Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday, July 9, 2006

I'm sure you've been taking it easy after a busy week.  You'll be glad to get back to work and a regular schedule.

This A.M. in church Fran Decker said to me "I still miss Pastor Nelson."  Things have changed since his time & not always for the good.

Today I started watching the Braves on TV, then to watch the Pirates.  When it was time for golf, I watched golf -- Tiger came in 2nd.  Then I heard World Soccer was tied & there would be 5 kicks for each team & I watched that.  Italy won over France.  Back to watch the end of golf.  Tiger couldn't quite do it.  Then we watched the end of NASCAR race which was just as exciting.  The Mets weren't on TV but I was glad to see they won.  Dale noticed in NASCAR there is a car sponsored by Menard's & driven by a Paul Menard.  He is from Wi & we wonder if he is one of the store Menard's.  We recognize the name from visits.

Probably you had fluffernutter as a kid because your mother liked them & still does.  None of the 4 of your will eat them now but still love peanut butter.

Back to the fruit pizza.  After I mentioned it to Sheila she made one for the 4th & it went over big.  I still plan to make it & have the Pillsbury dough in the fridge.

Forgot to mention concerning the 4th, there was no 6 A.M. bomb this year.  Appreciated by Barb & Dale.  Wasn't used during the day either.

At times I've mentioned Dale's headaches.  When he was the Dr. in Erie, he mentioned his headaches so she gave him a prescription & it really works for him.  I'm glad as they really got him down.

Kim didn't come over last Thurs.  She & her friends were getting ready for a Fri. rummage sale.  Lar comes.

Barb has been receiving a "Muscle Body" magazine & she didn't order it.  I laugh when it comes with muscle body pictures.  She has received 2 copies so far & never looks at them.  The3 city colelctes the newspapers & bottles & certain plastic bottles.  Barb takes magazines, etc. to a place in Sugar Grove that takes them.

Last nite Barb fixed a taco salad for herself & showed it to Dale & me.  It looked so good & Dale said he'd eat one so I have something new to fix for him.  Tacos aren't my "dish of tea".  I'm glad Dale likes salads on hot days.

Now I'm watching Sun. nite baseball.  I should be "TV'd out".

I told Dale I have another reason to be glad.  Barb, Dale & I live together.  Marie Mathis lost weight & is frail looking.  Howard Ford's wife has lost weight since his death.  Living alone you aren't as apt to fix meals & eat well so I'm glad I have to fox meals & have an appetite.  Last night we had a crock pot meal, tonite pork chops with sauerkraut.  Saved some of the kraut for lunch tomorrow.  Hot dogs & kraut.

Last Wed. Barb got what they call a "soft perm: to give her hair a little more body.  It looks nice.

The Chicago White Sox & Boston Red Sox are in the 19th inning of a tie game.  That's like starting a 3rd game.  They will be tired out.  That hasn't happened in a long time.

Mon. July 10

I'm watching the Home Run Derby on ESPN.  The Mets are represented by David Wright.

I'm also "rereading" some of my cookbooks, among them your library cookbook "Read 'em and Eat" & I found 2 recipes I missed before.  Fruit pizza by Marh Nelson & "Baked Chicken with Stuffing" by Debbie Kiedinger.  Plan to make the fruit pizza for Thurs. nite.

Tues. July 11

Tonite I fixed zucchini & yellow squash from the garden & Barb just showed me about 5 more of them.  Will have to give some away.  When it cools off I could make zucc. bread or even a zucc. chocolate cake.

And fresh local corn is available & will get some for Thurs nite at Hatch Patch.

Wed the 12th

Today Barb cleaned the dining room & it looks nice.  Thought about cleaning the living room tomorrow but seeing Lar & Kim come tomorrow it will wait.  I washed my cups & saucers & other things I have out.  I don't do walls or windows anymore.

We're having a rainy, hot & humid spell.  Not very comfortable for working.

Last nite I watched the All Star game for 4 innings & went to bed.  Disappointed to see this A.M. the N.L. lost again.  But the 2 Mets players scored the 2 runs.  Go Mets!

The Braves won't be "America's Team" after '07.  TBS won't feature them but a different way to present baseball.  They plan to have a Sun. aft. game, choosing teams the way ESPN does.  Also they'll get the first playoff games to televise.  They are showing less Braves games this year & less next year.

