Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Another beautiful weekend.  I'm watching a Judy Garland music on TCM.  The Mets are on ESPN tonite.

Dale is on vacation this coming week.  Nothing special planned.

The sunflowers are beginning to bloom & the bees loves them, as well as the zinneas & marigolds.  I've never seen so many bees & have to be careful when watering the pots.

Fri the ones working for the gas co. left their "digger" on our front lawn as the work isn't completed.  Bright orange in color.  What an addition to our landscape!!!

Last Sat I made blueberry bread & it is so good.  Barb wanted a blueberry pie & she wanted me to make the crust with oil instead of Crisco.  I have a recipe so I tired it, but I don't like the results.  The filling is good but from now on I'll use my favorite crust recipe, the regular one.  This pie had the cream cheese layer & blueberries on top.  Then I made a blueberry sauce for on top of all & it is really flavorful.

Back to the movie -- Fred Astaire is in the movie.  I really enjoyed seeing a musical again.

Mon. A.M. the 9th

Our red rose bush has roses similar to American beauties.  I cut some & put them in bud vases & enjoy their beauty in the house.  Can look out at them thru the kitchen window. They have a little blight but Barb sprays them.  I might have been overwatering them.

Lar said he planted the single flower rose as they don't get the blight  But once they open they don't last.  It is not hard to care for them.

I never realized bees feeding on the sunflower could be so fascinating.  So much fund to watch them cluster around the flower.  We have 4 more to bloom.

Dale turned his mattress & I washed the matt. pad & sheets.  Now his bed is made & I have a load of towels to wash.  3 loads this A.M.  How much easier today than in my mother's day.  At least when we were kids she had the wringer washer.  No driers then.  Clothes lines.  I don't hang clothes out anymore.  Just rugs, etc. which I want to do this week when I wash the floor.

Barb is at Lynn's & Dale has gone to Jamestown.  Barb thinks Dale isn't doing enough trimming outside.  But this is his vacation & if he cares to do nothing that is fine with me. Tomorrow he will help me turn my mattress as I can't do it alone anymore.  That doesn't take any time.  As to working outside, the grass is all brown & you can't do much with the work the gas co. is doing.  That should soon be finished.  They are working on Dan Niezmik's property today.  Can't do any lawn work until the fall rains come.  The co. is suppose to see, etc. what they dug up.

Fri. A.M. the 12th

I'm home from having my hair done, took a load from the washer to the drier & put towels to wash.

Yesterday Dale washed the outside of the house.  Get the dust off after digging, etc.  The new gas meter is on the outside of the house -- in plain sight to Barb and Dale's dismay.

This is the weekend Lar & Kim are going to Niagara on the Lake with another couple.  They'll leave after lunch.  Betsy (your age) will have Torey for the weekend.  Torey loves to make the rounds of the neighbor hood, begging for food & it's always welcomed for him.  But he got "the runs" -- probably spoiled food.   So last nite Torey couldn't have "people food" as Kim wants it cleared up so Betsy won't have a problem.  The vet said to feed him ground beef & rice.  Kim said I could put a little chicken on top so he was satisfied.  He couldn't have ice cream but kept looking for it.  A couple of Beggin strips helped.  She spent $90.00 on Torey for flea medicine & something else.

Barb is experimenting with her laptop  She got onto TIME & showed me a page she copied. She's had trouble with her password for some sites.

Time for A.M. coffee.  I did smile when you told me about Andy's latest adventure.  Oh the thrill of being parents!  I'm still hearing things that happened like holding your breath to get a reaction.  Courtesy of Larry.  Do you remember!!!

I just read an article on the laptop about the Mets' Beltran & Cameron's collision on S.D. outfield.  Very interesting what the laptop, etc. can do.

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