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Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Thanks for a good time in Middleton.  Dale had a great trip & looks forward to the next reunion.  He hasn't traveled like the rest of you.  Paul hitchhiked to Calif; Lar traveled across the country with Bruce; Barb joined the Navy.  Dale went 1 semester to a school in Columbus, Ohio & wouldn't stay there.  He enjoyed Devil's Lake, the trip to Milwaukee & being at the lake.  He didn't look forward to work   Today is his long day -- 12 hours.

It was a long trip home.  After we crossed the bridge & toward Flint, Detroit, etc.  We ran into a lot of traffic, the stop & go type.  Barb was driving.  After Flint, going toward Port Huron, it slowed down & was easier driving.  It was a long drive between stops.  We had a good breakfast at the motel & a rest stop before the bridge.  At 1:15 we stopped at a Subway for subs.  Rest stop at 4:30 near Port Huron.  Got into Canada at 5:15 & left at 8:15.  Easier driving but more traffic as we got to Hamilton.  Finally stopped on N.Y. Thruway for a rest stop & something to drink.  No dinner meal.  Home at 11 pm  Unpacked the car -- looked at the weather channel, in bed at midnite.

Mon. I did 3 loads of wash.  We went for groceries as the fridge was bare.  Then I made a good meal for supper.  In bed at 9:30 pm.

Today I cleaned my bedroom & the bathroom.  Then I ironed clothes that needed to be pressed & now its aft. & I'm taking it easy.  Tomorrow I go to the bank to get cash for Aug. expenses.

Barb had a headache on Mon. & didn't work.  Went back to bed til aft.

Lar was at Careys last nite & he was fine.  Took the aft. off & played golf with his brother-in-law & the 2 children.  Kim's sister & family arrived on Sun.  We won't see Kim till the end of the week.

Were you aware that Lila can't control her bowels.  Joyce cleaned up a mess -- Gen can't do it & they say Lila won't wear adult Pampers (correct word won't come) so they say.  I bet Charles doesn't want to spend money on disposals.  Joyce had to wash Lila & then washed disposable pants.  I think it's too bad that Lila can't have decent care in a home.  They always say Lila won't do it, but I feel that Lila doesn't know what is going on & that is cruelty to a human.  I know Ruth is upset over the situation.

Looked thru the mail & found the taxes for the house had come & the household insurance bill.  The good thing I have the money to pay the bills.

At first I was wondering how I'd take the trip but it went very well for me.  And I thoroly enjoyed myself.  I'll have to take good care of myself so I can make the trip in '03.

Ruth had a listing of all the addresses of the relations.  We didn't get one.  Carolyn thought Lar got one, but he didn't. If you have one, would you make a copy for me & enclose it in a letter.

I'm already making a list of things I'll want for the next trip.  Things I discovered it would be nice to have had for this trip.  Either forgot or didn't think about.  Another thought, it would be nice to have the Fri. nite dinner at another place.  And it would be nice to order from the menu.  What are your thoughts.  We are having very warm weather but by the end of the week it should cool off.

The Johnson's house across the st. is being painted using new colors.  Now owned by Keeney's.  A pretty beige color.  A real improvement.

Mon A.M. paper told of a fire at the Liberty St. Cafe. It was destroyed & lots of smoke damage.  But they plan to rebuild but it will be closed for some time.  Extension cord was the blame -- accidental.

Will mail this tomorow.

P.S.  The white envelope containing money I thought I had with me was at home in my "safe".  A used large popcorn tin where I keep my monthly expense money.

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