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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'll start a letter as I can't wait to tell you how great Andy's pictures are. I really like the one of the front view in shirt & tie.  I love the shirt & tie colors & it looks so good on him.  They are all so good & I especially like the close up view of him in the brown & tan shirt.  Has he chosen one -- it must be hard to make a choice.

And your evaluation was certainly a glowing report.  I'm very proud of you.  You take after your Dad.  He was good in his work ethics and attitude, if that is the right word.  I remember when he was thinking of retiring he said to the Council "maybe I'll stay one more year," & one of the members said let's say yes before he changes his mind.

Your library really has an active attendance -- we have nothing like that.  How was it to be "king".  Did you take pictures?

Last Thurs. Kim said you might see my name in the paper for golf.  She had one of her best days & was first in group.  I don't know if you check golf scores when you read the Wrrn. paper.  I saw it in the paper.

Tues. Barb & I are going to the Indian casino in Salamanca with Kim.  We'll leave at 10:30 & they have a nice buffet luncheon.  Last time Kim, Betsy & Dani went they each spent $60.00 gambling.  My limit will be 10.00 plus lunch.

We finally had rain on Sat. but it didn't cool things down.  This week should be cooler -- I hope so as I need to do some baking.

I'm watching golf but it isn't Tiger's weekend.  It could be between Phil M. & Davis Love.

Forgot to mention in the last letter that Barb likes to sleep in a dark room.  The school yard has 3 lights in the play area &^ 2 are very bright.  Before we changed rooms she covered the windows to keep it dark.  I sleep with a nite light, the light from the lock, & the light that seeps thru from the school.  No problem.  Most nites I have no problem getting to sleep.  The nites I have trouble are few & far between.

It was hot in church today.  Nothing is cool enough for this weather.

We are eating tomatoes from the garden.  How are Ed's coming?

Wed. the 17th

We had a great time at the Casino.  We got there at 11 A.M. & the place was busy at that early hour.   We were there about 1 1/2 hrs.  I was the stingy one spending $13.00 -- no gain.  Kim did the best but kept playing till all the money was gone.  Barb had no luck either. We enjoyed lunch at a place on the way home.  Eating at the casino is on the expensive side & it's in the middle of nowhere, practically so they can charge high prices.  They are building a new larger casino & it looks like they will have a hotel on the upper floors.  Dale has 1 more week of vacation & the 3 of us are making plans to visit the casino.  Dale thinks it would be nice to eat at the casino.

I keep looking at Andy's pictures & they are all so great, it is hard to have a favorite.

Pittsburgh is at the Mets Tues, Wed. Thurs & all Pirate games are on TV so I get to watch the games.  Pitts. has a great new young pitcher so Thurs. nite's game should be special. He is 5-0 with a low percentage.

Last pm I set dinner rolls.  They are easier to handle if refrigerated overnite.  Finish them this A.M. & tried a new recipe.  Zucchini-carrot bars & they are good & very easy to make.

Lar & Kim enjoyed their weekend.  Fri. nite Lar chose the special which are usually not high priced.  It was shrimp & lobster Y& when the bill came it cost $45.00 so it was an expensive meal.  Lunch the next day added up to $100 so it was an expensive weekend.  But Larry said this is our vacation.  They stayed at a bed & breakfast in the U.S.  All filled up on the Canadian side.

Thurs. the 18th

At noon today Dale said some of the guys at work went drinking last nite & got drunk.  One of them was suppose to take his girlfriend out to dinner & never showed.  She was furious. Dale said he doesn't miss that.  It was pay day so maybe that had something to do with it. Dale just saves his money.  He has more than enough for a substantial down payment on a house.  But he is content here for the time being.

Youngsville made the USA Aug 17th business section.  About a former chimney Steve Sivak going to become a pharmacist & has 10 months left.  Classes in Erie.  Interesting story.

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