Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saturday, October 21, 1989

We got here late Wed. aft. & altho we didn't drive in rain, it has rained Thurs & Fri.  However we awoke to a sunny day with blue skies & we just came back from a refreshing walk.  Soon we are going to a craft show in Wilbraham.

Thurs we went to the Enfield, Conn, Mall & other stores & I got a pretty lime colored sweater & Gen got a bright wine sweater.

Fri. we looked at skirts & we each found a print one we liked & both of us look nice in our new outfits.

Thurs. we were to Edith's for dinner & what a lovely home she has & the table looked so nice.

Yesterday we also went to see Jerry & it is sad to see him.  He can't talk so you can understand & we don't know if he recognized us.  He is in a nice clean home & Millie visits regularly, usually to feed him.  He loves to eat.

Last nite we were at Millie's & we had a delicious lamb dinner & I tho't of how you'd enjoy that dinner, Paul.

Gen & Ed couldn't go as there was a meeting at the Historical Soc & Gen is Pres & had to introduce the speaker.  She wanted us to go there but family came first.

Soon we are going out & tonite we go to Edna & Wally's for dinner.

Aunt Esther called & we have to see where she is.  She'll be with us Sun. when we celebrate Ed & Gen's 35th anniv.  We're going out to a Brunch at 2 pm.  Wally plans to pay the bill - we all wanted to share but he said no!

We leave Mon. after an enjoyable visit on the go most of the time - even in the rain.

This A.M. we went to a craft fair & it was a large one in a school.  I got a couple of little things.  Now it's after lunch & we're going out again to a Fabric Shop.  Dad will take a nap.

When we get back I'll have to do something with my hair - the rain was hard on it and get ready to go to Edna & Wally's.

We'll call on your birthday & hope to get some Christmas gift suggestions at that time!!!

Tuesday, October 3, 1989

I have a list to remind me of certain events.

Cousin Larry & Debbie had a girl, Lauren Debra, born Sept 15th, on Andy's birthday.  Joins Brian who was 3 in July.

Roland & Linda will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary Oct. 26th.

We leave for a visit to Gen & all, on the 18th & will be gone about a week.

Dale will be an usher at a friend's wedding the last Sat. of Oct.  At the Meth. church in Youngsville.  Mike used to work with Dale & now he works in Erie.

Today Dale was in Aurora, N.Y. for more schooling on new car repair.

Dad had his blood pressure checked & it is good.  I think the walking is good for him, too.

I had a perm this aft. & didn't care to make a meal.  Barb takes care of herself & I fixed a plate from last nites meal for Dale.  We went to Perkins where they have new Senior Citizens meals.  They are good & inexpensive.

We've been thinking we should have our kitchen rug cleaned professionally & maybe we should think about the davenport & love seat.  Hearing how satisfied you are will spur us on.  The kitchen rug is really dirty.

Guess this is all the news for this time.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday, September 21, 1989

I've finished my work & will write a few lines to enclose a couple of articles to share with you.

Later we plan to walk over to the Market St. Plaza as there is a new "Dollar Store", based in Kentucky, that opened a week ago & I'd like to see it.

We invested in a better Entertainment Center - similar to Lar & Kim's & Dad got it together Tues nite & we put the other one in the kitchen.  Took away that tall bookcase & the Micro. table.  The Micro. & books fit in it & it looks so much nicer & so does the one in the L.R.  We got it at Brand Names in Jamestown & it is made in  Nicer oak finish & not as high.  A big improvement in both areas.  Will be easier to keep dusted.

We saw the pictures Lar & Kim took at your place.  We can see that Andy is growing.  When you were his age & older, Paul, you wore a red cap & jacket & that picture will always remain in my mind.  The landscaping looks so good.  Andy's hair even lighter.  Our darling grandson.

Quality Stores, N. Wrrn. is being enlarged & it's going to be so nice.  Lots more space with wider aisles.

We have seeds in the bird feeder & I saw a Cardinal feeding so I'm hoping they'll keep coming.  We started feeding earlier this year & maybe that will pay off.

