Saturday, November 27, 2010

Monday, September 30, 1985

We had a lovely weekend.  Colors are starting to be pretty.  We were at the Valley - dad didn't preach.  A farewell potluck for one of the members.

More work for Dad!  The pastor (not yet 40) had 4 heart attacks so synod called & asked Dad to take the communion service Oct. 6 at Galeton (9AM) & Coudersport at 11 AM.  About a 2 hr. drive so it will be an early A.M. drive.

Sat. Dad had a wedding at the Valley & we're invited to the rehearsal dinner Fri nite at Bud's Carriage House.  Last Tues. he had a funeral from the Valley.  Is he retired?

Wed. we went for lunch with Don & Pat Greendahl at the Vinyard, Fredonia.  Then we shopped at the Mall nearby.  Got a pair of real comfortable navy walking shoes.  I love them.  And a dress - light purple with a jacket.  Just what I wanted.  Expensive but I still got it.

We leave Oct. 8 for Gen's.  They had some tree damage from hurricane winds.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday, September 15, 1985

How are things with you - are you enjoying your "professorship"?

Oct 8th we'll leave for Mass.  That is election day & we want to be here to vote for mayor.  So we'll leave shortly after 8 AM.  Should be a nice time for a drive.  Be gone for about a week.

Today we were at the Valley for the Communion service.  In Oct Dad will confirm 2.  Last Sun. we were in Dagus Mines for the Communion Service as they are without a pastor.  They wanted Dad to come 2 Sun. a mo. but he opted for just 1 Sun.  Afterwards we met Hollertzs & Bensons & went out to dinner.  This coming Thurs. we're going out to lunch with Don & Pat Greendahl, former lay pastor at the Valley.  Going to a nice Motel at Fredonia.

This past week we went to Holiday Inn for breakfast.  It has been refurbished and it looks so nice & we had a good breakfast.  In Oct. we'll go there for dinner with Hollertz & Bensons.

Have you been looking for a new car?  Tried to call Barb today - no answer.  We don't try to call you because we figure you'll be in Madison with JoAnna.

Last Thurs Danny (the gal who does my hair - her 3 yr old) was here for a couple of hours.  Got some toys from the attic & we had a good time.  Went to McDonald's for lunch.  He wants to come again.  Lori is expecting in Nov. & I told her I'd help while she is in the hosp.  So I want Danny to get used to us.  He is very outgoing & no trouble & I enjoy it.

We had 1 real hot week & I did nothing.  Then it cooled off & almost too much too fast.  No frost for us yet.  Higher areas got some.

Just a note to say hello.


Sunday, September 1, 1985

Just a little note to enclose a clipping of the Levinson wedding.  Didn't you help - can't think of her name [Renee Shulman] - babysit the girls.

Also a couple of cartoons from the Phila. Sun. paper that amused me!!  First time we've had this paper & we find it interesting.

Last Wed. nite Bensons, Hollertz's & Nelsons went to Olean to The Library for dinner.  Remodeled old library into a restaurant - interesting & good food.

Next Sat. we're having a breakfast picnic at Kinzua Bridge Park with same people.

Went to church at St. Paul today.  Found out Karen S. is expecting twins end of next May.  They're pretty sure it's twins.  Rick has twin brothers.

Also remember Jack Hoffman.  Has 3 sons, one Barb's age, one Dale's.  He is seriously ill with leukemia.  Has a 50-50 chance but it doesn't look good.  He just retired last spring.

Our weather this past week was like the lake weather.  Got down to 46 last night & I was cold in bed so I put the elec. blanket on the bed today.

It's beautiful today & we'll take a walk to mail letters.

Kim stopped by twice this past week.  She calls Lar "Nels" & they are cute together.  She made muffins & brot some over & they are good.  Guess she missed Lar while they were apart - she was on vacation the previous week so it was a 2 week separation.

We're enjoying tomatoes from the garden, cucumbers, too.  Enjoy your teaching assignment.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

August 1985

A note to tell you of our change of plans.  We won't be coming to Oshkosh.  Dale totaled the Olds last Sat. on the way to the junkyard.  He called from the hosp. for Dad to get him.  Had some stitches on his face & a black eye so he was lucky.  Going too fast according to State police.  So the 4 of us will drive together, leaving early Fri. aft & go as far as Toledo & stay overnite.  That way we'll get to the lake by late afternoon.  Otherwise Lar would have to drive his truck & he'd rather not.

