.  It was put off when Lar got sick & they had plans for last weekend.

The store on rd & Conewango is now G.O.P headquarters & it is being remodeled.  Taken out the large window, filled in & now there are 4 smaller ones.  Entrance centers on 3rd & Conge--.  Improved the look of the bldg.

Careys put up a fence (long time ago) between their yard & the school yard.  A while ago they took it down.  Kim wanted it & Lar wouldn't ask for it.  So last Thurs. Kim did & Mr. Carey said "sure".  It's a picket fence & she wants to put it up by the greenhouse at the apt.  She's fixed up a little patio there.  But it entailed more work as Mr. C. had more stuff he wanted to get rid of & Kim's friend was having a garage sale today.  Yesterday aft. she was over & helped to assemble the stuff in their garage.  2 sewing machines, some exercise stuff & I don't know what else.  Kim said one of her friends would like a sewing machine.  They were here at 7:30 to put the stuff in Lar's truck.  I went over to give Lar a roll & cookies for a snack & I was in my nightie, housecoat & slippers.  Felt a little embarrassed but I wanted to finish my chores before a shower.  Kim said they have a lot more junk in the attic & I'm sure Lar will be called on to help get rid of it.

The Fall Penney's catalog came this week & I've been looking at it.  See a few things I might like but am in no hurry.  Seems like I remember you said you shopped at Target.  If it is possible, I'd love to go there.  Erie has one & Kim likes to shop there.  It seems like we go to the Mall & don't ever get to Target. 

Yesterday & today are so beautiful.  Blue skies, fluffy white clouds & clear air.  My kind of summer day, & I'm enjoying taking it easy.

Barb is watering her plants & Mr. Carey asked her what she used to feed her plants.   Miracle Gro is the answer.  He said they look great & they do.  On the steps, on each side of the rails, she has dahlias & they are starting to bloom & look so great.  In the back yard she has lupine & they are beautiful.

I better water my hanging basket so more later.

I made a blueberry pie & Lar said it was good, only Kim makes better pies!  I said that's fine -- the wife comes first now.  Anyway I'm including the recipe in case you like blueberries.

I'm watching "mute" TV.  Cleveland vs. St. Louis.  Will root for Cleveland.  Can't stand all the controversy of the All Star game, managers, choices, etc.

Sun. aft.

Just finished making a Turkey salad for supper.  Whenever turkey breast is on sale, I get one.  Last week was cool so we had turkey Thurs. nite.  Fri Barb wanted pizza so we didn't have left overs.  Last nite we went out.  Barb, Lar & I had fish fry as it is available on Fri & Sat.  It was delicious.  Golden crust & nice white meat & it was a huge piece.  Dale had big size Prime Rib & he couldn't eat it all so Torey got leftovers.  Kim had broccoli fettuccine.  Nickel Inn & it was crowded with many large groups.  To get back to the leftover turkey -- was trying to plan a weekly menu & decided to use the turkey in a salad & still have some for sandwiches for Mon. lunch.

Soon strawberries are at an end but Barb picked 2 qts yesterday.  She likes to make a strawberry smoothie & Dale likes them on ice cream. 

Kim said Mr. Carey had added more stuff to the collection.  Some went into a bag & sold very cheap.  Another bag & any leftovers went to the Salvation Army & it included moth eaten draperies.  She made about 50.00.

As soon as we got home last nite, about 9:20 pm, the TV went on as it was a nite Nascar race.  And Earnhardt Jr. wont it -- that was so nice as it was where his dad died.  I went to bed & didn't see the end which was a good deal.  It would be hard to get to sleep after all that emotion.

Rose Seeley is back at Warren Hosp. Transitional Care Unit.  I suppose for therapy & getting ready to go home.  She's had some tough times.

Saw this quote in the Buff. paper.  "I adore seafood, especially saltwater taffy."  Milton Berle.

Tues the 10th -- the day I clean my bedroom & the bathroom.  Now I'm cleaned up & ready to watch "Murder She Wrote" & will finish my letter.  It's a showery day but I hope to mail t his after 11 AM & also a card to Rose.

I have a 1000 pc. puzzle on the card table.  I'll ad a piece now & then while watching the All Star game in Seattle.  Watched the Home Run Derby last nite & was glad it was won by the N.L.  Hope they can win tonite.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2001

Dale just left for work.  Have books to read but decided to start a letter.

My how times have changed or have they!