My turn being Circle leader was last Tues. so I can read library books again.  If library books are around I don't study as I should.  Our lib. will soon be computerized.  It has taken a long time.

As I said this is just a note - All is well here.

Sunday, September 3,1989

We're having a perfect weekend weatherwise.  Couldn't be nicer.

After church we walked to get the paper & soon it will be the Mets at San Fran. & they aren't doing very well.  Dale is taping the races.  He plans to get a "winter" car as he can't drive the El Camino in bad weather.  He found one & Dad wonders where he'll park it.  The car is only $200.00 & is in good condition but I'm sure he'll be working to improve it even more.

Paul do you remember Sandy Sampson, Patty Welsh's girlfriend.  Sandy has 2 children, a boy a senior at W.A.H.S. & Amy a 13 yr old.  It was in the paper that Amy & another girl haven't been seen since last Wed. after school (Aug 30) & they have run away.  Sandy & her husband were in church today & I haven't heard if Amy has come home yet.  A book was sent to Dad asking for funds for Covenant House in N.Y.C.  It is a house for run away children who have no where to go after they hit the big city.  It tells of their experiences - I read it & it surely makes one think & feel sorry for the kids who run from home.

I'm enclosing some pictures of happenings around here.

The Motel 8 building will soon be completed & it looks good.  It is in the area of Holiday Inn.

Barb has been sewing & it looks good.  She is fussy.  2 pr. cord. pants, 2 cord. skirts, tops.

Soon we'll be sending a pkg. for Andy's birthday.

Lar & Kim enjoyed their visit - they had a good trip home.

They'll be here tomorrow as usual.  Lar comes every Mon for dinner & Kim comes just for coffee if she has a class at 7:30.  That's about the only time we see them.

Things are as usual here.

P.S.  Forgot to mention last Thurs nite we were at Bill Braders for Bill's retirement party.  Just family & a few friends.  Cindy is taking over the office & the office is now at the P.O. building.  Gen is so glad to have the office out of the house & it gives them more space.  It was a nice time.  Denny called & he wants them to come down but they aren't too keen on going.  They don't care too much for Brenda.  They'll probably go later on.  Denny is doing OK - has 4 girls in the office.  Think he was able to buy an insurance business.  They hope that Barbara will be able to help Cindy at the office but first she has to pass her insurance test & she has failed it.  She now works at the bank, has remarried, has had another child, a cute 2 1/2 yr old girl.  Heather is in 9th grade & has a boyfriend & Brian is in 8th grade.

Paul Yaegle died & was buried last Tues.  Dad assisted at the service.  Our pastor was away last weekend so Dad was called to the hosp.  Elsie's mother is still living at 102 & has a clear mind.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thursday, August 3, 1989

A brief note as I want to send along 2 newspaper clippings.

Twice this week I've walked at Beaty.  This A.M. another lady was there ahead of me.  Usually I'm alone.  I go out about 6:10 after I've made coffee, set the table, etc.  Then I come back & cool down & read the paper.

This noon Don & Pat Greendahl are coming to Wrrn. for lunch.  We'll meet them at Perkin's.

Yesterday Dad had his physical.  He weighed 168 & the Dr. would like to see him at 160.  Blood pressure, etc. good.  My appt. is Aug 30th.  At least I've lost some weight & have been exercising.

It's going to be more humid again -- that's when I get lazy.

Barb & I put a puzzle together last week & now we have another one on the card table.

Dad painted the porch floor & it looks good.  We enjoy sitting there in the evenings.

U.S.A Today had a graph on how often people wash their cards - but Dale didn't fit any of them as he sometimes washes his car daily!  A friend had backed into his car & left a little dent & he wasn't happy about that but he got it fixed so he is satisfied again.  Same girl calls him but we don't know anything except she has a nice voice.

Barb is under the weather as she had diarrhea during the nite.  Babysitting isn't that busy this week so she didn't think anyone would be there.  Last couple of weeks have been slow.  Kim's business is doing O.K. & the 2nd year should be easier.