Pittsburgh got a lot of compliments on the new ballpark.  And visitors found the city much cleaner.  I'm sure you watched some of the game, etc.  Did it bring back memories?

Fri the 14th

Last nite Kim said the 3 of them earned $300 from their rummage sale.  Gave $125 of it to the Animal Shelter.  They have started building their new quarters.  Lar will do the landscaping gratis.  I said I'd give $50 toward shrubbery.  Yesterday the gals divided the rest of the money & went to the Casino & gambled it all away.  Kim plans to take us again this summer, but I've decided I don't care to go to the casino anymore.  Barb says the Indians are getting back at Americans by taking their money at the casino.  They are hauling it in all right.

Got your letter today.  Glad your party was another success.  I'll save anymore for the next letter.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday, July 1, 2006

I'm sure you know I watched the Mets defeat the Yankees on Fox TV.  Sun. nite they're on ESPN.  The Mets are hitting again, thank goodness!  Tonite I'll watch the Braves.  I'm anxious to hear what the Brave announcers have to say now that the Mets won.  Whenever the Mets lose, they think the Braves will beat them.  I'm hoping it is just wishful thinking but in baseball you never can tell.

This A.M. I was up at 6 A.M.  I wanted to bake before it got too hot.  I made the usual coffee cake, baked a crust for a strawberry pie & finished baking the choc. cooky dough from the freezer.

At lunch I asked Dale for menu suggestions.  The only one gave me was pizza.  So I ordered pizza for supper, made a salad & had strawberry pie for dessert.

Last Thurs. nite Barb was going to fix herself a cup of tea before going to bed.  The microwave made a funny noise -- it gave up the ghost.  Fri. when we went to the Mall, we looked for a micro &^ found one we liked at Kmart.  A Kenmore & the front is easier to read & I like that.  So we bo't it & used my Sears charge card.  It is set up & I like it a lot.

Sheila was telling me the author of "Marley & Me" is coming to Warren Oct. 16.  In Dec. the book wasn't a hit aty first.  Our library decided to contact him & ask him to speak in Warren.  They finally heard & our library was the first to contact him so he said he'd come here for $6,000.  He didn't have an agent then & hadn't signed a contract.  And then the book got very popular & he was in demand.  So our library wondered if he'd come.  They finally heard he would come for the $6,000.  But now he has an agent & his fee would be $12,000.  So Warren is very lucky to get him so cheaply.  I bet Kim will want to go.

When we came home freom the Mall -- now we have to use 3rd Ave, bridge work -- we noticed a new awning on the old Foreman grocery store, now the GOP headquarters.  On the front lap of the awning is R.E.P.U.B.L.I.C.A.N. HQ's in big letters.  I teased Barb & said she'd have to see that whenever she goes over town.

Fri when I turned to Buffalo NBC TV for teh news they were talking & showing pictures of a tornado that hit Cheektowaga at 3 pm.  No one was killed but a big truck overturned but cars didn't.  Trees & wires down but not a lot of damage to buildings.  The roof was blown off the Subway store roof.

It finally dried out enough so Dale moved the lawn.  Fri several neighbors around us moved their lawns.  It was plenty long with all the rain & yet we were lucky not to have the flooding.
The hanging baskets on the porch are looking so good.  In fact so do the pots & the veggie garden.  

Sun. aft.

Do you remember Cindy DeChano who is very active at St. Paul?  Her daughter Lisa was in church this A.M.  She wears "heels" & is at least 6 foot tall & looks so good.  She is a professor at a college in San Marcos, Tx the last I heard.  They also have a son who also lives in Texas.

Last nite Barb was grumbling -- "I don't know why he has to be there," meaning V. Pres Cheney.  She wanted to watch the NASCAR race & he was a guest of the announcers.  She couldn't listen to him!  She is another G.O.P. hater!

She also had another gripe.  We have a noisy bird in the area & it drives her crazy.  Just like the tick tock of the clock in the living room.  She can't ignore it.  Half of the time I never heard the bird or the clock.  And that doesn't mean I'm losing my hearing.  I don't let it bother me.

I'm watching women's golf.  Michelle Wie is playing & I like to watch her.  I also like to see the outfits the women wear, esp. the young ones.