I remember hoping you'd make the honor roll (once in awhile you did) because I knew you had the abilities.  Now you see the value of it & I'm pleased that Andy & Eddie both had good grades.  I think it's harder today to get good grades.  Too many outside influences.

I know St. Paul would have a hard time getting a pastor due to the shortage.  But the ones who come to this area seem to have long ministries here.  If you like hunting, camping, etc. pastors seem to like to stay around.  Dad did regardless.

Hessel Valley is doing well.  Bill Cox, whose first parishes were Sheffield & Ludlow, decided not to be a parish pastor & is now in work that has to do with hospital (not a chaplain) so he is pastor, part time, at H.V. and doing a good job there.

Youngsville & Wrightsville are without a pastor.  She resigned to have a baby but married & lives in Youngsville.  He is a school teacher, a bachelor for a long time -- they married & now have a 6 mo. son.  She wanted time off to get used to a new baby. & is what they call absent without a call -- (think that's the phrase) & it last 2 o3 years & then they must get back in the church or demit.  She is very nice & well liked.  Ray Forstrum, retired & former pastor serves Wrightsville.  He'll also preach at St. Paul a couple of Sun in July.

You hit the nail on the head when you spoke of "a leadership void".  Gary would never stick his neck out like Dad did.  We'd never have our present set up if Dad hadn't been a good leader.  Not a flashy one but one who stuck to his mission & call.

It's 8 A.M. & the paper still isn't here.

Today Shults is sponsoring a golf outing at Jackson Valley.  Dale plans to go & borrowed extra clubs that Sam B. is lending him.  Glad he's getting out like that.

Barb plans to pick strawberries again.  I will make another pie.  I like the shortcake too & strawberries & ice cream.

Got blueberries on sale & Dale likes them on his cereal.  They are still on sale & should make a pie.  It's suppose to be cooler next week & I'll take advantage & do some baking.   My "Taste of Home" has a recipe for a Vanilla Chips cookie that sounds good.  Be similar to choc. chips.

I'm reading a good book by Mary Higgins Clark.  The Lottery Winner.  This couple wins the lottery.  She is an amateur detective & on their many journeys, now that they are rich, she manages to get involved & wins the case.  Something Murder She Wrote.  Each chapter is a new adventure & I have really enjoyed reading this book. The books mostly center on activities in New York City or usually ending up in NYC.  Fund reading.

Kim's friend gave her 3 books she thought I might like to read.  By Maeve Binchy but I've read them recently -- or going back to last summer.  They are worth rereading but I'd like them to fade a big more from my memory.

This year Barb planted petunias in pots by the back door & they are so pretty.  She used more begonias & they are growing so well.  She got most of the plants at KMart & they all look good -- in shades of pink.  Pink & purple are the shades this year along with different shades of pansies.  The 2 petunia planters are really beautiful.  They drape (if that's the correct word) down & look graceful.

Barb is at Bert's this A.M. so I'm alone.  Sat reading on the front porch for awhile.  Too warm to do much so I'm enjoying being lazy.  Figure "I earned it".

The car dent was fixed yesterday & the bumper replaced.  The 3rd incident happened -- coming from Lynn's a tree branch was in the road & wouldn't you know she met an oncoming truck & the branch scratched the side of the car lengthwise leaving a small scratch line. But they buffed it out as well.  As the one on the hood of the car.  You can't see any marks so Barb is happy.  And they didn't add any extra charges altho she offered to pay for it.  She was really impressed at how pleasant they all were to deal with. I think Auto Body Collisions is where Levina K's brother Wally used to work or have a partnership in.  On Irvinedale Road.

Sun July 1

Took my umbrella to church as showers were predicted.  It rained some, but I didn't need it.

Dale had a good time at the golfing outing.  He doesn't drink but said some of the fellow were getting "happy".

While he was gone the realtor called & said she was returning his fee as they were having trouble with HVD.  It was an HVD loan gone bad & when Dale doesn't have any credit rating &doesn't borrow or charge) maybe that had something to do with it.  That is just my idea as I thought he asked at Northwest concerning a loan.

In the bulletin today it said Rose Seeley & Paul Johnson are at Hamot in Erie &^ Katherine Peterson is at St. Vincent Hosp.  Karen was going to call Kim & Kim would tell me but no call yet.  Katherine has been sick for some time now.  Paul J. got a pacemaker put in earlier & maybe that isn't working just right.

