Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thursday, August 3, 1989

A brief note as I want to send along 2 newspaper clippings.

Twice this week I've walked at Beaty.  This A.M. another lady was there ahead of me.  Usually I'm alone.  I go out about 6:10 after I've made coffee, set the table, etc.  Then I come back & cool down & read the paper.

This noon Don & Pat Greendahl are coming to Wrrn. for lunch.  We'll meet them at Perkin's.

Yesterday Dad had his physical.  He weighed 168 & the Dr. would like to see him at 160.  Blood pressure, etc. good.  My appt. is Aug 30th.  At least I've lost some weight & have been exercising.

It's going to be more humid again -- that's when I get lazy.

Barb & I put a puzzle together last week & now we have another one on the card table.

Dad painted the porch floor & it looks good.  We enjoy sitting there in the evenings.

U.S.A Today had a graph on how often people wash their cards - but Dale didn't fit any of them as he sometimes washes his car daily!  A friend had backed into his car & left a little dent & he wasn't happy about that but he got it fixed so he is satisfied again.  Same girl calls him but we don't know anything except she has a nice voice.

Barb is under the weather as she had diarrhea during the nite.  Babysitting isn't that busy this week so she didn't think anyone would be there.  Last couple of weeks have been slow.  Kim's business is doing O.K. & the 2nd year should be easier.

Give my little sweetie a big hug & kisses from us.

How was Pat's wedding.

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