July 5th

We had a quiet 4th.  It was a cool, showery A.M. but they had the parade, etc.  We had steak, salad & potato salad on the 4th.  Have to celebrate a little.  I watched a PBS special "A Capital Fourth" & enjoyed it.  Jason Alexander was the host & talented.  Didn't realize he could dance & sing.  I've gotten to recognize him through the Seinfeld program.   I'm getting very familiar with all of the repeats.  Dale's choice when we eat at 6 pm.

Today is cooler & no humidity.  Just perfect.

Tomorrow Barb plans to go to Wegman's for groceries, so I decided to finish this letter so she can mail it.  Got ambitious & wrote to Millie.

Been thinking of both of you a lot this week with all the things you need to accomplish for your Sat. party.  I know JoAnna has a lot of foods to prepare.  After Sat. she won't want to think of any food preparations for awhile.

Didn't realize I didn't finish the 3rd page.

Guess I'll check the mail box & get things ready for lunch.

P.S./  I scared myself this A.M.  I couldn't find my purse & looked all over for it.  I knew it was in the house as I have the charge slip for the microwave.  Finally found it in the living room by the one chair that I nap on.  Looked there once but it was a dark corner.  Found it the 2nd time around.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This aft. I rooted for the Braves to beat the Yankees to no avail.  Tonite I'm rooting for the Mets against Boston & I guess I'll be disappointed.  Again the N.L. can't seem to win against the A.L.

We're getting some rain but not like the East Coast to Eastern P.A.  Looks like it might be nice for the 4th.

I was glad to hear your good news.  Soon everything will be back to normal and you'll feel much better.

Another month about gone.  Went to the bank today for the next month expense money.  Then to the drug store for my meds.  I have $250 deductible & then my insurance kicks in.  So, for the rest of the year my meds are cheaper.

Barb washed the car today.  We were going to the Mall this aft. but it got cloudy & Barb wanted the car to stay clean a little longer, so we put it off til Fri. after I get my hair done.  It did rain again.  But she got a bike ride in.

Pittsburgh is all ado about having the All Star Game there.  Been fixing things up, etc.  Good publicity for them.  Too bad their team isn't better.

USA Today has had articles concerning retirement.  How much you should save for it, etc.  The article recommended having a will & permission to "pull the plug" if needed.  My will is up to date & I have a clause saying "the plug could be pulled" if I was lingering & hopeless.  Do you have a will?

I was surprised to hear that Eddie is going out for football.  More power to him.  You'll still have games to go to.

Is the Hellenbrand who plays for Montreal from Middleton by any chance?  I watched the game when the Mets were there, & took notice of him.

Last Fri. Kim, Betsy & Michelle, all teachers, went gambling at Salamanca, N.Y.  Afterwards they would take Kim out to lunch for her birthday.  Tomorrow we'll find out if they were lucky.  They won buyt played more -- came out even.

Thurs pm.

 Kim's class reunion is scheduled for Sat nite at the Holiday Inn.  The last committee meeting is tonite so Kim left early & Lar went to work.  Torey is waiting by the back door for Lar to pick him up.  They enjoyed the hospital party last Sat. nite.

Everything is cleaned up & I'm watching the Mets at Boston.  No score yet so I hope the Mets will do better tonite.

When Dale came home from work, he asked if we'd had rain.  Just a few drops.  He said it rained hard at work.

Not much going on for us so not much to write. about.  We got Andy's thank you notes.  He must have had to write a few thank you notes.

Until next time our love to all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm watching the Mets vs. Orioles & the Mets are finally ahead of the Orioles.  David Wright had a home run emptying all the bases.  I think I heard he's getting a lot of All-Star votes & they wondered if he's a great third baseman.  Maybe not yet, but they say he has a great future.  This was his 3rd grand slam & he has been with the Mets about 2 yrs.  Naturally he is my choice no matter if Andy thinks Chipper is the best!!

Barb & Dale were very unhappy when they were awakened at 3:30 this A.M. by loud & vulgar talk coming from the young couple who bot Collins' house.  Dale yelled "Keep it down" to no avail & Barb yelled "Please don't talk so loud".  I'm sure others were awakened as well.  It was the "f" word this & that.  Marisa, Lynn's daughter says, "Don't look to our generation to save the world."  With all the vulgar language, bad TV, & computer images, she might be right.

You know I get my hair "done" on Fri. & Sat A.M. I put curlers in the top of my hair.  Barb made a comment but Mon. I get a perm & now my hair doesn't stay as well & I wanted it presentable for church.