Today Dad went to see Tom Scarcella & we bought a Celebrity Station Wagon.  A good deal.  Had been used as a rental car - 5600 mi. on it.  Light gray & gray interior.  More on it than usual - power windows, extra seats in the back so we can all go in one car when we go out to eat at the lake.  Even the carrier on car roof.  Difference is 6237.00 plus Dad got the guardian service for 381.00 for 4 years.  The difference for our present car was 7636.00.  We got 1000.00 off as a used car plus a good deal.  So by next Mon. we'll be driving at S.W.  It will give us more room for luggage when we travel.  We took it for Lar & Dale to see & they thot it was OK if we did it.

Naturally Dale is sick that his beloved car is a wreck.  He'd just put something new in it Fri. nite costing 160.00.  He put a lot of money into it.  Sam is taking him to work & Marcy is still coming & picking him up.

Tomorrow we go out to dinner with Hollertz, etc.  We're going to a place in Clarion, Pa.  That's closer for Schaffers who are now in Ohio.

The play last Thurs was good.  Almost a full house on the 4th.  This Thurs we'll see "They're Playing Our Song".  Last week on George M. Cohan.

Just a little note to tell you of our change of plans.

June 16, 1985 (to JoAnna)

We're watching baseball on T.V. & the Mets have gone from first place to fourth, much to our dismay.  They are losing today to Montreal.

We received your letter & naturally it pleases Carl very much that you want him to marry you & Paul.  He has had weddings with a priest in attendance.

We have had some cool, rainy weather so haven't picked strawberries yet, but we hope to this week.  We like to eat them fresh rather than frozen.

We did enjoy having you & Paul home for a week and we are pleased to have you for a daughter-in-law.  None of the relatives were surprised to hear the news & they are happy, too. 

This past week the girls from work got together for a pot luck lunch.  Learned a new card game that is fun.  It was a rainy day so we had to stay inside.

Carl & I are deciding where to go to use our Erie Fine Dining Card.  Big decisions!

We were at the Church Synod meetings and enjoyed seeing friends there.  It was an interesting convention.

Time to get to the Sun. crossword puzzle.

Sunday, June 9, 1985

Went to church at St. Paul today & there was a coffee hour so we had a chance to visit around.  We spread news of your engagement & Marie Mathis said maybe she'd be knitting a Christmas stocking sometime - if she wasn't too old!  She makes lovely ones.  There were questions about Lar & Kim & even Lois Himes said she's seen Dale & Marcy.

We had an interesting synod.  Roth was defrocked 499-33 & he leaped upon the stage & took over the microphone.  Finally after 2 recesses he was arrested & let go when he promised to stay away.  They tried to introduce a motion to change things but it was out of order & they got nowhere.  It did put a pall on the convention.  Bishop Crumby did very well as presiding officer.  What amazes me is the number of ballots needed to get a majority for office.  For Dad to be elected twice to Thiel Board & once to executive board is something, esp. when we are considered to be in "the hinterland" & not as well known as those in Pittsburgh area.

We will be picking strawberries this week at Wentzel's.  They pick first & offer them for sale so we got a qt. & they are good.

We saw some of the tornado damage & it is bad.  Atlanta, near Greenburg, was really hit.  Amish are there & Amish from all over came to help & they refuse govt help but will take underwear & shoes & material to make clothes.

Jacque W. Shoup had a son after 2 girls.  Born during the storm.  Janelle Welsh & family are moving back from Calif.

How was your trip back.  The peanut butter fudge is still in the fridge.

Just a little not to say hello.

[Richard Nyquist is my oldest cousin on the Nelson side of the family.]

Tuesday, April 23, 1985

It was good to hear from you.  So I'll try the new typewriter.  I'm still getting used to it.

The new back door and storm door looks so nice.  There isn't much to be done and they are little things that won't cost too much.

We'll have to concentrate on the yard work - get rid of weeds, etc.  But with this nice weather it won't be hard to work outside.

Tues. a.m. we go out for breakfast and that is lots of fun.  We have used our Erie dining out card 3 times.  Once in Erie and we enjoyed a meal at Farrell's.  Lar recommended. it.  We will have to use it more with daylight savings time coming up.

Lar has plowed the garden getting it ready for planting.  We took down the bird feeder as he didn't want it in the way and the birds missed it.  We were getting too many starlings now so I didn't mind getting it down.  They were going thru 10 lbs. of feed a week.  We buy the generic brand.

We went to see Don, the layman at the Valley last Fri.  He still has trouble walking so we think it will be some time before he is back.  We don't care to go out there all the time and in May I want to visit one Sunday so something will have to be done.  Also Don thinks it is time for him to give up preaching so he can go to church with his wife so they will have to start looking for someone to be out there.