Give my little sweetie a big hug & kisses from us.

How was Pat's wedding.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tuesday, July 18, 1989

I walked my 2 miles around Beaty track.  We got our groceries & now I'm having a cup of coffee & decided to write a letter.

Was nice to talk to you on Sun.  My poor Mets - they lost on Sun & lost a doubleheader last nite & are now 5 games behind in 4th place.  No more dynasties in baseball.

Dale's friend Mark got a Camaro to be fixed up - about a 76 & he called twice on Sat. to tell Dale & Dale wasn't around.  On Sun. he called again &^ when the phone rang Dale said if that's for me I'm not home.  But it was Mark so I called Dale.  There is a girl calling Dale & I don't think he's interested.  Dale will help fix up the car.

Dad is going to paint the front porch this A.M.  He played golf yesterday.

Dave Swanson is getting married Dec 31st & has Lar to be in the wedding party.  They want to go to Atlanta for Christmas & this might change their return home plans a bit.

Lar got his 2nd int. check from the estate (2300.00) but nothing has been done as to raising his wages yet.  And he is really busy with his extra hour work.

Last Sat. he quit early (4 p.m.) & Lar & Kim played golf with Mike Brindis & then had a cook out at his parents at Red Oak.  They had a good time.  Mike doesn't work & he is so heavy - must get some kind of compensation.  Result of drugs.

The soccer team has won all the games they've played.  Last Sun. Lar & Kim were invited to one player's home & Lar enjoyed their hot tub after the game.

Thurs. nite we go to Clarion River Inn for dinner with Benson's, Hollertz's, etc.  We were there last winter & it's so nice & will be nicer in the summer.

Barb  got a perm last week at Penney's & her hair looks so much better with more body & some curl.

Last Sun. was Dad's last Sun. at the Valley but we'll be back the 1st Sun in Aug. which is Pastor Tomaria's 1st Sun.  Reason: one of the couples is celebrating their 25th wedding anniv. & after the service they want to renew their vows with Dad having the honors or doing the honors.  There will be an aft. installation service Aug. 13 or 20th & we'll be out there for that.  We plan to attend church there occasionally.  Walter & Emma Johnson were there last Sun.  We must be back in their good graces!!!

Lar & Kim got an old ice box type refrigerator for their new room.  Got it thru Sears catalogue.  They got wallpaper for the living room but haven't had time to put it up - a winter job.

Once the letter is sealed I'll probably remember something I wanted to write.  Give Andy a big hut & kiss from us.

Our lottery is at 60 million & Barb got a ticket for me & one for her.  Fun to dream.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

May 1989

We're watching the Mets & even if they "stink" I can't give up on them.  Maybe they'll get going one of these days.

Paula Carey [neighbors' daughter] graduated from college; will be working in Philly, but now is on a month's tour of Europe.  A gift from her folks.  When she saw Kim she said "What have you done to Larry - he's so think & he's losing his hair."  Kim was a little upset & then Paula said "I bet his mom is mad."  I laughed when Kim told us this.  Larry is the same as ever - I don't think he's thin.  He's very busy with extra summer work.

Barb gave me an impatient hanging basket & we put it on the front porch.  We noticed birds flying around it & today when I went to water it, a bird flew out and scared me.  Later we checked on it & there is a nest in it & the bird is sitting on 5 eggs.  Now I'll be afraid to water the plant.  It is a small sparrow-like bird.

I planted some flowers by the side of the house & by the garage.  It got cold last nite. Marigolds by the side of the house.

Last Sun nite we were at First Luth for the Ordination of their new asst pastor.  A woman who is a native of Germany - her folks still in Germany.  We were impressed with her.  A beautiful service.

This month we're going out to eat with our friends on a Mon. nite - next Mon. - & we're going to the Flying @ Ranch at Kellettville.  None of us have been there but those who have say it's nice.

How are things with you & our darling grandson.  We miss you.

All is fine here.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, February 16, 1989

Thanks so much for the Valentine, Andy.  I know you had fun making it.  Did you have a fun party at Day Care?