I sat alone in church today.  It's been very warm & both Alice & Betty have heart problems so they might not have been feeling up to par.

Patty & her new husband sat on the other end of the pew so after church I offered my best wishes on the wedding & met husband Ron.  They are a cute couple & so happy.

Last nite we ate at 5:30 as Barb wanted to ride her bike at 6:30 p.m.  Afterwards Dale said it was really too hot to enjoy the meal.  He came in from sitting in the sun.  So when it is still hot, I sugested a big salad, and he agreed.  Tossed salad with hard-cooked eggs, shrimp plus the usual.  I'm glad he doesn't mind salads & rolls.

The Mets take first place over golf today.  I check to see what is happening during the commercials.  Next weekend the Mets are at Toronto & that should be interesting.  I like interleague play.

Yesterday I watched Washington beat the Yankees & the Yanks had been leading by 7 runs.  It was their closer, used for 5 outs.  A swift runner stealing 2 bases & coming in on a bad throw by Mariano.  They really rattled him & Wash. won the game!

June 21.

When I got my perm I told Sheila about the loud noise early Sun A.M.  A young couple, planning to be married in July, bot Collins' house & moved in.  The guy had a motorcycle accident & after that Sheila heard the wedding was off.  Sheila said he is another one of those bad boys girls seem to be attracted to.  The gal is a Dr. daughter & goes to college.  It seems like she should have better sense & maybe she began to realize she's been wrong.  Her family lives across the st. from Lynn & they have been doing a lot of work around the house.  Maybe they were going to have the reception there.

Barb rode her bike this A.M.  Now she is picking strawberries & will also pick up a few groceries for me.

Kim's birthday is today.  We celebrate it tomorrow.

Yesterday A.M. I watched "Pillow Talk" & it is such a cute movie.  Good they aren't that long.  In the aft. I watched "Casablanca", a completely different movie.  Enjoyed it.

Will Atlanta Braves ever win a game?  I'm beginning to feel sorry for them -- they must be feeling terrible.  Gone from top to bottom.  But I'm still happy the Mets are on top!

This coming Sat. the Warren Hospital Auxiliary has their yearly money making event.  Lar & Kim go with another couple.  For the last couple of years it has been at Bett's Park.  They have a large tent, tables to sit at, food & band.  $50.00 a couple & they always have a good time.  No jeans allowed -- I thought people would realize that would be unacceptable, but they had to add that.  Sports jacket for men.  Kim wears a long skirt -- more semi-format outside.  Think it said they plan for a large turnout.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The sportsheadline "Steelers hold their breath" in our A.M. paper was true of all Western Pa/. fans, when they heard the news of "Big Ben's" motorcycle accident.  Just hope he will be O.K.

Yesterday A.M.'s temp was 43.  I was freezing & Dale said put the heat on.  I hated to do that because it is practically the middle of June.  But I did to get the chill off the house.  This A.M. was better -- no heat needed.

Last nite I was in bed by 9:30 & asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.  It was a busy day for me.  Barb said she planned to ride her bike so I thought she'd put off getting groceries til today.  So late A.M., I set dinner rolls since it was a cool day.  After lunch, she came dressed to go grocery shopping & said "Want to go to the Mall?"  "Sure," I said.  By the time we got home it was 2:30.  Punched the dough down, put away groceries, rested 10 min. with a cup of coffee.  Then formed & baked my rolls.  Cleaned up the dishes.  Sat & had another cup of coffee.  Planned an easy meal -- spaghetti & meatballs.  Frozen.  I had already cooked & sauce from a jar equals an easy meal.  Plus salad & Italian bread.  Good meal.

Today I'm fixing chop suey & after hearing you cooked meat cubes in the crockpot I decided to try it using beef broth & cr. mushroom soup plus onions & celery.  Easier because the other way I have to watch the liquid doesn't boil away.  Maybe I won't have to thicken it.

 Last Thurs. Kim had good news.  Kim, Betsy & Michelle (she has a membership) go to the Moose Club & take chances on a money thing  you have to sign up on Sun. nite in order to win.  The pile was growing, they signed up, & Kim got a call saying she had won $3400.00.  She couldn't believe it.  They split their winnings 3 ways but that still is a nice bit of cash.  They always tip the bartender & Kim gave her $35.00.

Lar & Kim are planning to add a screened porch off the 2nd bedroom & hope to do it this summer.  Her brother Paul might come up from Atlanta for 2 weeks & help build it.  Too many bugs spoil sitting on the deck.

