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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Glad to hear that the party was a success but I expected you to say something about the Gov.  Maybe he couldn't make it due to a last minute appointment.

This aft. I got a perm & did I ever need one.  I can't go 3 months because my hair grows too fast.  It feels so much better now.

Last Fri. nite & Sat. Barb housecleaned her bedroom.  She has started in the little room. Plans to clean the house this summer.  I didn't take all my stuff when we changed rooms.  I have your "baby book" & a couple of letters & that picture someone drew of you.  Barb likes it & thinks you should have it.

I'm watching the Yankees at Texas.  Texas has really improved & I hope they can beat the Yankees.  Texas 1-0 so far.  Just 1st inning.

Our hot weather continues but a cool wave is suppose to come Wed & Thurs.  I hope so as I need to make some dinner rolls.

Bert's niece & daughter are still here.  Tina wants to take Bert back to Atlanta with her.  Bert said she didn't want to go but Tina won't take no for an answer.  Bert said yes but now she doesn't want to go.

There was an interesting article in the Buff. paper about the libraries in the area.  Will send it to you so you can see what is going on.

We had some rain on Sat. so that helped.  It filled the water barrel we have to collect the rain.  But most lawns are brown.

Kim says her golf isn't that good so I won't see her name in the paper with results of Tuesday A.M. play.  Last year I saw it a couple of times.

Tues the 19th

Last Fri on our way to CVS I said to Barb "That looks like Jack Carey."  We parked the car & talked to him.  They were here to go to the dentist.  They were staying with  friend.  Mary Ann was in CVS & we found her & talked.  They had lunch with Bonace's so they saw their old house.  Were disappointed the rhododendrons were gone & not replaced.  Bonaces also said they aren't friendly neighbors.  They are in Buffalo for the summer, Fla, in the winter. She showed us pictures of Lisa's 2 girls, Susan's girl & Paula's 2 sons.  The one they adopted from Russia is 3 & a blondie & the baby boy is 17 months.  Mary Ann misses Warren but is happy to be close to 3 of the grandchildren.  Susan lives in Buff. now.  It was good to talk to them again.  They were good neighbors.

Now Bert is going to Atlanta -- they leave Sat.

Late -- Less humid weather has arrived.  This is Dale's late Tues. so I set the dinner rolls & put them in the fridge overnite.  The first thing in the A.M., after breakfast, I can form them. That way I can get thru using the oven earlier.

Thurs.  Had a letter from Millie & pictures of her 90th birthday & pictures of the family.  Allan & Larry have changed so much.  Pictures of Larry's children.

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