Jo Anna, we noticed how much your & Paul's handwriting is similar.  At first I tho't the note was written by Paul.  Even Barbara agreed.

Last nite Barb baby sat for Lauri & she told Barb that she & rick are having problems.  I think they "bit off more than they can chew" when they bo't the Shaw House in Sheffield.

Last Sat. afternoon we went to Benson's cottage for a winter picnic.  It was only Benson's, Hollertz's & us there & we had fun.  Had to walk a ways from where we parked the cars & in spots the snow was deep.  We had steaks cooked over a wood stove fire & they were good.  Even used the "Out House" & I'll tell you, it was a quick trip.  At our March get together we'll go to the Warren Holiday Inn.  We enjoy going there.

After I get my hair done at Penney's, I like to walk around the Mall & I saw a dress I really liked at BonTon but it was on the expensive side.  The following week, after much thought, I bought the dress.  It is a navy & white print, shirt waist style so it will last for years so it's worth it & I really like it.  You'll see it in May.  Dad has received info on the reunion at Augustana.

Katherine Peterson is here talking to Dad about her retirement - how she should have it, etc. invested.  She retires the end of March.  Allie was 97 the first part of Feb.  Katherine is on her way to visit her mother.

Baseball will soon be here - can hardly wait.  I think Bill White will make a fine N. L. president.

Our now is just about one.

It's 9:15 AM & 15 outside & we just returned from a brisk walk.  Only went 1 mile today as it was cold on the face & legs.  Now I'm warming up with coffee & Carl has hot chocolate.  We felt the need for a walk -- need to clear the cobwebs from the mind!  Think we'll go to the Mall - they are having President's Day sales.

The pastor at St. Paul got a 4 yr old Plymouth Van & loves it.  Whoever had it kept it in perfect conditions.  Same color as ours but not all the nice features we have.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1989

We awoke to slippery roads and snow and school was cancelled.  So it is a good day to write letters and I just finished one to Gen.

Barb is up and off each a.m. and she is liking the babysitting.  She is also sitting for Lauri.  Twice this week.

We enjoyed the dinner-theater at Holy Trinity Church last Sat. nite.  They did a great job and all members.  Directed by the pastor's wife.  A good meal, also.

We are invited to Lar and Kim's tomorrow nite.  We will try our hand at the golf game on the computor and they will borrow the Wheel of Fortune so we can try that.  They say the games are so true, and fun to play.

Paul do you remember a Pederson in your high school class - according to Denise Johnson he was in your class and now is going with Nancy Bloom Davis.  He is in church with her.

I ordered some tapes from the Reader's Digest and they are good - from my earlier days so nice memories.

The end of March Larry will get the first interest payment from the estate and naturally he is looking forward to that.  They had the vacuum cleaner we bot when you were born, Paul, so they bot a new Hoover on sale.  His work on the room is coming along fine.  He hopes to get it finished as he will have a lot of extra outdoor work to do.  Is making plans for new shrubbery for the library.

At church Katherine [Peterson, church secretary since before we moved to Warren in 1957] retires in March and Cheryl (Mrs. Ron) Bloom will be the new secretary.  She will be a good one.  We didn't attend the annual meeting last Sun.  Went to church in Jamestown instead.  All went well from what we heard.  We have a choir director, now we need to find an organist.

Hope you got your pkg. all right.  Don't think you left anything else.  Did you find your blouse, JoAnna?

I've been reading again and found a new detective authors - Emma Latham and I really enjoy her* books.  Have also reread a few favorites.  Don't remember everything so I enjoy reading them again.

We were able to walk 3 times this week.

Dale received a ring from work as a reward for his good service.  He doesn't wear it but if I remember it has the Chrysler emblem on it.  He is working on the car they took to Sorenson's.  Worked the past 2 nites til midnight.  He has this aft. off so assume he will work on it today.

Soon lunchtime so will send this off.

*really their as 2 lawyers write them.

