Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saturday, October 21, 1989

We got here late Wed. aft. & altho we didn't drive in rain, it has rained Thurs & Fri.  However we awoke to a sunny day with blue skies & we just came back from a refreshing walk.  Soon we are going to a craft show in Wilbraham.

Thurs we went to the Enfield, Conn, Mall & other stores & I got a pretty lime colored sweater & Gen got a bright wine sweater.

Fri. we looked at skirts & we each found a print one we liked & both of us look nice in our new outfits.

Thurs. we were to Edith's for dinner & what a lovely home she has & the table looked so nice.

Yesterday we also went to see Jerry & it is sad to see him.  He can't talk so you can understand & we don't know if he recognized us.  He is in a nice clean home & Millie visits regularly, usually to feed him.  He loves to eat.

Last nite we were at Millie's & we had a delicious lamb dinner & I tho't of how you'd enjoy that dinner, Paul.

Gen & Ed couldn't go as there was a meeting at the Historical Soc & Gen is Pres & had to introduce the speaker.  She wanted us to go there but family came first.

Soon we are going out & tonite we go to Edna & Wally's for dinner.

Aunt Esther called & we have to see where she is.  She'll be with us Sun. when we celebrate Ed & Gen's 35th anniv.  We're going out to a Brunch at 2 pm.  Wally plans to pay the bill - we all wanted to share but he said no!

We leave Mon. after an enjoyable visit on the go most of the time - even in the rain.

This A.M. we went to a craft fair & it was a large one in a school.  I got a couple of little things.  Now it's after lunch & we're going out again to a Fabric Shop.  Dad will take a nap.

When we get back I'll have to do something with my hair - the rain was hard on it and get ready to go to Edna & Wally's.

We'll call on your birthday & hope to get some Christmas gift suggestions at that time!!!

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