I cleaned out a couple of dresser drawers so company can use them.  It is easy to let junk accumulate.  Dad has been working in the attic and there is stuff to be thrown away up there.  He used the old bedroom doors as shelves up there for his books, Christmas stuff, etc.

One of the things I forgot to ask when you called is concerning sleeping arrangements when you and JoAnna are home.

We want to hear more of what JoAnna will be doing and look forward to being able to when you are here.  We are happy that you will be visiting.

A week ago the girls at work had my retirement party.  It was suppose to be earlier but I goofed up on the date and then Lent came so we decided on last week at Penn Laurel and it was so nice.  16 of us.  They gave me 35.00 but I haven't decided how to use it yet.

This Fri. nite Bensons, Hollertz and us are going out to eat at Limberlost - they have good food and we will have a good time.

Just a little note to let you know I still write letters now and then.  Oh yes, we postponed our trip to Spfld. til Fall as too much is going on in May.  Player's Club is putting on Joseph and his many colored coat and they say it will be excellent.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, January 1, 1985 (to JoAnna)

Please excuse the typewritten letter but it is easier for me to type letters.  And then it looks like I didn't even get the paper even at the top.

Thank you so much for the book you gave us for Christmas  It looks so interesting and it will get good use as at the Christmas Season our circle at church has each member read something regarding the season and this will give me much material.  I read one story by Ring Lardner and enjoyed it very much.

We enjoyed the holidays but we missed Paul and Barb but feel lucky that Larry and Dale are in Warren.  We had company so that made it more festive.  We also enjoyed some extra special programs on TV, especially the Public TV channel.  Plus lots of football.

Tomorrow I don't have to get up and go to work and that is such a good feeling.  Have enjoyed my work and the women but it is so nice not to have to get up and now Carl and I can go as we please.  This a.m. I said we'll start the year right by going out for breakfast - went to Perkins and it was so crowded so many had the same idea.  We thought the Perkins in Oshkosh was very nice when we ate there.

One of the teachers who retired last June was at school with a gift for me - a darling cookie jar.  He was always around looking for broken cookies and he enjoyed the cookies so I will always remember him.  Then I received 2 Christmas centerpieces - one signed "the cookie monster" and that was another teacher who came for cookies and would take the frozen ones if none other were available.  My coworkers will have a retirement party in Jan. sometime.  They didn't want it in connection with our Christmas party so I have something to look forward to.

We finally have a bird feeder outside our eating area window and they finally discovered it and it is so much fun to watch them eat and fight over the birdseed.

We are getting lots of rain.  Had 1 snowstorm but it didn't last.  Hear that parts of Wisc. are getting snow so I wonder if you'll be able to go skiing.

Our best wishes for the new year.  Hi to Paul, too.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 9, 1984

First of all the GOOD NEWS!  Because of a good lawyer, Dale got off with nothing happening.  I guess the gist of it was the police car was too far back to really know if they were speeding.  All of us were really scared and Dad and I did some praying and it turned out all right and I'm sure Dale learned a good lesson.  He says it won't happen again and I can see a change in him.  We are so thankful it turned out good for Dale.  He bot another car for 200.00 and is working on it in the garage...his Olds has to sit in the driveway.  A Pontiac Firebird.  Had to have the frame straightened as it had been in an accident.  Plans to paint it himself - a red.  He hopes to get it completed soon for winter driving.  2 door.  Should be nice.  He bot a heater for when he works in the garage.  Ordered it thru a magazine.  Oh yes he already paid the lawyer 625.00 plus the final payment.  I haven't been spending much money so I have cash on hand to help him out.

We will be 9 for Thanksgiving.  We invited Mel and Levina and this past week L. called and said Bob and the boys would be coming so they wouldn't be able to be with us.  So I invited them to come and Levina accepted so it should be a nice day.  I've planned a menu and having Dad home to do the cleaning is a big help.

I've started my Christmas shopping.  With retirement on the horizon it will be one big gift plus a few little things.  Before we know it we will be putting the tree up.

I have things set for retirement.  Filled out sheets, etc.  Can get my health insurance thru the school and it will be almost 50.00 a month and that includes dental.  I'm lucky to be able to do it that way.  My job went up for bid so it's final.  Nobody wants me to quit...not so much because of me but it will mean changes and nobody likes that.

We're going to get new vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom.  It had to be ordered and will come in about 10 days.  Dad surprised me by bringing home a sample book and we both agreed on a paper.  It will be nice.

I got a Sears charge card in my name.  A saleslady asked me if I'd like one so I decided to try for it and it came yesterday and I can charge up to 1600.00.  I won't do that but it will be nice for purchases that I plan to pay for.  Ordered a bedspread for our bed and pillow shams.  I like a change as it is hard to rearrange the furniture.