Friday, January 13, 1989

I am going to try my hand at typing again so bear with the mistakes due to mostly to not being familiar with the typewriter.  Good excuse is better than none.

It looks like you will have a good weekend for skiing.  This is Fri a.m.  And you should have the car by now and I know you are enjoying it.

The other day Barb went over town to return the free lottery ticket and bot 2 more, one for me and one for her. We were not successful but the ticket she returned was another free one so we are still working on the one you got, Paul.

The weather has been nice so Dad and I have been walking and it is good to be back at it.

Barb is making herself a cardigan sweater and it is really nice so I asked her to make one for me and she will.   We have to get the yarn and I would like 2 shades of blue.  It has a different yoke and it makes the sweater.  It is wool yarn so it will be a nice sweater for early spring and late fall.

Perkins finally has Belgian waffles on the menu so we went for breakfast this week and they are delicious.

Where Kim has her studio there is a baby sitting service and there has been no rental charge - suppose to start in Jan. but the lady is giving up the service as she is pregnant.  Kim plans to find out if they can keep the service going without the rental charge as the rent of 100.00 a month doesn't leave much left for profit.

Anyway she asked Barb if she would be interested in the job if it can be worked out.  Barb said yes so we hope it will work out.  The sitting is necessary as Kim has mothers who depend upon the service as well as the weight lifting group.  It is from 8-12 a.m.  The lady would leave all the supplies there, games, puzzles, etc.

The birds haven't found the new feeder yet but they will.  It took quite awhile for them to find the old one.  I think it has been used a few times as we can see seeds scattered under it.  And they can really scatter the seeds.

Had a nice letter from Gen.  Aunt Esther is now in a nursing home at East Longmeadow.  Gen said she looks good and has (how else you say it) her mind back.  Is lucid, I guess you would say.  She had her hair done and was dressed up when they went to see her so she is content.

Edna and Wally will join the E. Longmeadow church.  It is hard for Edna to give up Bethesda but Wally refuses to go there because of the pastor so Edna gave in.

I'm enclosing the pictures we took.  Lar hasn't been over with the ones taken at his place.

Saturday, November 5, 1988

I'm watching the Pitt-Rutgers game & Pitt leads.  But such weather to play in, altho it's warm.  Lots of rain & mud.  Lots of water in the school yard.

Just finished a letter to Gen.

Got an invite to Ford & June's 50th wedding anniversary the 25th of Nov. but we won't make it.

Dad's 50th reunion at Augie will be May 20 + 21 & we'll visit you after that & also Rkfd.

We got our Christmas Club checks this past week & we've done well on our shopping.  The boxes are piling up in our bedroom.  Soon we'll have to warp them.  Went to Erie last Tues.

I found a new author Alexandra Ripley.  She wrote "Charleston" & I think it's "The Return to Charleston", which I read first.  Yesterday I got "Charleston" & a book by Susan Howatch "Glittering Images", which I started & should be interesting.

I try to make a menu for the week ahead & this week I plan to try a hamburg casserole from your Library cookbook.  There are 2 interesting ones.  I'll try the one that calls for both creamed & whole kerneled corn, plus soups.  Made a pumpkin pie today, my favorite.  Last week I made a delicious soup using beef cubes, lots of veggies, kidney beans, chili powder, etc.

Levinson's & Betty Lee's are having sales but they haven't knocked that much off the prices.  In fact Kim had been watching a certain piece of furniture & the first day of the sale she went in to see the price & they had upped the price & then put it down - but the new price was more than the price before the sale.   They are foxy!  She was disgusted & asked "How Come?"

Are you going to take Andy to swee Santa Claus - perhaps have his picture taken with him as they do here.

There have been a series of rapes in Warren but in this AM paper only 2 are legit & 3 girls are in trouble with the law for lying to the police.  2 were suppose to have taken place in the Mall parking lot & the 3rd forced into a car at gunpoint & taken to Wash. Park.

When I wrote to Gen, I mentioned we'd like to visit them next fall.

Guess I'll get back to my library book.

Will I be glad when elections are over.  Benn watching Canadian news to escape our politics.