Today I'm not doing much.  Changed my sheets & did 2 loads of wash.  Got some new sheets yesterday -- the reason for a 2nd load.

Finally the N.L. gets some attention from ESPN.  Mets vs. Phillies Wed. 7 pm.  My lucky day!  Has Andy changed his mind concerning the Mets!  Also the Wed aft game have N.L. teams playing.

Thank you for the picture of Andy & "his parents" in his graduation robe.  Very nice picture of all of you.  Did he find a summer job?

I also got of picture of our pastor's son, taken for his 1st birthday.  In a think you note -- he is so cute.

 Barb sold about $18.00 worth of stuff in the rummage sale.  Lynn didn't sell as much as she hoped to, so will have another one this Thurs & Fri.  Barb is looking for anything I might have that could sell.  found a few things.  I'm not suppose to say anything.  Neither was Barb, but by the time you read this & who would you tell anyway, Lynn & Bob & her parents sold the Masterson property to an oil co.  But they kept some of it where the lockers are.  By the time you read this it could be public knowledge.  Imagine it was a tidy piece for the property.

Hatch Patch has strawberries for sale.  We didn't get any yesterday because we had some from the store, but maybe this week we will.  Nothing like home grown berries.

Dale had to see the Dr in Erie yesterday.  He was home in time for lunch -- a 9:30 appt. -- so he missed a half day of work.  They aren't very bush lately.

Thurs June 15

ESPN advertised Mets vs. Phillies baseball for Wed. nite, right up to 7 pm.  And did they show the game?  No!  And I watched old sports news til 7:30 & no explanation why they didn't show it.  I was very disappointed.  But the Mets won & that is the main thing.  Channel 15 will have them on Sat & Sun. when they play the Orioles at home.  NY TV.

This A.M. after breakfast, Dale went in the basement to put his work shoes, etc. came back to get his snack & ice water & said, "I think we have a mouse in the basement."  How he got in is beyond us.  Dale left the back door opened a bit so he could run out.  Some time later I shut the door & hoped it had exited.  When I went for a shower I didn't see anything or hear any noises.

We got local strawberries from Hatch Patchg & this A.M. I made a strawberry pie.  It looks good.  I plan to grill pork chops, baked taters, corn pudding (not too hot yet for the oven) & applesauce & pie for dessert.  Sounds good to me.

I called Gen & again she said "I wish you'd drop in and visit".  I tried to tell her I'm too far away to drop in & I don't travel anymore.  She doesn't understand I live in western Pa, a good day's drive.

After supper.

I told you Barb wanted more stuff for the rummage sale.  When I quit working, Mr. McFate gave me a cooky jar.   It looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy but it is a numbered McCoy pottery cooky jar.  The Chef.  When Lynn saw it she said she'd check the Internet & it is worth $80-$100 & Barb was going to put $4.00 price on it.  Now we'll take it home & put it on the shelf.  Maybe we won't get that much but I want more than 4.00 for it.  It is 24 yrs. old.  I have things that were wedding gifts so maybe there is something worthwhile in the bunch.

This is all the news for this tie. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

How was graduation?  Is it hard to believe your "little" boy is grown up & out of high school?

This is Dale's long day & I'm always happy when deli beef is on sale.  That's my menu tonight.  Beef sandwiches & potato salad, homemade!  I love easy meals.  We went grocery shopping this A.M.  Barb had to ride her bike yesterday.

Made pancakes for lunch with sausage & scrambled eggs for Dale.  At Big Lots I found pancake mix by Betty Crocker  & used it this noon.  It was so easy -- just add 1 1/2 c. water to 2 c. mix & both Dale and I like how they came out.

Andy said he'd like to visit this summer.  I know it is already a busy summer for you but if you can make it I've been thinking maybe you'd like to stay at Motel 6 (can't afford Holiday Inn!)  It would be on me -- I didn't get to graduation & the money I would have spent on the trip I'll use to pay for the motel.  Thought I'll tell you my thoughts before other plans are made -- where to stay, etc.  Maybe you won't be up to a trip -- time will tell.

I'm watching a May West film.  Cary Grant is in it -- he was really young then.  Missed the first part.

You told me about JoAnna's 20th anniv. gift but you didn't tell me much about it.  You went out to east, what you are.  How did she like the gift?