Next Tues. there will be a Korv dinner at church and Dad, Lar and I will go.  Sponsored by the choir for the organ fund.  It needs more repair.

Lisa Carey [daughter of next-door neighbors] has a job in Phila. and she is moving tomorrow.  They are filling a U-haul.  Lar said in an insurance co.

Tried to call you on the 8th to tell you Dale's news but you were out.  You just can't believe how happy and relieved we were.  Dale was all dressed up in his suit.  The lawyer wanted a good impression and he did look nice.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving.  Your letter was so interesting with the description of the library convention, city, etc.  Was so pleased to hear you are back to your music again.  You do have a good foundation - remember the good marks you got on those special pieces you had to play.  Can't recall the correct terms.  We are proud of our son and send you our love.  Glad for JoAnna's good influence, too!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, July 13, 1984

We're having some beautiful weather - 2 days in a row.  Last nite we went to Bradford for the LCW [Lutheran Church Women] picnic at one of the member's home and we had a good time.  Before the picnic Dad gave communion to a lady who had celebrated her 100th birthday on the 11th.  She looks good - doesn't even have gray hair.  They might be getting a pastor by Fall.  We'll have close to 1500.00 in our vacation fund thanks to Dad preaching in B.

Walked to the library this a.m.  Last week I read a real good book by Judith Michael but I can't remember the title. About twins and exchanging places, etc.  I'll be reading after this letter is completed.

The dining room is coming along real good and I hope to be able to hang the curtains by next Fri.  The inside work is just about completed.  The wall board is up and the nail holes, etc. are filled in.  Dale volunteered to smooth it out to perfection but he will, most likely, need some prodding to get working on it.  The new windows look so nice - change the room.  And we switched the table so the length is from the buffet to the l.r.  Makes the room look different and it will give more space with extra leaves.  I cleaned the buffet, washed the cups, etc. and it really shines again.  We really enjoy our home.

Tonite we're going  out to eat with Bensons in Mt. Jewett - going to Andreas.  Hollertz can't make it so we plan to meet them next Mon. and we'll go to DuBois to eat.  We haven't seen them for awhile and we usually exchange jokes when we get together and Warren has a couple to tell.  I can't remember any from the last time we met.  Mon. Bensons leave for Portland, Ore. to be gone for 3 weeks and they will visit their daughter who lives there.  Dale will have to feed himself -- isn't that awful.
Dale got a lawyer as he was denied the school they go to after DUI.  So the lawyer is trying to get him to be able to go.  His time before the judge was postponed so we don't know what is happening.  Haven't heard anything.  Will be glad when it's all over with.  Lawyer's fee 500.00 and I hope it will cover everything.  I've paid out close to 800.00 for Dale and he said he will pay me back.  Still the fine to come and that should be costly.  Maybe 500.00.  Will he ever learn.  Surely hope so after this time.

Had a nice letter from Barb and she sounds good.  Will be nice to be together in Aug 18-25.  Will you be coming in on Sat.  Lar and Dale will make it in one day.  We look forward to that week with the family.  Eating out and all.

Dad is playing golf - must be playing 18 holes today.

Picked peas from the garden and we've had lettuce.  See blossoms on the beans and tomatoes.  The summer is passing by so quickly.  I'll be going back to work and I'm sure I'll work the school year.  At least that is how I feel now.  Will have to go to Soc. Sec. as I'll earn more than I'm allowed and will see what will have to be done.

Time to read again.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunday, June 17, 1984

This has been a busy weekend.  Fri. nite we were in Oil City for the wedding rehearsal of Lisa Thelin, who wanted Dad to marry her.  She married a real nice fellow.  Sat the wedding was at 4 p.m. followed by the reception at 6 p.m. at the Cross Creek Country Club at Titusville.  All very nice but it was a lot of going back and forth.  Beverly Peterson from Wrrn. played the organ.  She rode with us Fri. nite and Mel and Levina rode with us on Sat.  Lisa was a lovely bride, and all the attendants looked so nice, both male and female.  And Ruth looked so nice in a pale pink dress.  It was nice to be included and they think a lot of Dad.  The rehearsal dinner was at the Wanango County Club and what a lovely place that is - the greens were beautiful.  And the weather both days was just perfect - no humidity.

