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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

How was graduation?  Is it hard to believe your "little" boy is grown up & out of high school?

This is Dale's long day & I'm always happy when deli beef is on sale.  That's my menu tonight.  Beef sandwiches & potato salad, homemade!  I love easy meals.  We went grocery shopping this A.M.  Barb had to ride her bike yesterday.

Made pancakes for lunch with sausage & scrambled eggs for Dale.  At Big Lots I found pancake mix by Betty Crocker  & used it this noon.  It was so easy -- just add 1 1/2 c. water to 2 c. mix & both Dale and I like how they came out.

Andy said he'd like to visit this summer.  I know it is already a busy summer for you but if you can make it I've been thinking maybe you'd like to stay at Motel 6 (can't afford Holiday Inn!)  It would be on me -- I didn't get to graduation & the money I would have spent on the trip I'll use to pay for the motel.  Thought I'll tell you my thoughts before other plans are made -- where to stay, etc.  Maybe you won't be up to a trip -- time will tell.

I'm watching a May West film.  Cary Grant is in it -- he was really young then.  Missed the first part.

You told me about JoAnna's 20th anniv. gift but you didn't tell me much about it.  You went out to east, what you are.  How did she like the gift?

They finally mowed the lawn at Jefferson School.  It was getting so long.  The first time this summer.

Today those teachers who used the computer were in an article in the paper.  It wasn't porn but bad judgment.  I'm sure the gossip was going around with 5 teachers out the last 2 weeks so the supt. had to do something about it.  Scott said he had 2 of the teachers.  One in health, one in Eng. a female.  Kids are smart enough today to know who is missing.  Kim said with the newer principal, discipline, etc. has really gone down.  The sec'y left for another school because of the situation at Sheffield.

Last Sun. 3 were confirmed & we had a larger congregation for that.  It was nice.  Next Sun. we start the summer schedule -- 9:30 A.M. service. 

I got some ground beef for hamburgers so I'd better take care of it.  Mixing & freezing patties.

Wed. June 7

Last week Kim brought over the book "Marley & Me" by John Grogan, for me to read.  I read it over the weekend & really enjoyed it.  It was so funny in some part & sad in others.  It was easy reading & so enjoyable.  I'm sure you've heard of it.  It is different from what you read, but I think you'd enjoy it.  About an "oddball" dog & his doings, but a very faithful dog.. 

One of the things I hate to do in old age is dust.  This A.M. I made myself dust downstairs.  It's not as bad once I get started but it is getting started.  

Last nite I watched college women softball.  Arizona vs. Northwestern.  I enjoyed it.  Arizona won. Those gals do a good job playing softball.  Attractive as well.  A lot of blonds & some from a bottle.

Thurs aft. the 8th

We're having perfect weather -- no humidity.  But rain & cooler weather is on the horizon.

We're going to the Mall tomorrow after I get my hair done.  Then I'll mail this letter & a birthday card for Gen.  Tomorrow is graduation in Warren & the last day of school.  Teachers are just as happy.

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