They finally mowed the lawn at Jefferson School.  It was getting so long.  The first time this summer.

Today those teachers who used the computer were in an article in the paper.  It wasn't porn but bad judgment.  I'm sure the gossip was going around with 5 teachers out the last 2 weeks so the supt. had to do something about it.  Scott said he had 2 of the teachers.  One in health, one in Eng. a female.  Kids are smart enough today to know who is missing.  Kim said with the newer principal, discipline, etc. has really gone down.  The sec'y left for another school because of the situation at Sheffield.

Last Sun. 3 were confirmed & we had a larger congregation for that.  It was nice.  Next Sun. we start the summer schedule -- 9:30 A.M. service. 

I got some ground beef for hamburgers so I'd better take care of it.  Mixing & freezing patties.

Wed. June 7

Last week Kim brought over the book "Marley & Me" by John Grogan, for me to read.  I read it over the weekend & really enjoyed it.  It was so funny in some part & sad in others.  It was easy reading & so enjoyable.  I'm sure you've heard of it.  It is different from what you read, but I think you'd enjoy it.  About an "oddball" dog & his doings, but a very faithful dog.. 

One of the things I hate to do in old age is dust.  This A.M. I made myself dust downstairs.  It's not as bad once I get started but it is getting started.  

Last nite I watched college women softball.  Arizona vs. Northwestern.  I enjoyed it.  Arizona won. Those gals do a good job playing softball.  Attractive as well.  A lot of blonds & some from a bottle.

Thurs aft. the 8th

We're having perfect weather -- no humidity.  But rain & cooler weather is on the horizon.

We're going to the Mall tomorrow after I get my hair done.  Then I'll mail this letter & a birthday card for Gen.  Tomorrow is graduation in Warren & the last day of school.  Teachers are just as happy.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I couldn't decide if I should bake this A.M. or Mon.   But Mon. is suppose to be in the 80's & this A.M. is cloudy so I made blueberry load & a pumpkin pie.  I'm down to my last 2 Danish rolls & if I'm ambitious I'll start a recipe on Sun, get up early Mon. & bake the rolls.   (I was!)

Asked Dale if he'd have Sat. off (his week to work Sat) & he said probably not.  But he did.  Seeing it is cloudy he decided to wash his car.  According to Dale you never wash  your car in the sun!

Yesterday when Warren & Anna picked me up, he said Anna didn't care where we ate (her turn to choose) so he chose the Chinese restaurant.  I like to go there because you can choose what & how much you want.  Some Chinese food doesn't appeal to me, bu9t there is variety.  While we were sitting there in comes Larry & Mike Brindis.  They go to lunch often on Fri.  Larry's treat I'm sure as Mike doesn't have much money.  Lar shook hands with Warren & Anna & talked a bit.  Warren had gotten 3 $1.00 lottery tickets, passed them out & we scraped them off & I won $5.00.  Warren gets half so I only get 2.50 but at least there was one winner, however small it was.  We have fun reading the paper in the fortune cookies.  I like to eat the crisp cooky.

Last nite Barb was ambitious.  Changed & washed her sheets.  Made her version of goulash & made peanut butter cookies using organic as much as possible.  She doesn't always eat what I prepare.  Fri. nite I ordered pizza, tonite we'll have hamburgers, etc., Sun chicken legs, & Mon. steaks.  Plan to make potato salad on Mon.

Remember what the Dr. said, "You had made surgery," so don't rush your recovery!  As you wrote, you are 56 years old!  Have to get a little motherly advice in.

Thurs. I made a fruit salad & the watermelon & strawberries tasted so good.

Barb hasn't been able to ride her bike as often as she hoped, due to the weather.  Maybe this weekend she can make up for it.

One of Kim's friend's daughter is getting married in June so Kim is hosting a shower for 15 this aft.   She plans on chicken salad, which she ordered from a store, bakery rolls, fruit salad including strawberries & watermelon, punch & an ordered cake.  So most of the food is ready made but she'd have to get the house in order, etc. so she is a bush gal.  And Sun. she'll play golf in a tournament for the dog pound.  They are building a larger building for the dog pound.  She'll be gone most of Sun -- there is a dinner when awards are given out, etc.  She'll have Mon. to rest up & then school is still (my mind wandered) will soon be over.  Kim hopes to teach 11 more years & then she'll have a 25 yr. pension.  A good money difference from 20 to 25 years.   USA is having a good series son saving money for retirement.  I'm surprised at the money debt people have on their charge cards & what they don't save.