Today is much different - rain and it is really raining.  We were at church at the Valley - their 130th anniversary and Dr. Lowe of Buffalo, retired, preached the sermon and he was great.  He is very well known, but down to earth.  Has been chaplain at Chautauqua summers.  A real inspiration.  Then a potluck dinner afterwards.  Dr. and Mrs. Galbraith from synod headquarters were there and they are fun to be with.  We had hoped to go to Toronto for the big convention but decided it was more than we wanted to spend and Barbara G. was disappointed as she said we could have done things together.  There will be other times.

Enjoyed synod and there were some fireworks.  Union pickets as we went into the first meeting yelling, etc.  But the police came, a couple were arrested and they were told to stay 60 ft. away and nothing more happened after that.  But there is some disagreement in the Pittsburgh area that spills over into synod and there were some disagreeing minutes but as a whole it was a good synod.  It was hot but we stayed in a motel this yr and had air conditioning and the hall is air conditioned, except for the first session because someone put skunk oil in the air con. machinery and it had to be shut off and cleaned.  After that was accomplished, all was fine.

Dad didn't see a car stop stop in front of him in Greenville and back ended the car.  Only the tailpipe was bent on that car but close to 400.00 damage to the front of our car.  But it was fixed this week.  Let his attention stray a minute and a bang.  We had seat belts on and it wasn't that bad a hit.

July 5th is the date for Dale.  He thinks he will get a fine and have to go to DUI school 6 mo. or a yr. and I hope that is all.  Hope the past doesn't enter into it.  And he did another crazy thing.  One nite they must have been fooling around and he hit a door with his hand and it must have been some hit as he has 2 little breaks in his hand.  After a day he went to the emergency room and it was too swollen to set but he had it wrapped and took Vit. C and Bone Meal and when he went back it didn't have to be in a cast and he is to soak it and squeeze a ball to exercise it.  He has been out of work about 2 weeks and I don't know if he can use his hand enuf to work tomorrow.  Another crazy thing...will he never learn.

Today Aunt Esther is 85 and the relatives are having a party at Millie and Jerry's.  15 of them will be there.  That is when it would be nice to be closer.

Mel and Levina don't think there is any chance for a reconciliation between Bob and Sandy.  Bob has an apt but no job and twice they have lent him money for his share of the mortgage pyt. and rent.  He came home with one of the boys this weekend.  It must be hard to lose your job and family at the same time.  Who wants their kids to get married.!!!!!!???????

Dad made a birdie last week when he played golf.  He was thrilled.

Dad says thanks for the meaningful Father's Day card.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday, June 3, 1984

How was your trip to the Smokies?  Hope you had good weather.  It is finally changing here and we are enjoying the sun.  Dale is tanning and we are watching the Yankees beat Toronto.  Yesterday we watched Detroit get beat by Baltimore and I was hoping for a D. win.  They are on Mon. nite baseball so I hope for a better game.

Thurs.-Sat. we go to Thiel for Synod and we hope thingts won't get out of hand due to the situation in the Pittsburgh area.  Some radical pastors are in cahoots with some radical union members and are trying to get rid of the synod bishop.  Plus other things.

Wed. is the last day of school and I'll miss Thurs and clean-up but I have the clean-up I do just about completed.  Tomorrow I WILL CLEAN the oven I use and that's about it.  Also we'll be at the lake the day we are suppose to get things ready for the new school year.  That is if I go back.  No word yet as to any union decision.  We will have to come straight home after the lake if I go back to work.

This past Thurs. we had a retirement dinner for one who is retiring.  It was at Brandywine and we had a good meal and a good time.  This one reached the necessary retirement age of 70.

Larry is playing soccer today - first game.  They are playing Meadville.  It is in Warren but we didn't get to it as I had birthday notes to write and a letter to my son!

I cleaned out my file and came across this note from my eldest son.

"Dearest, Most Sweetest, Most Wonderful Mother and Dad.

Before I get right to the subject I must enumerate the reasons why I fell you should give me affirmative permission.  If I came right out with it, you might not understand.

1.  Mark, Mike, Mardi (who, of course, went to the prom - meaning they were out till 4:00 are going along with Renee.)

2.  Did you notice how I washed my dishes, wiped them, cleaned the table and stove and sink?  If I knew how to work the dishwasher, I would have done that, too - or has it already been done?

3.  I've just put $15 in the bank and will be getting applications from two colleges to which I have written.

4.  I'm not driving.  This should please Dad.

I think that these reasons are enough to suffice my asking to go to the all-night drive-in.  I promise that I'll clearn my room in the afternoon, and I'll sleep thru all the racket you make, and I'll go to bed early Tues. night.

Your loving son, Paul."

I wonder if we said yes!

[Not the ad for the above request.  A visit we made to the White Way Drive-In Theater later in the summer.]