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Sunday, October 7, 2001

We had a few snow flurries this A.M. but now the sun is out.  But I got my gloves out & wore them walking to church.

We had ha pretty good group in church.  A retired pastor had the service.  In the announcements he said he had a story to tell.  He is in Fla. during the winter & last spring he decided not to bring his vestments.  He asked a pastor friend if he had a robe he could borrow.  He didn't but he did have one from a retired pastor.  It belonged to Carl Nelson.  The congregation liked that & clapped their hands.  Retired pastors are lined up for Oct.  A vice pastor has to be chosen.  A new council to be chosen & someone from the Bishop's office will come for a meeting following the Oct. 28th service.  Today the sermon was like an essay.  He read a lot of it, but it had good points & was interesting.

I had the urge to go to the library & got 3 books.  Belva Plain's Fortune's Hand; Promised to Keep by Jocelyn Stirling.  And Death on a Vineyard Beach, one of a series taking place on Martha's Vineyard by Philip Craig.  Very enjoyable reading.  Quote from Mystery News.  "Craig has a pleasant writing style, almost a gentleness that contrasts well with all the cruelty, viciousness, & raw sex that other authors revel in."    I'll get more of his books.

I got the books Fri. A.M. & finished reading the 3rd book last nite about midnight.  Once I start, it's hard to stop reading until it's over.  You can see I didn't do much on Fri & Sat. besides reading.  2 were shorter stories almost 300 pages.

Mon A.M. Oct 8

My duties (main ones) are completed & I took summer clothes to the attic & bro't fall & winter clothes down.  So I'm ready to sit with a cup of coffee & add more to the letter.

Adelaide Welsh is in an Erie hospital -- she had a heart attack.

Do you remember Louis Vizza.  I'm familiar with the name but not the face.  I've heard Lar & Kim speak of him.  The story comes via Sheila & one of "her ladies".  L.V. has some job when the Bills play at home -- maybe a linesman.  Anyway he was on his way to one of the games (he has dark skin & has grown a black beard) & had to go thru a search -- car, him, etc.  He was very upset being born in Warren & spending his life here.  With the dark Italian skin & a beard, they thought he could be an Arab.  If we were going to Canada we'd need our birth certificates or some proof.  The Senior Citizens go to Canada to gamble & they need proof to cross the border.  Life won't be as free from now on.  Maybe that will be good in some ways.

I didn't realize that library work could be so frightening -- i.e., the lady who lifted her blouse and said, "Don't mess with the devil, most of my family is burning in hell."  Did you find out if she has a mental problem?

I was going to make a pumpkin pie on Sat, only I didn't have Libby's pumpkin.  Barb got a can when she shopped at BiLo so I made it Sun. A.M. before I went to church.  It is one of my favorite pies.

Your "How to Host a Murder Party" sounded like a lot of fun. What amused me was about the boys, who enjoyed playing with the gun & holster.

It's 10:15 A.M. & usually Murder She Wrote is on TV.  But it's Columbo.  They must have started a new schedule.  Maybe it's because of the holiday as Columbo is on all day. That's right -- tomorrow is the regular schedule.

Tues. starts the baseball playoffs & you know what I'll be doing.  Watching Houston beat the Braves, I hope.  And rooting for Seattle overall.  The N.L. Eastern Division has been very weak this year.

Tues. the 9th

A beautiful day & I'll bring this to an end & put it in the mail when I mail a card to Katherine Peterson.

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