Forgot to mention after lunch, we went to the new Dollar store in the same area as the restaurant.  Still empty spaces to fill up.  They have some good prices & everything is light, airy & clean looking.  We both shopped a bit. 

Finished my puzzle Thurs. nite.  It is such a pretty picture.  Barb started one she bought.

When we were at the Bon Ton we looked at hanging chimes for the porch.  Kim & Lar gave me one & Barb said we needed another one to balance the picture.  So we found one & the nice part they were 60% off so it was less than 10.00.  One chimes, one twirls in the wind.  We really had wind last weekend.

Time to think of lunch.

Sun. nite

I'm sitting on the porch enjoying the nice evening.  This aft when Barb was out & Dale sunning himself, I turned on the kitchen TV & watched the Mets & set my rolls for tomorrow A.M.  I can enjoy a fresh roll with my coffee.  I fixed homefried chicken legs in the oven & ended up with a hot kitchen.  Tho't we could eat in the dining room under the fan, but remembered the NASCAR race started at 5:30 pm & Dale would want to watch it.  Barb bro't a fan down from the attic & that helped a bit.

The new neighbor across the st. cleared a lot of the old shrubbery & now it is nice to sit on the porch & look across the st.

The pastor's baby was 1 year old on your anniversary.  I sent a card with a gift of money.  People were so good to us, so I felt right in doing this.  This A.M. she told me how much they appreciated it & I know she means it.

Our new organist starts next Sun.  Just hope we can keep him.  After church this A.M., we had a brief mtg. to accept a bid to paint the exterior of the church windows, trim, pillars, etc.  No problem it was OK'ed.  It will be some over $3,000.00   One bid was $8000.00.  Donald Gustafson, Jr. will do the job.  A Christmas & Easter member.

We had some extra flowers so Barb planted 2 pots & they are on the front porch.  She also planted the barrel by the front steps.  Begonias & a vine.  I got 45 cosmos plants, old time favorites, & they are on the porch with 2 begonias & a petunia plant.  They will fill out as they begin to grow.   And I see rose buds on the plants between the garage & the back door.  I love roses.

Does Andy think the Braves can catch the Mets.  I hope not!  The Mets have to give more support to Pedro M. so he can win a game after pitching so well.

Someone up the st. has to mow his lawn so I'll go inside -- out of noise reach.

Wed. last day of May!

This A.M. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  I was looking for a pair of tan shoes & ended up buying a pr. of navy shoes.  Again everything is the mule shoe but not for me.  At Sears I saw a pr. of navy low heels & I grabbed them.  Haven't seen much in navy.  I do have a pr. of tan shoes I can wear.  We didn't eat out.  Went to Wegman's & then home.

We've had the high heat & it is wearing me out.  Thunderstorms will bring cooler weather tomorrow.

This A.M. I cleaned the bathroom as I knew I wouldn't want to clean this aft.  I've been watching Hou. at StL & the score is tied in the 10th.  I don't' know why ESPN has to have 3 men in the booth & all they do is talk & tell their views.  It's on mute except for Jon & Joe Sun nites.

I haven't turned on the A.C., just have a fan in the kitchen & the ceiling fan in the D.R. 

This is Dale's early week & when he comes home he changes to shorts & sits in the sun.  He likes the heat.

Fri. June 2

Last nite Kim stayed til about 8:15, talking.  She finally realized she can't take Torey on long walks.  Just a couple of blocks now.  Think she realizes Torey is on his "last legs".  What a sad day it will be when he is no longer with us.

Earlier in the year she had mentioned 6 teachers (1 at Sheffield) had been caught exchanging porn material on their computers.  5 men, 1 woman.  Their consequences:  the last 2 weeks they are out of school with no pay.  She doesn't know if more will come -- punishment, that is, such as losing their jobs.   The one from S.H.S had finished his qualifications to became a principal & now that won't happen.  Talk about kids not thinking of what can happen -- adults surely should.

Barb is organizing a garage sale for Lynn.  Something Lynn doesn't like to do.  She started yesterday & just left to spend a couple more hours sorting things out.  Barb could be a professional organizer -- she's telling me I should be more organized.  At this late date, I think I'm pretty well organized.  Sometimes her room looks like she should practice what she preaches.  All is well here.