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Friday, June 22, 2001

I'll start a letter to tell you Larry hasn't been feeling well.  He has shingles.  They broke out on the left side of his scalp & into his eye.  They were here last nite for Kim's birthday dinner.  His eye didn't look good.  He saw the Dr. who gave him medication & suggested he see Dr. Keverline (my eye Dr.) to see if it had affected his eye -- could cause trouble.  It hadn't.  Kim stopped over today & he didn't feel good at all (today0).  He hasn't worked for 3 days & just lays around so you know he doesn't feel good.  Hope it soon passes.  We were suppose to go to Nickel Inn Sat. nite, but that is postponed.

Last Wed. we went out to lunch at Portville, NY. just across the Pa. line from Eldred.  About 1 1/2 hr. drive. Forstrums picked me up.  Sprague's Maple Farm.  A large building & lots of tables for larger parties.  Like a Pancake House only better.  Pure maple syrup.  A gift shop & I got some maple syrup & the maple sugar candies that I love!  I had an omelet & 2 pancakes & couldn't finish it.  The omelet was so large.  Wish it were closer so we could go to it.  It's a long ride but beautiful scenery.

We had over 2" of rain last night with lots of noise -- thunder.  I got caught in the rain (Mets vs. Braves on TV & I have an ear & eye on that) coming home form getting my hair done.  Was by East St when a downpour came & my slacks got wet.  Was prepared & had a rain hat and umbrella.  Sheila told me today the gossip is that Jim Blair sold his house on Valentine Ruin to someone from Pittsburgh.  Be nice if it is true.

Sat A.M.

It is a dark, rainy Sat.  Hope it clears up as I planned to walk to the library.  Read another Delinsky book -- The Vineyard but that didn't appeal as much as the others.  It was like a book within a book, telling the story of 2 women. One written in italics & I skipped most of that.  I keep a dictionary by my chair so I think "italic" is the correct word.

The Mets are making it very hard to remain a faithful fan.  Last nite's game is a prime example.  Rocker (Braves) got traded to Cleveland.  Cleveland goes to the Yankees next.  Wonder what kind of a reception he'll receive  He recently lost a couple of saves for the Braves.


It's a beautiful day, cool but no rain or clouds.

Barb got her bike ride & she also picked 4 qts. of strawberries -- 2 for her, 2 for me.  I plan to make a batch of jam this week.  Plan to make a 2nd batch later.  The berries are large & tasty.

Thanks for the pictures of the boys.  It's a good one.  Were they making choc. chip cookies or was it a "pose".

It was interesting to read your article on the library & the building plans.

Yesterday we went to the Mall & I found a pair of white slacks on sale. Had to shorten them & I did that Sat. aft.  They are very nice.  Didn't wear them today as it was cooler.  Will save them for a hot day.

Didn't get to the library yesterday & today I'm watching the Mets.  Maybe tomorrow after lunch.

Barb & I agree on something.  The Mets will allow Bobby (mgr.) to manage the N.L. in the All STar game & if the Mets don't improve, they will give Bobby the axe!  What do you think?  Or don't you care!  They say Milwaukee's attendance is holding up.  That's nice.

Tues. nite the 26th

Yesterday I made 6 glasses of strawberry jam & it turned out good.

Also got books fro the Library.  Mary Higgins Clark's Let Me Call You Sweetheart & Jude Deveraux's High Tide.  Read one yesterday & one today.  Both good & easy reading.  Started Anne Perry's Death in the Devil's Area.  I like her books about Inspector Pitt.

Tomorrow I'll walk to the bank & get money for next month's expenses & go to the library again.

Lar was working at Carey's last nite so he's back to normal.  Eye much better.  He has pop marks on his forehead.

I used the wrong pen when I started this letter so I hope you can read it.

It's warming up again & will be more humid.

Are you having your party this year.  You haven't mentioned it in your letters.

I'm just sitting here with my pen in my hand & nothing more to write about.

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