Made a strawberry pie.  Good!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2001

I'll start a letter to tell you Larry hasn't been feeling well.  He has shingles.  They broke out on the left side of his scalp & into his eye.  They were here last nite for Kim's birthday dinner.  His eye didn't look good.  He saw the Dr. who gave him medication & suggested he see Dr. Keverline (my eye Dr.) to see if it had affected his eye -- could cause trouble.  It hadn't.  Kim stopped over today & he didn't feel good at all (today0).  He hasn't worked for 3 days & just lays around so you know he doesn't feel good.  Hope it soon passes.  We were suppose to go to Nickel Inn Sat. nite, but that is postponed.

Last Wed. we went out to lunch at Portville, NY. just across the Pa. line from Eldred.  About 1 1/2 hr. drive. Forstrums picked me up.  Sprague's Maple Farm.  A large building & lots of tables for larger parties.  Like a Pancake House only better.  Pure maple syrup.  A gift shop & I got some maple syrup & the maple sugar candies that I love!  I had an omelet & 2 pancakes & couldn't finish it.  The omelet was so large.  Wish it were closer so we could go to it.  It's a long ride but beautiful scenery.

We had over 2" of rain last night with lots of noise -- thunder.  I got caught in the rain (Mets vs. Braves on TV & I have an ear & eye on that) coming home form getting my hair done.  Was by East St when a downpour came & my slacks got wet.  Was prepared & had a rain hat and umbrella.  Sheila told me today the gossip is that Jim Blair sold his house on Valentine Ruin to someone from Pittsburgh.  Be nice if it is true.

Sat A.M.

It is a dark, rainy Sat.  Hope it clears up as I planned to walk to the library.  Read another Delinsky book -- The Vineyard but that didn't appeal as much as the others.  It was like a book within a book, telling the story of 2 women. One written in italics & I skipped most of that.  I keep a dictionary by my chair so I think "italic" is the correct word.

The Mets are making it very hard to remain a faithful fan.  Last nite's game is a prime example.  Rocker (Braves) got traded to Cleveland.  Cleveland goes to the Yankees next.  Wonder what kind of a reception he'll receive  He recently lost a couple of saves for the Braves.


It's a beautiful day, cool but no rain or clouds.

Barb got her bike ride & she also picked 4 qts. of strawberries -- 2 for her, 2 for me.  I plan to make a batch of jam this week.  Plan to make a 2nd batch later.  The berries are large & tasty.

Thanks for the pictures of the boys.  It's a good one.  Were they making choc. chip cookies or was it a "pose".

It was interesting to read your article on the library & the building plans.

Yesterday we went to the Mall & I found a pair of white slacks on sale. Had to shorten them & I did that Sat. aft.  They are very nice.  Didn't wear them today as it was cooler.  Will save them for a hot day.

Didn't get to the library yesterday & today I'm watching the Mets.  Maybe tomorrow after lunch.

Barb & I agree on something.  The Mets will allow Bobby (mgr.) to manage the N.L. in the All STar game & if the Mets don't improve, they will give Bobby the axe!  What do you think?  Or don't you care!  They say Milwaukee's attendance is holding up.  That's nice.

Tues. nite the 26th

Yesterday I made 6 glasses of strawberry jam & it turned out good.

Also got books fro the Library.  Mary Higgins Clark's Let Me Call You Sweetheart & Jude Deveraux's High Tide.  Read one yesterday & one today.  Both good & easy reading.  Started Anne Perry's Death in the Devil's Area.  I like her books about Inspector Pitt.

Tomorrow I'll walk to the bank & get money for next month's expenses & go to the library again.

Lar was working at Carey's last nite so he's back to normal.  Eye much better.  He has pop marks on his forehead.

I used the wrong pen when I started this letter so I hope you can read it.

It's warming up again & will be more humid.

Are you having your party this year.  You haven't mentioned it in your letters.

I'm just sitting here with my pen in my hand & nothing more to write about.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2001

It's been hot enough to turn on the AC.  Today the showers came & with it cooler weather.

Kim & her girl friends left Fri. for a weekend of golf in Sharon, Pa.  Sun. should be nice but I'm sure they've run into rain.

Interleague play.  It was a good game last nite but the Mets lost.  This aft. it's on Fox TV so I have the mute on & look up now & then to see what is going on .  Yankees ahead 2-0.  My "sob" story.

Guess what!  Barb was backing out of the driveway & didn't see the car parked directly across from our driveway & hit it.  Dents in both cars.  She called Erie Inc. & went for an estimate but we haven't heard yet.  I have 250.00 deductible she'll have to pay & I'm sure it will up the ins.  I didn't throw a fit 0-- what good would that do.

