Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hope you are feeling yourself again, Paul.  Do you take vitamins -- think they would help?

We are having a taste of fall & it is nice.  Barb is at Lynn's so I'm watching TV & decided to start a letter.

Got a card yesterday to send to Mim & it was mailed this A.M. so it won't be too late.

Barb's hair looks nice.  She wondered if the front was too light but I think it looks nice.  She had to pick Scott up this A.M.  H e was having his hair highlighted.  I was surprised at that.  Barb stuck up for him making excuses.  Like in Dear Abby this A.M.  A 7th grade girl bemoaned the fact that she' didn't have a boyfriend when all the other girls do.  She has plenty of time for dating.  You aren't popular if you don't have a B.F.

Kim's friend Nancy is having problems with her 2 youngest daughters.  They are dating & sleeping with losers & boys who are bad.  Kim knows them from Sheffield & knows their records but Nancy doesn't believe her girls would do anything like that.  Drugs included.  They can have the car anytime & she knows they stay out all nite.

Kim starts school this Thurs & Fri. & school opens Mon. the 28th.  Kane schools start tomorrow the 24th.

I think New York will have tax free sales for clothing starting Aug. 30th.  Maybe I can find a new fall outfit.  Barb finally got her email working.  She called for help & they walked her thru the process.  She spends a lot of time on the computer.  Really happy to have one.

Soon you'll be busy with Sunday openings of the library.  I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to have it available on Sundays again.

When Lar & Kim come on Thurs, we'll have our last summer meal.  Hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, tomatoes from the garden & they are so good & apple pie for dessert.

I like the phrase in your letter when telling how you felt when you were sick. "Oh, please don't let this happen," I silently prayed, lifting my eyes heavenward.  How pious you sound!!  What a laugh!  Just rereading it makes me laugh.

Fri. the 26th

Wed. Barb & I went out to lunch overtown.  Then to Blair's but saw nothing.  We looked on the fairly new dress shop at the former Kresky -- how do you spell it -- K Marts, but they cater to a younger look &^ are expensive.  Th en the library where I got 5 books:  by Debbie Macomber, set in the Seattle area; Luanne Rice, Jane Feather, Nora Roberts & Barbara Delinsky.  Types of books I like to read.  So you know what I'm doing in my spare time.  Barb got a cookbook I want to look thru.  Feather & Macomber are new authors to me.

Kim is set for school.  Are Andy & Ed ready to go back to school.  Nothing special going on here.

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