Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Not Ryberg's house.
Another of the homes for sale on East Third Ave.

After church I sat on the porch reading the Sun. paper.  The 2nd Sun. t he weather has been accommodating.

Now I'm watching the Braves at Milwaukee.  You know whom I rooting against!  The Mets come on at 4:05.

Talked to Denise Johnson today & she sends greetings.  She wasn't so negative so maybe things are better for her.

Do you remember Harriet Johnson?  (Carlson, her married name.)  Anyway they had one son & they kept him close to them.  Never learned to drive, etc.  Both parents died.  Now he has a girlfriend & she is teaching him to drive.  There is always hope.

Ryberg's house went up for sale this past week.  That makes 4 homes for sale in our area & there could be a 5th if Ed Africa would decide to stay here or go back to Arizona.

Barb is riding her bike & Dale is out in the sun.

Starting the 30th, no tax on clothing in New York, so we'll be going to the Mall one day. Hope I can find something.  In church today, Betty Casey said "it's impossible to find a dress."  I agree, that's why I wear slacks a lot.

I've been watching the Weather Channel a lot because of the hurricane.  Glad I don't live there.

Wed. Last day of Aug!

Yesterday we went to Lakewood to take advantage of N.Y.'s tax free week on clothing. What did I get?  NOTHING.  It is very hard to shop when you are an old lady!  I was looking for a suit.  Tried one on at our Bon Ton but I didn't like the fit & the sleeves are too long. Barb said I'll have to try the catalogues we get.  We just shopped at Wegman's for groceries.  I was very disappointed.

We've been getting rain from Katrina but not in amounts predicted -- 2"-4".  Still the grass is getting greener.  Dale hasn't had to mow much in July & Aug.

I clean the bathroom today but Barb isn't up yet.  My duties are get meals, wash, clean bathroom & my room, change Dale & my sheets,  iron (every other week or so), wash kit. floor & dust.  Baking isn't a chore -- that's fun. So I have spare time to watch TV & take things easy.  I watched a lot of the Weather Channel when Katrina was at its height.  What a loss & I feel for all those people.  An elderly relative from Biloxi is staying at Lake Chautauqua with Lynn's parents who came for the summer.  They have a home in Fla.  It must be terrible with no electricity & the humid heat, plus the rest.  I wondered if a baby would be born during the storm & this A.M.'s paper showed a newborn & mother in Miss. But it was in yesterday's USA Today which I just read this A.M.  When I was home Tues. a good book kept me reading.  The last of the 5 library books.

Scott doesn't read & understand what he reads.  Too impatient to be still.  So he is in a special reading class & that bothers him.  Most of the encouragement he gets comes from Barb.  Marissa yells at him all the time & Lynn & Bob don't take time to help him in reading. It's all up to Barb.

Fri A.M. Sept. 2

Will bring this to a close as after I get my hair done, we will go to CVS & the Mall.  Now I mail letters at the Mall because the mailbox is by the front entrance.

Lar & Kim are fine.  School is OK.  Kim  is able to drive with 3 other teachers.  With gas high she is glad this happened.  I'm sure they are also.

A beautiful weekend ahead.  Sun & not too hot.

Made a pumpkin pie for dessert last nite.  Fall is on the way.

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