Bert is thinking of selling her home & going into a retirement home.  She wants Barb to take her to look around Jamestown & Chautauqua.  She's at Lynn's in the aft so Bert will have to wail til Fri.

Faye, across the st. had a floral sale this Fri. & Sat.  She makes beautiful floral arrangements.  After I had my hair done (Sheila had been there before work & told me about it) I went over.  Kim has a birthday on Thurs. & she collects bird houses, & I found a bird house decorated with ivy & a couple of birds.  Doesn't sound like much but it is very attractive.  Maybe I'll get a picture of it when she opens it.  I also got an arrangement for me.  She had some beautiful large arrangements.

Barb was talking to the neighbors Sally (ex. Conaways) & a friend told her, our house was for sale & she was interest.  Wrong house.  It's Carey's house.  Sally said she almost sold our house for us.  Interesting tho, maybe it will be easy to sell when the time comes.

Forgot to call Gen on her birthday.  Tired Thurs. nite but no answer & will try sometime this weekend.

Lar & Kim will come for dinner tomorrow.  Kim won't get home til 6 pm or so, & she won't have to think of getting a meal.

I'm watching more golf than baseball.


I fixed chicken for supper using a recipe from the latest Quick Cooking.  Brown chicken breasts on each side.  Mix 1 can chicken broc. soup with 1/4 c skim milk, 1 T. lemon juice, 1 1/2 t dried basil, lemon pepper (I just had pepper) & garlic powder - which I left out.  Mixed up recipes.  Pour over browned chicken, turn down heat, 10 min.  Served it with lemon linguine.  Poured a sauce of 3 T melted butter or oleo, 1 T lemon juice, 1 1/2 dried basil, 1/2 t. garlic powder (not for me), lemon pepper seasoning.  Toss with linguine & sprinkle 1/4 c. grated Parmesan.  I tho't it was very tasty.  Barb is making a salad & Dale will eat later.

Tomorrow I'm trying another new recipe.  Brown pork chops.  Make dressing from a 6 oz. pkg.  Grease a 9x14 pan. Pour in a can of apple pie filling with cinnamon (in the pan).  Top with porch chops.  Sprinkle stuffing over it.  Cover, bake at 350 for 30-35 min.  Remove cover & bake 10 more min.  An easier version of stuffed pork chops.

I wanted to make dinner rolls but wanted to bake them early A.M. before it got too hot.  So I decided on refrigerator rolls, chill overnite.  I made a smaller recipe, only 2 doz.  They were very good.

When we went to the mall on Fri. we noticed Hatch Patch had strawberries & I got a qt. & we'll have shortcake on Sun.  Their corn really started to grow during the hot humid weather.

Lar & Torey just stopped by.  He has to get a shower & then go to dinner at a friend's house.  Torey had to get his walk first.  So Torey got cheese, ice cream -- he was really looking for Kim.

Sun. nite, June 17

Kim had a wonderful golfing weekend.  I fixed the pork chops with apple pie filling & stuffing & it went over big.  Even Dale commented on them -- he liked it.  It smelled good while baking.

I suppose you are saying, "I suppose Mom is watching the Mets & Yankees on ESPN" and you'd be right.  They (Mets) need to get some runs from the Yankee pitcher who isn't that good but will they.  It's 1-1 now but it's only the 3rd inning.  Boston beat the Braves.  When I see that the Braves are losing, I don't feel so bad for the Mets.  Mon A.M.  I gave up too soon & missed the home run by Mike P. & the win.  What a nice surprise.  Went to bed after the 7th inning.

This is Dale's early week -- it's now 9:39 A.M. & my work is just about done.  Cleaned the bathroom today as tomorrow I see the Dr. at 11:15 A.M. & I don't want to have a lot to do tomorrow.  Am washing Dale's blankets.  One is on the line as well as his sheets & the 2nd one is being washed.

Wed. it's lunch with retired friends Bensons, Hollertzs, etc.  Ray Forstrums will pick me up.  e're going to a Pancake House beyond Port Allegheny - Portville I think it is.  Ted & Pat B. have been there.  T hurs. is Kim's birthday so it will be a busy week.  Kim doesn't eat desserts so I might make an angel food cake & have fresh strawberries for dessert.  Think we'll grill steaks & have potatoe salad. (The republican in me! Ha! Ha!)

Will bring this to an end.  Soon time for Murder She Wrote, coffee & I could dust downstairs.

I love all of you a lot!