Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday, June 3, 1984

How was your trip to the Smokies?  Hope you had good weather.  It is finally changing here and we are enjoying the sun.  Dale is tanning and we are watching the Yankees beat Toronto.  Yesterday we watched Detroit get beat by Baltimore and I was hoping for a D. win.  They are on Mon. nite baseball so I hope for a better game.

Thurs.-Sat. we go to Thiel for Synod and we hope thingts won't get out of hand due to the situation in the Pittsburgh area.  Some radical pastors are in cahoots with some radical union members and are trying to get rid of the synod bishop.  Plus other things.

Wed. is the last day of school and I'll miss Thurs and clean-up but I have the clean-up I do just about completed.  Tomorrow I WILL CLEAN the oven I use and that's about it.  Also we'll be at the lake the day we are suppose to get things ready for the new school year.  That is if I go back.  No word yet as to any union decision.  We will have to come straight home after the lake if I go back to work.

This past Thurs. we had a retirement dinner for one who is retiring.  It was at Brandywine and we had a good meal and a good time.  This one reached the necessary retirement age of 70.

Larry is playing soccer today - first game.  They are playing Meadville.  It is in Warren but we didn't get to it as I had birthday notes to write and a letter to my son!

I cleaned out my file and came across this note from my eldest son.

"Dearest, Most Sweetest, Most Wonderful Mother and Dad.

Before I get right to the subject I must enumerate the reasons why I fell you should give me affirmative permission.  If I came right out with it, you might not understand.

1.  Mark, Mike, Mardi (who, of course, went to the prom - meaning they were out till 4:00 are going along with Renee.)

2.  Did you notice how I washed my dishes, wiped them, cleaned the table and stove and sink?  If I knew how to work the dishwasher, I would have done that, too - or has it already been done?

3.  I've just put $15 in the bank and will be getting applications from two colleges to which I have written.

4.  I'm not driving.  This should please Dad.

I think that these reasons are enough to suffice my asking to go to the all-night drive-in.  I promise that I'll clearn my room in the afternoon, and I'll sleep thru all the racket you make, and I'll go to bed early Tues. night.

Your loving son, Paul."

I wonder if we said yes!

[Not the ad for the above request.  A visit we made to the White Way Drive-In Theater later in the summer.]

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